Saturday, August 31, 2013


... we have ANOTHER teenager in the house now! Keaton turned 13 years old. Cousins were in town and the family attempted to go wave running at Pineview, but the weather wasn't super cooperative and they had to call it early (I stayed home with Colton who didn't want to go).   We went out and picked up another Oreo Ice Cream cake (we'd just had one on Wednesday for Cooper's birthday). Keaton also received a lightsaber, some Takis, and a big Star Wars Lego set to add to his collection. Happy Birthday Keaton.

... if you have a minute, check out Keaton's updated album. The evolution of a 13 year old. I love looking at old photos and walking down memory lane!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Double Digits

Happy Birthday to Cooper!  The past few days had been overcast and rainy, and Cooper was very pleased with Mother Nature's gift of sunshine on his birthday (there was a freak rainstorm in the afternoon though). Cooper took treats to school to pass out to his new classmates. He got presents from his brothers (Colton went and bought him his favorite chips and a Kit Kat bar with his own money, and Landon gave him a $15 Itunes giftcard! Nice brothers.) He got some additional treats, and I made brownies and homemade chocolate ice cream waiting for him after school. That green thing he's holding in the picture above is a Minecraft Creeper, which he was really excited about. He also got a cool sidewalk chalk pencil and a couple other toys. We had an Oreo Ice Cream cake in the evening, after his favorite dinner (fried chicken and yellow rice).  

You can check out my Cooper Album
to see the evolution of a 10 year old!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Start of School ...

For the past several weeks, I've been seeing a lot of "school starting" posts on blogs and Facebook. We seemed to be one of the last ones, with the first day being Monday, August 26 for all five boys.  As you may remember, I mentioned I was switching elementary schools. After years of frustration with the year-round schedule and a few other items, I put in a permit at the nearby Terra Linda Elementary, which is traditional. Cooper took the news hard, and we were both anxious about this upcoming year. 

We went to Back to School night and met their teachers and found their classrooms. I took them the first day and stayed as we found where their classes lined up. Cooper and Colton were very brave going into the unknown and after I picked them up, they both happily said they had already made several new friends. 

Keaton is starting a new school as well ... joining Callahan at West Hills Middle School. He did actually attend a half-day for just the 7th graders last Thursday, and we had spent a morning prior to that finding all his classrooms and his locker.  Callahan is king of the school as a 9th grader.

Landon is also at the top, in 12th grade. A senior ... how did that happen? He has a challenging year with some AP classes and a concurrent enrollment at the tech center.

We survived the first day ... and the first day photos!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Holy Hail

I was downstairs in our home gym, when I heard a rattling. There was something, make that several somethings hitting the window ... it was a hail storm.  I cut my workout short and came up to check on Cooper, who was cowering in my room crying. I comforted him and as quickly as it had started, the hail storm was over. I convinced Cooper to come out and check out the hail (the other kids were already out there). There were a lot of big pieces. That definitely would have hurt to get caught out in.  There was a lot of hail on the trampoline, and the kids gathered even more. Then they jumped on the tramp in their bare feet! Crazy kids ... it was a bit like hot potato, but it was cold hail!

Who Wants Pancakes?

It's a Blackham Family tradition ... the "end of summer" breakfast. Before the boys go back to school, we go out to breakfast, and Virg's is the family favorite. Cooper WAS there, between Colton and Landon, we didn't notice he hadn't made the picture until we were gone. Huge pancakes!  And speaking of pancakes, "Psych" has become a favorite show around the house this past summer, and Callahan has a new favorite quote ...

Prior to looking up this clip, I had not seen the original ...
but I've heard Callahan say this 100+ times.

I'm still not exactly sure WHY it is so hilarious,
but this IS Callahan now.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Seattle (the 2nd)

A few years ago, Gray and the boys (sans Cooper) took a trip to Seattle to see cousins and do a little camping on Orcas Island. He decided it would be fun to do it again. This time he was able to talk Cooper into attending. Alas, I was not able to be talked into it. I was not up for the 16+ hour drive (one way) and elected to have a staycation while they were on vacation. 

So the Blackham Boys packed up and were off ... it's actually much better without Mom in the car, as Landon can sit up front, and Keaton isn't squished in the back with the two little boys. They drove, stopping for the night (the hotel stop was what convinced Cooper, he loves the pool, ice machine and breakfast). Then on again the next day. 

Maga and Rex made the trip too.  The cousins enjoyed hanging out, visiting Microsoft and some of the Seattle hot spots. I was able to enjoy the vacation vicariously as Gray would send pictures back to me. Then it was on to Orcas Island. There was a bit of a wait at the ferry (just seeing a picture of the line of cars was enough to stress me out back at home).  There was some sprinkling as they arrived at the island, but Cooper was a trouper and didn't let the weather get him down. 

They went back to "the tree" which had been such a hit on the first trip.  

Grayson did take a lot of pictures. I uploaded them to my Facebook account, you can see the entire album HERE. I know Pam and Jami took some photos too, but I haven't seen them yet. I will update the album if I get more.

And what did I do Home Alone?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I've Been Blogging ...

I HAVE been blogging. A lot actually.I think I've posted every day in August. It's mostly Fitness/WeightLoss related ....about my Fitbit, my elliptical, My Fitness Pal, a "duh" moment with my Omron pedometer (it's called a "pocket pedometer" ...never thought to put it in my pocket),  even my weekly weigh-in (yikes!) I've been putting it all out there. I just completed Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Am I "shredded"? Not yet, but getting there. I was just pretty proud of myself for starting it, and for finishing it!  Also some fun link-up posts (Let's Talk About TV, 10 Things That Make Me Happy, Have You Ever ...)

It's slow going, but it IS going.
Jen'sJourney ... I'm keeping a record this time.

I'm sure I'll get back to some family posts too, so stay tuned.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


There's a new addition to the family ... actually TWO of them. Susie and Roxy. With the boys getting older, Grayson thought now would be a good time to add some zing to our summer family fun. We got a pass to Pineview Reservoir and have made several trips up this summer. Sometimes just Daddy and the older boys, sometimes the whole family, and we even got some extended family to join us once.

The older three boys took an online safety course, so they can all ride solo (without this license, there are age restrictions). Daddy and Landon take out the little ones and let them drive. There is fun on the shore too ...

 The infamous "corner of the photo" shot 

 We can pull this tube behind one of the waver runners ...
Or just play with it in the water!

 A raft and an inner tub ...
We have a yellow theme going!

 This picture of Callahan and Amare is SO cute.
The boys were happy to have their cousins come play too.
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