Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Suits & Schedule Shifts

What a handsome group of guys! All decked out in their Sunday best, wearing their new suits they got for Christmas. LOVE Keaton's expression!

With the New Year, comes the shift in Sunday schedules. We had been starting at 9:00, which is one of the preferred schedules. Getting meetings done early, so you have the afternoon off ... can you say Sunday Nap? Ahhh. Gray and I actually did get some of those in this past year. We'd  have a quick and easy breakfast before church (usually croissants, purchased frozen and set out to rise the night before. Baked up fresh in the morning, YUM!) and had our big Sunday Circle breakfast after we got back home. 

With the shift in schedules, we are now at the 11:00 hour. It's nice to have a little extra time in the morning, to actually sleep in sometimes. We haven't quite figured out the mornings yet ... big breakfast before or after? We might try a little of both.

Probably the biggest change this year is Colton moving up to SENIOR primary! My BABY, in Senior Primary???? I can't believe it!  Cooper is now in the "oldest" class ... they had actually combined the boys and girls as we just didn't have many 10-11 year olds (losing kids as they turn 12 and "graduate" from primary), but now it is a pretty big class. That first Sunday, everyone was finding new classrooms and teachers ... but now we're set. Except finding a parking place is a bit more difficult now *Ü*

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