Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

We started Mother's Day a bit early this year ... the Thursday before, we went out to dinner at Tepanyaki (one of my favorite places) for dinner.  We've only been with the kids once before, so it was still pretty new to them. I should have brought my camera. The little boys were so enthralled with the chef's tricks. I was torn between watching the tricks, and watching the little boy's faces. Pam was able to join us for dinner too, which made it even more fun.

 For dessert afterward, we had some ice cream at SubZero.

For Mother's Day itself, Gray had made a trip to "The Store" to pick up some croissants. These are frozen ones, lay them out the night before and they raise all night and are ready to be baked fresh in the morning. Since we've moved to the 9:00 church schedule, they have become a family favorite. We had been out of them for a few weeks, so I (and everyone else) was very happy to have them restocked and rising for a quick breakfast.

All the boys had little notes and gifts (with Daddy's help, gift cards to Amazon and Itunes).  I just have to share this little Q&A sheet I got from Colton (they did it in school). The underlined portions are what Colton filled in to personalize the paper ...

My mom is ...  41 years old.
My mom weighs...  10  pounds.
My mom's favorite color is ...  purple
My mom's favorite food is ...  cereal
My mom always says ...  "Thank you".
My mom cooks the best ...  noodles.
My mom is really good at ... Wii Fit.
My mom and I like to ...  eat ice cream.
My mom really loves...  ice cream.
I love my mom because ... she gives me ice cream. 

We better not take ICE CREAM out of my relationship with Colton or we might be in trouble! *Ü*

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