Monday, February 22, 2016

A Collection of Cakes (Belated Blackham Birthdays)

Red Velvet for Callahan!

It's Callahan's birthday! The big 17. As we  celebrated with him, I thought I'd do a quick Blackham birthday blog post, as I never hit the birthdays back in Sep/Nov ... five of them in our family. Only Callahan has a birthday at the beginning of the year. Everyone else falls in the last half. Three of the boys have their birthdays in one week, then Gray and I have ours close together in November. Then of course there is Colton in December. It's quite the cake collection!

... and for the belated birthday blogging

Cooper was up first, on the 28th of August. He turned 12!

Keaton follows a few days after ... August 31. Big 15 for him.
After not being able to find our favorite Oreo Ice Cream cake for a while ... we had it again!

Landon celebrated his 20th birthday on his mission to Mexico. 
We celebrated for him here with a lemon-jello cake and big-head stand in!

We had a Westra family birthday celebration (Grandma on the 7th, me on the 10th) and I brought our favorite Sam's Club white cake with buttercream frosting. I was simply trying to tilt it slightly to get a better view for the camera, but it tipped over! Oopsidedown cake!

Another (non-upsidedown) cake on my actual birthday ...

... and another lemon jello cake for Grayson's big day.
I asked him to SMILE!

Whereas we didn't put on 47 candles for Grayson, we did put on all 10 for Colton!
I'd wanted our regular double decker cake, but they were out, so he got this big one.

There you go ... I'm now caught up on the Blackham Birthdays.

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