Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweatshirt Season

I haven't posted much about basketball lately ... with Callahan out of commission, much of the basketball "joy" is gone. His team finished up the Winter season in both the Bantam and SL Superleague, then tried their hand at the AAU state tournament. Callahan cheered them on from the sidelines. They ended up taking the level 2 division.   Keaton's team wrapped up their seasons too,  coming in 2nd place  in both the SL Superleague and the AAU High School Prep league. They also tried their hand at the State AAU tournament, but lost all those games, making an early exit in the tournament. Spring season is coming up ... will Callahan be able to play? The last doctor appointment did show healing but also still showed gaps, so four more weeks in the walking boot. Hopefully he'll be able to play SOME of the season, as it continues through April and May. 

During the Winter months the sports program was selling CopperHills Basketball sweatshirts and other attire. Both boys really wanted one of the sweatshirts, and once we got them ... I rarely see the boys NOT in them. Seriously, they wear them ALL the time (I even find them sleeping in them!) I have to cajole them into letting me take them for a couple of hours so I can wash them, because sweaty sweatshirts are not good.  Go Grizzlies!

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