Cooper's Corner

January  20,  2015

            There has been a lot of things that have been going on this weekend. There were three main things I would talk about with you. First, I went to brothers basketball game, and he got a buzzer beater for the win. Second, my friend Jacob came to our house and accidently broke a window while we were playing baseball. And last is that we finally got a new kitty from the Humane society. These were all the cool things that have happened that happened this long weekend. And now I will tell you more about it in these next few paragraphs.

         First was that my brother got a game winning shot in his basketball game. The game was Copper Hills Grizzlies against the Bingham Miners. And my brother was a part of Copper Hills. In all of the quarters the game was neck and neck, in fact, the game even went into overtime for an extra quarter. The game was tied at forty seven with eleven seconds to go. The team passed it to my brother Callahan, with only a couple seconds to go, and he shot a deep three pointer and got it for the win against the Miners. This was the first cool thing that happened this weekend.

         Second, is that my friend Jacob accidently broke one of our windows while playing baseball. For some stupid reason, me, my brother, and Jacob were to lazy to get a baseball bat, and there was a lead pipe in front of us, so we played with it. Me and Colton went first to go bat and hit the ball, nothing really happened, we just hit some of the balls places. Then it was Jacobs turn to bat to hit the ball. He got into his batting position and once we threw the ball, the lead pipe slipped out of his hands and went right through the window. Since there was a huge hole through our window, my dad measured some cardboard then he covered the window. This was another thing that happened this weekend.

         Last is that our family finally got a kitten since we wanted one from Christmas break. He is such a cute kitty, and we were already prepared to get this kitty. His name is Oreo, and he is four months old right now. Me and my brother Landon discovered him on pet, and we knew we had to get him. We already set up a litter box and where he would eat. But there is a little problem that me, Keaton, and Landon have had some allergic reactions to the cat, but we’re fighting through it because we really love Oreo and we want to keep him. This is the last thing that happened this awesome weekend.

         As you can see, I had a great weekend because of all of these things. And these are the things why it was a great weekend. First was that my brother got a buzzer for the win in overtime. Second was that my friend accidently broke a window at my house while playing some baseball, and it really scared my brother Landon while he was on the computer and that was where the window broke. And the last thing was that we finally got a kitty and we’ve been waiting for it since Christmas break. This is why I had an awesome weekend at home, because of all these things.

... ... Cooper is now writing in his journal (using his Ipod touch!) ... I'll include his weekly updates here.

July 28 (Sunday) This week I got to go on the wave-runners with my cousins. My friends that moved away to California came to visit us and played with us and we got these necklaces . I got a new basketball hoop and now I have 2, so I could make a full-court.

July 7 (Sunday)  I got to see "Despicable me 2" yesterday and it was really funny.I went wave-running again and got 46mph. It is Summer now and I am out of school. That was my last day now I am going to Terra Linda Elementary. 

June 2 (Sunday) The school week I was having my CRTs. I'm done with the CRTs and next Monday I'm going on a field trip!  I went to the carnival . When I was there, there was a dunk tank , money diving and fishing for items. My friend Quinn broke his finger.

May 26 (Sunday) On Saturday I my family and me went to the Cheesecake Factory. I had chicken strips and a chocolate shake. I got this "Big Nate"book and I traced the heads of the book and got some bookmarks. I got two bookmarks and my brother got one bookmark.

May 19 (Sunday) On the job chart I got 2 things, the mini basketball and the sidewalk chalk. In the backyard as usual we had a fire. I had 2 s'mores. During church there was a little boy named Mason. Mason was a cousin of Allen and Edward. Mason looks a lot like my cousin Amar'e .

May 12 (Sunday) So I'm back at school and when I got a bump on my head . I was having headaches through out the day . The family got back to the job chart, I already have 96 points. Me,Colton,Jacob and Bradley had a water fight with sponges. My mom got me a lot of Animorph books,the first 3 I already read.

May 5  (Sunday) Last week I went to classic fun center and there  was skates, jungle gym, bouncy houses and arcade. I went to Golden Corral with my grandparents and after we went to nickel mania. My dad went on a plane to New York and when dad got back, he got 5 pound Hershey's and half pound Reese's ! I went to a yard sale and got a blocked Squidward and a jazz bear. I bought a turtle for my brother and he loved it.

April 28 (Sunday) My family and I went to a restaurant and our cousins were there. Amar'e was doing something that made us laugh so hard. Since I'm off-track I went bowling and got 2nd place,I got 348 tickets
and saved the rest. I went to a place called Planet Play,it has go karts,laser tag,mini bowling and miniature golf.

April 21 (Sunday) My friend Jacob left on a cruise because his sister was getting married. I got a lot of new books, like zombie kid diaries,the encounter (Animorphs), and Roscoe Riley Rules. My brother's truck got hit, the trucks bumper was messed up but that was all.

April 14 (Sunday) The book "diary of a zombie kid", I finished it.I'm starting a new book called"The visitor" it's about humans turning into animals.In the backyard we were doing lightsaber wars!It was fun also hurtful.We had a fire in the backyard so we roasted some marshmallows and wieners.The smores were good.

(March 25-31) I was at school and then I got checked out from school to go to the dentist.I got 2 teeth pulled out and I got spacers.The dentist said I can't eat chips for 3 days!When I woke up I looked under my pillow and I got 10$.There's a new game called 4 square and they really liked it but a couple days later they didn't really like it anymore. It was Easter!This is what I got for Easter,a big Nate book,2 chocolate bunnies,jelly beans, Swedish fish,whoppers,gobstoppers and a basketball thing.

MAY 2012

Journal entry 1 When I was off track I went to Jump n bounce every Monday & Wednesday. On Tuesday I went to a park. It was castle park! I went back to school on was fun on the 1st day back on Track. I went to a field trip on tuesday.   THE END

Journal entry 2 On Thursday I went to tepanyaki and sub zero.Today is a special day it's MOTHER'S DAY.Yesterday it was Lucas's birthday and I went to the coin store. At the 1st coin store I went to I got a bicentennial quarter. At the 2nd coin store I got a large cent. Yesterday Madi came to my house. I got a new app on my iPod it's called kick the buddy.

Well, there hasn't been much to talk about, as Cooper is seemingly back to "normal" ... there was one dark day that he expressed some concern about the weather, but that was really all that happened. Catch up for the last month (and before) ...

  • School: He's been going to school fine. No real issues there. I still go in and volunteer once a week and he seems to like to see me, but not "need" me. As I watch, he seems to interact fine. He's in the top of his class as far as school work. He has been writing creative stories (but will balk if I ask him to write in his journal).
  • Church: Church has been fine ... in fact one day when we were skipping Sacrament meeting (hubby and I hadn't quite prepared lessons  yet), Landon still went ... and Cooper just walked after him ... didn't tell ME where he was going! He'd put some crayons in his church bad and wanted to color ...
  • Off-Track: For off-track activities, he was great and cooperative (whereas before he would refuse to go places). 
  • Soccer: Soccer has still been an issue ... he does NOT want to play, so I'm not going to push him this season. 
  • Derby: He had some issues with the Pinewood Derby, he was in tears the night before saying he didn't want to go. The next night, he went without much complaint and as soon as he had his first race, he was totally into it (it helped that he was winning) and since then has had a complete turnaround, and gone to several derbies with Daddy. 
  • Coins: His whole relationship with his dad has changed, he used to be more of a momma's boy, almost seeming a little scared of his dad. Now he's always asking when Dad will be home ... much of this has to do with his latest obsession of coins, which Daddy introduced him too. He does seem to have some OCD tendencies... but really can't beat coins for something to be obsessed about! *Ü*
  • Clothes: He's a little obsessive about his clothes too, he wants to wear "matching" colors all the time. He likes to tuck his shirts in ... which makes him look a little like a nerd. Some strange combos ... he is a MESSY kid, always leaving his clothes and shoes out everywhere!
  • Draw Something: His brothers started playing this game, and he'd want to watch them draw and guess, but they weren't very cooperative. So we started him his own game, he LOVES it ...

Cooper is doing SO much better, rarely do we have issues anymore. He does still seem to have ANTICIPATION anxiety. Hours before something he's start to whine about it (basketball, scouts, church) but when the time comes, he's ok. I've started to say "It's not happening right now, so we're not going to talk about it right now" ... planning ahead for this kid is not productive!

He worried about the change in church time (for a couple of weeks), usually the night before, but then was fine in the morning when it was time to go. He worried about a couple basketball games and practices, but then went willingly ... same for scouts.

Really no issues going to family functions, and while off-track we went off-track we went out a LOT which has caused problems in the past (he prefers to just be at home) ... he usually was the first one to be done, but he did really well (he even commented on it at Jump ... "this is my best time, I'm not scared, I'm not complaining ..." of course we had only been there about 20 minutes at that point :)

He's started watching America's Funniest Home Videos (a former fear) ... he went to the dentist without any issue, and wants to ride the elevator (another former fear). I always try to point out these fears he has overcome, and that sometime in the future he might be just fine with any weather. While there have been a lot of cloudy/gloomy/overcast days, even some rain, it's been a long time since there was actual thunder and lightening.

Followup visit with the pediatrition. I wasn't sure it he might recommend going off the medication as Cooper is doing so well ... but is he doing well because of the medication? Is he doing better because the weather isn't as bad (thunder/lightening) ... I worry about Spring. We are staying on the medication and going back in three months (which will be right in the middle of the Spring season ...)

  • Basketball Games/Pictures: Still wants MOM to come watch, which isn't happening a lot due to scheduling conflicts. Picture day had even more conflicts, but Cooper went willingly with another family :)
  • Christmas Programs: Did great at the school program (no repeat of the anxiety attack like for the 1st grade program in Spring) and he performed in a couple Nativities.
  • No complaints for all the Christmas parties (Grandma's, Magas, Buca with Blackhams).
  • There was a HUGE wind storm (more in Davis County) that made the new. Hurricane-force winds, lots of destruction and some injuries. Maga's fence was destroyed. I wondered whether I should talk to him about it (point and that it was predicted in advance, warnings went out to stop big trucks from going on the freeways, schools were cancelled) or just to not bring it up ... I chose the latter ...

THURSDAY December 15 Week Review
  • TaeKwonDo "Graduation" ... went with friends (Mom&Dad had other obligations)
  • Basketball Game ... did great!
  • Church ... quite upset because Mom was staying home with sick brother (about 10min crying, then recovered and was just fine).
  • Sick Monday, stayed home from school
  • School Tuesday ... harder morning (didn't want to go), upset that Mom wasn't coming in for her usual volunteering (little brother still sick).
  • School Wednesday ... still hesitant to go, still wants Mom to come volunteer (brother still sick)
  • School Thursday ... some complaining, asks STILL if Mom can come ...

THURSDAY December 8 Week Review

  • Wind Storm: Haven't really mentioned the storm/damage ... hasn't come up
  • Basketball: Cooper very upset Saturday before his came (ddin't want to go, wanted me to go, wanted me to be the coach). Went with Dad, snapped out of it, was the star of the team. Turnaround ... he does like basketball, is glad I signed him up, excited for next games and practices. Whew!
  • Church Christmas Party: No complains about going, seemed to have a fun time.
  • Church: No real complaints going. Very unhappy at church when there were no treats (FastSunday).
  • School: No real complaints ... cold weather makes it "inside" days for everyone. He's been having some diarrhea, so is concerned about that at school (me too!). My volunteer day, he was "ok" with me coming but didn't "need' me.
  • Basketball Practice: Monday after school. Excited to go. Wore him out (to bed early!)
  • Scouts: Went willingly 

THURSDAY December 1 Session Review
  • School (11/18) Being a short day, it is easier ... Cooper says "If you can make it through lunch, you can make it through the day."  There was a FIREDRILL today (Colton told me after kindergarten). The noise and being forced outside on an overcast day - but Cooper didn't even mention it, and didn't say much about it when I brought it up.
  • PickUp (11/18) Had to go out to pick up brother from a birthday party. He didn't want to leave the house, but didn't complain too much (it was dark).
  • Church (11/20) A little complaining, worried about going to class but then went fine. 
  • Maga's House (11/20) Dad mentioned going to grandma's and Cooper had a mini-meltdown, over VERY quickly (I mentioned bring the video camera and making home movies ...) He was happy the whole time. Even said he'd be ok NEXT trip (on Thursday)
  • Monday School (11/21) Some weather whining (it was cloudy, rain in the forecast) but then actually wanted to take a soccer ball to school and played outside before carpool pickup. Went to morning recess.
  • Ridley's House (11/21) Wanted to go to a friend's house after school. We walked home. *Ü*
  • Tuesday School (11/22) Checked the weather, not bad. Mom's volunteer day. Went to recess.
  • Jump (11/22) Said he didn't want to go at first, but then said it was ok because it was dark. Had fun and wants to go again.
  • Thanksgiving (11/24) No issues *Ü*
  • Birthday Party (11/26) Excited! No issues! *Ü*
  • Church (11/27) No real issues, comments on MY missing a couple meetings. Walked home with me. He was happy we were staying home after, not going anywhere.
  • Monday School (11/28) Said "I'm scared to go to school" but that was it, distracted and ok. Even played a little soccer outside before getting picked up, and went to first recess.
  • Tuesday School (11/29) Nice day, he commented on the nicer weather. My volunteer day. He went out to recess again. FIRE DRILL AGAIN (and there was another one of the other days too!) Luckily no real concerns *Ü*
  • Scouts (11/29) Had moaned yesterday about not wanting to go to scouts. Didn't give him a choice, didn't remind him until right before. Complained, but went. Enjoyed it and was glad he went. :)
  • Wednesday School (11/30) Some concern over the weather, but played outside (a little basketball) before school. I checked and did NOT share it (showed some lightening) ... overcast and slight drizzle was all. Went out to recess again

  • REWARDS: He used to come home immediately and demand his "reward" for making it through the day (video for ipod or lego guy) but now he often forgets ... 
  • WEATHER: Still some talk (daily) but not nearly as much.
  • BASKETBALL: NOT looking forward to basketball ... wants to have ONE day where he doesn't have to go anywhere (Saturday). Still hoping it will be a good experience & he'll be off-track part of the time (so will have some home days).
  • PIZZA PARTY: On Tuesday he is looking forward to ...
  • TAE KWON DO: Program at school that he is quite excited about :)

THURS (11/17) Counseling ... Cooper went willingly (although he doesn't have much of a choice as I pick him up at school) ... after a skipped week and school back in session

THURS (11/3) Went to counseling, but will miss next week (11/10) due to conflicting appointments. Final week off track then school starting Monday 11/14, Cooper is already checking the weather and worrying about going back (storms forecast at that point, but weather was actually clear).  2-weeks review ...
  • Dentist (Fri 11/4) Cooper went willingly.
  • Randon's House (Fri 11/4) Colton went to Randon's to watch a movie, Cooper had wanted to go yesterday, but it was too stormy today. He retreated to his bed and fell asleep.  :(
  • Addie's Party (Sat 11/5) He hadn't actually been invited, but I asked him if he wanted to go, he didn't
  • Church (Sun 11/6) Nice weather, he went willingly (no class/primary practice)
  • Grandma's House (Sun 11/6) Very upset about going (retreated to bed), but fine once we were there.
  • Scouts (Tues 11/8) WAS going to complain but then looked outside and realized he had no grounds (it was nice) so he went willingly *Ü*
  • Shopping (Thurs 11/10) Went out shopping for a ping pong table with Dad *Ü*
  • Friend's House (Fri 11/11) Playing with friends when I had to leave (thus sending friends home), he and Colton went to play at their house for a bit (all his idea). *Ü*
  • Red Robin (Sat 11/12) Very upset about going (retreated to bed), but fine once we left
  • Church (Sun 11/13) Quite upset about having to go to class again, much stress before leaving. At church, during the program he would alternate between being fine and looking miserable/tears. Went to class willingly and had a GREAT time (party).
  • School (Mon 11/14) Difficult morning, quite upset. Very overcast, but some sunshine later. Requested pickup at school (not walk to Arctic Circle).
  • Friend's House (Ridley) Went to play after school
  • School (Tues 11/15) Another hard morning. Very overcast. Tuesdays I come in to volunteer, but today the teacher was sick and there wouldn't be anything for me to do ... but Cooper was very upset so I still went. Pickup at school. 
  • Friend's House (Jacob) Went to play after school
  • Pack Meeting (Tues 11/15) Didn't really want to go, wanted Mom&Colton to go ... went without too much complaining (sometimes evenings are easier, when it's dark, it's harder to tell a cloudy sky). 
  • School (Wed 11/16) Nice day forecast and nice day out ... no complaining for school and the kids walked to Arctic Circle after for pickup.
  • School (Thurs 11/17) Cold and Cloudy. Some complaining. Requested pickup at school.

THURS (1027) Counseling again, after a week off. Cooper didn't complain too much. FRIDAY After being excited to go to a halloween party tomorrow, Cooper started stressing about it .... SATURDAY still stressing, and although I offered multiple options (me staying, just going to 15 minutes) he wasn't willing to try it. Maga had invited the kids up for cookie making, so Daddy was taking Colton and Keaton and Cooper had to go too as Callahan and I were gone (Landon too). Cooper had a meltdown, crying, getting very upset, but was ok once Daddy got him in the car and he had fun there. SUNDAY Cooper didn't complain about church, which is a miracle, even though the weather was very nice. MONDAY Halloween. I took the little boys to Macey's (grocery and bank for me, trick or treating for them) then stopped at Arctic Circle. Scout party in the afternoon ... both Colton and I went, but I almost think Cooper would have been fine without us. Trick or treating in the evening, Cooper was excited and unafraid. The weather was beautiful! TUESDAY we woke to rain and gray skies. Some whimpering from Cooper throughout the day, but he didn't have to leave the house. WEDNESDAY he had an appointment with the pediatrician. Cooper didn't complain much, although he asked Colton to come too (and Colton was willing). Stopped at KFC on the way home. THURSDAY Chuck-E-Cheese ... Cooper hesitant but ok, very happy once we were there. Colton invited to a friend's house and Cooper went too! Crying before counseling, did NOT want to go. Overcast and windy.

THURS (1020) Fall Recess, so no school. We went to Jump N' Bounce with friends ... Cooper didn't come (stayed home with Landon) :(  FRIDAY&SAT, nothing of note, although Cooper did sleep out on the couch both nights. That's something he hasn't done in months. SUNDAY Cooper was very stressed about going to church. It was Stake Conference and we decided not to try it. Gray still had to go to a meeting (so dressed up) and Cooper was very stressed, wanting to make sure that Daddy knew Mommy had said he didn't have to go to church. MONDAY ... the kids are off-track and Cooper is so happy about not having to go to school. I really hope this doesn't end up being a set back! TUESDAY was overcast, we usually do off-track bowling, we have done it for years. Cooper expressed apprehension about it, and then they aren't even doing it, so it was a moot point, but his not wanting to go out even for fun things is a concern to me :(  he  had scouts, but he cried and I didn't make him go :(   WEDNESDAY was a little nicer day, but Cooper was upset when I told him he had to attend Court of Honor in the evening. He moped much of the time.

THURS (1013) Nice weather, so no big issues. Tried school pickup at Arctic Circle which Cooper was a bit concerned about, but it went well. Counseling...Colton tagged along and we went straight to soccer, no complaints from Cooper. FRIDAY no school issues. Daddy and brothers leaving on a campout, of course Cooper was invited but of course he was not going.  SATURDAY Cooper was a bit bored and happy when his brothers were back home. SUNDAY was a rough day. Cooper cried about going to church, and was very apprehensive about going to Clay's house (Addie and Will's birthday celebration). The weather was a bit gray, but not horrible. Gave him a BabyV but didn't really see any improvement. When we actually got to Clay's, Cooper was fine, and even played outside. He was the first one ready to go home, which is nothing new. MONDAY no real issues, as the weather was ok and Cooper knew I was coming in later for the honor roll assembly. Family game night which was fun. TUESDAY I went in to volunteer and WEDNESDAY was short day and Halloween Party, who could have issues with that? Cooper seemed involved and happy.

THURS (1006) ... Rainy day, so expected the worst. Gave Cooper a BabyV pill and ... either it was a powerful pill or a bit of the placebo effect kicked in and he was fine! Counseling after school, which he was apprehensive about, he doesn't like to "talk".   FRIDAY I drove the kids to school and stayed with Cooper ... waiting outside before school he did seem isolated and lonely (his friend Ridley wasn't there...). I helped out in class, noticed Cooper sitting apart from the kids on the story carpet. Apparently that is "his" spot, but again, it made me sad, he seemed isolated from the others. SATURDAY Cooper didn't have to leave the house, so no issues. SUNDAY, while the weather wasn't bad, Cooper was very anxious. I gave him a BabyV pill but didn't notice any real improvement, he was still whimpering and clingy. MONDAY was overcast and Cooper had a very bad morning :(  Picked up BabyP in pill form. TUESDAY was still cloudy, I told Cooper I'd come into his class for a bit, and that seemed to help him calm down and get off to school. I went in for an hour around 11:00. Cooper did not want to go to scouts today ... but it was canceled so he didn't have to. WEDNESDAY was nice weather, so no big issues. PT Conferences, I left the kids home so I could talk more with Cooper's teacher without an audience. He's doing well academically. Still staying in from recess most days, even nicer weather ones.

1005 (Wed) Another bad morning. We had an appointment at the doctor and got two prescriptions called in. I dropped Cooper at school, expecting some resistance (as the skies were completely overcast) but he was a trooper.  It did rain almost the entire day, and I was a wreck wondering how he was doing, so anxious to pick him up (it was raining for pickup) but he seemed ok ... a little stressed once in the car, but he said he didn't even go to the office!

1004 (Tues) Morning wasn't quite as bad as yesterday which was surprising, as the weather was worse. Storms forecast, but then the sun came out. We did get hit with a microburst and it hit hard (and I got caught in it and absolutely drenched). I was sure Cooper would call (but it passed in about 15min), but didn't get a call. I found out he had gone to the office crying, but they didn't have him call, just waited until he calmed down (about 30 min) and he went back to class.

1003 (Mon) Bad morning ... it was even quite nice out, some clouds but lots of blue sky ... although the forecast for the afternoon and the rest of the week isn't good. But if he's this bad now, what will he be like later? He cried ALL morning. I put him into the carpool crying, but was told he stopped crying almost immediately. He made it through the day at school just fine. In the evening, he went to In&OutBurger with Dad and came home crying as the wind kicked up.

1002 (Sun) General Conference, so no church issues today. There was a trip up to Maga's, and he cried and didn't want to go, even though the weather wasn't bad. I decided to humor him today, telling him that if he stayed home today, he would need to not put up a fuss about school tomorrow, which he promised to do. It was a quiet afternoon at home just the two of us. Uneventful.

1001 (Sat) It was Cooper's last soccer game for the fall season. He didn't want to go, but I told him I wanted him to try it. He cried and cried. I offered a bribe and a punishment (two episodes if he went, taking away the Ipod if he didn't) and we went. It was fairly windy out, and he didn't seem happy at first, but once he got playing, he was fine. He even admitted afterward that he was happy I had "encouraged" him to go to the game. Colton had a soccer game after, and although I had time to drop Coop back home, he said he wanted to go (to see little cousin Will again). There had been a storm forecast for the evening, but it didn't materialize.

0930 (Friday) No issues during the day. Later in the early evening a HUGE cloud covered the sun, darkening the sky, which made Cooper nervous. The clouds did clear up a bit, and a bunch of kids were playing flies up on the front lawn. I enticed Cooper out to see the moon (they've been learning about it at school) and he ended up staying out and playing too.

0929 (Thurs) Cooper wasn't happy about going to counseling, didn't want to talk, but it went ok. We had to go straight to Colton's soccer game after, and again Cooper wasn't happy about that, but was ok once we were there. He had a good time playing with cousin Will.


     •    Better weather, great forecast. Still concerned about clouds.
     •    No real trouble at school, still staying in from recess many days

     •    Went to carnival with friends
     •    Went to scouts
     •    Went to friend’s house to see puppy
     •    Voluntarily playing outside

     •    Soccer game on Saturday, didn’t want to go. Says he doesn’t want to play soccer, doesn’t
     want to play basketball, just wants to stay home all the time.
     •    Sunday, crying over clouds at church, meltdown before Maga’s

     •    Doesn’t seem embarrassed/self-conscious at all about his fears
     •    Doesn’t like to talk about it

FUTURE FORECAST: thunderstorms and rain ...
     •    Going to the school?
     •    Bribes/Punishment
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