Monday, June 30, 2014

Registration Rigamarole

Such a small little sticker ... what a stressful mess! Landon's truck was up for inspection and registration. Landon took it in and it didn't pass. The "check engine" light had been on. He took it into our local mechanic for a fix.

It wan't a quick or easy (or inexpensive) fix.

Basically, one of the cylinders was misfiring, causing it to spew a little too much exhaust (nothing visible, but apparently above the standards for inspection). The fix? A new engine! Ummmm ... of course we had waited until close to the expiration of the truck before finding the motivation to get in and now we were out of time. Not only would the repair be costly ($5000+) but could possibly also take weeks! At this point we had to consider if it was even worth it to invest more money into the truck. Decisions, decisions, and no time.

I called and got some information and options ... apparently we could possibly get a waiver for the year if we showed we had attempted a repair and spent a required amount of money. We'd had the truck into the shop BEFORE the repair, trying to address the "check engine" issue but it hadn't fixed the issue.

Landon went into the DMV to apply for a temporary extension (two weeks) ... the truck had been expired for TWO DAYS when he was pulled over and given a ticket. SO frustrating for me! I am a bit OCD about registration and am aware of so many people driving around months expired. I couldn't believe the cop would be that mean to grab Landon who had expired over the weekend, when it was apparent we were aware of it and doing our best to remedy the situation. Grrrrrrr .... $90. Thanks a lot Sandy City Police Department!

After many more phone conversations, another trip to the shop, a trip back into the original location who had done some work ... Grayson went in and applied for the waiver. It was granted. Whew. It doesn't really solve anything, it just buys us a little time to decide what to do and make it happen. It will at least leave Landon with a car and a way to get around until he leaves on his mission, then we can stick it in the shop or do whatever we decide to do.

Callahan driving is just around the corner ...
He turns 16 just days after Landon leaves ...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spring Soccer - Colton and the Crew

 Uncle Clayton contacted us and asked if we were putting Colton in soccer for the Spring season. Colton definitely wanted to play, but all our little friends in the neighborhood he had played with previously had moved. So when Uncle Clay asked Colton to join his team, we said ok. It was a little bit further to drive ... but parking was actually a lot better than over at the West Jordan fields.

They had a great season. An undefeated season! Colton managed to score a goal in every game I believe. It was fun to play with cousin Addie, as see family at the games. Colton made a good friend with Derek, another great player on the team.

It's always funny posing for the team pictures. As they were patiently waiting Colton moaned "this takes SO long, like literally 15 minutes!"

Team Picture. Spring 2014. 

I didn't make it to every game (scheduling conflicts with brother's basketball) but I got video on the times I went and made a quick highlight reel to spotlight the season.  Great to take hours of footage and condense it into a couple minutes!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day ... five such handsome boys to take after their daddy! They weren't too happy about attempting to squint into the sun for my photo though!

As is Father's Day tradition around here, we went to Scott and Amy's house for the annual Father's Day barbecue. I brought jello cubes and Chex mix ... I ate way too much of the Chex mix. We take the annual Father's Day photo with everyone. We try to get a couple "good" photos, then a "funny face" one ... I guess Jared didn't get the message that this photo wasn't a funny face photo!

I thought it would be good to take a picture with Dad and us six kidlets. I can't remember if we've ever done that. It turned into quite the production, with so many camera's taking pictures, and of course Grayson always makes everyone (especially Derek) laugh. My oldest brother, my youngest brother and my hubby ... I swear it's a competition to see who can have the shortest hair (I think Derek wins, as he actually bics it).

It was a fun day of family, photos, food ... and Fitbits! That's what Mom got Dad for Father's Day. Many in the family have them now (Callahan just got his) and so there was a lot of Fitbit talk as well.

Gray posted a sweet tribute to my dad on Facebook ... this is what he said:

My father-in-law’s name is Lamar but I’ve only always known him as dad. Here are a few random recollections:
  • In the 90’s he would obtain a yearly “rock permit” allowing him to bring rock down from Big Cottonwood Canyon. Each year, armed with a wheelbarrow, shovel and a truck we would haul load after load down to the house. Those rocks now adorn and comprise the sandbox, the cellar, walkways and, of course, the fountain and pond. He gives new meaning to “the wise man built his house upon a rock” or perhaps “this wise man built the rocks around his house."
  • I’ve never met anyone as passionate about and committed to compost. Whether it is the Cool Whip container next to the kitchen sink or the 4’ deep pit in the yard, organic material and scrap does not go wasted in this household. I see now where Jen gets her aversion to waste.
  • Dad (and mom) will be my lifelong excuse for NOT doing genealogical work. There doesn’t seem to be an aspect of genealogy and the technologies available that dad isn’t conversant in. I remember getting my first iPad years ago and he and I had a discussion about the iPad, centered around its suitability (or lack thereof) for use in family history work. I must confess that his sometimes passionate and highly detailed explanations on the ins and outs of family history work may be lost on me. I have not been a quick study. 
  • I’ve heard him speak over and over again, in glowing terms about the doings and accomplishments of his grandchildren. He seems to be one of their biggest fans. He is quiet, and gentle and giving…and I am a better person for having known him. 

Dad, thanks for all…I hope it’s a good day.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

End of Elementary

It was nine months ago, that I took Colton and Cooper to their NEW elementary school. We'd made the switch from Columbia to Terra Linda to get onto a traditional schedule. I think after the initial scary start, everyone benefited from the change. It was SO nice not going off-track and having big breaks during the school year. And, the little boys got to get out at the same time as the big boys, and we got to have a SUMMER!

But before school ends ... it's time for school programs and awards!
Cooper's class did a program, including the infamous
 4th grade recorders.
Here's a clip ...

Colton's program had been a little earlier (in April)
Here's some highlights from his.

Onto the AWARDS ...

Colton got a medal for math and received the "Tiger'sPride" award (only two given per class). Cooper received the "Citizenship" award (only two kids per class get it). The 4th grade also participated in the Presidential Fitness program. Cooper wasn't able to complete ONE of the activities (the v-sit) to earn the highest award (I think only three kids in the 4th grade made it) but did get the National Fitness Award (along with about a third of the class *Ü*).  You can read a little more about the program on my JenB'sJourney blog. 

We did have a school scare at the end of the year ... we were told Terra Linda was going to have to switch to a year-round schedule. The district was redoing boundaries and pushing another neighborhood into the school increasing it's load. I was SO sad. Switching schools just to get on the traditional schedule, loving it ... and for only one year? However, Terra Linda is going to stick with a traditional schedule at least for another year. I literally danced when I heard. I'll take it, and cross my fingers that it continues!

And now for a FULL summer!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Graduation Day!

I can't believe it ... we've got a graduate! Wasn't it just yesterday Landon was starting kindergarten? He's such a self-starter, always up early, got a little college credit under his belt already (concurrent enrollment, and he passed his AP tests). Having a kid in school, you know what is happening day to day. The next few years ... hmmm, it's going to be interesting!

I was really not sure of all that needed to be done. I know everyone does professional graduation photos for announcements and such these days. I'd put that off, but Aunt Alicia (GrayWrenPhotography) was willing to squeeze us in. I searched for announcement ideas on Pinterest and then whipped this up myself (I've got skills!)

Then it was the big day! The graduation was being held downtown at Energy Solutions Arena.  The graduates needed to be there a little early. Rather than having to come home (from his NSL work) Grayson just met us there. Landon and I caught a ride with a fellow student's family. Maga and Aunt Ana came too. The speakers were good, and there were only a few minor insurgencies (beach balls being tossed about). 

Afterward, we had an early dinner at Tepanyaki. Yummy! The graduation had been mid-day, and the other boys still had school. I know some families would pull their kids and have them attend the graduation too, but the brothers weren't really interested (sitting for a couple hours? Like church?) and it was fun field day for the little ones. It was a bit difficult, as I had to arrange for the boys to go home with neighbors as we were still downtown at pick-up time. 

ConGRADulations Landon!

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