Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Socks and Underwear

I think it's a familiar scenario ... a child is excitedly opening up a Christmas or birthday present only to find it contains SOCKS and/or UNDERWEAR. The child is NOT happy.  Actually, in the Blackham home, this is completely untrue. My boys LOVE getting new socks and underwear! The little boys love the cute socks with various cartoon characters on them. Christmas, Easter, Birthday ... a few new socks are almost always in the mix. I really try to discourage the boys from wearing the bright socks on Sundays ... they don't exactly go with church dress! Now the older boys are a bit more picky. They want Nike socks ... gotta have that "swoosh". Much to Grayson's dismay, the older boys like the long black ones for basketball (Gray doesn't care for that look). Of course we suffer from the well known "disappearing dryer" sock syndrome just like most families, but we also have Cooper. Cooper tends to take off his socks and shoes, leaving them to get lost and separated. We're always finding socks ALL over the house. Also Grayson will often find complete sets of socks disappearing ... only to have them resurface in Landon's laundry ... he's a sock stealer!

A while back I picked up some compression underwear that I found on clearance. It happened to be in Keaton's size, and Landon and Callahan immediately demanded some for themselves ("we're the REAL athletes in the family, come on!").  Since then I have picked up several pairs for all the boys (yes, even the little ones wanted them for their "sports") ... they are the only underwear that will do now.  This leads me to another laundry quandary ... as I sort the boys clothes (about a week's worth) ... sometimes there is only ONE underwear in the entire load. Hmmmmmm, that doesn't seem right. Although a while back (during the potty training phase) the opposite was true, 20+ pairs on underwear? I remember when Colton was going camping overnight and I told him to pack some extra socks and underwear. I checked the bag and he'd put in about a dozen of each, it made me laugh. 

... now shoe stories ... that's a completely separate post ...


  1. Cooper and Adria MUST be related! She does the same thing...I usually find her socks on the kitchen counter. Not my favorite place to discover dirty socks.

  2. Where do you find crazy socks for boys?

    1. Joan - I find them a variety of places. Target often has them in the dollar bins at the front of the store. I found some at Reams once, or the Dollar stores :) The long black Nike socks have actually been harder to come by (thank you Kohls)


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