Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Clothes

That's probably NOT the picture you would expect with the post title of "Sunday Clothes" ... but those ARE what Colton is wearing every Sunday when he's not at church. We've moved to the later (1:00) schedule, and the other boys just tend to stay in their pjs until it's time to get dressed for church. Not Colton. Colton never stays in his jammies in the morning. The moment he's up, he's dressed. And his FAVORITE outfit? The one to the left. When Cooper became obsessed with basketball, I bought several jerseys I found at local thrift stores for both little boys. For a while there, Colton wanted to wear this purple Jazz jersey EVERY SINGLE DAY, along with the purplish shorts. As it was still winter, not really short-wearing season, we compromised and I told him he could wear this outfit every Sunday (as we're basically staying home and inside all day). And after I got after him a couple of times for inappropriate socks to church (florescent green ones or other bright colors), a pair of white socks with gray tops became "the Sunday socks", and the only socks that will do on a Sunday (seriously, there have been tears when we can't find these socks). This morning, Colton's clothes were sitting in the dryer, as I hadn't quite gotten around to putting them away yesterday. He had to come wake me early Sunday morning to pull his clothes out and sort them, until we found his "Sunday Clothes" (he had actually gotten dressed in something else, because like I said, he just can NOT stay in jammies, even though he LOVES his jammies too (there's a post about that here) ... but as we found these, he changed clothes ... then changed into actual church clothes a little later, then back into these until it was time for his jammies again). It's funny how kids get their "favorites"!

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