Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lots of Legos

We've got a LOT of legos ... we pretty much have a room devoted to them (it was actually my scrapbook room, but when I didn't scrapbook for a couple years, the kids figured they could leave their lego creations out on the unused tables).

You probably know about Grayson's hobby ... Pinewood Derbies. Well, Gray found a site selling Lego/Derby wheel sets. It's basically just a lego block, with holes drilled in the sides, and special screw axles added to attach the traditional Pinewood Derby wheels.  He purchased several sets, thinking this would be a fun addition to any derby (or a fun activity all on its own).   He figured he could just raid our Lego stash ...

Funny how what LOOKS to be a TON of Legos, doesn't actually go that far (that and my boys weren't willing to have their creations broken down, especially when Dad indicated they might not even be getting the blocks back). So ... I jumped online and looked for lots of Legos on Ebay. They are still dang expensive! I'd watch and wait, trying to get them for around $7 a pound. I picked up a couple sets (about 10 pounds each).  The boys did love looking through the new blocks (and sneaking some of "Daddy's Legos" down to their own collection) and building some fun car creations. When Dad had a derby, they took a couple of the Lego cars and gave them a try (it's hard to get them close to the 5oz weight of a traditional derby car). 

We haven't tried a Lego derby yet ... but I'm sure it's coming up!

Just for MY reference too .... here a link to the Lego website, which has free online magazines, videos and games. Love Legos!

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  1. It's amazing how you can never have enough Legos (no matter how many the kids already have...)


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