Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall Ball

Fall 2010 - 1st Place

They did it again! 1st place for the Fall season. So many of the kids and coaches play year round, so we really get to know the other teams. Callahan loves it when he gets to play against friends ... Andre and Cody on one team, Cole and Hunter on another, this season we were combined with the Taylorsville Rec center, and so we also played against Reggie's team, which had several friends on it too. Then there's THE team to beat, we've gone head to head with them both Spring and Summer ... we had tied when we played them this season, so both teams were coming into the championship game undefeated. Our boys (and Callahan especially) had a GREAT game and were able to get the win *Ü* ... Dad doesn't make it to all the games, but we're glad he caught this one (Grandpa made it too!).

Generally, I jog the track during the games, but this only works at the Gene Fullmer Rec Center. Two of the games were at the Taylorsville Rec center, so while there I took pictures and video and then condensed them to just the highlights *Ü* The Nov6 game video is a little long ... there was just SO much to showcase ...

Nov06, 2010

Sept25, 2010

The Junior Jazz season starts in just a couple of weeks. We're losing a couple of our players who are going to play on other teams with friends, so we'll see if we can keep the winning streak alive without them. Keaton and Cooper are going to be playing too ... and Landon will be reffing again! Bring on the basketball!


  1. Love the little movies you make.. SO does Stockton... Callahan was on fire in the championship game... He was definately the star of the game.. :) Love it that our boys have become such great friends.. :)

  2. Excited to see our boys verse each other this fall. Bring it! :)

  3. Yes Heather! Your son's team was the team to beat last year(and we didn't do it) ... we'll try again!


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