Thursday, August 30, 2012

Student Council

In the 6th grade, two kids from each class are chosen to participate in Student Council.  It's basically helping gather ICUs and making announcements. There is a leadership conference at BYU later in the year.  The kids can choose to run ~ making a poster, presenting a speech ... then there is a classroom vote. There usually is quite a bit of competition for the two spots.

Landon started the student council tradition in our family. I don't remember if he "ran" for it ... I don't recall him making a poster or requesting any help. Callahan joined up with his friend Ryland, and they made their poster together, and I helped Callahan with his "speech". 

I helped Keaton out a bit more ... actually breaking out the scrapbooking supplies for the first time in forever! We came up with a little theme and made his poster. I thought it turned out cute. Here was his speech ...

  • I’ll start with a joke ... Why did our teacher Mrs. Cluff wear sunglasses to school?  Because her students were so very bright! I know you all are very smart ... so I know when it comes time to vote for student council, you will vote for Keaton! (That’s me) 
  • I am right smack in the middle of my family. I have two older brothers. Both of them were on the student council when they were in 6th grade - so I do know what it’s all about. I have two little brothers here at Columbia, I’ll want to do a good job not only for our class, but for all the students in all the grades.
  • I’ve been on the Honor Roll every quarter ... I know I can keep up with my school work when I HAVE too miss class to fulfill my student council duties.
  • I have served in leadership positions in my church and scout group.
  • I was dwarf #5 in the school play last year ... which made me very understanding ... I hope YOU understand. 
  • I WILL take student council seriously ... but I BET I’ll make you laugh at some point through the year. I’ve got some Laffy Taffy to pass out to make you laugh right now. Remember ... 7 days without laughter makes one weak (one week!) Vote for Keaton, a TON of FUN!

... and CONGRATS to Keaton. He made it!

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