Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Cookies!

Turkey Cookies

Gobble Gobble .... a few years ago I saw these CUTE cookies in an advertisement. They have since become an annual Thanksgiving treat. They are just basic sugar cookies ... I'll use a Betty Crocker mix if I just need a few, and make a batch of dough from scratch if I'm trying to make more than a dozen. The cookie cutter is actually a "pumpkin", basically just a circle, with a little "stem" at the top. I just turn the cookie upside-down and the stem is now the turkey's feet! As I snack on my candy corn throughout the Halloween and Thanksgiving season, I try to set aside the candy corn without the white tip ... these I use as the beak, cutting off the yellow or brown top and using those for the feet. Mini chocolate chips are the eyes, and the little decorator frosting finishes the red waddle. I just add a little brown food coloring to a basic butter cream frosting for the base. The basic design also works for cupcakes!

Turkey Cupcakes


  1. You are one awesome mom... Stockton gobbled that cookie up so fast.. They are absolutely adorable, gonna have to make some.. :)

  2. Those look dangerously delicious. Especially for a candy corn lover like yourself. What a fun tradition!


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