Saturday, November 27, 2010

November Notes

I've gotten behind ... on my journal, on my blog ... here's just a few things that have happened in November. Gray and I both celebrated our birthdays. I turned the big 40, Gray and I were both 40 for nine days, they he turned 41. Are we old? We went to dinner with the parents downtown at "The Roof" and the next night went to see "Welcome Back Potter" at Desert Star with my folks and S&A (that could be my brother Scott and his wife Amy, or my brother Shane and his wife Alicia ... guess which one came with us to the theater ...)? Then we went to Hale Theater to see "The Drowsy Chaperone" with Maga, Rex, Ana and Adrian. The kids had their primary program and they did great. We had four boys in it this year. More on the homefront ...

Keaton fell at school, hitting his eye on the corner of a desk. He was SURE he had cracked his head open (his good friend at school actually had a skull fracture a couple of months ago, so that was definitely on Keaton's mind) ... lucky for Keaton it was just a bump and black eye. As I met with Keaton's teacher at Parent/Teacher conferences a day or so after, she said she had been approached by some of the other teachers at the school, wanting to make sure that the little boy in her class wasn't in an abusive home ... sometimes I'm GLAD things like this happen at school, not at home, so we're off the hook!

Keaton's class was having a chocolate party, so we were asked if we'd bring in our chocolate fountain again. This was our first fountain FLOP ... the chocolate would NOT melt properly to flow through the fountain. The kids were still ok just dipping where they could, but Gray wasn't very happy about it!

And we got hit with a HUGE snowstorm. The Saturday of the basketball championships it was a weird windy day ... it was the precursor to the storm that hit that night. Sunday morning we woke to a good foot of snow! The kids had a blast playing in it before church. Gray got the snowblower out ... but couldn't get it started. A few days later everyone was stressing about another storm ... the BLIZZARD of 2010 ... which didn't amount to much at all. The kids were hoping for a snow day, but no such luck. Hopefully we'll get our snowblower up and running again by the next storm!

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