Saturday, March 30, 2013

MiscMemories (Mostly March)

It's been a while since I had a Miscellaneous Memories post ... some months have a lot of extra pictures, some don't. These are mostly from March, maybe one or two from Feb/Jan. So just catching up on 2013 thus far.

In the picture above ... can you see Callahan? He's there, under the chairs.  Why you ask? I don't know. Landon loves to do things like this to his brothers. I'm just not sure why Callahan let him!

Four-Square has been popular at the elementary school, and Cooper decided he wanted to play a little at home too. He took some sidewalk chalk and drew the four squares on the driveway and for a while there, it was quite the popular sport, even with the bigger kids.

Colton got to go to the Energy Solutions Arena to watch a Jazz game (they receive tickets as part of the Junior Jazz program). It was on a night that the rest of the family was busy, so Colton hitched a ride with Randon. I was glad they grabbed this picture of the boys with the Jazz bear. The Jazz even won that night!

Messy mirror! The bathroom has JUST been cleaned and then I walked past and saw splotches all over the mirror. Seriously? How do the boys do this? I really shouldn't complain, compared to some of the boy bathroom horror stories I hear, I am pretty lucky!

Fractured Finger? No, just jammed. Keaton hurt his finger playing basketball. It was swollen and ended up bruising a bit.  I was taking him in for a physical (those immunizations for 7th grade) so we had the doctor check it and got an x-ray just to be sure. 

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