Monday, March 10, 2014

Blackham (BettyCrocker) Brownies

The Blackham family likes brownies. This really isn't a new treat trend, it's been going on for quite a while. I have actually tried a few other mixes and several from scratch recipes, but the basic Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies are the family favorites. 

It was several years ago that I invested in an All Edge Brownie Pan ... it was a huge hit and we ended up making brownies a lot. Then I bought a handy-dandy pre-sectioned pan, and was surprised when the kids told me they actually didn't like the edges, in fact the middle, no edge pieces were prime. 

Landon always claims those  middle ones...
Personally ... I love the edges!

I'll generally make a double batch (using both pans) and then the kids can have some hot out of the oven, and I package the remaining ones up for lunch treats for the week.  But Landon, naughty Landon always sneaks into my stash. Big trouble if I don't have enough for lunches for the day!

The "Baker's Joy" is also almost essential to good brownies ... 
At least if you want to get them out of the pans. 

I just stocked up on boxes of brownies. They were on sale for $.79 at Maceys this past week. I feel a little bad checking out with so many, but we go through them quickly. Hopefully I get around to cutting off the boxtop and donating the 10¢ to the school too... another benefit of the Betty Crocker brand. Grayson LOVES the boxtops. That is sarcastic, in case you didn't catch it, he HATES the little cardboard scraps around!

Brownie batter is also in demand. I always have kids clamoring to be the one to get to lick the bowl and spoon. Callahan calls it "brownie soup" and would love to dig in before I even pour it in the pans! I know the whole "don't eat raw eggs" danger, but we have survived ... and have certainly put it to the test! 

Are you a brownie fan?
Do you have any specialty brownie pans?
Do you like the edges?

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