Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classic Waterpark

Sometime last year I had purchased a Groupon deal for Classic Waterpark. Just $20 for four people, plus pizza and pop. A pretty good deal! We'd gone and had fun a couple times before and enjoyed it. Well, the July 31 expiration date was rapidly approaching, so I figured we'd better go. 

Landon was working, and Callahan wanted to spend the day playing basketball with friends at Gene Fullmer, so it was just the three little boys... until we thought to invite Jacob and Travis, and I think the addition really made it more fun for everyone.

There are the four classic waterslides ... the kids had fun racing, going backwards,  launching themselves off at the end ... up and down, up and down many many times. Then there are the huge inflatable slides. Up and down those too ... with a little bounce at times. 

There were a couple new items this year ...


... and the BUBBLE pit!

Of course pizza and snowcones are always a hit as well ...

The kids lasted a little longer than I thought they would. 
A full day of fun in the sun.

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