Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Off Track Time

Yup ... this was pretty much how we spent our off-track time. Sitting around the house, watching tv and playing video games or playing basketball on our indoor hoops. The weather outside was frightful, and we just didn't feel like going out. And without our friends (the DiFran Family, who had moved a few months ago) to motivate us, the boys rarely left the house. There was quite a bit of new snow ... but the pull of snowball fights, snowmen and snow angels just did not call.  During this super cold season, my boys were wearing shorts and T-shirts most of the time. Colton did get invited to go to a movie with Randon, but that was about as exciting as things got.  The boys never complained of being bored though, and there was only one day where they seemed at each other... they are good boys. I wasn't longing for the break to be over and for them to return to school. Phineas and Ferb was the favorite show to watch, and Minecraft and Pokemon were the popular video games ... and Scramble! The little ones are still quite active, and with them out of school, Grandma got lots of games in during the day these past few weeks.

Back on track now ... the boys weren't used to having to put on PANTS. Although they had been sleeping in, they got up ok. I goofed on their lunches, I forgot who's lunchbox belonged to who (Cooper almost got Colton's lunch, and yes, that would have been a problem). Back on track, back to the routine, back to carpools and homework ... and a quiet house for a few hours during the day.

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