Colton's Corner

Colton's Corner

May 19 (Sunday) I went to camp it took 3 hours to get to the campsite we went hunting for rocks but they were special rocks they are called tapas they are crystals I don't think they are volable you could find clear ones and some in rocks

May 12 (Sunday) on Mother's Day we made her some breakfast in bed and we gave her some flowers me and cooper gave her some pictures and on May 11 2013 I sopposed to have a soccer game but I had a by so I didn't have a soccer game at bedtime I was not in bed I was playing basket ball for a hour and a half

May 5 (Sunday) when I was off track I went to play planet all star lanes nickel manya chukie cheese and classic and Golden Corral I had so much fun

April 28 (Sunday) at my soccer game I won 8-3 I made 4 goals I was vrsing someone who loves me her name is Sammie she was better than I thought she was the best on her team when I had the ball I was really close by getting it out because Sammie was in my way so I slid kicked it when I'm out Bradley and Kenoyon are out when I'm in Bradley and Kenoyon are in me and Bradley and Kenoyon are the 3 bests

April 21 (Sunday) Yesterday I had a soccer game we won 9-1 I didn't make one goal but I helped everyone who made a goal when I was out my coach told me to come in so I did we had a kick in Bradley got the ball and he made a goal it was dumb my coach just sent me out

April 14 (Sunday) Today at church in primary we had a picture covered with paper with numbers we took some of the paper numbers off we had to try to guess what the picture was and Cooper had to dress up with armor people would throw balls at him he had a shield to block the balls he was holding a real sword but it was little Kira held up a real really big sword

April 13 (Saturday) At my soccer game it was tied 6 to 6. On the other team there was a good soccer player someone we vsed was on Bradlys baseball team he was good too. It first started 2 to 0 when I got in we caught up to 3 to 2 and then the three bests were out and then I came in it was a tough game

April 7 (Sunday) I like reading. I need to read magic tree house. I've been watching rise of the guardians it's a good movie.

March 31 (Easter) I got a silly string to spray people. I got 2 chocolate bunnies and a lot of jelly beans and sweetish fish.

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