Friday, May 4, 2012

Cooper's Color Coordination

Ah Cooper ... he has his own sense of "style" ...he really likes his basketball shorts, and he likes his tops to match (color wise anyway, I've told him repeatedly that golf shirts and basketball shorts don't really go together).  He always insists on being tucked in too ... not sure where that comes from (probably from basketball games, they do have the kids tuck their jerseys in during games.) I had the thought to snap some pictures of Cooper's color coordination, and after the first couple, Cooper was the one asking "do you have a picture of me in green yet? In blue?" You can tell by his posing that he thinks he is pretty cute. 

I let Cooper be in his comfy clothes all during his off-track time, although when we would go out to visit family or something, I would encourage him to change into something else. Now that school is back in session, I've told him I'd like him to make use of all the OTHER cute clothes he has ... levi shorts, plaid shorts, cute t-shirts and collar shirts (not paired with basketball shorts!).  I also bought him some plain white and black Nike socks, which he has liked (replacing some of the brightly colored ones he has been wearing).

Cooper still likes to change into his "active" clothing after school ... it does make for loads of laundry and socks, shirts, shoes, shorts tossed ALL over the room, drawers left open... I'm always after him! I wish he picked up as painstakingly as he color coordinates his clothes!

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