Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Columbia Comes to a Close

It's the end of the school year (finally!) While the tests and schoolwork were wrapping up, there were quite a few activities that made the last few days of school quite busy! Of course there was the Honor Roll Assembly, and of course, all three Blackham Boys were up for this award (as usual!). I got their report cards and they really could not be any better. Good job boys! We are so proud of you.

Cooper's 3rd Grade class put on a little show ... Cooper had quite a few lines, but he had them all memorized. He pretty much had everything memorized! He would help his classmates out, whispering their lines to them if they forgot. 

Colton's class put on the annual first grade program.
I got a little video and made a muvee ...

The kids had Field Day  on a SUPER hot day. It was well over 100°. They complained that it wasn't nearly as fun as when THEIR daddy was in charge of it. Gray always did an awesome job!

This is what Keaton wore on the last day ... I don't know why exactly. They had the annual "6th Graders vs the Teachers" Kickball game and the students WON. Keaton said that hadn't happened since ... well, he wasn't sure if it had ever happened. 

As it was Keaton's 6th grade year ... he is now done with elementary school and Columbia. But it was actually the last days at Columbia for Cooper and Colton too, as after much discussion and debate, we have decided to switch schools. I complain about the year-round school EVERY time we go off track and trying to resume the routine when school starts back up. Terra Linda is close by and is on a traditional schedule and so we are going to give TRADITIONAL a try!

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