Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Like It Hot

What are Takis? I had never heard of them before, but Keaton came home from school RAVING about them. According to Urban Dictionary, Takis are: A Chili pepper and Lime flavored corn snack by Barcel. They come in 4oz and 9.9oz bags. The most popular flavor is Fuego, which comes in the blueish/purple bag. They are made in Meico and they are possibly the best snack food ever.  

It took me a little while to find some ... I finally located them at the 7-11 on 7800. Since then, Keaton gets them here and there for a special treat (or when he's willing to buy them with his own money). He got several bags for Christmas and for his birthday. 

I'm not sure WHERE he gets his taste buds! I'm a super picky eater, and I certainly don't like anything HOT.  Keaton also loves the "hot" versions of Cheetos, Doritos, Funyons, etc. Doritos has come out with a product that is very similar to the Takis (and easier to find) ... but Takis are the original "hot stuff"!

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