Keaton's Corner

Keaton's Corner

February 23: School was kind of fun today since I had to have most of my friends write for me in a lot of my classes. Mom and I saw another doctor in Riverton today. He told us there were three breaks in my wrist. He said to ice it, to reduce the swelling, and then he'll put a cast on it on Monday.

February 22: Today was a pretty normal day at school, except that it was collection bell schedule. We had to go to all of our classes and pick up something to put in our student led conference folder to show our parents and write stuff down in a TA packet. It was a free day in 7th period, so we just played dunkball. I ended up falling to get a bruise on my knee and break my wrist. Mom and I had to wait in the Urgent Care waiting room for almost two hours. They finally looked at my wrist and got x‑rays to tell us that it was broken. They said it was swelling too much to put a cast on it, so they just put on a splint. Looks like I'm going to have to write left‑handed now.

February 21: This morning I woke up to loud voices screaming "Happy Birthday!" to Callahan. It was Ben and Mason here to take Callahan to breakfast at IHOP and get him presents. Cal had to work later that day at KFC, but he didn't have to close like he usually does. He got off of work at 5:00; just in time to have our Super Bowl dinner. We had the chicken, mashed potatoes, steak, and cheese rolls. It's the best dinner ever served at our house.

02212016: The district league is over for us since yesterday we lost in the playoffs to Sunset. They were playing way good and we were playing way bad. We only lost by 10-ish though. Out of the five times that we played them, we beat them three times. We're going to do a combined team of the best players from both teams to play in the state tournament. It'll be me, Ty, and James from West Hills and Corbyn, Cameron, Griffin, and Landon from Sunset. We'll also have an eighth grader from Sunset that's way good. Not much to talk about this week. I got a 4.0 on my midterms. So yeah... sorry I couldn't think of a lot of stuff to write about. We had to SuperBowl Sunday dinner today for Callahan's birthday since last week we had the breakfast for dinner with the Westras. Delicious steak! 

February 16: Today is Cammy's birthday! I gave both him and James a bunch of blue Jolly ranchers because that is their favorite flavor. Copper Hills usually has games on Tuesdays and Fridays, but today's game is away at Brighton, so we couldn't go. I was checked out of Seminary to go to my ortho appointment and get my braces tightened. They hurt really bad now and the dentist said they had to put a power chain on my top teeth. My Apple Watch has been of good use lately at school. It's been about a week and a half since Dad gave it to me, and my friends like it too because I let them play with it.

02142016: I'm not sick anymore! I still have a little bit of a cough, but I'm totes mgotes fine. We haven't really been playing Battlefront much lately because of a really stupid update that came out a few weeks ago. It nerfed (to make worse) everything except for one stupid thing; a lame sniper that nobody used and still doesn't use. Seriously, all of the things that Cal and I used got so much worse. The first time I played after the update, I had to chance my custom entirely, and the weapon that we used (Han Solo's pistol the DL-44) sucks! It used to be awesome. Now, it's trash unless you're Han Solo. The last time I played was maybe a week and half ago, but I tried again today and killed it! We usually play a game mode called Droid Run. It's pretty much Domination from CoD with a few small tweaks. A really good score to get on Droid Run that Cal and I usually get is 10,000 points. That's way good! I held the highest score for us with 12,000 that I got before the update. My first game back today with a whole new custom, I got 14,000! Then, I played another game and went 28-2 and got 21,000!!! I was freaking out that's so good! I pretty much shrekt the other team, but 28 kills in a game isn't a lot. The most kills out of me and Cal is 46 or 48 kills, and I was the one that got it! I don't know how I got 21,000 though because that was insane. Another crazy thing this week was that Dad got me an Apple Watch! He gave me the 38mm black one since I helped out with lot of derbies in the past year. It is just as awesome as I thought too! The notifications come to my wrist, and I can reply right there! On Friday, my first day using it, I barely even touched my phone that day. We got back into Trivia Crack and when I get a notification that it's my turn, I can just play it from my watch! My friends were so jelly and Cal was pretty jelly too. It was a fun week this week not being sick. 

February 13: Today is James's birthday! Last year, we had a party and played hide and seek at his house in the dark. Usually what I do when it's one of my friend's birthdays is I stay up till 12:00 the night before, so I'm the first one to wish them a happy birthday. I would text them a Gif animation and make sure that everybody knows that it is their birthday. It's also going to be Cammy's birthday this Monday on the 16th. I have all of my friends' birthdays written down on their contact on my phone, so that's how I remember. My brother Callahan's birthday is the week after tomorrow. Usually every year on the Super Bowl, my dad would make us a really good barbecue dinner with marinated chicken, mashed potatoes, and steak, but we couldn't this year because he felt sick. We were going to do it tomorrow, but we were planning on having our breakfast‑for‑dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's like we do every month. Which that is good too.

02072016: Since Friday night, I've been feeling the worst sickness in my life! It hurt so bad. I never puked though. I'd have much rather been throwing up. I was really hot, then really cold, then coughing, then dizzy, then numb, then runny and stuffy nose, then soar throat and phlegm phlegm phlegm phlegm phlegm. It was way uncomfortable. I had to miss two games that I wanted to play. We ended up losing one and winning the other. I couldn't even go to watch because I felt the worst ever! It's a lot better today, but I've still had all of those conditions. It has been the two longest days ever, and I haven't even worn my flex for either of them. I was pretty much up the entire Saturday morning. The Broncos won SuperBowl 50 today. We couldn't have our awesome dinner with steak, chicken, and mashed potatoes though because I think I got Dad sick.

01312016: We played Sunset (West Hills' nemesis) on Thursday and yesterday. We won BOTH times! On Thursday, they were winning by 20 at the end of the first quarter. Then, we came back and won by one with my game-winning free throw. It was 42-43. Yesterday, I went 3 for 3 from the 3! We did a lot better this time and a much bigger crowd. We won by 11 and it was a lot funner;) First week of the new semester schedule, and I've already broken a kid's ankles in gym. It was way funny even he laughed. Biology has been really stupid the past few days. I had to write an ESSAY! FOR BIOLOGY? Now, me and a partner have to write a one-page document with four sections on how Mendel's principles are used today. It sucks. In Geography, we're learning the countries of Africa. Since I'm in honors, I also have to do capitals! There's so many! The physical features aren't that hard, and I've already mastered the countries. It'll take a white for me to learn the capitals though. In class, I asked my teacher to play the song "Africa" by Toto. That's pretty much all I've been singing for the past week. It's mine and Ty's new favorite song. Also, "Oh Africa" by Akon, and "This time for Africa" by Shakira we've been singing in class too, but Toto's is better.

01242016: I had a double header yesterday in the district league against Copper Mountain and West Jordan. We won both teams by 20+ points. I did particularly good in the West Jordan game. Their two guards were so small, and I kind of felt bad because I got like four steals in a row! One of them lead to an and-one and another one I did an awesome flashy pass to one of our bigs for the bucket. It was fun. One of the refs was garbage and didn't like me at all. I got a 4.0. Maintained it the whole quarter, got A's on all my tests, and got 100% on my essay (because of mom). I still have to continue on my math benchmark that I started on Thursday however. I don't have computer tech anymore. Instead I have gym, and a few periods got switched around. This Thursday and Saturday I play Sunset! They're pretty good. I don't know if you know, but the Adams have now officially moved out and into their new home. I've heard that it's huge, but I haven't seen it. Jake gets back in March! It's barely even seemed like a year for him. Hope it'll be the same with you;)

01172016: On the new Battlefront, everybody wants the space battles, but it doesn't have them. There's just a mode where everybody is in a starship X-wings and A-wings vs. Tie fighters and Tie interceptors with hero power ups as the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1. You can't land or anything. You just spawn as a ship. It's never been laggy on the PS4, it has just exited out of the game due to our network, so it's pretty good. In my district game yesterday we played Fort Herriman. They are kind of like our nemesis because it's gone back and forth throughout the years. I hadn't played to good offensively throughout the game, but I shut down their point guard pretty good. It was a tie game 41-41 with one minutes left and they have the ball. They come down and pass it to my guy and I intercept it and get fouled. It should have been a clear-path foul because I was well ahead of everyone when they fouled me. It was double bonus, so I wasn't that nervous. I go to the line and drain both free throws and we win the game. So yeah... call him Mr. Clutch.

01102016: Battlefront is also for Xbox 1 and PC, but the bundle that we got was only for PS4. I like the PS4 a lot better than the Xbox though. Travis said that we wasted our money and should have got the Xbox 1 lqtm. Jacob also got the same bundle as well. I don't know if you'll "DOMINATE" because Cal and I are pretty rad at it. It is soooooooo much better than the Battlefront 2 on the PSP lqtm. There are only six heroes though. There's Luke (with his green lightsaber), Han Solo, Leia, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (doesn't even have his lightsaber; he can just shock), and Boba Fett. They will come with, said to be, four DLC release and with each release will come with one hero and one villain. I hope they do either Episodes 1-3 or 7 because they have better heroes and villains than the original trilogy. Back to school was just as boring as I thought. The quarter ends next week on Thursday, so I hope I can keep up my A's till then. Dad put a new lock and doorknob on the front door because it was hard to open since it was all sticky and stuff. Now it's way easy to open, and we could put in a code to lock it from the outside and unlock it. Dad said we could also do it with our phone.

01032016: Cal and I bought a PS4 just to play Star Wars Battlefront III. And it was SO worth it!! It is the best game that I've played in forevers. It was Callahan's idea to get it because he played it at Tanner's house and loved it. I showed Cooper and Colton some gameplay, and both of them were like, "eh." But then, I was like, "WHAAAT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Then they was like, "cool." When we got the PS4, I had to set it up and enter all the gamertag information. I did make us MrBlackhamster though, and our information is all Landon Blackham because I just thought it would be weird if it was Keaton or Callahan Blackham because all of our cool stuff is Landon Blackham. I had to set it up because Cal doesn't know squat about doing that kind of stuff, so I'm the new "Landon of the house." :P When we started to play it though, Cooper and Colton came in and watched us and were like, "huh, that's kinda cool." and I was like, "I know, huh." and they were like, "Can I try?" and I was like, "Suuuure maaaan." then I was like, "I told you so it's awesome." and they were like, "... yeah." We didn't unplug the Xbox, it's just on a different channel. Cooper and Colton got so into Star Wars that they wanted to watch the movies again. Star Wars is LYFE! Kitten got on top of the Christmas tree and she was about to fall down, so I tried to catch her, but she scratched my left pinky finger kind of bad. Funny to see Landon using the oreo cookie-dipper in a picture. We got some of those too. Christmas vacation is over. So yeah... BATTLEFRONT!!


7/28/13 My brother Landon has been working, so he has been making some money. With that money he bought a… SPITBALL GUN! It just shoots spitballs like a crossbow. But they hurt. (Callahan probably has most experience with that) We got our X-Box back too! Callahan mostly plays CoD MW2, NBA 2k13, and zombies on CoD BO2. Landon mostly plays MW2, MW3, and BO2. I mostly play MW3 and sometimes do Spec Opps Missions with Landon.

7/7/13 Yesterday I saw Despicable Me 2! It was so funny! But, I liked Monsters University better. The Hyers are moving just like the Goringes, Moue’is, and Littlewoods! I’m the only deacon in my ward now. We also got our new waverunners named by Landon, Susie and Roxy! They can go up to 65 mph! I have only got up to 61 though. But they are so much fun. Our X-box broke down, so we decided to get it repaired. Me and Callahan are SOOOOO anxious to get it back.

6/9/13 Yesterday my team won the Dimple Dell league CHAMPIONSHIP! But the only thing is, when I mean my team won, I mean “MY” team won. I pretty much didn’t do anything. By that I mean, I suck compared to the rest of the team. I get credit for what they mostly do, I average almost 5 minutes a game, 0 points, 0 almost everything! But still after 9 months of injury, NO playing time, no actual practices, Callahan is still WAY better than me. I still play basketball though. Yesterday I got new shoe slides and a new water bottle for basketball. Which are both really cool. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I get to go to Gene Fullmer with Callahan. But that is not common. My dad wants to get wave runners after going one time with Landon and Callahan. I mean it’s cool and everything… but you have to take this like 6 hour test to ride alone. Which I’m still not sure if I want to ride alone. But my dad still making me take it.

5/27/13 Today I got the whole collection of the Angry Birds Star Wars figures. There is Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewie, a Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader. There soft and really cool! My mom also got a Boba Fett bobblehead that says, “Fett Up.” But now I want the whole collection of those bobbleheads. Those are pretty cool.

5/19/13 The deacons and teachers went to Topaz Mountain for a scout trip. The ride was about 2 and a ½ hours, we mined for topaz, amber, and other rocks, but the worst of all, it POURED in the night. It was loud, noisey, annoying, and you keep hearing other scouts say, “Why won’t the rain stop, it is keeping me awake.” Not the best campout. 

5/13/13 Well over the school week days, I wrote my longest journal entry at school ever! It was 854 words, and it was about my off track! (From the school journal entry, edited slightly)  The week before my track at Columbia Elementary went off sucked! My best friend Joey went to Disneyland, known as the happiest place on Earth. Well, when he was gone, Mrs. Cluff’s class to me was black and white and it seemed like death. The school had been filled with boredom. I don’t know how I survived until off track came. The first fun place we went to was All Star Lanes.. I usually bowl with my left hand. The last time we went to All Star Lanes was maybe last summer and they had this pretty big game room. This time we went there, they nearly doubled the area! It was HUGE! Anyway, my brother Cooper and I played Connect Four, only that Connect Four was about twenty times the size of the normal Connect Four. Then my brother Colton and I went on this ride, I guess, and it was called Typhoon3. So what it was is that you are on a seat watching a screen with fans blowing on you and the seat is kind of rolling around so that it looks like you are on an actual ride. My brother and I went on a roller coaster kind of thing. We left with a lot of prizes because Cooper and Colton only care about getting tickets, which they did. A couple days later we went to Planet Play. It was pretty fun. It had laser tag, mini bowling, miniature golf, go kart racing and an arcade. Those were all really fun. They had Typhoon3, so Callahan and I went on most of the rides. My favorite was this ride that looked exactly like I was Anakin in his podracer. It was so cool to feel like I was a part of Star Wars. We also went to Chuck E Cheese. It was not so good. Their pizza was ok. I also got two jackpots on a game. I went to Golden Corral with my grandparents too.  My favorite food there was the chicken tenders. After we ate we got cotton candy. Then we went to Nickelmania. It had one of my favorite games, Tapper. I played that until my mom spotted a Star Wars Trilogy arcade game. It was the three biggest battles in episodes IV, V and VI (4, 5, and 6)... edited here as there were paragraphs describing the game. My dad went to New York for the weekend and he came back with four ½ pound Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups and the World’s Largest Hershey Bar. The Hershey Bar was FIVE pounds. I don’t know how we are going to finish it. Before my dad went to New York he ordered stuff from Guess what he ordered? A five pound gummy bear (biggest gummy bear in the world) and the world’s largest gummy worm that was two and a half-three pounds. But those are easier to finish than the Hershey Bar.And that is how my fantastic off track went. So much stuff happened that it seemed as long as summer. And I guess Joey had a fun time at Disneyland, California, and Las Vegas too.

5/5/13 There was a yard sale yesterday, and Jacob, Cooper, and Colton went in the morning. Jacob came back with a QUI-GON JINN lightsaber! I was so mad. But we ended up trading Qui-Gon for a brand new, never been used, great condition, Darth Vader. (My mom had another one) But I was so happy to get my very own green lightsaber! He likes his Darth Vader too. I also like LEGO  Star Wars figures. I would name them, but there is too many. I wrote them down on my iPod though.

4/28/13 I got my lightsabers last Friday! They are so cool. ( Anakin and Darth Vader) I also got Kinect Star Wars! It is so fun.

4/22/13 My lightsabers came on Wednesday and they are really cool. The Darth Maul lightsaber is twice the size of the Obi-Wan lightsaber. Lately, I have been looking at this game called Kinect Star Wars. It is pretty much the lost story of Marvra Zaen ( She has a YELLOW lightsaber) and her padawans. I want it so bad!

4/15/13 Yesterday was really fun. We did a lot of lightsaber fights in the backyard. If you get something cut off, then you can’t use it. I also won my game on Saturday by 29 points against the Fighting Snails. I also bought an Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul lightsabers that I think are coming Wednesday. I’m really excited!

4/7/13 I’ve made so many more origami star wars characters then the last time including: Yoda, a better Darth Paper, C-3PO, R2-D2, General Grievous, and Princess Leia. That’s all I can think of right now. My mom also got me an origami Star Wars book. I’m hoping to make Jango Fett, Boba Fett, an X-wing, a TIE Fighter, and the Millenium Falcon from it. I’m not making them right now because I want my friend Tony ( from school) to help me make them. ( Tony has read all of the Tom Angleberger The Strange Case of Origami Yoda books too. He also has most of the origami star wars characters as I have.)

4/1/13 Yesterday was probably the worst Easter ever. In the morning at 12:30 AM, I came through the hallway and puked right in front of the bathroom. Landon and mom said that it smelled really, really, really bad. Landon got me a bucket right after I puked. But it turns out that Landon puked twice before I did. So we’re just watching The Office until we heard, “MOMMY I PUKED!” It was Cooper. After that, mom put buckets next to Callahan and Colton. Well those 2 puked as well. So we pretty much spent the whole Easter mumbling and groaning. Also 2 of our cousins got sick, our grandma, our aunt, and even Colton’s friend Randon got sick. What a wonderful weekend.

3/24/13 It’s been awhile since any of us have been writing in our journal but mommy is making us do it again. I think in December, my mom introduced me to The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. It’s a great book, in fact I liked it so much that I got the other 2 books by the author, (Tom Angleberger) and I made an origami Yoda, (as a bookmark) Han Foldo, Darth Paper, The Fortune Wookie, (Chewbacca) and a Storm trooper…so far. They’re all finger puppets except for the Storm trooper. It also made me start playing Lego Star Wars again. It’s been a great few months.

11-18-12 My basketball season almost ended. In the Saturday league we were 4-1 I think. And the Wednesday league we only have one more game left and I’m not going to be there. But it should be an easy win. Besides that we were 6-1. Landon got the X-box to start ejecting so we could play it again. Except that we lost our wireless adapter. So we can’t play any online games. Super Smash Bros Brawl isn’t working anymore for the Wii which really sucks cause it’s like the Blackham favorite.

10-28-12 In basketball, our team is 4-0 in 5th and 6th (Wednesday League) and 2-1 in 6th and 7th lower division. (Saturday League) I started playing NBA Jam again for X-Box. I think it’s pretty fun but it needs an update. It would be so much better if most of the good players were on the original teams. Callahan also broke his foot. So his basketball season is pretty much over for him. I’m also off track for 3 and ½ weeks!

10-14-12 My basketball season started and we already had 4 games! My team won 3 of them. I’m now the starting point guard. I have practices Mondays and sometimes another day of the week. I have games Wednesdays and Saturdays. The bad thing is, we only have 8 players. Trevon, (the starting center) has another team so he’s not going to be at half the games. But it’s better then 1 rec. game a week.

0916 We got a TRAMPOLINE!!! When I was little, I kept asking my mom, “can we get a trampoline, can we get a trampoline, can we get a trampoline, can we, can we, can we!” But sadly the answer was always, “NO, NO and NO!” I never actually thought we’d get one. I guess because we sold our playground, we had a higher chance of getting one, but still, BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE, FLIP, FLIP, FLIP, JUMP, JUMP, JUMP, TRAMPOLINE!!!!!!!!!!

0903 My birthday was on Friday and I had a party on Saturday. At the party there was a dunk tank, dodgesponge, (dodgeball with wet sponges) a water bounce house, water balloons, cake, ice cream, and presents. I got $45 total, an air storm gun, a gumball machine, a small basketball hoop, and some Powerade. My grandma Westra got me the Sandlot and my grandma Bailey, (Maga) got me some more money. I also got on student council at school!

0826  School started and I’m running for student council. We heard the announcements from our teacher, Mrs. Cluff, on Tuesday. I got an application and it said that the poster and speech was due this Monday! I would like to run for student council because I think it would be fun for me, I’ve always wanted to speak over the intercom, I think people would vote for me, and I think I’ll be great for the job. VOTE FOR KEATON!!!

0806 Yay only 2 and ½ more weeks until my birthday! I only have 3 things on my birthday list: A 3ds, White Version and White Air Jordan or Nike sandals. I can’t wait until my birthday! Sense I stopped playing Call of Duty, I started playing Lego Star wars |||. It is so fun!

0729  My last basketball game was against a bunch of girls! There were 6 or 7 girls and 3 boys! We won them 42-21. My mom also got me The Amazing Spider Man for an early birthday present. It is so fun!

0724 I had scout camp last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday was a day camp. We had flags, rock climbing, archery, maps and compass course, and rifles. The second day we had pool, knots, lashings, nature and, boats. When all of the activities were over, it was free time. We got to do whatever we wanted in the camp until 5:00. We set up our tents and had dinner. For dinner we had steak, and potatos. It was really hot in the night. I couldn’t get to sleep until 11:00! The next morning we had pancakes, eggs, bacon, milk and, chocolate milk. Then it was free time the whole day until 11:00. We skipped the closing ceremony and went home. I was completely exhausted when I got home.

0715  I went to jump n bounce, it was fun. I got to go with my friends. We made homemade ice cream. I didn’t like. Landon poisoned a lot of fireflies in our backyard. Cooper got pokemon black version. The cover was pokemon white, but inside was pokemon black. Hahaha! We got haircuts from our aunt Alivia. I like my haircut.

0708 Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m finally out of school and get to sleep in! Also last Monday we went to Snowbird. It is just like Park City. There was an alpine slide, zip line, bungee trampolines, and a tram. It was really fun! My favorite activity was the bungee trampoline. I did my first few back flips on it! Snowbird is really fun! 

0624 Well I still got one more dumb week of terrible Elementary school until I get July off. Then I have to go back to school when it’s nearly my birthday. woopee.    

0620 Now that we have sold our playground, my mom thought that there’s a chance of getting a trampoline. We talked to dad, he didn’t really like the idea. So now, we are pretty much bugging our parents until we get one.

0610 My dad got a few stuff from a website called, He got spit balls that grow to the size of marbles, a throwing thing, and the best thing of all, THE WORLD’S LARGEST…GUMMY BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is 5 pounds, cherry flavored, 1200 calories, and really sticky! But the best thing of all, It is so DELICIOS! 

0603 Well my brothers are out of school and I still have school until June 28th! But that’s not the only bad thing, I also start school Before them. I really wish my school went traditional. Can’t wait until I’m in 7th grade.

0528 We were supposed to go to Park Cty on the Alpline Slide, but mommy said, “ it’s to cold!” In the morning I saw it was 32 degrees! I sort of agreed with her but I still wanted to go.

0521 I won my last game on Saturday. That means we got 1st place in the season for 5th and 6th grade! We won 8 games and lost 0!

0515 Yesterday was Monday, and it was really hot. It was so hot that when I came in after recess, I had to go home because heatstroke! My face was red, I was dizzy and had a stomachache. It was in the mid 80s that day.

0506 My team and I won our basketball game yesterday 53-32! If we had all of our players, we would have done a lot better. There were only 6 players on our team that were there, and 2 of them had 4 fouls! Luckily though, nobody fouled out on our team that that day. In the 2nd half, the other team’s coach got ejected! He argued with the ref for a dumb call and he said, “That’s bull****!” So bye bye coach. We got to shoot 4 free throws! But, Elijah missed 3! Oh well, 2 more games to go.

0424 I figured now I’m one of the biggest idiots in the world because I shot my dad’s bow without an arrow and I broke it. I felt really bad, so I told mom to call him and tell him what happened. I sort of felt a little better when I talked to my dad and my mom and told them the truth. I’m going to try to pay my dad back for the bow.

0422 Yesterday, I won my basketball game! My team has won all of the games we played so far. My dad, Cooper and I also went to the coin and archery store. At the coin store, I got a bust dime. (1835) And Cooper got a barber dime. (1908) At the archery store, I got to shoot a bow and arrow! It was fun. 

0414 A few days ago, I installed an app on the iPod called NBA Jam. It’s just a basic game of 2 on 2 basketball. You are able to, steal, block, shove, pass, shoot, and dunk. You can be any team in the NBA, but it hasn’t updated since 2010! So some of the players are on different teams and I think 2 of them retired. The creators updated it this year! It is called, NBA Jam on Fire Edition! The game looks a lot better then before, if you make 3 shots in a row with the same person, you catch on fire! But if you ally-oop it 3 times in a row with either player on your team, you catch on BLUE fire! When you catch on either fires, it gives you an advantage for your team. You have a higher percent of making the shot, or if you’re going up for a dunk, then you jump really high in the air and it makes it impossible for the other team to block the ball! There is also no fouling. I’m so excited for the game.

0408 Last Friday, Callahan and I went camping with the scouts at eight o’clock AM! It was a 2 hour ride to Topaz Mountain! We slept there over night from Friday to Saturday. The scouts were: Bryce, Chance, Jacob, Jared, Kaid, Quin, Travis, Cody, Tanner, Davey, Callahan and me. There were only 2 leaders, Glade and Gary. When we got there it was snowing, and then it cleared up an hour later and the rest of the day and Saturday was sunny and bright. I had an amazing time sleeping because I had a tent, a cushion on the ground of the tent, a really nice and big sleeping bag, a pillow, an angry bird blanket, and a nice, hot water bottle. Although I kept bumping my friend Davey that kept him up almost the whole night. The next morning was warm, so we had breakfast. We had pancakes, bacon, sausages, hashbrowns, eggs, milk, and orange juice. It was yummy! An hour later everyone was finished so we shot some guns. I didn’t want to shoot any of the guns because to me, shooting guns is scary…except if they’re on video games. So I went out to catch lizards and I caught some, but I let them go because I didn’t want to hurt them. I saw a scorpion! But it didn’t scare me because it was tiny and small. Then we went topaz hunting. I found the biggest amber. It was about 2 cm high and 1 cm wide. I flipped out when I found it because that is really big for an amber topaz. We came back down, had lunch, and looked for more lizards. By that time it was about 3:00 and ready to go. We all left and got home at about 6:00PM. I was really glad I got home because it had been a LOOOOONG 2 days. THE END J

0402  I won my basketball game 51-13! My team is on a 2 game winning streak! The players on my team are Stone, Nana, Quinten, Cameron, Jacob, Erik, Elijah, Connor, Austin, and me.

 0328 Yesterday, I had my award day at school. You have to earn an award day by reading two chapter books and doing book reports on them. But when you do award days, you can bring any kind of food or drink of your choice as long as it doesn’t disturb other people, and yourself. You also get to sit where ever you want. I brought Hot Cheetos, Jollyranchers, a Honey bun, fruit snacks, a Propel Zero, and I sat next to my friend Davey. It was my 3rd and the best award day.

0325 Past week ... wart removed, GreenMachine, Grandparents Day, basketball (first game and practice ... Jacob is on the team)

03183 I got an app a couple weeks ago and it’s called Draw Something. You play with a random player or you can ask someone to play with you on Facebook. It gives you three words, you have to choose one of them to draw. The other person has to guess what the word is. (It gives you 12 letters.) It is really fun.

03042After church today, I watched basketball almost the rest of the day! I watched Boston vs. New York, (Boston won *Ü*) Mia vs. LAL, ( LAL won) Chi vs. Phi, (Chi won *Ü*) and Den vs. Sas. ( The game isn’t over yet) he smiley faces meant that the team that I wanted to win won.

2/26 Landon, Callahan and I started playing Modern Warfare 3 again. We are now on our third prestige. I usually use two custom classes. My first one is the M4A1 Carbine. My second one is the Scar-L. They also made a new game mode called infected. What you have to do is there is one person that is infected and he only has a USP-45 with no ammo and a throwing knife. When you’re infected and you kill someone, they become infected too. Your goal when you’re infected is to get everyone infected. When you’re a survivor you have a primary weapon and a lethal item. When you’re a survivor, your goal is to stay alive until time runs out.

2/19 A few days ago, my mom got my dad a remote control helicopter, because for Christmas my dad got us a remote control helicopter, and he broke it! So my mom got a smaller and less complicated helicopter that my dad, Landon and I know how to use and drive it.

2/14 Today I had a party at school for Valentines Day! It wasn’t that fun because all we did was make gingerbread houses. I also went to a salon to get my hair cut. I really liked it.

2/06 It’s a nightmare, we’re back on track. Today I went to school and got news that one of my best friends was leaving. His name is Fernando. He said he is moving to Ogden. He is my favorite friend at school.

1-29-12 I just got a new app called Scramble With Friends. It is like boggle, but you’re playing a player. There are three rounds. In each round you have 2 minutes to get as many words and points as you can, (Each word is worth some points) and whoever has the most points at the end WINS!

1-23-12 I had a basketball game two days ago and I won. It was the team we played our first game. The score was 36-14. The refs put the score back to 0-0 because they didn’t want the other team to feel bad. They also stopped the score because we were ahead by more then 15.

1-17-12 Yay! We’re finally off track! We go off track one more in April-May. We are off track for three weeks. I also had another basketball game and I won… again.

1-8-12 I had a basketball game yesterday and I won. I played won of the players that I had already played before in spring. I guess I also played one of my relatives. My grandpa was there and noticed Grandma’s cousin. He said that his grandson was playing on the team and that the other team’s coach was his son. What basketball game this was.

1-1-12  Yesterday was New Years Eve! Callahan, Bailey, Jacob and I went to our friend Travis’s house to stay up until New Years Day. We played the X-box Kinect, card games, had sodas and watched a movie. I thought the movie was boring, so I went back home at 10:30. The second I got home, my grandma and grandpa had to leave. It wasn’t the best New Years Eve, but it was still fun. J

Keaton's Corner 2011

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