Sunday, August 4, 2013


There's a new addition to the family ... actually TWO of them. Susie and Roxy. With the boys getting older, Grayson thought now would be a good time to add some zing to our summer family fun. We got a pass to Pineview Reservoir and have made several trips up this summer. Sometimes just Daddy and the older boys, sometimes the whole family, and we even got some extended family to join us once.

The older three boys took an online safety course, so they can all ride solo (without this license, there are age restrictions). Daddy and Landon take out the little ones and let them drive. There is fun on the shore too ...

 The infamous "corner of the photo" shot 

 We can pull this tube behind one of the waver runners ...
Or just play with it in the water!

 A raft and an inner tub ...
We have a yellow theme going!

 This picture of Callahan and Amare is SO cute.
The boys were happy to have their cousins come play too.

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