Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Coming to Cooper's Class

For the past few years, I've been volunteering in Cooper's class at school. I guess it really started a couple years ago when he was in second grade, and suffering from his weather phobia. He liked to see me there at school, and his issues were causing some problems, so I did feel the need to give back a bit. As we switched schools this past year, I promised Cooper I'd come to his class. I'd sign up to be room mother and plan the parties, and come once a week to volunteer, doing whatever the teacher needed done.

It's been a lot of correcting papers, making copies, entering scores. It's fun to see what the kids are learning and be a little more familiar with the kids.  I go in for about an hour every Tuesday. The other week, Cooper's teacher had me redo the bulletin board (I did this a couple times during second grade as well). My inner scrapbooker was not terribly impressed with my matting or spacing skills. The open spot was left for a title block. 
Generally I'm a bit of a mess ... coming from Zumba, in my sweats and ponytail. THIS day, I actually changed into normal clothes. Of course it was the first day I wasn't simply sitting at a table doing paperwork, but running back and forth, cutting, pasting, stretching, stapling ... I actually wished I still had my active wear on! I got quite a few steps on my Fitbit. 

It is fun to see Cooper's face light up when I walk in. The other kids often call out "Hi Cooper's Mom" and wave. It's interesting to see how the kids act, and how the teacher interacts with them. I don't know how she does it! Teaching is a tough job. I always did really well in school, but as I correct math problems, PLEASE provide me with an answer sheet, even if it's simple multiplication and division. I have a hard time helping with homework. I'm not sure how some mom's home school!  I'll stick with my once a week helping out. *Ü*

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