Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Happy Birthday to Callahan! February was a busy birthday month, both Callahan and Keaton were invited to a couple "late night" parties for friends. As Callahan's birthday rolled around, I told him too bad I was his mom because I just was not up for that! We actually spent the afternoon at the doctor's office getting an xray of his foot. It's healing, slowly. 

I didn't have many gifts for the kid. He got a big bag of Swedish Fish candy, additional episodes of favorite TV series, a couple Nike shirts. When I got a delivery that had some of the packing bubbles in, I was about to toss them to the nearest kid when I stopped ... another gift for Callahan (the kids do fight over them! *Ü*). We had some chocolate cake in the evening.

ahhhhh ... I remember this kid

Here's a link to cute Callahan pictures from birth until now ... 
(Facebook PhotoAlbum)

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