Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cutting the Purse Strings

I'm not a BIG purse girl ... except when I go to the movies. For everyday, around the town, I just like everything small and compact. I do like a lot of pockets, and this little black purse and wallet had fit the bill for many years. But now, the pockets were coming apart and it was looking quite shabby. The wallet was ok, but the leather had slipped from a portion of the buckle leaving a sharp metal shard poking out, I'd jabbed myself several times. I'd been on the lookout for a new purse/wallet for a while, but just couldn't find something that I liked.

Then I found this ...

It's perfect! About the same size as what I was used to ... shoulder strap (I need that!) and plenty of pockets. One for the cell phone, one for my Ipod Touch, one for the wallet, a couple extra for miscellaneous items ... and there was still a perfect pocket left over for the Kindle Fire! The wallet isn't that lovely to look at, but it also fits the bill, with plenty of spots for all my various cards and cash. With my new love of reading digitally, I love being able to take my Kindle/Ipod with me easily. Hopefully this will last me many years like my last little purse did.

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