Friday, March 29, 2013

Tooth Trouble

During our last off-track time, we had our semi-annual visits to the dentist. Cooper didn't have any cavities, but he did have a couple of his permanent teeth attempting to come down, with some baby teeth which were staying stubbornly in the way. So he needed to have two teeth extracted, and then a space maintainer put in to help things stay as straight as possible.

Cooper was nervous, but brave (and visibly relaxed when the laughing gas kicked in). He came home with his two troublesome teeth in a little box, and was rewarded with $10 ($5 for each tooth) from the tooth fairy! I guess she pays extra for brave little boys.

As the holes healed, the dentist told Cooper he couldn't have anything sharp or pointy, which might poke into  the extracted area and make them bleed again. Sharp and pointy foods being things like Doritos and Ruffles ... you should have seen the look of dismay on Cooper's face when he heard this news. Cooper LOVES his chips!  He did manage to make it a couple of days without eating any, and then I think there has been enough healing that he could indulge for Easter.

Colton lost ANOTHER tooth (his other front one) ...playing soccer out front. He took a ball to the face and the tooth was gone (it had been very loose anyway). It was literally lost ... somewhere in our front lawn. Colton wrote a big note for the tooth fairy and still did get his $2 ... although he wasn't very impressed with this compared to Cooper's $5 payday!

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