Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shaggy and Shorn

Hair ... it grows fast! And here in the Blackham house, we like it short (other than on Mom). But while the boys were ok with the Blackham Buzz, as they have gotten older they want a little bit left in the front (which requires a "professional"). So if Aunt Livi isn't available, it's off to the salon. Landon had decided that his hair was pretty shaggy, and I decided that Cooper's hair was unacceptable (pretty much back to the look in the post HERE). I decided to send Keaton and Colton too, as long as we were making the trip in. Unfortunately Callahan was off at a friend's house (that has happened before too, HERE), so while all the other Blackham Boys are studly and short, Callahan Man is still shaggy (you can't totally see it in the picture above, but it IS).

Love the "shortcut" as Colton calls it ... still need to get Callahan taken care of!

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