Friday, June 21, 2013

HOLEy Shoes

Holey Shoes! Over the course of one week, the three youngest boys all came to me saying "I need new shoes" ... Keaton's were only a couple weeks old too! His were coming apart, the sole flopping off the bottom. We actually had to duct tape them together until I could get him some new ones.  So I got THREE new pairs of shoes for THREE different boys. Which one is going to kill theirs the first and how quickly? Just a question, NOT a competition!

Another shoe note ... I noticed Cooper limping around in his Sunday shoes and realized they were 2 sizes too small! In fact the ones Colton had one were bigger! While sneakers do not last to be handed down from kid to kid, the nice dress shoes don't get much wear. Yet ... as I searched the house, not a size four dress shoe in black to be found. I did find some in brown ... I guess before the Sunday Suits the boys did mainly wear tan slacks. So I told him I pick him up a pair in black before next Sunday. I was doing some shopping at Walmart and checked the shoes there ... they had size 3, and size 5 ... but no 4.  A day or so later I stopped at Kmart ... couldn't find dress shoes for boys anywhere. Smiths Marketplace was next ... again, no size 4.  By this time it was Saturday night. Gray and I stopped at Famous Footwear after our date and finally found a pair (well, a 4 1/2) ...$10 more than anywhere else, but at that point I was just ready to be done. Finally a Four!

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