Saturday, March 8, 2014

Prom Pictures

Time for Prom Pictures.  Herriman had their prom March 8, 2014. At the state capital, as it was back in the olden days when Gray and I went to high school. Landon asked, Sam answered. Landon got the tux and corsage (he took care of it all on his own, I remember needing to drive him to the fitting a couple years ago when he went as a sophomore). Daddy even let him borrow the Tundra for his dates. I say date(s) because now, they do a big "day" date prior to the dance. It's often earlier in the day, but Landon and his buddy did theirs the night before. They went go-karting and had mini-murphy pizzas. They played some games, Landon introduced The Great Dalmuti and Progressive Rummy.

The day of the date, they went out to dinner at Buca di Bepo. 

Then it was off to the capital for dancing and pictures.

After the dancing was done 
they stopped off at Maga's house for some skookie.  

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