Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Basketball

I haven't done a basketball post in a while. I do have a separate blog devoted to Blackham Basketball (you can see it HERE), but I hadn't updated that in a while either. Winter basketball just was NOT what we expected.  Poor Callahan, the broken foot in September set him out all through Fall and through the start of Winter. Then ... after only playing a few games, he broke his other foot, which ended Winter and Spring season for him. He did get in a couple games at the very end of Spring, and participated at a tournament at the University of Utah and a camp at the high school in June. 

Keaton had been able to play Winter and Spring, but his games weren't really as great as we would have liked. He just wasn't getting the plays or the playing time ... they did end up winning first place in the Dimple Dell Spring Superleage.

But the boy's teams were taking the summer off. Keaton still wanted to play and Callahan ... well Callahan NEEDED to play! I contacted Callahan's old coach and asked him if he had a team for summer. He had been planning on taking the summer off, but decided to play if Callahan wanted to, and we could get a couple more players to join. We got a couple friends, and I ended up putting Keaton on the team too. I did really debate that decision, as Keaton was just in 6th grade, and it was a 7th/8th league, but we decided to go ahead. It sure did simplify the summer schedule!   It was a quick season, just over four weeks with two games per week  (Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings).  I did NOT get any video (to make muvees) ... both gym locations had a jogging track above the court, and as I'm working on my weight loss again, it was a great time to get in a workout while I watched (see my post about the two tracks HERE). 

The team was undefeated. Both boys did GREAT, and had a lot of fun, and I sure enjoyed watching them!

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