Thursday, September 20, 2012


Putting on a Happy Face
Callahan had been jumping on the tramp with his brothers Tuesday night, when he came inside and said that he'd hurt his foot. We did the whole "RICE" treatment, but Wednesday morning he was hobbling pretty bad.  Thursday morning he was still limping, so I called and made an appointment at the orthopedic office. I was  sure I was just being overly cautious, but no ... it's broken.

In addition to the broken foot, Callahan's heart is broken too :(  ... the poor kid has been counting down the days until basketball starts back up, and now it looks like he'll be out for almost half the Fall season.  He's on two different teams and was so ready ready to start playing again. He's still attending his basketball practices, and will still probably go to games to support his team. 

He's pretty bored ... no tramp, no basketball, no soccer, handball, dodgeball. I told him I thought we had a croquet set in the garage, and he could probably do that (he shot that idea down).  He's in a walking book, so he can take it off for sleeping, showering and resting.  We're hoping for a quick recovery!

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