Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arctic After School

Back to school after being off-track, the weather has warmed up enough that the boys have resumed an after-school activity ... walking to Arctic Circle for a free "courtesy cone". The Arctic Circle in West Jordan is just a couple blocks down from the school, and a few minutes after school lets out, it is flooded with kids. Each child is offered a mini ice cream cone dipped in chocolate, butterscotch or cherry topping.  Colton is home with me by this time (as kindergarten gets out early) but he loves to come with me to pick up the boys and get his ice cream.

The boys often bring money to buy a bigger cone or a shake. A couple of times I've splurged on some chicken rings, fries and tater tots. The boys also like to bring quarters to get a gumball (hopefully a "winner" gumball, which entitles them to a free sundae).

While we are certainly not the only kids who take advantage of the free ice cream cones, the pickup is a LOT less congested there at the restaurant than it is at the school. So it's fun and FUNctional. Thanks Arctic Circle.

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