Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Musical Chairs

Carpool Colton
Every weekday just before 3:00, we head out to the middle school to collect Landon and the carpool kids. Generally, we bring home four additional kids, filling up the car completely for the ride home. Colton always STARTS out in his carseat in the corner ... but he's never in that seat when we pull into our driveway. Sometimes the "musical chairs" starts at the school ... when one of the kids didn't show for the drive home. Colton hops out of his carseat, and into Cooper's booster seat just opposite (see arrow #2). Once we get into the neighborhood and drop off the first couple kids, then he moves up to the open chair (arrow #3), when we drop off the last non-Blackham, Colton moves again (see arrow #4) ... every day ... musical chairs!

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