Monday, November 8, 2010

Bowling Buddies

So we hit our first off-track time of the new school year. With Cooper's broken arm, we had initially planned on him sitting out this session. But then, buddies Ryland and Ridley asked if they could catch a ride and go bowling with our boys (we've got the room in the car, so why not?). Well, if Cooper's best buddy Ridley was going to be bowling, then Cooper wanted to go bowling too, broken arm not withstanding! It actually went great! Cooper says maybe he'll still bowl with his left arm even when the cast comes off. He even won the coveted "trophy" (bowling pin) again (yea, now we have three bowling pins around the house).

It was very fun bowling with friends. Allstar Lanes also redid the arcade section, making it bigger, and using a "credit card" rather than tokens. You can even count your tickets and upload them to your card (rather than saving them like we did in the past). The kids LOVE playing in the arcade, and they are given a few credits as part of the session, so they always spend the last few minutes playing until they are picked up. Once, as I walked in to get them, I found Ryland surrounded by a PILE of tickets ... he had hit the jackpot. The older kids tend to save their tickets for a big purchase, while the little guys usually would spend that day's winnings on small items each day.

Thanks again Allstar Lanes (and Ana, the teacher!) for another fun off-track bowling session.

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