Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't TRIFLE With Me!

So a little while back, Maga made TRIFLE ... it was a hit. For Mother's Day, she said she would bring another to the family gathering. Everyone was anxiously awaiting it. Then Maga came in looking a little sheepish and empty handed. She had gone to a missionary homecoming. She had thought to store the trifle in the fridge there... and it didn't make it back out uneaten. It was gone! She promised she's make it up to everyone.

So the following week we had another BlackhamBunch gathering, and Maga had the materials for TWO trifles. She also had some help. Landon and Callahan pitched right in.

Landon made THAT face in every picture!

BIG strawberry!

Look at those masterpieces!
Thanks Maga *Ü*

I didn't have my camera ... these were taken with my Ipod.

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