Blackham Bunch 2017

"Weekly" letters to the Westra side of the family ...

I guess I haven't done a Blackham update since before Christmas. We saw everyone then, so there was some catching up Christmas Eve. Just a heads up on Landon's homecoming ... it will be February 12. We have a 1:00 meeting. No obligation if you can't make it. We'll have a little open house afterward.

Landon actually finishes up his mission January 30. Gray is going to fly down to Mexico, meet up with him and the two will tour a bit and visit some of the people in his areas and such. They will arrive home Feb 6 at 7:00.

With Landon coming home, we needed to make a space for him (as we'd given away his room when he left). We did have a spare room downstairs that had been my scrapbook room, the kids lego room, a den for Gray ... then had become the room where we just stashed stuff. It was FULL. It took a couple of months, and one thing lead to another and I ended up hitting the shed, food storage room, game closet, closet under the stairs, upstairs closets ... as I re-arranged things. What was worth keeping, and what were we getting rid of. I made posts to the neighborhood, DI runs and a few things for family. But ... the great room rearrange is DONE. I just did a blog post on the topic too.

Basketball is in full swing. Keaton hadn't been having much fun, not getting many minutes (seriously, like ONE minute in a game). But over Christmas, he really impressed the coach at practice and since then has gotten in the game more (and playing the point guard postition, which he has played for years, but had never been given the chance here on the sophomore team). 

Callahan starts Varsity and on tough games playes pretty much the entire game. He's known more for his assists than points, although he still gets those too. The star of the team is Stockton Malone Shorts ... you can tell his parents obviously knew he would be a player when he was born. Official region play started in January, and we are 3-0 so far. Tough games against Bingham (got the first home court win in years! That game was SO intense, into OT, Callahan made a clutch three in overtime) and then OT again against West Jordan. Dad mentioned seeing Keaton's game against Cottonwood ... that one was a pretty easy win for the Varsity team too.

Callahan and the Varsity/JV team went to a tournament in Arizona after Christmas. Colton and his Wolves team played in a tournament that week too, while it was a hiatus for normal play. As of January, the schedules are swinging again. Cal and Keaton play most Tues/Friday, Colton usually has two games on Saturdays (one with each team, but some weeks have a bye, while other weeks have double headers, so it still varies) and Cooper has one with his Junior Jazz.

We had the folks over for New Years, although we started later than usual as Gray and the little boys went to the Jazz game that night. It's the second time Gray has receieved great tickets ... 2nd row, with the dinner before, parking included. Cooper is a bit spoiled now ... he didn't even care to go with his nose-bleed Junior Jazz seats.

Gray just got back from a trip to Florida for a home builder's convention. This one was for a full week, as he and a couple of the other guys were attending some "green" classes. Grayson said it was like being back in school! Unfortunately, he has been hit with several Meneires episodes of late, and had one while on the trip (had to lay unmoving in the car while the other two guys went to dinner). We are really crossing our fingers that there are no attacks for his Mexico trip ... especially for the short time he is traveling alone!

I think that's it for the Blackham news ... Jen and Da boys

***** 01-30-27
I'm still feeling run down this whole week. Getting a little exercise in, but I missed my Zumba for an entire week now. 

Gray left this morning for the airport. He will probably be able to connect with Landon later today, although tomorrow is the actual day for getting together and taking off to explore. Hopefully he'll be updating me with text/pictures. Maga (Pammy) just barely got back from a trip to Seattle where she was helping with Kolby and Jami's girls while they went on a trip.

Things here are basketball and derbies and such ... same-o. HUGE game against Bingham tomorrow. We won in our last get-together, but Bingham does tend to have the upper hand in most match-ups (and a HUGE guy for their center, hard to defend against that. Huge as in tall, he is a stick). 

Colton had an exciting game on Saturday - I peeked at my heart rate monitor at it was up to 125 even though I'm just standing there watching/recording. I consider that decent when I'm exercising. They were down by two with 10 seconds left and one of the boys got off a three pointer for the win. I haven't made the video of that game yet, need to get to that today. :) 

Callahan went to Sweethearts on Saturday ... girl's choice (Cal&Kate)

Gray made a light, fluffy cheesecake (graham cracker crust) a week or so ago, and has made it 2-3 more times since, as it's been a huge hit. He made an ice cream pie (oreo crust) and that was super yummy too. He smoked a turkey yesterday, leaving us with leftovers while he is gone. I may actually have to cook some this week though, without him here ;)

Jen and da Boys

***** 02-27-2017

I haven't been as good with the Blackham Updates since Landon got back. Before I guess I was more in the habit of writing on Sunday, and would just change up my letter to him a bit and resend it out to family. That ... and we've seen many of you around at the homecoming, which again makes me feel like we've just caught up.

Last week Cooper was out of school Friday (PT conferences) and I dropped him off at a nearby park to play some football with friends. He had quite the shiner when I picked him back up. Heads collided. I took pictures during the week as it changed. Very happy for our bodies that heal!

It was Callahan's birthday this week. Monday night we went to Olive Garden (a Cal favorite) for dinner. Tues (his actual birthday) he went out to dinner and a movie with Kate (his girlfriend). 

Only Colton has had basketball this week ... one game Tuesday and two games on Saturday. That did finish up all his leagues, although he'll be playing Spring ball with both his teams.

Callahan and the CHHS varsity team start state playoffs tonight. They play at 7:30 up at the University of Utah. If they win they play Wednesday, if they win that they play Friday, the final top two teams will play Saturday at noon. Any loss and they are out. I'll watch if they post a streaming link ...

After struggling with the car shuffle for the past few weeks (with three cars and five drivers) Gray and Landon bought a car Saturday. Another Charger. White, a few years older than Callahan's, but in good shape. Landon has been working framing (a job he did before his mission, and a fellow who lived in Riverton was able to pick him up and take him to the site, but that ride ended Thursday). Cal was super nice to let Landon take his Charger (getting him&Keaton to school was quicker than getting Landon to Layton). The framing job is just temporary though, as he interviewed with Discover and got a job there, starting in a few weeks. Pretty good pay, good benefits and hopefully after the training and such he'll move into the Spanish speaking division which pays more.

That's basically what's been going on with the Blackham Bunch. We're getting a bunch of snow right now ... too bad I don't know how to use the snow blower Gray bought.

Jen and da boys

***** 03-08-2017

It was good to see many of you on Sunday. We've been enjoying the smoked meat leftovers here too. I'm a couple days late on my weekly Blackham update. 

Last week it was the state 5A boys basketball playoffs. Copper Hills and Bingham and tied for first place in Region 3. Each only losing to each other one time (on the other's turf). So to determine the "seed" going into playoffs, there was a coin flip. Copper Hills lost. There is an advantage to being first seed, and I can't help but wonder how different things might have been if we'd won (I'm thinking we would have made it to Saturday, but then still perhaps lost to Bingham ... but who knows). 

Monday's game was up at the University of Utah. Gray, Landon and Colton went, but as it was streaming live, I figured I'd watch from the comfort of home. Well ... the stationary bike, which isn't exactly comfortable, but helpful for expending that anxious energy. Our boys won ... so next game Wednesday. 

That one was early, at 2:30, at Weber University. Gray, being halfway there, went straight from work to watch. I watched the stream again, on the bike again ... except that I had to pick up Colton at 3:30. I tried to still listen (they have a commentary going) but my connection gave out. Luckily that round trip is pretty quick. Our boys won so onto the Semi-Finals on Friday. 

Friday's game, again at Weber, was at 4:10. I actually watched the Bingham/Pleasant Grove game (the other semi-final). I'm pretty familiar with Bingham, having played them several times. We've never played PG. Bingham has a big guy, 6'11" which has been a challenge, as none of our guys are that tall. BUT ... PG has a 7'4" guy (a sophomore) so I just had to watch to see the battle of the big guys :) The commentator said that Bingham's big had NEVER played a game where someone was taller than him. Bingham got the win.

We played Lone Peak, and most commentators had given Lone Peak the edge/prediction. They have a lot of good players. Our coaches have seemed to put everything on our star (Stockton Malone Shorts) ... although our other boys can come through too. If everyone has a good game, then Copper Hills is tough to beat, but everyone has to be on. Lone Peak was VERY on, hitting three pointers like crazy, and getting 30 of 32 free throws (I think). Callahan had one of his better games though, but still tough to lose. Last high school game ...

Keaton has said he doesn't think he'll continue playing. The coaches have their favorites (Stockton's brother on the sophomore team is one) and Keaton just hasn't felt it's worth it. The time commitment of practices/games, giving up a class in the school schedule (4th period is "basketball team"), and how miserable the practices can be. You really have to love it to push through sometimes. I think it's part of the process, the coaches just make half the kids want to quit, then they don't have to cut them. Every year, about half the sophomore team just doesn't even bother trying out again. So ... my basketball stuff will go down exponentially too. 

Cooper brought up the possibility of a Spring team, but it would be Superleague, and I just don't know if he's at the level, he's skilled, but hasn't been playing competitively, and it's a completely different game. I think I'm more worried about mentally though (he has a hard time dealing with a coach yelling, or "trash talk" from the other team). He'd mentioned trying out for the school team next year too. We'll see what happens.

Colton will be playing Spring on both his 5th (Grizzlies) and 6th (Wolves) teams. He's got a day trip tournament to Logan this weekend. I'm not going, just sending him (I don't travel well). 

Speaking of traveling. Gray, Landon and Keaton are taking a weekend trip. Surprising Kolby (they are going and Gray and Co are meeting them there). Jami knows and is setting everything up. It will be Keaton's first time on a plane. 

Saturday morning Gray hosted his annual Pinewood Derby Car Building workshop. He opens the garage up for any of the families to come get help with their cars. Tools, info, etc. 

Saturday was PROM for Callahan. It was a little hard, because the boys hadn't know if they would be playing in the championship game or not (Saturday at noon) ... as they were not playing, they had a day date to Airborne (trampoline place). Dinner at Tepanyaki, then the dance up the captial, just like it was back in our day. Cal's girfriend Kate has a brother who is into photography, so he took some pictures. Love that! I ran into Kate's mom at the store the other day (she recognized me, the younger brother Ben had been on Keaton's 9th grade basketeball team but I hadn't gotten to know all the parents then). We had a good chat. She LOVES Callahan ;)

Sunday we saw many of you. Layla was so cute with the kitties ... except that Joy gave her a little scratch. Layla had to talk to both kitties and told them that "no you should not scratch me" Downstairs with some of the kitty toys she was so cute "oh, I like this ball, it's sparkly! Oh, I have a necklace like this!" There was a pretty intense Jazz game on too there at the end of the evening and I think Cooper was about to go crazy!

So that was our week ...

***** 03-20-2017

You all sound SO busy. Now that basketball has ended for the bigger boys, I have quite a bit of time on my hands, and I'm okay with that. Grayson is quite busy at work though. Building is booming, and then he stays active with derbies and other outings. He went biking on Antelope Island last week (and that inspired me to FINALLY do a blog post about past bike rides, I'll have to back date it to 2015 where it belongs but it's currently the post at the top of the blog). 

Last weekend Gray, Landon and Keaton took a little trip to Portland. Jami was taking Kolby there for his birthday, and it was a surprise to have our guys join them. It was Keaton's first time on a plane.

They got back Monday morning and Gray went into work and Keaton to school. Landon decided not to go in (his framing job is all the way in Kaysville) and helped the two little boys play with the neighbor's dog. When the hubs is out of town, the wife working late feels bad keeping the puppy in its kennel all day (usually the hubs works from home and can let her run much of the day). We've done this before, but the puppy was smaller then (for ME helping, as I'm kinda afraid of dogs). The boys did that on Tuesday too. 

Wednesday was the end of season awards banquet for the basketball boys. It's a nice dinner, and then the coaches talk ... and talk and talk. 6:30-10:00. Callahan will go in the record books at the school for the all-time assist leader. The seniors got a nice framed jersey keepsake, as well as the big banner (of themselves) that had been hanging in the gym. 

Thursday Grandma and Grandpa and Gray's mom came to join Colton at the elementary school for lunch. Dominos was having a buy one get one free sale. We'd had Dominos as a family on Tuesday (pi day ... pizza pie) but I went and picked up a couple small ones. A gluten-free one for Dad. I went back to the school for PT conferences later ... so with dropping off and picking up, that was four trips to the school on Thursday. 

Friday Landon went through his closet. As he'd left for his mission, Callahan and Keaton had helped themselves to many of the clothes, but there were still some from before, and some Callahan rejects that he hadn't bothered to move as he changed rooms. After Landon filled up a bunch of laundry baskets, I went through things deciding what I wanted to hang onto for the little boys. We have several storage containers under the little boy's bunk beds for extra clothes ... and I ended up pulling all those out and going through them and repacking what fit and then separating everything else into boxes for family to look through or some things just sending directly to DI. 

Grayson smoked on Saturday, and we invited the folks out (and then packed their car with the clothes). 

***** 04-17-2017

Last week was our Spring Break here ... we didn't do anything exciting. The little boys and I went bowling one day. I offered to take them to the inflatable play (was JumpNBouce, new ownership now it's HiJump) but they were content to just hang with each other around the house. Keaton took off to be with friends most days, and Cal was busy with work and friends. He got his senior pictures taken this week ... now I just need to make up a graduation announcement. Callahan left on Friday for a basketball tournament in Idaho. This is a "friend" team ... there are three of them that were on the Varsity team at the high school, and then some friends they used to play with (had been on the Sophomore team with them a couple years ago). They were undefeated, taking 1st place in the tournament. Cal got home Sunday and went into work at KFC.

Keaton had interviewed at In&Out the week before, going through three interviews ... but then they never called. So he's a bit disappointed. It would have been great, good pay and close! So he's thinking about other options, but Spring basketball is starting ... apparently tonight (and we just found out that today). Not much notice! Luckily he and I are free (it's not until 9:00 ... I'm often going to bed at 9:00!)

Landon has been in training at Discover Card. Training is part time, 8-2 most weekdays. Not sure when he'll move into actual "work" and what his schedule will be. Landon has been running when he's done with work (as he doesn't get steps like he did with his framing job). He upgraded his Fitbit to the Blaze. I upgraded Cooper to the Alta. You should see both of them on the family Fitbit steps. I've been trying to up my activity too (although I know it's the eating that is the issue for weight control). 

Gray didn't have any derbies this "Spring Break" week, but he has two this week, and FOUR next week. April is often a busy derby month.

The Washington Blackham's (Gray's brother Kolby and family) were here this past weekend, so there were a few get-togethers with them these past couple days. Our Easter was quite low-key ... some years it's almost been like Christmas, but there wasn't much this year. Without the Westra party (prepping the eggs usually has me shopping and getting everything out at least a week in advance). I meant to pull the plush ears out ... but they are up in the shed now, and it felt like too much work for just our boys. S just some candy and a couple small toys for the little boys. A new "rubic" type cube that's been driving Keaton and Landon crazy (it's got no colors, it's mirrored, and the "squares" aren't all the same size either). We missed Callahan Easter morning ... actually Grayson too as he was meeting Kolby for breakfast. I put out the baskets Saturday night and told the boys not to look ... but then decided they could go ahead and get into them (while Daddy was home). 

The Reeses eggs are a favorite with the older boys (and me) ... I actually prefer the ratio of chocolate to PB filling over the regular cups. Cal and Keaton really like the Cadbury mini eggs ... those are ones so many people rave about, but they just don't tempt me. Just plain chocolate with a candy coating ... we love the FavorREDs jelly beans ... all shades of red. Red IS the best. I made our annual meringue nests once, and made some sugar cookie eggs that we decorated (we didn't get around to hard boiling and dying actual eggs). 

JenB and da Boys

***** 05-23-2017

I read all your messages and generally have replies for everyone ... but I don't always get around to getting on the computer and writing them up...

Congrats to Kim on her graduation! Good luck with what is next. I haven't purchased ANY flowers this year. I did buy a couple tomato plants and they seem to have survived the cold snap okay. I've planted a few things. I see the lettuce coming up, but no sign of the pumpkin, zucchini, and squash. I was just using last years seed. I'd figure they would still be good, but who knows.

Grayson will be very jealous of Shane and Alicia going to see Hamilton. On one of his visits to Seattle, his brother introduced him to the music. Olivia (and thus Ana's two young boys) know all the music too. I've listened to some, but it's a little too "rappy" for me. Landon seems to like it as well though ...

Fun seeing the action shots of Jared's track ... I remember running track and the relay, passing the baton! One of my Zumba instructor's sons lost a leg (lawnmower accident) but is very active (he's young, 10 or so). Sports, and just recently she's been posting some videos of him with a dance group (on his prosthetic, similar to the one Wendy mentioned at their track meet). 

As for all going here ... (some stuff sounds familiar, but I don't think I've written in a bit. Sorry if anything is repetitive. I do write in my journal too, maybe it was there).

Last week on Mother's Day, we had a couple scares with the baby birds. Landon went down to give the ducklings their morning rations ... and there were only three, not four! We found the forth under the table, and have NO IDEA how it got out. Happily, he's back with his siblings. We've been letting the big babies run loose in the backyard. I keep an eye on them from my window. As I was looking ... there was just one gosling! We followed the poop trail and she had gotten into the front yard, but wasn't anywhere to be seen. A neighbor, seeing us searching, upon hearing it was for a baby goose "oh it that yours? We saw it following a little girl on a bike down the sidewalk". So off we went running around the neighborhood and did come upon a family gathered in their front yard, a little girl on a bike. It had totally followed her home halfway around the neighborhood. We got that silly goose back home too ... grounded, in the pen for the day. We're back to letting them out, but have put obstructions over the open space in the gate. The last two years, our ducks have never gone under it (although our wild momma and babies did). 

We've just started putting the little babies out (the four ducklings) and keep them confined to the pen unless someone is out watching. Last night Landon commented "you're okay with the littles out without supervision?" ... sure enough, there were the four ducklings wandering free. They'd gotten out of the pen (there is a little gap in the door). 

Gray keeps in touch with the guy he gets the birds from (yes, Gray has a duck guy, Manny). Grayson keeps in touch over, sending him updates on our birds. We heard back this past weekend that Manny had a massacre at his place :( A fox got in and killed a bunch of his birds, including his two goslings (siblings of the ones we have). I think we're pretty safe in our backyard, but you never know for sure!

Gray is exercising and eating right again ... and changes are visible already (in looks, and blood pressure readings). 

Landon has started his regular shifts at Discover. They vary but are usually early in the mornings ... as early as 5:00 some days.

Callahan ducked out of school early Thursday and went with a bunch of buddies to St. George for the weekend. A senior trip. Keaton got to use Callahan's car while he was away, and wished he was gone longer! ;)

Keaton got his braces off ... he hates the retainers though. They are the jelly, clear ones and he says they have a terrible taste all the time.

Coop is obsessed with the NBA playoffs, and loves "The Dunk King" shows that often air after games (people doing crazy dunks).

Poor Colton had a horrible bloody nose at his basketball practice this past Thursday. While I hate to miss games, I don't care about practices and often don't stay. Good thing I had this day, because he was a mess! The bathroom didn't have paper towels, and he didn't think to grab toilet paper and came running out of the bathroom trying to catch the deluge in his cupped hands. Blood all over his face, dripping down his arms and onto the floor. I had noticed him missing from the drills and had gone to check on him (luckily) and a lifeguard had us come to their first aid station (as we really needed a sink to clean up, and I wasn't sure what to do otherwise ... him in the girls bathroom, me in the boys ... compounded by the fact that they are changing rooms in addition to bathrooms). I had a little "blood" issue myself, a blood vessel burst in my eye, making one side red (instead of the usual white). I looked rather evil (it's almost gone now). 

This week and next for school. Callahan's graduation is on Thursday, June 1. Crazy!

***** 06-10-2017

I've been bad with our Blackham Updates. Without having Landon out and writing that weekly letter ... it just hasn't been happening. As I read everyones, I often think I'm going to reply (but I'm reading on my phone, and think I'll answer when I'm on the computer to type) ... and then, you know, that doesn't happen. 

We finished up school for all our boys. Callahan had graduation. At first, I thought I'd like it at the Maverick Center in West Valley better than downtown at the big NBA arena ... but oy, traffic and parking was so bad. We had to hit a nearby hotel parking lot and just hope we didn't get towed. Then the place was completely packed. There were some sections with seating, but they were the "box seats" which didn't have main access ... we had to climb over the railing to get into them. Callahan, having gone early, had parked in the Maverick lot, and it seriously was at a complete standstill for well over an hour as we attempted to exit. I only half-jokingly texted Keaton and asked him if it was okay if I skipped his graduation in a couple years!

Colton had his end of year program, field day, and an awards assembly. He received the "Citizenship Award" which is only given to one boy/girl in each class. The school ended up on lock down on Wednesday that last week (good thing there wasn't field day or assemblies that day) with a shooting nearby. Our neighborhood was on alert as well, as the shooter was still at large. I had just been leaving Jordan Landon (this happened right across the exit) and with all the police cars, caution tape, news crews ... I knew it was more than just an accident. Then there was that shooting in Sandy just the next week!

We've been adjusting to the summer schedule. Landon is working early most mornings (5:00-11:00 or so). Callahan is actually NOT working much ... silly boy doing 40 hours during school and basketball, and now generally less than 20. He's trying to find a new job (that will work with his fall school schedule) and Keaton is looking too. Keaton's June is pretty packed with basketball, which has hindered his job search some. 

Poor Cooper was walking home from the church (the boys had gone to play a little basketball on Friday) when a huge hound dog came up to him and bit him on the thigh! Landon was driving by right after it happened and Coop didn't even wave him down, and didn't even tell me immediately. It wasn't until about 30min later when I reminded him to do "dog duty" for our neighbors (they are out of town and we send a boy over each day to let their dog out in the back for 30min or so of potty and play time) ... and he still went over, even though I wondered if that would have traumatized him toward dogs. He simply said "Well Mom, Remi isn't the dog that bit me!". We have two families in the neighborhood that have a huge hound. I suspected the wrong one at first (as it happened right outside their house, and they have a couple other dogs that we've had issues with over the years). The other owner contacted me though, very sad and sorry and said that the dog was up to date on all his shots (but it didn't actually break the skin anyway). Still ... totally stressed ME out! Just ONE of the reasons I'm an indoor exerciser! Dang dogs!

Gray has been doing great with eating and exercise and dropped some pounds (and shaved his face). He looks like a different fellow than a few months ago. He and I had an exam as we're purchasing life insurance for both of us ... I WAS doing better with my fitness and food for a bit there, but the summer schedule makes it harder for me ... sleeping in and such! I used to get in an hour of elliptical first thing as I got the boys off to school. I've still been getting in my Zumba, and have even been subbing(leading) classes.

Our birds are getting bigger every day! Our goslings look like geese. The ducklings are the most reticent batch we've had, very wary, whereas the geese love us and won't leave us alone if we are outside. The extreme windstorm on Friday blew the duck pen (the ducks weren't in it at the time) over the neighbor's fence! Both broods are now outside all the time, but we have still been keeping the ducklings penned up at night. The geese go after them sometimes, and a couple little dogs got into our backyard a bit ago too. It sure is fun to just watch them out the window though. They sure are cute!

I think that catches everyone up on Blackham business!

JenB and da Boys

***** 07-02-2017
Cal's girlfriend Kate worked at Kneaders for a couple years. She told Keaton he should have applied there, but he did just get accepted at KFC, just as Callahan is leaving it (Cal will be training at "Caption Call" this coming week. Pays more, less greasy). Callahan was able to receive a grant and scholarship with KFC which has pretty much paid for his first year at SLCC (it was one of the reasons he stayed as long as he did). 

I guess I haven't written for a few weeks. While I'm behind on the family blog, I have kept up with at least my once weekly update on my JenB's Journey where I do a weekly update (weigh in and quick week recap which is focused on exercise activity) and five weekly photos. I also keep my "journal" (Daily Doings) online there. So if I haven't written an update and you really want to keep up with what's going on ... ;)

Sorry to hear about your bees leaving you Chris. Our guy goose took off last Sunday :( Our girl goose took off Wednesday morning. She however, showed up again about 12 hours later. A neighbor saw her fly in and came to knock on our door, just to make us aware she was out front. Gray opened the door and she had followed the neighbors up onto the porch and she walked right into the house. Gray walked her (through the kitchen) to the back where she went straight for the water. She's still flown a bit, but tried to cut the flights short to stay in the yard. She did go over the fence (circling around to the front) another time but I was able to run out front and walk her back. The ducks are starting to fly a bit too. I planted a bunch of stuff, but I don't know if the birds will stick around that long to see it grow ... they ate all my watermelon starts. 

Gray and the two littles went to Bear Lake last weekend. Keaton would have liked to go, but he was gone to basketball camp at Dixie that week and didn't arrive back before they left. As Mom mentioned, Gray's mother took a fall and that was hard on Gray not to be in town to help out when that happened. She's doing okay, taking the week off work (driving) but is a little worried about work piling up. She just got a new puppy too. 

Cooper was invited on an overnighter up to Pineview. Camping and boating with his buddies (from basketball). That was his first time away from home non-family. Gray and Landon/Keaton/Colton went up Friday with the waverunners (but missed Cooper, as that crew was on the way home then). 

I'd been looking at 5ks, as Cooper had been interested (he and Landon ran one earlier in the Spring) and saw one close by at the West Jordan park, just $10 registered up to 10 people in a family/team. Usually they are quite pricey (often raising money for a good cause, but still a bit unaffordable for the whole family) so I signed us all up. It was yesterday, and it was fun. I wasn't sure how Colton would do, but he was speedy! We all got great times ... I'm pretty sure it wasn't a fully measured 5k ;) (my time was 29 minutes ... I was thinking I'd come in around 40min). 

I attached several pictures ...
Jen and da boys

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