Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday Bash

I am NOT one of those moms who enjoy throwing birthday parties ... they stress me out! So my poor kids don't get "friend" parties very often. Both Cooper and Keaton really wanted a friend party, and it have been a few years since their last one, so I relented. The great thing about summer birthdays is you can have an outdoor party ...  I did not even think to check the weather, and of course, suddenly severe thunderstorms and a drop in temperature was in the forecast. It was a little chilly, at times the kids teeth were chattering, but we made it through.

There was a water balloon war ... we had Grayson's handy "water balloon filler" which was in almost constant use! We had a lot of the small water balloons, but the kids loved having the larger (regular) balloons to make huge ones. Our grass now has billions of bits of broken balloons all over it.  

The main attraction was the dunk tank (which I had been lucky to get on such short notice). I had struck out at the usual places (Dill Rental, Diamond Rental), and this one at A Lot of Fun Stuff was a little different then we'd had before (a tarp for the tank) but it worked out well. In fact, with them delivering it and setting it up, it was actually easier for me. Also, as it is assembled on site, it could be placed in places the other one couldn't (I could have had it set up in the back yard, but the backyard was already taken). 

We had set up a large waterslide in the backyard (I didn't get a picture of it but you can see it in use HERE). Both the tank and the slide used a LOT of water, and our poor lawn will have a bit of a time recovering from the abuse.

 We also did the Mentos/Cola experiement

... and played a little dodge sponge

After the official party was over, I had told Callahan he could invite some friends over (so that I felt we got our monies worth from the dunk tank rental), so there was some continued craziness into the evening. I was quite happy when it was time to take the dunk tank and slide down and call it a night!


  1. Do you have a tutorial for the water balloon filler? Or where you bought it

    1. The hubs made the water balloon filler, his own unique invention. He just put PVC pipe together, and the little spigots that come with many bags of water balloons (the ones with a switch to start/stop water flow). It has gotten so much use and so many rave reviews. After a few years it finally collapsed last summer, so I do need hubby to make another one. As he does, I'll try to have him write out some simple instructions and dimensions and post them. A neighbor borrowed it, and just by looking at it was able to copy it and made one for themselves.


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