Monday, July 1, 2013

The Heat is On

We've been hit with a heatwave! Temperatures over 100° several days in a row. Of course our air conditioning decided this would be a perfect time to die. It was over 90° in the house too. After a couple miserable days, we got it fixed, but I did encourage the boys to play in the water outside to cool down.

The boys love filling a big garbage can (purchased just for this purpose ... we haven't ever used it for trash) and dunking themselves in it. We have some big sponges Gray bought for an activity a while back, and the boys love soaking them in water and then throwing them at each other.

Water balloons are also always a big hit. We have the awesome water balloon filler (you can see it there in the background, five spigots so everyone can keep busy) and we don't only use the small water balloons. We also use the BIG ones, and the long, twisty ones too.

I'm sure there will be a lot more water fun to come!

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