Thursday, March 6, 2014

Big Boys Basketball

 I've posted about the little boy's Junior Jazz season ... 
Here's a quick recap of the bigger boy's basketball!
Callahan played on the West Hills Middle School team. They were busy! They would practice three times a week, and have two games. On Thursday nights, the coach had divided the boys into two teams (so everyone would get more playing time). On Saturdays, the entire team played in the Jordan School District League. The boys won almost every game. They made it to the championships in both tournaments, losing to Bingham in both. You can see the season scores and links to the video highlights at Callahan's Hoop Dreams. I still have some video that we haven't gone through ... I wonder if I'll ever get around to it now! I think there are plans for a Spring league, I'm still waiting to hear. I can't imagine Callahan taking a break!

Keaton played in the Copper Hills High School prep league. His team only had seven players, so he got plenty of playing time (maybe more than he wanted). They won some games, lost some games ... won more than they lost at least. The team is going their separate ways for Spring, so Keaton is going to play rec ball at Gene Fullmer again for now.  You can see Keaton's scores and highlight links HERE

Landon said he wasn't going to ref this year, and I was okay with that, as I thought I might need him for some carpooling with overlapping schedules (we actually didn't have too many conflicts). He was also adamant that he wasn't even reffing the churchball games as he had last year. Then one afternoon I saw him get his ref shirt and whistle and head out the door. I asked him and he said "I just couldn't say no to Sister Maxfield".  He ended up doing quite a bit of reffing for the young women's games and I received many compliments on his skill and professional behavior. Always nice to hear. And Landon played ball with the ward too. We no longer have enough boys to field a separate priests and teachers team, so all the young men simply played together. That meant all three big Blackham boys were on one team. It's a lot of fun to see them all working together!  Here's a quick video of one of their early season games ...

The boys are actually still playing churchball.
Advancing in region tournament.
They keep winning, so they are still going!

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