Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Superbowl Steak

As Superbowl Sunday neared, Callahan said "I can't wait for Dad's steak dinner" .... I had forgotten that for the past two years, we'd had a scrumptious Superbowl Smorgasbord. I figured I better let Grayson know the kids were counting on a yummy meal. So he picked up some steaks, I marinated some chicken, Gray mashed the potatoes. I actually added a little color (veggies) this year. Yummy!

We invited my folks out to join us for dinner. During THE game we played some games. The little boys "helped" Grandma out on Scramble (even though some of the games were against Colton and Cooper themselves), we played Racko Hi-Low and Progressive Rummy. It was a "super" night. 

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