Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scouts, Snowmobiles & Sciatica

The Varsity Scouts went on an overnighter for a little skiing and snowmobiling. You can't see Grayson in the picture ... because he is taking the picture. Callahan and Keaton should have been in the group, but with a broken foot (the former) and just recovering from the flu (the latter) they were sitting this one out. Perhaps Grayson should have too! A bump while on the back of a snowmobile aggravated his lower back, he came home and laid down for a bit. When he got up again, the pain moved from his back to down his right leg. It was pretty intense. He was down and out the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday. He went to the doctor on Monday and got some prescriptions and was home for the entire week (still working, calls and computer).  

Gray doesn't have a great history with snowmobiles ... a few years ago he was going snowmobiling with a work outing. I was a little nervous, as I was aware of some bad accidents and close calls in friend and family history. And I did get a call from Grayson in the ER. He hadn't  made it onto the snowmobile actually, but had slipped in the parking lot, slicing his head above the eyebrow (it was before my blog, but I did include it in an inclusive Interesting Injuries post). 

I'm thinking Grayson shouldn't go snowmobiling anymore!

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