Monday, January 31, 2011

Get Jazzed

On Christmas Day, the boys unwrapped their gifts from Maga ... they got eight tickets to the Jazz game on January 28, 2011. Enough for the entire family, plus Maga! And to make it even better, Uncle Clay (who has Jazz connections) took the older boys early, so they got to get up close watching the players warm up, and even got autographs. That will be a memory they will treasure *Ü* The boys had also received a Fanz giftcard, Landon had used his on a previous trip (with friends) to buy a Jazz hat, and Callahan and Keaton also used their giftcards to get hats as well (see all three hat boys in the family photo below).
Dad, Mom and the two little boys picked up Maga from her job at the Capital, and met up with Clay the the three older boys. We even ran into our neighbor (the boy's best friend) in the parking lot (what are the chances of that!) While Cooper has been obsessed with basketball and all things NBA, he was a little nervous, intimidated by the crowd and the noise. He soon got into the game however and I think everyone had a great time. AND the Jazz finally won! YEA!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dental Days

In November, I took the three youngest in for a checkup and cleaning and they all did GREAT... but, Cooper and Keaton did need to come back for a little work, which I scheduled for their next off-track time (this past week). Now when Keaton first had work done several years ago, he was NOT cooperative. We had to opt for oral sedation, which had some extreme negative side-effects afterward (he was screaming at me, throwing things, very unusual for my little boy). He has since had some work done with just the usual helps (a little laughing gas and a numbing shot) so I was fairly sure he'd do ok. I was really worried about Cooper though (he's had so many fear issues in the past) ... but he surprised me and was an absolute angel. I'm SO relieved to have this behind us, and while we have a good dentist, I hope we don't need to see him again for work any time soon! Keaton had a tooth extracted and he placed it under his pillow that night with the usual expectations. The next morning, he called for me, lifted up his pillow and the tooth was still there ... nothing else ... his words? "Well this just sucks!" I cannot express the frustrations with our flaky fairy! Now, our boys ARE constantly changing their sleeping locations, so it can be a little difficult for the tooth fairy to always get it right, when she's never sure where the kids will be sleeping. Almost always after the initial disappointment, when MOM looks around, she finds a little tooth money under a different pillow. Such was the case ... Keaton got his cash ... what will he spend it on? That is a topic for another post ...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fat Lip and Fever

Poor Colton, he's had a rough few days! Last Friday he was playing on the kitchen stools when he fell face first into the floor. I think his bottom teeth pierced his top lip, there was a lot of blood. We were able to stop the bleeding, but his lip immediately swelled up, a fatter fat lip I have never seen! He cried for a half hour, with me holding him and trying to comfort him, and then he finally fell into an exhausted sleep (and slept all night long). The next morning, his lip was still quite swollen, it didn't go down until late Saturday. The damage was still quite visible as the cut had clotted and formed a large black scab. Sunday morning Colton woke with a cough and fever, so I told him I would keep him home from church. On ibuprofen however, he perked up and seemed completely fine (by this time Dad and the boys had already left). He wouldn't have made it through church though, he fell asleep and woke up with hallucinations of being "high" in the air, crying for me not to throw him up so high. I got him calmed down, and once again on medication, he seemed fine. He had a rough night, again feeling "high" and during the day Monday he had a couple really rough times when his fever would hit full force and he seemed to have trouble breathing. I ran him to the doctor where they tested him for strep and influenza A ... he tested positive to BOTH. So, antibiotics and TamiFlu ... luckily for me Colton is a wonderful little boy and willingly takes his medication. And lucky for him, he seems to be recovering in record time. Even the scab on his lip has fallen off and he looks 100% better. Thank heavens for healing!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chalk it Up to Colton

The other day, Colton found a couple small pieces of chalk around the house. He carried them around, saying he wished we had a chalk board for him to write on. We didn't. A few days later, we were at a middle school gym, watching Callahan play basketball. Colton seemed more excited by the fact that there on the wall ... was a chalkboard. As he pointed it out to me, I said "Too bad you don't have your chalk with you" ... Colton got a funny smile on his face, reached into his pocket and said "but I do ..." (um seriously, chalk in his pocket??) So after the game, I let him go write his name ... what a character!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Me and Matt D

For Landon's geography class, he had to do a report on South Africa. There was a written portion, and then an oral report, which needed to be given in a creative way (not simply reading it in front of the class). As Landon worked to prepare the written portion, I read over the information and it reminded me of several things from the movie "Invictus" which was based on true events in South Africa in the past years. My idea for Landon, was to create a puppet "Matt Damon" and then "interview" him for the class presentation. We wrote up a little question and answer session. At first I could tell Landon thought it was a pretty stupid idea, but then I could see it growing on him, until I think he was actually a little excited to give his report. I even found a plastic noisemaker trumpet (a vuvuzela) ... which South Africa had introduced while hosting the Fifa World Cup in 2010. Between the puppet and blasts from the vuvuzela ... Landon's report was a hit! Thanks Matt D ... and Invictus is a pretty good movie too!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I guess it's bound to happen, living in a house with five active boys. A couple of years ago, we got a nice double-shot basketball hoop for the basement. It's pretty ragged after two years of almost daily use. During the cold season, when the kids can't play outside, I would have to officiate disagreements over who's turn it was to use the hoop. We had this other hoop that came with the pool/fuseball combo table (last year's Christmas), and I asked Gray to hang it in the hallway, to provide a second place to play and hopefully cut down on the fighting. A little TOO much energy going up and in resulted in this nice hole in the wall .... oops!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas ... the Sequel

A little while ago, I wrote up a post about Keaton and his striped pajamas. I wasn't sure we'd see them again, as even though he had outgrown them, and he is now happy with his replacements ... he STILL was not ready for anyone else to wear them. Now, we have PLENTY of pajamas, so it's not like they were needed. I was more than happy to pack them away in Keaton's box of special things, but he actually kept them hidden in the back of his closet. One day, Cooper was having a very bad day (I can't remember what had happened), but Keaton decided that perhaps his beloved jammies could help the situation, and he presented them to Cooper. Cooper wasn't particularly impressed ... but Colton ... he picked up where Keaton left off. He LOVES his striped pajamas and wears them almost every single night. If you look down at the Christmas post, you'll see him wearing them in the photo there, and I'm sure they'll make many an appearance in upcoming pictures. Keep your eyes open for "The Boy in the Striped Pajama's ... the Sequel".

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cute Quotes

*** Cute Quotes ***

This will be a post in progress ... just a central spot to put those cute things the kids say. The ones you think you'll remember, but you don't. I'm sure I'm missing a million funny statements said and forgotten, but hopefully with this blog I'll stop and record them as they happen from now on:

  • (July 2018) After doing a full load of laundry after Keaton unloaded his Bear Lake backpack directly into the dirty clothes basket, I noticed the two littles dirty clothes baskets were still quite empty. I asked Colton if he had unpacked and he gave me the "sure" answer (which I hate!) So I asked him again if "sure" actually meant "yes" to which he replied "sure ... I mean, wait, what?" And then he went to unpack ...
  • (July 2018) Keaton was mentioning his big work week, three back-to-back 11- hour days! Grayson had just worked long into the night trying to catch-up after taking a couple days off for a the Bear Lake getaway and had worked 18-hours. I mentioned that fact to Keaton and he replied "It isn't a competition Mom!"
  • (July 2018) Cooper: " I can't take all this flopping! And I've only watched for 10 minutes!" ... shortly after Landon turned on the World Cup. 
  • (July 2018) I'd left for Zumba and forgotten to put the garbage bins out. I quickly texted Callahan and asked if he'd take care of it. I got an audio file back. I listened ... "roooaaarr" ???? That was followed by another text which stated "that is 'yes' in dinosaur"  ;)
  • (June 2018) More made up Blackham words ... Jesah, Dupasena, Bbbbbrrrazy (which is like crazy)
  • (June 2018) I put some vanilla lotion on before bed ... Hubs looks a bit confused and asks "is someone baking cookies this time of night?" 
  • (April 2018) Sunday breakfast and Dad said it was such a nice day he was going to go eat outside. Colton commented that it was raining. I told him it was just the sprinkler. Then Colton said "Well, it's SPRINKLING" and I laughed and he gave a little bow and said "bad puns by Colton" ... I laughed more. 
  • (March 2018) Cooper's recent words ... "bet" "jinx" "ooph" and "oofenboofer" and "begadah" ... I have no idea what a "begedah" is or how it should be used, but Cooper and Cal are keeping track and exchanging "begadahs". The other day Cooper told Callahan "I give you 30 begadahs" and proceeded to say "begadah" 30 times. Then he looked a little sad and said "I have no b.... I can't even say it because I have none left." Callahan gave him seven back the next day and they've been exchanging more ever since. If I say it, they get mad and say mine are counterfeit. Silly boys!
  • (Febraury 2018) In loving brother fashion, Callahan turned to Keaton and said "You're ugly" to which Keaton replied "Do you know what is funny? People say we look alike!"
  • (January 2018) The boys love to play "basketball" with a small hoop and ball in the family room. It gets crazy. It is not allowed when Daddy is home. One evening Callahan tossed the ball in the hoop and Cooper said "no basketball, Dad is home" and I said "he actually gone to a derby" ... and basketball insanity ensued immediately. 
  • (January 2018) Landon was trying on some jeans passed down to him from a friend. They fit around the waist, but were a little long. I told him "why don't you just grow a couple inches" to which Landon replied "You just needed to get me better jeans" ... I again teased "No, just grow" to which he clarified "I need better GENES..."
  • (January 2018) Callahan had ordered a sweatshirt for Cooper for Christmas ... when I brought the mail in and there was a package from the NBA Store, Cooper said "Hey, that's my present! I want to open it."  I told him to text Cal and see if that was okay. Cooper came up a bit later wearing the new sweatshirt. I asked him if he'd contacted Callahan and he said "yes" and then I said "and he said it was okay for you to open it huh?" and Cooper said "no" ... but he was kidding, Callahan had been fine with it. But his deadpan response while wearing the sweatshirt made me laugh. 
  • (December 2017) After Colton's birthday, I'd cut the remaining ice cream cake into large pieces and frozen them. Callahan commented on how big the pieces were and I told him "You don't have to eat the whole thing" but he had already replied "Challenge accepted!"
  • (November 2017) I came home from running some errands to find the front door locked. When I realized #1 had left, and #5 was home alone, I was glad that the boys had thought to lock the door. When I mentioned it to #5 he said "I was alone? I didn't know that!" Oblivious, playing Minecraft on the computer. When I mentioned it to #1 he said "Oh he was home? I didn't think anyone was!" ...Hmmm!
  • (November 2017) "What does it mean when McDougal's Funeral home sends you swag?" ... that was Grayson's question when we received a calendar from them in the mail. 
  • (October 2017) Keaton complained that his paycheck didn't seem to add up to his hourly wage + hours ... I explained taxes to him and we ended up chatting about finances for over an hour. As Keaton asked what would happen if you did NOT pay taxes, I mentioned how that is what got Al Capone imprisoned when nothing else would stick. The very next day in one of Keaton's classes, a teacher was talking about Capone and asked "Does anyone know what it was that finally lead to his arrest and imprisonment?"  Keaton knew!
  • (April 2017) Keaton was craving omlets and Gray gave him a quick cooking lesson. A few days later, Keaton prepped his breakfast and announced "This is the best omlet I've ever made" ... it was his second one.
  • (April 2017) Little Cousin Amare was invited over for a family get-together. Ana said he was so excited and said "I can't wait to see my cousin ... what's his name? The one with the girlfriend Kate!" (Callahan) *Ü*
  • (March 2017) "Look, I have a Big Mac" ... statement by Colton after he got the large Mac laptop at school. ;)
  • (December 2016) During a bad allergic reaction to cashews, Keaton (a little Benedryl drunk) sighed "Remember earlier tonight? When I was in the hot tub, and NOT having an allergy attack? Good times."
  • (November 2016) A little construction in the neighborhood removed a few sections of sidewalk for replacement. With a tarp and cones over it, Colton pointed it out as we drove by and asked "What are they doing there? Burying a body?"
  • (November 2016) Callahan walked into the kitchen one afternoon and paraded in front of me. I just looked at him. He flipped his (short!) hair and said "I got my hair cut and you don't even notice!). 
  • (October 2016) Out and about with Keaton at the wheel, getting those driving hours in. Across my playlist comes the song "Car Crash" by Matt Nathanson. Keaton mutters to me "I don't think that song is appropriate right now" ... ;)
  • (October 2016) Keaton is reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" for school, and I'm reading it too, so we can discuss it together (he actually asked me to do this!). Just finished chapter 11 and went over some words K wasn't sure about ... wrathful, apoplectic, philippic, umbrage, interdict, tirade, cantankerous. After going over the definitions, Keaton said "well that was an ANGRY chapter, wasn't it?!"
  • (September 2016) Prepping lunches in the morning before school, I'd washed grapes and bagged some up. Callahan walked by and grabbed some then turned to me and asked "are these breakfast grapes?" I hadn't heard of breakfast grapes previously, but I assured him that yes, they were fine to eat for breakfast. :)
  • (September 2016) A conversation from our kitchen ...
  • Keaton: I want some bananas and Nutella, but we don't have any bananas :(
    Me: Yes we do, they are on the table.
    Keaton: But YOU said we have no bananas!
    Me: No I didn't
    Keaton: Yes you did
    Me: Did I sing it? There's a song like that, I guess I might have sung that without thinking about it.
    Keaton: Seriously, there is a song that says "we have no bananas?" What kind of stupid song is that?
  • (August 2016) I was switching the fish (cleaning/changing the bowl) and as I lifted the beta out of the water, the little plant was sticking to the net. I took a moment to unhook it while the fish was out of water and Keaton yelled "Mom, you are air-drowning him!"
  • (July 2016) Cooper showed me a cool basketball he wanted to buy with his saved spending money. I looked it up online, and pointed out that it was pre-order only, and wouldn't be shipped for another month. "then no" ... my kids and immediate gratification (they take after their father!)
  • (July 2016) Keaton had gone to the gym for some basketball, and headed to the shower after. He admitted to me ... "I haven't taken a shower in a couple days. I didn't need to, because I wasn't active over the weekend, and I didn't want to, because my hair was AWESOME."
  • (July 2016) Daddy was smoking brisket, and it was taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R... he ended up picking up some PandaExpress for the boys to eat. Cooper said "this is to fill the void" until the brisket finished up (which didn't happen until around 11:00 that night!).
  • (June 2016) After a tragic loss of their spring basketball championship, Colton was having a bit of a tough time keeping his emotions in check. I tried to bring up other things to cheer him up, and thought I had been successful ... until I heard the sniffling start again. I said "oh no, you'd stopped crying, you can't start up again!" and he said "actually I never really stopped crying." Poor, funny kid. 
  • (May 2016) We've been having issues with our wi-fi lately. It will say we're connected, but nothing will update. Cooper announced "We have lie-fi ... it SAYS we have WiFi but it's a LIE".
  • (April 2016) While the Blackham Boys don't LOVE school, then know it's important and hard to make up if they miss. Grayson keeps threatening to take them to Disneyland or something, and they all say they can't miss school. Even the elementary kids are stubborn about it ... much to Grayson's chagrin! In prep for an upcoming summer trip, everyone needs passports, and it does require a daytime visit and Daddy told the boys that Friday he was checking them out of school early for the appointment. Colton looked concerned and asked what time exactly, Gray told him (1:30 on a Friday, which is early out at the elementary). Colton carefully considered and then said "Okay, I guess that will work". 
  • (April 2016. Grayson) A meat smoker recently joined our family, and Grayson has been trying it out for our Sunday dinners. Ribs, then pulled pork, and many more items to try. Being his new baby, he keeps it in the garage, rather than out in the weather. After a day of cooking, the smell of smoke lingers in the garage. When Gray commented that he still goes out and smells the smoke, I mentioned I do too, every time I go into the garage. Gray came back with "No, I mean I actually go lift the lid and stick my head in the smoker!"
  • (March 2016. Keaton) Wheat bread is making a bit of a comeback in our home. Hubs has been improving his eating, and Callahan decided to as well (he specifically asked me to buy some wheat bread). I mentioned it was healthier to Cooper, and he switched. I asked Keaton if I should make his sandwich with wheat bread ... he responded "um, no, that is NOT going to happen". Unfortunately, he  and I are alike in our white bread loving ways!
  • (January 2016) Conversation in the car ...
    Cooper: You better not have told your friends to laugh during my Shakespeare play today!
    Colton: Naw ... I DID tell them to mock you at the science fair, but then the teacher said if she caught anyone teasing she would pull four cards! So I was like "abort plan, abort plan!"
  • (December 2015) Conversation in the kitchen ...
    Mommy: Thanks for unloading the dishwasher Colton.
    Colton: No problem.
    Mommy: Well, it seemed like a bit of a problem since I had to ask you three times to do it.
    Colton: Well then ... "You're welcome"
  • (November 2015) After a recent haircut, I mentioned to Colton that he looked very cute that day. He responded with "I always look cute!" When I laughed a little, he said "Well ... it's a fact!"
  • (July 2015, Keaton) In Landon's latest letter, he mentioned playing Uno one day. Keaton asked "So if they are playing Uno in Spanish, when they only have one card do they say "ONE" instead of Uno?"
  • (July 2015, Keaton) As Landon's cell phone was now the "family phone" it would usually be around in the kitchen/family area somewhere. But then, it was gone. I hadn't even realized when it went missing, I tried calling it, but at that point the battery had died. After an exhaustive search over several days, I finally told the boys "okay, whoever can find Landon's phone gets $20".  Five minutes later, Keaton had found the phone (fallen deep into the couch) and said "I guess I just needed a little motivation."
  • (July 2015, Maga) Gray's mom had come over to visit, and we were out back watching the ducks swim in the pool. I mentioned how Grayson had purchased goldfish just the other day, and put them in the pool for the ducks to eat. Maga had an "oh dear" expression on her face and murmured "poor little fishies" .... immediately followed by a devilish look and the question "so, do you have any fishies?"  
  • (June 2015, Cooper) As Landon left on his mission, we turned his iphone into the "family phone" as we cancelled our home service. As Cooper and Colton had started wanting to go to the local park for some basketball, I'd have them take the phone with them, so we could easily and immediately talk if needed. I was a little caught off guard one day when I received an incoming text from Landon Blackham saying "I'm done, can you come pick me up?" Landon was done? He wanted pickup? Then logic stepped in and I realized it was from Cooper, at the park. I had to change the contact information after that though ...
  • (June 2015, Cooper) As we were hit with a storm, and thunder and lightening ensued, Cooper was struggling and earnestly inquired "how is it that EVERYONE isn't afraid of storms?" ... he just can't comprehend not being afraid :( 
  • (June 2015, Colton) I'd invited my folks over for dinner and games, but my brother Shane and his kids were already visiting Grandma and Grandpa that night. When I told the boys why the grandparents weren't able to come over, Colton said "Well they can just leave!"
  • (May 2015. Callahan) I make lunch for the boys every school day, and as a while back, Grayson got sick of sandwiches, I've tried to mix things up with Callahan. Different meats, then different cheeses (colby jack or provolone instead of the usual cheddar). I asked him if there were any combinations he liked or didn't like and his response was "There were different cheeses?"
  • May 2015 Colton) ... this one requires a picture, and is more an auto-correct funny than a quote ... but it probably WILL be quoted quite a bit in the future! (He meant "Skookie")

  • (May 2015. Cooper) It was Mother's Day, and Cooper came to me and said "Now, you don't have to do this today, because it's Mother's Day, but my laundry needs doing. You can do it tomorrow."
  • (April 2015. Callahan) I am completely spoiled by our nice home gym in our basement. Usually I'm the only one really using it, but this Spring Callahan and his buddies have been coming over and working out a lot. Once, I was in on the elliptical when Callahan walked in and saw me there, he commented "Oh, well, go ahead, take your time..."  Why thank you for your permission Callahan!
  • (March 2015. Gray ) I was unloading the dishwasher, and commented that the new scoops I'd purchased seemed to be getting used a lot. I mentioned out loud that I was happy someone liked them, that I didn't tend to use them, I just used a spoon ... to which Grayson commented "as you eat straight out of the ice cream container, right?" Okay, yes, I do that.
  • (Feb 2015. Callahan) Callahan had his 16th birthday, and I teased him that he needed to learn how to drive a shift stick. He objected and said "Mom, by the time I'm 40 they won't even make cars with a stick! Cars will be levitating!"  ...hmmm, we will see!
  • (Fall 2014. Colton) The little boys helped out at a derby and in addition to Grayson's payment, the guys in charge gave the little boys a tip. Colton told me excitedly "I got a tax at the derby!" ummm... ok, that's almost the opposite!
  • (Fall 2014. Grayson) The Container Store opened up at Fashion Place Mall. Gray went to check it out. He came home and said "I think I might be gay. I just went to The Container Store and it was fabulous."
  • (Summer 2014 Cooper) The boys were playing Monopoly. I asked Cooper why he didn't join in. He said "I played Monopoly once. It didn't end well."
  • (Summer 2014. Landon) It was Saturday morning and Landon went into his little brother's bedroom to wake them up. He said (in a "Frozen" voice) ... "the sun is awake, so I am awake, so it's time to play!" So cute!
  • (January 2014. Landon) Landon insisted he was DONE with reffing this year. Both Jr. Jazz and churchball (for the young women). Then one afternoon he gathered up his whistle and got dressed in his ref shirt and I said "I thought you weren't going to ref this year" to which he shook his head and said "I just couldn't say no to Sister Maxfield". I've gotten so many compliments on his confidence, professionalism, and how well he works with the girls ... although he did have to make cookies to try to make up a bad call to a gal in our ward who refused to talk to him for a few days after one of the games :)
  • (January 2014. Colton) At Colton's baptism, he was struggling a little with the top button getting back into his suit. Gray asked him if he needed some help. Colton continued trying for another minute, succeeded, showed Gray the buttoned shirt and said "What do you think?"
  • (April 2013 Colton) Colton came in looking sad and said "My head hurts" so I asked him if he needed some medicine. Then he said "It's actually my arm that hurts."
  • (April 2013 Colton) The word "drunk" came up, and Colton asked "Is that when someone has too much oatmeal and then is silly and stupid?" 
  • (March 2013 Colton) I told the boys I was making toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner ... Colton sighed and said "I wanted GRILLED cheese sandwiches".  (I told him they were the same thing, so he was happy after all). On another note ... apparently grilled cheese sandwiches MUST be cut diagonally into triangles. I cut some across into rectangles and no one would eat them!
  • (March 2013 Cooper) Watching the Top20 Countdown (videos) the host was showing memorable places in Boston. One featured was "Ye Old Union Oyster House" established in 1826. Cooper turned to me and said "that is OLD, that's why it's called "Ye Old" .... and as some of the clips are truncated, Cooper noted "this one is a short one" as one video was getting a shortened viewing. But as it continued a little longer than usual he said "this is a LONG short one!"
  • (February 2013 Colton) As the flu struck, the kids had almost no appetite. I would ask them if ANYTHING sounded good and would try to oblige. When I asked Colton, he said "You know what sounds good? A Pluot." the kids school they introduce them to new fruits and veggies as part of a healthy kid campaign. Unfortunately, I did not have a pluot on hand. 
  • (December 2012 Cooper) Colton had been sick for a week with a high fever. The other boys got the thermometer and took their temperatures. Colton's had been high (at 103.8° at one point) and I told them normal was 98.6°. Cooper said sadly "I must have a cold." When I asked him why, he explained that the thermometer only said 97° for him, so obviously a LOWER reading meant COLD ...
  • (December 2012 Colton) After being sick for almost an entire week during mid-December, I asked Colton if he was going to be better by his birthday, which was quickly approaching. He said "Even if I am still sick, I am still turning seven!"
  • (November 2012 Cooper) With all the election talk, Cooper was originally for Obama, but switched his loyalty to Romney after his brothers convinced him. As the results were being televised and they showed Romney winning Utah, Cooper cheered "Romney is the president of Utah!"
  • (October 2012 Cooper/Colton) We have a small, over the door basketball hoop in the family room, and the boys are always shooting. I overheard Cooper saying "now HERE is my 7th sweet spot" and Colton shot and exclaimed "I swooshed it from even not one of my sweet spots!"
  • (October 2012 Landon) Walking past the kitchen sink, Landon scowled and quickly ran the disposal as he muttered "I hate it when the dishwasher makes the sink throw up" (does YOUR dishwasher do that?) 
  • (September 2012 Colton) Now that he is in 1st grade, Colton gets lunch at school. One day, he asked if I had a cold pack to add to his lunch from home ... "because it is COLD lunch" he pointed out *Ü* I did have one, I told him I had stopped sending them with his big brothers, because the they kept accidentally throwing them away as they dumped their lunch garbage. When he got home from school, I asked for the ice pack to put back in the freezer, Colton looked a bit sheepish and said "I accidentally throwed it away" ...
  • (September 2012 Landon)  Landon came to me and asked "you like miss me, don't you?" ... I wasn't sure how I was supposed to miss him, as he was standing right there ... and he usually does NOT talk like a valley girl. He was asking if I liked the song "Miss Me" by Andy Grammer *Ü* The boys will often try to get me to like a certain song, so that I will buy it, rather than making them spend their own hard earned cash on it.  It reminded me of when my niece Janika asked if I had the popular song from Wicked ... not being familiar with the soundtrack, I wasn't sure which song was the most popular ...oh, the title IS "Popular" (I am NOW very familiar with the Wicked soundtrack, and the "popular" song).
  • (August 2012 Callahan) After having several scouting activities in one week, I asked if he was overwhelmed with them all. He replied "It's ok, after Saturday my Life will be done."
  • (August 2012 Cooper) Grayson brought home some gourmet cookies, one being a snickerdoodle. As Cooper went to eat it he asked "Does it have Snickers in it?"
  • (June 2012 Cooper) While working on a school assignment about shapes, Cooper asked me what one was ... we counted the sides, there were eight. I said an OCTopus has eight legs, so ... and immediately he figured out that the shape was an octagon. Then he thought a moment and asked "so is OCTober" the 8th month of the year?"  
  • (May 2012 Cooper) We had gone out to breakfast, and Cooper looked at his plate with pancakes, bacon and hash browns and said "Hmmmm, I'm missing something ... the smashed eggs!" (he meant "scrambled"). *Ü*
  • (May 2012 Colton) As he played the Ipad before school, he suddenly stopped and put it down and stated "Well, I stand corrected ... I said I wouldn't be able to get the green fish, but I did!"
  • (April 2012 Colton) Cooper has been quite fascinated with coins, looking them up and even buying some on ebay with Daddy. Colton came to be and told me he was saving his money to buy a coin to Cooper for his birthday. He then said "there's one for $10, buy it now and free shipping!" ~ he's got the vernacular down!
  • (March2012 Colton) I got this text from a friend who volunteers in the kindergarten classroom ... "So cute story about Colton today while I was helping. They were writing a sentence about what their dads do. Colton asked me how to spell "jwive"...his dad "jwives" he said. It took me a moment to realize he meant "drive". Cute guy. When we sounded it out together he put his hands on his head and says, "OH! DrrrrrrrIVE!" and laughed. :)"
  • (Feb2012 Cooper) Cooper said he didn't want "chicken in a pillow" for hot lunch ... he meant "pigs in a blanket" ...
  • (Feb2012 Cooper) While watching the Superbowl, the ref threw a flag and Cooper innocently asked "is this FLAG football?"
  • (December 2011, Callahan) The song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" came on the radio and Callahan "Christmas isn't the most wonderful time, basketball season is" ... then he added "I guess they happen at the same time though" ... another funny, although not a quote per say. We have a white board where I write down the things I need to pick up at the store. The kids will often add items they WANT me to pick up. I looked at it, and there on the list was "Indoor Basketball Court" .... hmmmm, I'd actually LOVE that, but ...
  • (November 2011, Jen) "I should be a Lego surgeon, the little boys are always coming to me to help them reattach the little dude's arms ..."
  • (November 2011, Keaton) After spending some time with Dad at the work site, Keaton commented "Dad talked to some of the workers there in SBO" ... at my confused look he explained ... "that's how you say "Spanish" IN Spanish"  Ahhhhhh ... "español" ...
  • (November 2011 Colton) "I used to have a dog, but it was before I was born" ... watching old home movies when Landon was little and we did have a dog ...
  • (November 2011, Landon) As I picked him up from school, Landon noticed Colton wasn't in his usual spot in the car and inquired where he was. I said he was at a playdate with three other 5-year olds at Chick-Fila. Landon replied "Why wasn't I invited to this party?" He would have been welcome! The little 5-year olds LOVE Landon!
  • (November 2011, Cooper) "I like Fridays, if you can make it through lunch, you can make it through the day"
  • (October 2011, Colton) "I think I'm addicted to the Ipad" ... and I think that is true!
  • (October 2011, Cooper) I had a single rosebud garnished with baby's breath in a vase. Cooper looked at all the little white buds and commented "I've never seen SO many flowers"
  • (October 2011, Colton) As we put out a few Fall/Halloween decorations, Colton was NOT impressed. He said "I wish there was just a button we could push and the whole house would be decorated with ghosts and spiderwebs and Halloween stuff." ... maybe if there WAS such a button I would actually decorate!
  • (September 2011, Keaton) As we struggle with Cooper's anxiety, we are encouraged by any small success. As Cooper willingly went to scouts one afternoon, I voiced my relief and happiness that he had gone without tears or complaint. Keaton replied "yes, they grow up so fast".
  • (July 2011, Colton) Belgian Waffles are a family favorite. As I gave Cooper his, I asked if he wanted a whole one (complete circle) or just a half. He said he wanted a half. Colton asked him "a whole half, or a quarter of a whole half?"
  • (June 2011, Colton) "Did you hear me burp Mom?" ... I had NOT heard a burp, and told Colton that. To which he replied "Then I guess I don't have to say excuse me!"
  • (May 2011, Colton) Colton slipped and bumped his head. Maga, not sure what he had hit it against asked him where he had bumped it, he replied "on my HEAD!"
  • (May 2011, Cooper) We were discussing "sloppy joes" ... we've never had them for dinner as a family, so Cooper didn't know what they were. I explained they were like a hamburger, only with messier meat. Callahan piped in that it was more like chili than hamburger. Cooper then asked me if you ate them cold. I replied that no, they would be warm. He then asked "then why would they be chilly?"
  • (April 2011, Cooper) Someone must have told Cooper to "chill" ... because he came and asked me what that meant exactly. I told him it mean to calm down, relax. He thought that over and said, "That's what I tried to do when I broke my arm, I tried to chill."
  • (September 2010, Colton) Colton was tired of Cooper telling him what to do. He turned to him and said "YOU are not the boss of me .... Daddy is."
  • (September 2010, Landon) It doesn't matter what he got in trouble for ... but Landon was grounded, unfortunately on a night when he had made plans with friends. He actually said "It's no fair to ground me when there's somewhere I want to go!"
  • (September 2010, Colton) Mom and Colton had gone out to Grandma and Grandpa's during the day. Mom and Grandma went out to lunch while Grandpa tended Colton. When Mom asked Colton how it went he said "Well, it was kind of scary ... we were downstairs alone, just me and Grandpa ... and I thought there might be ZOMBIES ..."
  • (August 2010, Callahan) After reading the Percy Jackson series, heard Callahan say to a friend "I am a demi-god, my true father is Micheal Jordan, God of Basketball!"
  • (June 2010, Colton) I've been derelict in teaching my youngest about jokes ... knock knock jokes in particular. A little friend TRIED to tell one to Colton. The friend would say "Knock knock" with absolutely no response from Colton. The friend tried again ... still silence. The friend tried one more time, to which Colton turned to him and said "this is NOT a door!"
  • (February 2010, Landon) We'd gone out to a restaurant for a family breakfast and Landon didn't finish his bacon. He said he only likes MOM's bacon. Grayson commented "It's just pig and salt, it's all the same" to which Landon replied "Mom's bacon is pig and salt and LOVE."
  • (July 2009, Colton) We were camping with our travel trailer. Colton was not able to open the door to get in. He would walk up to the door and then announce in a loud voice "Ding dong the door!" ... it worked *Ü*
  • (June 2009, Cooper) Keaton had made a little bird feeder at scouts, and brought home an extra bag of birdseed. When I told Cooper it was birdseed, he asked "If we plant it, will it grow birds?"
  • (March 2009, Colton) One day when I didn't give Colton the desired response to a question he asked, he cried and told me "Mommy, you are making my eyeballs sad!"
  • (March 2009, Cooper) As we were working to get Cooper potty trained, at Grandma's house, she rewarded him with M&Ms when he went while there. Back at home, Cooper said "I want to go back to Grandma's house, poop in her potty and get some M&Ms!"
  • (February 2009, Keaton) Keaton was unloading the dishwasher. He came across a turkey baster and didn't know where it went (we don't use it very often). He asked if it went in one of the drawers where we keep the kitchen utensils ... or in the MEDICINE drawer ... it DOES look like the little dispensers I use to give the little ones medication.
  • (December 2008, Callahan) After signing up for Jr. Jazz basketball, Callahan pondered "I wonder what they call kids basketball in California ... Little Lakers?"
  • (September 2008, Cooper) "Do you want to take a hug of me?"
  • (June 2006, Keaton) We had a travel trailer we used for camping. We weren't really in the market, but stopped at an RV center to look at some of the new, nicer ones available (and boy were they nice ... you can't really call it camping!) As we were done, Keaton innocently asked "so which one are we going to get?"
  • (June 2006, Callahan) While shopping at the store, I picked up some Western Family products, Callahan looked confused and said "I didn't know Grandma and Grandpa Westra made those" ... Westra Family brand!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunday Shifts

So with the new year, comes the annual change in church times. We just came off the 11:00 slot, which I know is a favorite for most, moving to the 1:00, which many dread. Me? I actually prefer it! I have NOT been great about cooking family dinners, but on Sunday, every single week, we have Belgian waffles (now labeled Sunday Circles I even did a post about it previously). I also like to sleep in, and get a morning workout ... it's a little hard to do all three with the 11:00 schedule. The 9:00 schedule was ok, we'd just do the big breakfast after church, but the 1:00 makes for a nice, relaxing morning, which is needed ONCE a week. So while others may lament at the late schedule, I for one am enjoying it.

There were also changes for the kids. Cooper is now in SENIOR primary! Can you believe that? This little boy is growing up TOO fast. It seems like just yesterday that the moment the prayer was finished in Sacrament meeting, a wail (loud enough for the entire congregation to hear) would come pouring out of his mouth "I want to go home". He had such a hard time in nursery, but a patient Sunbeam teacher made good inroads, and he's been so good these last few years. I just can't believe he's in SENIOR primary now. I've got three in there ... at least for a couple months until Callahan turns 12 and moves on to young men's (which he is anxiously awaiting). He didn't change classes, but now Keaton is in that same class (the older boys)! There wasn't a lot of change for Colton, he is even keeping his same teacher (one of them anyway, he had two switching off).

Time to take the tree down! The picture above was actually taken the Sunday after Christmas (still December), before we went to my brother's ward for a baby blessing. Landon took the opportunity to NOT wear a white shirt ... and that is the only time he will wear that shirt, because after one washing ... it's now in Keaton's closet! The shrinkage skipped Callahan completely. I'm glad I have multiple boys to pass clothes down to *Ü*

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011!

For the past several years, we've hosted a New Year's Eve party at our home. This year was no exception. Family is invited over and we get out the favorite games and play them all night long. This year we had Grandma and Grandpa, Chris and his boys, D&D and baby Ani ... Shane's family was planning on coming, but they had to cancel due to sickness. Keaton actually wasn't feeling that great either, and he went to bed early, as did Cooper and Colton (and Gray!) Landon abandoned us to go to a church dance (doesn't he look handsome in the picture above?). So it was the grandparents, Callahan and cousins who were the main game players ... a little Blokus, Apples to Apples, Pictureka, Rat-a-tat-Cat, SET and Farkle (my SIL put together this dice game as gifts this year, GREAT instructions found here if you'd like .... it's a new favorite) ... a highlight of the evening was a little earlier, when D&D introduced "Just Dance2" for the Wii, here's a little video ...

We made it to midnight ... but I was very ready for bed (Gray had to go pick up Landon from the dance at 12:40, good thing he got that nap in). Luckily everyone got to sleep in the next morning, January 1 ... a new year. 01/01/11 ... I pointed out the date to the boys at 1:11 as we were in the car headed up to Maga's house. Another family tradition is spending New Year's day at Maga's.

For the past ... I don't know for sure, 25 years or more, Maga has been making this delectable pastry wreath, it's very flaky and flavorful, and it makes people break any resolutions they had just made, YUM!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

J&G's Gym

New Year's Resolution time, the majority of goals set probably are about fitness or losing weight. I'm spoiled ... in our basement we have a large unfinished room that has become J&G (Jen&Gray's) Gym. For cardio, there is a treadmill, an elliptical and a stationary bike. The wall I face as I workout has a plethora of pictures ... I love to look at all the memories (it's my happy place). To help keep me entertained and motivated, there is a nice speaker system and Ipod to blare music ... there is a TV, with both a DVD player and a Wii attached (the Wii streams Netflix ... and is there for WiiFit if I'm so inclined). I always need a little bit of a breeze, so there are fans on the bike and elliptical (which can be tilted toward the treadmill, although the treadmill has its own fan ... it's just a very NOISY fan). Those are my fuzzy slippers next to the elliptical, because yes ... I like to wear slippers instead of shoes when on the elliptical *Ü* (I'm not sure if they'd go for that at Gold's Gym).

And fitness isn't just about cardio, so we have a full set of weights, a leg press, a calf machine as well as a full bench system. Add a ball, kettlebells and resistance bands ... as I mentioned, I'm pretty dang spoiled with this set up! Personally, I really like the treadmill (I know many really prefer running outdoors), but I have NO excuses not to work out with all this just a few steps away.

It's always nice and cool in the gym (sometimes a little TOO cool in the Winter months, but that is just a motivator to get moving). I like to lock the door when on the treadmill, but there is a little window into the room that the kids can safely poke their head in if they need me. Whereas sometimes it can be hard to get away for a solid hour, I can almost always slip away for 20 minutes here and there. In fact, the little ones sometimes get a bit spooked by "the basement" and don't want to be down there alone ... it doesn't matter if I'm in the same room, as long as I'm on the same level ... so the two little boys will say "Mom, I want to go downstairs, will you go exercise?"

... both Gray and I DO have a membership at Gold's too ... because alas, as wonderful as this gym is, we can't play racquetball in it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Keaton's Corner

*** BLOGS go backwards, so do these journal entries ... Keaton started writing about halfway through 2011, start at the bottom and read UP to get the posts in chronological order ***

1225 (Sunday)  Today is CHRISTMAS! I got some of my favorite chips called, “takis.” They’re baked corn tortillas covered in chili. I also got my favorite game Super Mario Bros Wii, a BUGS BUNNY hat, a board game called BLOCKUS, black and white Nike socks, and all the candy in my stocking. This was a really fun Christmas.

1218 (Sunday) At grandma’s today, we played bingo, ping pong and a candy bar/money game. It was really fun even though I got $1, Callahan got $10 and Landon got $5. I got an extra large size Reese’s. And at church today, I got a large sized Reese’s! My brothers were jealous.

1211 (Sunday) I had another game yesterday and we won! I was still coughing a lot that game, but it was still fun. My coach has 4 other teams! He coaches my team, 2 girl teams, (with his daughter) my brothers Jr. Jazz team, and a Copper Hills, 7th grade B team. His name is Klint and he is one crazy guy.

1204 (Sunday) Jr. Jazz started this last week. My practices are on Friday from 6:00-8:00pm! I had a game last Saturday and won by 11 points! It was fun , except that I was benched half of the game because I was coughing a lot. I have been sick for a very, very long time.

1127 (Sunday) Last Thursday, it was Thanksgiving! We went to our grandma’s house. Every Thanksgiving, my grandma gets my favorite ham. It is the best ham ever!!! My cousins brought flavored and colorful jello. It was orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple in one! It also had whipped cream on top!  

1120 (Sunday) A few weeks ago, my family preordered MW3! It is so fun. We beat the campaign mode on the day we got it

1113 (Sunday)  Last Thursday was my mom’s birthday and we got her a ping pong table! It is so much fun having you play your friends on it. We played ping pong with a strobe light. It almost made us puke and get blinded. But it was funny.

1106 (Sunday) My family went to our grandma and grandpa’s house today to see some of our cousins. We went downstairs to play ping pong. First we played against our cousins, it was fun. Then we played each other. Then mom came downstairs to play ping pong against us one at a time. She was surprised how good we were at it, even though none of us beat her. My mom is quite the player when it comes to…PING PONG!

1030 (Sunday) Yesterday I went to my grandma’s house. We made sugar cookies. It was so much fun. My cousin , Will, was rolling his dough and says, “grandma, the dough is sticking to the roll.” Grandma says, “maybe some flour will help.” So she pours some flour on the dough and the roll. But Will said that it was still sticking. So Will pours all of the flour on the table and then rolls it. When Will’s cookies were done he decorated them. First, he put frosting on the cookie and then sprinkled a whole bottle of sprinkles! It was so fun.

1023 (Sunday) Two days ago, my mom made my dream cookies! They are called COOKIE PRESS COOKIES! I like the m fresh out of the oven and from out of the freezer. She usually makes them at special holidays. She made orange, pumpkin shaped cookies this week. This month is October, and Halloween is like a pumpkin.

1016 (Sunday)  Last Friday, the scouts went to the sand dunes. It was so much fun. We went for two days. The first night, we played capture the flag from 9:00-1:00!! My team won all of the games! I had a very nice sleep that night. The next morning, we went to the dunes and sand boarded. It was so fun!

1008 (Sunday) In the game, pokemon, Landon has all six of his pokemon level one hundred! It will at least take you 2-3 days to get a pokemon level one hundred. Same with Callahan. He has all of his pokemon level one hundred. I’m trying to get all of my pokemon level one hundred, but it’s taking me a long time.

1002 (Sunday)  Me, Landon and Callahan all started playing pokemon! Some people think that pokemon is stupid because nerds play it. But we still think that it is fun. Callahan is playing in the KANTO region, Landon is playing in the HOENN region, and I am playing in the SINNOH region. Pokemon have really weird names a lot. Like PIKACHU, CHARMANDER, or SNORELAX. POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

092511 (Sunday) After church, I went to my grandma’s house to have a baby blessing. The baby’s name was Amare. His father is named Adrian and his mother is named Ana. His brother is named Aiden. Aiden is big trouble maker.

0918 (Sunday) The sixteenth Utah vs BYU in history was yesterday!!! Utah won by forty-four points!! BYU have won six games and Utah won 8! And my brother, Landon, said that BYU vs Utah made a world record of the worlds biggest dodgeball game!!

0911 (Sunday) Yesterday the new series of nerf guns came out! They were called the vortex series. They shoot little, foam discs. They seem painless but they hurt! There are four guns of vortex. The first gun is called the PROTON. The second gun is called the VIGILON. The third gun is called the PRAXIS. And the last gun is called the NITRON. My brothers Callahan and Landon got a gun the day it came out. (Yesterday) Callahan got the VIGILON, and Landon got the NITRON. Landon is lucky that he got the NITRON because it is automatic! It also has a scope that has a green light in the scope! The NITRON can hold twenty discs! Callahan got the VIGILON. It can hold up to five discs. And it can shoot very far!

0905 (Monday) This morning my dad was thinking of going to Walmart. And they have nerf guns at Walmart. We’ve been doing all of these sorts of nerf wars out on our front yard. So me, Landon, Callahan, and Colton went to Walmart with my dad. Colton and I bought nerf guns. I bought a gun that was as big as my little brother, Colton. It was called the LONGSTRIKE. It’s a sniper, even though it doesn’t shoot very far I still like it. It was 30 dollars.  Colton bought a gun called the SPECTURE. It’s a powerful gun that shoots 5 darts that whistle. Dad bought a nerf gun for Cooper. Cooper was sick at our house. He wanted and got the gun from my dad called the DEPLOY CS-6. It can fold up and it has a red flashlight!

August 28 (Sunday) Today is Cooper’s birthday! He didn’t want to go to church today because the weather man said that it would be rainy and stormy. He also didn’t want to go to church because it’s his BIRTHDAY!!! So he didn’t go to church that day because he was crying, sobbing and pouting. For his birthday I gave him all of my signed basketball cards. He also got a RAY ALLEN SIGNATURE!! Ray Allen is one of my favorite basketball players! He also got a LeBron James jersey! His friend gave him a big lego set. And also, there’s just three more days until MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

August 21 (Sunday) Me and my brothers got new Nerf guns. We play with them all the time in our basement. We have four pistols, a shotgun and an automatic. We play with the guns in a hallway with the lights on, or off. I like it better, lights off. We also have to play with vests and goggles. We sometimes play with two lives.

Callahan's Weekly Reports (2011)

BLOGS go BACKWARD ... so do these entries ... to read them in chronological order, start at the bottom and read up ... *Ü*

1225 (Sunday) So today was Christmas. I got a ripstick which was the thing that I think was the best. The Nike socks I got were really good, too. The ripstick is so much smaller. I also got the 1st and 2nd season of George Lopez. I also got a TON of Skittles and Starbursts. The first NBA games were today. The Celtics lost by 2 which made Landon and Keaton mad. The Bulls won by one to the Lakers which is the best!  The new Clippers play the Golden State Warriors and they will probably win.

1218 (Sunday) On Sunday we went to Maga’s and played the candy bar game. I love the candy bar game. I got 10 dollars in the envelope. I also got Mike and Ikes. On Saturday we lost because Cody and I were off. I got elbowed in the face and I got the foul. I wish our school was out. The Jordan School district is so weird!

1127 (Sunday) So Brian’s team asked me to be in a AAU tournament with them. I did and we went 2 and 1. We never really “lost” a game. Our “first” game that we had no idea about it because of the schedule was messed up. We might have been in the finals if we could’ve played them and won. It was still fun. I will also play on their Jr. Jazz team. 3 games a day on Saturday starting this week.

1121 (Monday) Practice today! Ya Buddy! Basketball is the best sport ever. At school I’m getting famous for paracord. I’m gonna bring all the paracord bracelets that I don’t wear and sell them. I’ll make a bit of mula! I’m still addicted to ping pong. I’m getting way good and I almost beat mother! But I still have a long way to go.

1114 (Monday) We got Modern Warfare 3 a couple days ago. It is the best!  I made the A-Team in Copper Hills basketball. I have practice today. I can’t wait! I want to see how my coach coaches. School started again on Monday, I missed the weekend. Also the little kids went back to school. HAHAHAHA!

1106 (Sunday) Ping pong is the best! or should I call it table tennis. My mom is talking about getting one. It would be the best! We would kiss that foosball table goodbye. We had our last basketball game on Saturday We lost  by 9. It was against Mason and Rowland. I wish they were on our team still. Mason made at least 8 threes in the 4th quarter. It was a sad day.  I still did well though. Mason is an up and down person with me in basketball.

1029 (Sunday) I did after school hockey on Thursday before open gym. It sucked! I got hit in the hand by this older kid. On Saturday I had another game, it was against Steve’s team. We won by 30 I think. Everyone scored besides Hayden. We tried for the last 5 minutes of the game. He was so close but then missed.

1022 (Sunday) Yesterday was the funnest! Jared’s berfday party was the best! The paintball people didn’t show up though. When we got back from the Southtown Expo Center we did airsoft wars. Stockton had his rifle and pistols and Brenden and Jared had shotguns and pistols. I used Jared’s pistol and I was the best. I never got hit and hit them like every time. Then we had a game. We won 75-20. I got 11 points and 14 assists. I  could’ve had a lot more points but I was being a good passer. Everyone scored too! Landon also found this thing with my dad singing “MY SCROTUM,” he did it like 2 more times. It was really funny!

1016 (Sunday) We left for the dunes Friday afternoon. It took two hours to get there. We played Monopoly all the way there. The dunes were really fun! Capture the Flag was the best! I got the flag the first time then we switched teams. I was on Landon’s and Keaton’s team. We won the series 3-1. Then on the way back we continued on Monopoly and I won! I got back in time for my game and we won. I had 15 points. It was a fun game. Then today we went to Clay’s house for Will’s and Addie’s berfday!

1008 (Sunday) On Saturday I had a game. But in the morning my shoulder really hurt! I still went to my game. It takes a lot for me to miss a game. I still did good. It still hurts now but not as much then last time. I’m not looking forward to school. My mom and I finished my Utah Studies project today. It’s not due till Friday but I’m glad it’s done.  Now I don’t have to worry about it.

1004 (Tuesday) On Saturday we versed Gena’s team. She crushed our team last time. This time we won by 4 points. I scored 16 points I’m pretty sure. My friend told me about this West Hills basketball camp. I went today and it was really fun. Jacob was there last time and Ben was there both times. They do it a couple more times.  Another plane crashed in West Jordan at the soccer fields. Luckily no one was at the place when it crashed. It was made out of fiberglass. One person died and another seriously injured.

0925 (Sunday) On Saturday we had our second game. We won 51-28 I think. I had a really good game, I had 30 points and in that I had 5 threes. It was against my friend Ben. He is in my CTE class. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. School has been really boring lately. But at least I get to see my friends.

0918 (Sunday)  We had our first game on Saturday we won 40-27. I had 19 points I also made three threes. Then at 5:30 I went to Stockton’s birthday party. Jared, Brenden, Parker and a lot of other people were there. It was really fun because we did night games and the Utes TRASHED BYU!

0911 (Sunday) The new nerf guns came out on 9/10/11 I got one and Landon got one. Mine is a pistol and Landon’s is huge and fully automatic. Keaton is gonna get one and I want the one he wants, too. I can’t wait to have a big nerf war Monday. I’ve probably spent a lot of money on nerf guns already. Time to spend some more!

0904 (Sunday) So we have been doing nerf wars a lot! Colton got a gun, Keaton got another gun and Cooper got a gun. So we made our own setup in the yard. We got a lot of people to play today. On Saturday Taylee got baptized at 9:30 then Cooper got baptized at 3. After Cooper’s we had the chocolate fountain which was really yummy!

0828 (Sunday) I went to my school on Thursday and it was pretty easy to get to my classes. I couldn’t open my locker till the end of school. Then I went to Stockton’s house last week twice. Brenden and Jared were there the first time then Brenden was there the second again. We had the last basketball of the season on Saturday. We lost but I had a good game. It was both Mason’s last game with us and Ty’s. Then Monday is the official first day of school.

0821 (Sunday) So all the sudden Mom buys 2 Nerf sets. Landon buys both and we start doing Nerf wars. Landon and I see guns we want on I go to Walmart with Mom, Colton and Landon. We get our guns and do Nerf Wars more often. Now everyone is looking for more guns to buy. Then on Saturday the whole stake of young men and women are doing service projects. After that I have a game against the team we beat before. We won by 20, I had a really good game so did Masonx2.

0814 (Sunday) I lost my basketball game by 1 point on Saturday. Joey made a buzzer but his foot was on the line. At my Middle School my classes are close together. Yeah!

0807 (Sunday) Dad took me on a stupid hike for Keaton, he made me go. I  missed Fast Offerings so I had to go it in 90 degree weather. On Saturday we lost by 6 because the refs were bad.

0731 (Sunday) When we went to the Waterslides at Classic it was way fun! They have 4 slides and water bounce houses. We were there for 3 and a half hours. I did the waterslides the most of the time! On Saturday I had my game against Keaton’s coach’s older team. We lost but not by a lot. It was a 5 point game, so we had pretty good game. I had 6 points myself and a lot of assists. It was a fun game.

0727 (Wednesday) So I went to Steiner for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but I had to go home Wednesday because I got Altitude sickness. But before that I went fishing with Gary, Bryce, Travis and Chance. I caught 2 fish! I could’ve got 4 but Travis took the line away from me. I also got the First Aid Merit Badge and the Rifle Merit Badge. Dad took up the paracord while he was there. We will be flushed out of paracord because we had it for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, then he is taking it to Youth Conference Wednesday-Saturday. Smith and Edwards hopefully be stocked again.

0724 (Sunday) So we went to Jump N' Bounce a lot over the month because we had a month pass. We went with Ryland and Ridley, then Stockton's family then Tony, Mark and Mara. We also went to Kearns, a while ago, it was so fun! I kept doing front flips off of diving boards. Then Dad, Landon and me went to Smith and Edward's for paracord, there was like no paracord at all! We got 1000 feet of white and that's all! Then on the way home we went to Army Navy Surplus and no paracord again! But Landon got throwing knives! Then we went to 7-11 and got Slurpies. We also got In N' Out and played frisbee.

0717 (Sunday) I had my 5 month late berfday party yesterday, it was so fun! I got 80 bucks total! We had a dunk tank and a lot of water stuff! We had the best chocolate cake ever! :) I got a big sunburn though, it hurts so bad! We also did mentos and bottle rockets, and as party favors we did paracord. It was the best berfday party ever!

0711 (Monday)  I went to Stockton’s house and we played Black Ops and had a basketball game in the house. He won me in the games but in 3 point contests and free throw contests I won him, but it was on a mini pro hoop inside. Then we went to Jump N’ Bounce and then the rest of my family went too! Travis came too. We played Tag, it was so fun! I barely got tagged. When we were done I went back to Stockton’s. We played a game to 100 on a 10 foot hoop.  I won 100 to 77! I was on Fire!

0707 (Thursday) So we went to breakfast at The Outpost before we went swimming at Grandma’s. The Outpost is way good! I had pancakes and hashbrowns, HASHBROWNS ARE GREAT!   J Then when we went swimming and it was pretty fun. Then after everyone was hungry again so we went to Wendy’s and had a lot of CHICKEN NUGGETS! Then the fries were really good too. Then Landon found out another weave the “KBK” it is awesome and a easy weave. I LOVE PARACORD! J

0704 (Monday) Today we went to Clayton’s house and had a waterslide and had a lot of food. We tried to getAunt Livi in the water again, she kept locking herself in the bathrooms so me and Landon finally got in the bathrooms. Then my dad and Clay got her outside and we dumped water on her! It was awesome! The first try her pants fell down! It was pretty funny. Then we got icewater and dumped it on her. When she got close to the pool my dad pushed her in! :) Then we went home and watched fireworks with Bailey, Jacob and my mom. There was awesome fireworks this year! Happy 4th of July!

0703 (Sunday) So Kolby, Jami, Maddy and Mia cam back into town. We went to Maga’s on Thursday and had hotdogs in 95 degree weather. It was way HOT!!!! I also got my iPod case, it is red. It looks so awesome on my iPod. We also had are last day of school on Friday and everyone was crying for some reason. Dakotah and Haley were crying like the whole day. I am so glad that it was are last day even though it was a little sad because not a lot of people are going to my same middle school. SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!

0626 (Sunday) Yesterday I had my second 7th 8th grade game. We lost but we did okay against a big, huge, gigantic team! It was 47-30. I had 15 points. :) I made 2 threes and a couple other shots. Mason had 7 points to add on. Then I went to the Carnival after. It was really fun! The sunk tank was really crowded. I went in it 3 times, 4 times if you count getting thrown in. Travis, Jared, Jacob, Bailey and I kept throwing water balloons at parents. I went in the pie eating contest but Landon pushed my face in and my braces ripped some inside tissue. It was bleeding for a while. Then we went to the Demolition Derby with Bailey, Travis and Jacob. Number 12 and M80 won! It was so fun! :)

0619 (Sunday) So my team had their first 7th and 8th grade game. I was really worried at first but then we came out powerful and full of energy. We started a 5-0 run! At halftime we doubled their score. I had 11 points and quite a bit of assists. I also got a new game ton my Ipod that's called Hanging with Friends. It is so fun! I am doing pretty good for a rookie(I think.)

0612 (Sunday) SO the Finals are over and Dallas won. Went to game 6 not game 7 sadly. But it was a good series. :) My mom got NBA Jam for the Xbox 360, it is so fun!!! Now I'm not used to it on the iPod. We also saw Ana and Adrian's baby, Amare. He is so small :) and cute! I can't wait to see him again. School tomorrow :( Don't really want to go.

0605 (Sunday) So we went to Bear Lake yesterday for a mini trip. We had the FAMOUS raspberry shakes. YUM! They are great. I couldn't get to sleep because Landon and Keaton were being annoying! We also went to the playground and we got spun on the spinny thing. We finally got home and missed church. Cooper and Colton were REALLY inpatient during the drive home.

0529 (Sunday) So I did a AAU tournament with Klint and we lost every game but it was a fun time! :) The first game I had 23 points and 6 assists. The other coach told his players to make sure I didn't get the ball. The 2nd and 3rd game were blowout games. I wasn't as happy as usual. I'll admit when I'm losing I don't take it very well. The 3rd game had a TALL kid that was VERY GOOD. It wasn't even funny it was crazy! We also found stuff called Paracord. It is AWESOME! We make wristbands, I have made like 20 of them!

0410 (Sunday) Yesterday I won my basketball game..........again. :) It gonna take a lot of effort for a team to win us. We won 65-14. Another 50 points win. It's getting a little boring now, JUT KIDDING! Well it's not AS fun but still fun. :) I'm waiting for the game againt Steve and Brian(COLE/HUNTER).

0403 (Sunday) On Saturday I had a game again. We had it easy.......again! We won by 52! The highest scoring game we have ever had! I had 21 points and 12 assists! A DOUBLE DOUBLE! Mason had 22 and Stockton had 12. Cooper's soocer season has started now. I went to his first game. They won by a couple goals. There was also a yard sale Colton was at for mostly the whole day. :) He probably spent at least 5 bucks.

0326 (Sunday) So finally basketball season started up again. I am so HAPPY! We won 62-15. I had 10 points 4 assists. I only got half the playing time as last season, because Mason is back as the 1 with me. I found an old magic trick that is super awesome! :) I am like addicted to it! I also got my 2nd class for scouts.

0320 (Sunday) On Friday I went to the West Desert for a Scout Camp. We stayed overnight and Cody, Bryce, Chance, and Tyler were singing all night which was ANNOYING! All of them went outside and their tent collapsed! They had to sleep outside which was pretty funny. Then Saturday we made breakfast and I ate 3 pancakes, 2 sausage (which I cooked) and 5 bacon. YUM! Then we shot the shotgun and the 22 rifle. On the shotgun I hesitated but I did it. It hurts for a 1/2 of a second then you feel better. I went to Stockton's when I got home and we played a basketball game to 100 points. I won by 4 points. I made a 3 when the score was 97 to 96. We also watched the BYU game. It was really fun!

0313 (Sunday) So I had my first time passing the sacrament today. Everyone put pressure on me and I don't know why. I had to pass it to the Bishop and his counselors today which people say is hard but it isn't. It is actually pretty cool passing the sacrament. First week as a Deacon wasn't bad. My basketball seasons are over which sucks but Spring season is coming up it 2 weeks.

0306 (Sunday) Callahan didn't write in his journal today ... WHY? Because he is sick, and has been sick for days now. He was sick on Wednesday and couldn't go to his Superleague game ... and without him (and two other players) they lost, so that was the end of the season. He missed four days of school. He missed church on Sunday. Poor kid is hungry but nothing sounds good to eat. He's been living on the couch in the family room.

0227 (Sunday) Well today I got ordandided to a Decan. That means no more primary! WOOHOOO! On Saturday I went to Powow, more boringness. Rowland was in my class. The YO-YO tricks. I saw some people on the other team in the Championship game(That we won.) We did the Fun Shot thing but didn't win. Plus we can late and the dude was like, "Can't do it anymore." It was retarded. And then Klint canceled the team party so we have it next week which sucks more!

0220 (Sunday) We had our game yesterday, and it was our final and championship game! :) It is against the team we played at the first of the season. We won that team by 13 and it was our least scoring game(35-22.) It was another low scoring game but we still won. :) The score was 41 to 36. I was on fire at the first part! I hit 3 3's and a couple more shots.

0213 (Sunday) On Saturday, we had to wake up earlier because of the scouts Powow. It was the most boring thing ever! And it was even for three hours! But then we had our basketball game. We won( as usual.) We played at West Jordon Middle. That court is way better than the CopperHills court! It was another blowout (as usual.) So now we play Darin Birch's team that we won by 13 the first time. 

0129 (Saturday) Today I actually played for the church ball team. :) We were down by 10 points at least, yet we still won by 8. I didn't score but Cody said I made the right pass and that I did really good. But what is really awesome is that I'm not 12 and you have to be 12 to play for the church team. So I went to my rec game at 6. Maga and Rex came and saw me play. It was my best game and we played Jacob and Jared's team. It was a big blow out and I mean BIG BLOW OUT! 61 to 23 was the score. :) I went to Wendys after the game.....................................finally. I was wanting to go to Wendys forever! So that was it. :)

0128 (Friday) Today I went to the Timberwloves game. Clay took us early and I got some signatures from the Jazz and the Timberwolves. :) Deron Williams wasn't there so that was a bummer. I got a Utah Jazz hat which is super awesome! Landon and me screamed our heads off. It was really fun. :) I thought me voice would leave me but it didn't which was good. Me throat was sore though. The Jazz finally broke their loosing streak with a 108 to 100 win. Hehe! :)

0127 (Thursday) I had a ortho appointment today. I got these springs in my mouth that really sucks. :( Then I went to a derby with my dad and got $20. Some kids were really annoying. Then I got home and went to sleep.

0126 (Wednesday) I went to the church thinking I had scouts but my mom comes in and says that it was canceled so I played basketball to 8:10 (I started at 7). Then we went to my game at Bennion at 9 o'clock at night! It was another blow out team. We won by 20 or something.

0122 (Saturday) Friday we had 2 practices, the first one at Reggie's then Klint's. We had Stockton over after Reggie's then we went to Klint's. Colton fell and cut his lip and his lip got about a inch wide! Then our game Saturday was another blow out. 50 to 20 we won. But their team were poor sports.

0119 (Wednesday) I went to school then felt bad so I went home sick. I didn't barf or anything for awhile. But I finally barfed and had diarrhea. But I still went to my super league game at West High. We won by a long shot.

0117 (Monday) Monday we were out of school and I was bored, until I went over to Stockton's house. It was fun because we had Parker over, Tanner over, and Brenden over. We played “Hide and Seek,” I seeked only twice. Yeah so that was really fun. Then I went to Nickelmania with my family and I saw a game that I remember that I bought for my iPod. It is called “Galaga.”

0116 (Sunday) Well this week I went to Classic Skating which was really fun! Haley called me and said that she could take me so I went with her Kevin, Courtney, Kari and Kevin's sister. Then on Wednesday we played the undefeated team the "Riverton Heat." We won by 3 points which was good because we didn't want to have a 2 game losing streak. Then on my other league (Jr. Jazz) we played Cole, Bo, and Mason's team. I was waiting for this game as soon as the season started. The first quarter was a breeze and tooked a 11-0 run. But they came back in the 4th quarter to put it to a 4 point game. But than we came out to win by 8. My mom made a video (which is awesome!) of the game. I did pretty great! Just kidding I did awesome! I got 20 points. But Rowland was about to blow because this crazy kid like tackled him! It was very crazy! I also hurt my knee on a layup. I played the whole game(again.) So that's all I looked forward to and all that did happen this week really.

0109 (Sunday) Well I started school Monday because we had our Christmas break which kind of sucked. But on the up side this week I started basketball again. I had basketball practice twice on Monday. Then I had a super league game which we lost by 1 by the same team that won us last year by one. We were kind of mad...............fine we were really mad. We still have a better record then them. Next week we play the undefeated team which sucks again because then we might be on a two gamelosing streak. Then on Saturday we had a rec game. We won 47 to 23 which gave me another boost for the next game when we play Mason's team, also on Saturday I was a Cole's house so I went to his game and saw Mason and Hunter. They lost to the team we played last week and won by about 15. That sucks for them but our team is still undefeated. My mom made a sweet video of my game which I always love watching. I almost got a double double which means that I almost got double digits in points and assits, but it could a different statistics like rebounds, steals, blocks and others but I got 11 points and 9 assits in the VIDEO, so I still might've got another assit in the game and other points. I really want to know.

0102 (Sunday) On New Years Eve cousins came over. The first hour was boring then some people played "Just Dance." Derek and Danielle brang it. Derek really wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa dance. Then we played board games. There was Apples to Apples, Rat a tat Cat, Farkle (which was a new game Grandma tought me), Pictureka and that was about it. I stayed up till about 2 or 3. I fell asleep in Napolean Dynimite. We went to Maga's the next day to .............well I really don't know. Adrain, Ana, Dad and I played Electronic Monopoly. I did good then sucked then sucked more than I destroyed Ana. The game probably went on for 3 hours but who knows. Cooper and Mom got a haircut. Mom and Dad are really glad Cooper got a haircut from Livi. Then today I was just really bored.

Landon's Life (2011)

Here are Landon's journal entries for the past year ... being on the blog, they are in reverse chronological order, so if you want to read them as they happened, start at the bottom and read up ...

1225 Christmas! We continued the regular Christmas tradition of going to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve to open present from them and cousins. But it was a little strange.. we didn't do the nativity! We watched the slideshow for a recap over the year. Then we went home and Callahan, Keaton, and I stayed downstairs and watched a few funny videos and movies. All the boys of course woke up early to get a sneak peek at the presents, our commotion woke Mom and Dad. We opened our presents and went over to Maga's. It was a pretty great Christmas!

1211 On Wednesday for mutual it was DDD. Duty to God, doughnuts, and dodgeball! Dodgeball was a lot of fun, all the Blackham's were on a team, Dad, Callahan, Keaton, and I. And it was just unfair for the other team, Dad and I were the strength, Callahan and Keaton were the precision. They would hit half-court shots and revive our entire team. Our team won all five games!

1204 Saturday night was our ward Christmas party. It was pretty fun, especially for the little kids because they were always chasing me trying to hurt me.Then I left to go to my friend Sam's house to watch Insidious! It was a pretty freaky movie, but I love to get scared! And one of the best parts of watching a scary movie with friends is scary your friends during the movie.

1203 Friday was the Herriman and Copper Hills basketball game. And I stayed for all the games again this time. Sophomore won, most of my friends on the team did pretty good. J.V. lost by ten. The vasity game was pretty awesome. In the fourth we were down by one, then we have a 7-0 run of points to take the lead and keep it!

Reffing. Well, it is Jr. Jazz time again, and that means I get to ref the games with all the little kids. No so much of little kids though, I'm reffing sixth graders this year. At first I was a little nervous, but I got over that quick. Third year reffing I'm pretty much use to it, and I find it funny to get the coaches to scream at me! Most of the games were blowouts and when the game's a blowout the other team gets upset which makes it a tougher game to ref.
1120 Three of my friends and I were going to a stake dance on Saturday night. When everyone was finally ready Sam's mom gave us a ready over to the church it was at. As soon as we got there all three of the girls were told that their skirts were too short to get in.Then there was this whole judgement thing going on while I was laughing in the back.. Then we just decided to leave and go back to the house and watch a movie, before we went home we went to Smith's and got some Oreo's, Swedish Fish, chips and other snacks. We watched Toy Story 3. I'm glad that we got kicked out because I think it was a lot funner at Sam's house then if we had gone to the dance.

1113 The past week has been pretty fun, we got the new game "Modern Warfare 3," got a new ping pong table (specifically for Mom's birthday) and going out to Red Robin for Mom's birthday! I, like many other people was very excited to get the new Modern Warfare game, it's an awesome game. And with the new ping pong table I've gotten a lot better at it, now my goal is just to be able to beat Mom and Dad who are really good, and if I can beat them then I'd might have a chance at beating Grandpa Westra!

1106 On Friday I had no school so I went to open gym at Herriman around noon. I went with Patrick and I saw a few of my other friends there as well. The coaches split us up into different teams, some of us were skins and shirts. I was shirts most of the time. Towards the end, Patrick and I finally got on a team and we were with other really good kids and our team never lost!

1030 Herriman had our first playoff game on Saturday up in Logan. We took a fairly long bus ride there, but when you're among your fellow Mustangs it's a very enjoyable time! The whole way there we all would just sing songs. At the game we had received quite the spanking.. Logan is the top team in the state. The ending score was a painful 56-22.

1027 I have to write this stupid entry just because I came at Keaton with a toy car, and he is such a baby, he cried and I got in trouble.. I went to the Herriman vs. Springville game, this game determined which team would play Logan in the playoffs. We won 44-22, now we get to play Logan.

1024 My mom made a lot of cinnamon rolls, and she gave some away to neighbors.. that made me very upset. She told me that I can't get upset until I've eaten all the other cinnamon rolls. I had failed.

1016 This weekend all the boys, besides Cooper, went camping at Little Sahara, also known as the sand dunes! It was pretty fun, I'm glad that Jake at least with me, the rest of the other boys were the small deacons. At the dunes we always play capture the flag when it gets dark, always the funnest part of going to the dunes. Jake and I when the captains for the opposite teams because we were the only two priests there. And my team won three out of four times! We just really wished that we had glow sticks for the flags and that the moon wasn't full. With the moon full, it lit up the place as bright as day, capture the flag is much more fun when it's really, really dark. Also while we were there, Callahan, Keaton, Jake and I played a lot of "shotgun" it's just a game that you play with a hackie sack.

1010 My weekend was pretty good, went to the football game on Friday with Patrick. We were playing Murray (not very good), so I was really hoping to win! And we did, we dominated them! 49-0, but we scored 49 points in the first quarter.. so yeah, there was no scoring in the second half, whatsoever. But it was pretty nice to have gone to a football game where we didn't lose! And it was a bit chilly, so there wasn't a lot of people there and I bought myself a Herriman hoodie!

1004 Umm.. don't really know what to talk about.. School's good. Mom made me go to parent-teacher conferences because I had an F in world civ. But, since we went, we got the grade all fixed, so I once again have good grades! Yay!

0924 Last night was our homecoming game at Herriman. I went a few hours early to a tailgate party. I was pretty excited, it was my first Herriman football game. Although the game end in a very, very disappointing one-point loss, it had to of been the funnest football game that I've ever been to, so I really want to go more now! Just being with all my friends, it was awesome we had a huge group! And our chants at the game were pretty awesome, my throat just hurts a little bit today!

0918 I have to write this stupid entry just because I shot Keaton, and his is such a baby, he cried and I got in trouble.. And dad just threatens me like always if I don't do it exactly when she tells me to do it. Mom "forbids" me to touch another Nerf gun for today. Ha. We got another Aerobie Superdisc yesterday. Congrats Mom, here's your entry!
Now I really don't know what to talk about.. Uhh.. Dad got a MacBook Air. It's super tiny! I wasn't too surprised that he got one, I even expected that it took him this long to finally get one. Haha and Mom was surprised and not too happy when she found it.. I like brownies.

0913 I have to write this stupid entry just because I tickled Keaton, and he is such a baby, he cried and I got in trouble.. Some ducks have been staying around in the canal by our neighborhood. Unlike a lot of ducks, when these ducks see you they come towards you, and not fly away. So, one day, Colton, Dad, and I took some bread and went to feed the "duckies" Later, Mom and Callahan came, and I went home to get more bread and Keaton and Cooper came also. It was a lot of fun.

0911 On my birthday, it was my first day at Herriman high school! I was so excited to go there! It is an awesome school, and a big school too! I enjoyed my classes there, in all my classes I have a friend, I know a lot more people there. It has been pretty fun, and it's just the beginning! But I'm bummed that I wasn't able to go to the Herriman vs. Copper Hills game.. I totally wanted to go and see my school beat the snot out of Copper Hills and rub it in my friends' faces!

0904 Cooper's baptism was yesterday, and before his, we went to our cousin Taylee's baptism in the morning. Cooper wasn't really excited, for either of the baptisms.. After Taylee's we all went to their house after and had some really good food! Then when we got home, Dad made all the boys do a lot of cleaning.. More than we've ever done on a Saturday! The house just has to look all nice and perfect when we have company over.. At Cooper's baptism, all the brother's were involved in some way. Colton did a little poem, Keaton did "I Am A Child Of God" with these little bells, and Callahan and I did a talk. 

0828 I went to my school orientation the other day, haha it wasn't the funnest thing in the world. I first didn't know who was my mentor teacher so I just went with my friend with another teacher. I didn't expect to see much people I knew, but I actually knew a lot of people! A lot of them were old friends from elementary school. I remember at the end of sixth grade, one of my friends said "But hey, most of us will be seeing each other again in high school!" and she was right. At orientation it was nice, the classes were barely five minutes long! But that's not how it's going to be tomorrow..

0820 A while ago, Colton and his two friends, Bryce and Reagan, were playing around at home, so I decided to give them some real fun. So I bought two Nerf Dart Tag sets that my mom had been holding on to. We went down stairs, into the hallway, and started a "Nerf War!" In the past, we would do Nerf Wars all the time, but we had lost many darts that we couldn't do them anymore. But with my purchase of these Nerf sets, we started playing again! And it had started a craze with Callahan and I for bigger and more powerful Nerf guns! Him and I bothered Mom enough to take us to Walmart so that we could get other Nerf guns. He bought the "Quick 16" a pump-action rifle meant for rapid fire. I bought the "Speedload 6" a pistol with fast reloading, and I also bought the "Swarmfire," the "Big Bubba" of our Nerf collection. Big Bubba is a 20 round rifle that is automatic. Everyone loves Big Bubba, especially me!

0814 On Saturday I got back from the venture camp. The only way I would relate it to camping though would be the tents. We had electricity, indoor pluming, service on our cell phones, and we were in a back yard! We went to the leader's, wife's, grandma's house in Barely, Idaho. The house was next to Snake River, it was a very calm river, and at night, we would catch crawdads! And during the day we would boat and be on the wave runners all day! I would have to say that driving the wave runners was the best! I got going 59 miles per hour! Now I really want some wave runners!

0808 Today I went to Fun N Motion with my family and friends, Kayla, Kody, and Eli. It was a lot of fun, we played around in the laser maze a lot. And did a lot of laser tag.

0807 Mom wanted to make gingersnaps for today's "Sunday treat" but Callahan and I bugged her enough so that she'd make her delicious homemade oreos. They are so yummy!

0802 For a little bit I've been playing around with our slingshot. I would shoot these little, tiny, metal balls. At first I would shoot at a cardboard box, I got bored of the quickly, then decided to actually test my accuracy with it. I shot at an apple from a shot distance, later I cut up the apple to see how much pellets were inside of it. I moved on to full cans of Diet Coke (shaken, of course). Callahan, Travis, and I shot at them about ten feet away. I went first, we had seven shots each. I missed until my final shot, I hit the can and it shot out Diet Coke like a geyser! 

0731 I got back from youth conference on Saturday. We went to Pineview Reservoir. We did a lot of boating, lot of paracord, and lots of food. It's was pretty fun. 

0724 We went to Kearn's a few days ago. We were all really bored and decided that we should go. I didn't really want to go, but Mom was sick of me sitting on my butt all day, everyday, so, she made me go. But, I'm glad that I went. I saw two of my friends there, which made it a little bit funner for me. I would have to say that my favorite part of being at Kearn's was probably jumping off the diving boards and platforms.

0717 A few days ago I was really bored then just got the idea to bring up and play the old Nintendo 64. I hooked it up to the big TV upstairs and Callahan, Jacob, and I played Mario Kart first, then James Bond and a bunch of other games. 

0710 Today we went to Grandma's house for "Cookies and Cousins," at first I really didn't want to go at all, but it turned out to be a pretty fun time! Kicking butt at ping pong, crazy jump roping, Cosmic Catch, and the loads of sweets made it pretty fun! When I was there I also got to meet Uncle Chris' fiance's kids also.

0704 I went to Kayla's house and I met most of her family. They are some pretty funny people! Her grandpa was crazy, funny! He would keep bothering Paige and she got really pissed. Jimmy and I couldn't stop laughing about that. Later, Kayla and her cousins got in a fight, she brought out the water balloons and chaos broke out. Jimmy got wet, so he took a whole pitcher of water and splashed it on Kayla. She was soaked, so her decided to hug everyone. It was a fun night.

0703 It was really hot on Saturday, so I decided to fill up water balloons! Later, Keaton, Bailey, Jacob, and Callahan joined me. We first just shot the balloons with slingshots at buckets in the back yard. But as time grew on, it became a war! One of us, would have ten water balloons and hide behind the buckets. The others would be on the other side of the backyard and have as much water balloons as they want. The game only ended when the "loner" had no more balloons, if he got shot, or if the opposing force was eliminated. Only Bailey was shot by Keaton when she was the loner. It was pretty fun!

0702 Yesterday was an alright day. Still grounded, but Mom made some lasagna and I got to see Kayla for a bit. Kayla, Callahan, and I all played Mario Cart! It was pretty dang fun, but it wasn't really fun for Kayla.. But before that we were just throwing around the frisbee until we got so hot, that we decided to go inside.

0701 We went to Maga's house and we got to see Uncle Kolby, Aunt Jamie, and cousins Maddie and Mia. They live in Washington, so we don't get to see them much. It was a lot of fun seeing them! Adrian, Callahan, and I played Mario Cart on the Wii, and I won! I got first place every time, except when we played on Rainbow Road.. the worst course ever! And the best thing about last night was with the whole family together, we didn't have to take a family picture! YES!

0630 Yesterday, during scouts, we played ultimate frisbee, then went to the church, had malts, and played basketball there. I didn't have any malt, I played basketball the whole time. That is, until I rolled my ankle. After that I couldn't play anymore. I don't think it's broken, and I really hope I didn't break it. It's probably just a sprain, that I have to shake off.

0629 A while ago, our old peach tree died. I was actually kind of excited, because that meant we got to chop it down! I decided to do the job, and do it "old-school" with a saw and an ax only. It took quite a while, but I got the job done with one last hard push on the tree and down it came! After the tree was down, it was time for the not so part .. chopping up the tree and disposing of it.. That took forever to do! And there's still little twigs from the tree everywhere in the backyard!

0628 My mom signed me up for driver's ed during the summer at West Jordan. I didn't not like the class at all! You just sit in the classroom for three hours and do book work the whole time. We took the state test in class so that we could get our permit, and I passed the first time! And I finally got my permit. But still haven't done much driving, and I do not care to do so.. But I've got all my hours done, one range done (two left). And still have to do all road drives (three), and all newspaper reviews (three).

Topics: Driver's Ed, Chopping down the Tree, Baby Birds, Pinewood Derby, Neighborhood Carnival

0627 A while ago my iPhone broke and I have been using Textfree on the computer. I finally got sick of it and decided to buy my own iPod Touch. (Because my dad said I should.) So I had to get all the stuff back on there again, which was a pain.. But now I've got a new iPod Touch and plenty of games to play!

0626 On Saturday, I went carp fishing with the Gorringe's again. This time we actually found some carp, and plenty of them! All the Gorringe boys got hits on the fish .. I didn't! I guess I'm only good at archery when it comes to targets that are above water. We went for quite a while, the back of my neck got pretty toasted. And there were some pretty funny moments that I won't forget.

0619 On Saturday, all the scouts and I got back from our scout camp to Bear Lake. It was a pretty fun camp over all, but didn't beat last year's camp! At Bear Lake our main thing to do was bike around the lake, 50 miles, for our cycling merit badge. The ride was really long! I was so tired after I got done! And it turns out that spending four hours out on a bike and in the sun gets you a pretty good tan on your arms, haha! Dad also brought up the paracord for the scouts .. and they went crazy for it! Each scout probably made at least five, some even more! Haha, it was a good camp!

0612 All the scouts and I did another 25 mile bike ride on Saturday. So now we have 25 mile rides done, some 10 and 15's too .. and last, the big "five-o." I'm really excited to do it though, and hoping that I could do it! On this 25 mile ride I cut off around 15 minutes from the last ride, so I'm feeling pretty good. And what I'm really hoping for is that I could finish the 50 miles under three hours, because if I could finish 25 miles under an hour and a half, it should be possible to get done with the 50 in under three hours. Hopefully I'll do some training before then.

0605 The family just got back from Bear Lake, Dad wanted to check it out to see what the scouts will see when we'll be camping there. We're going to ride around the entire lake. We've been doing some practice rides for a few weeks, are last one was a 25 mile ride and we plan on doing another one before the big "five-o". So I thought the 25 still was pretty easy, so I think I could do fifty .. until I saw the lake... first thing I said was, "that is not only 50 miles!" then Dad drove around the lake and he said it was fifty miles on the dot.. it has me scared!

This is just another journal entry because Mom said I'd have to write another one since she let me stay later at Kayla's party. There was a lot of food! And a lot of older people that I didn't know there. I didn't each much food, I ate before I went, I tried eating a cookie but it was too big and I couldn't even finish it! Later, when it got dark, we made a fire and people threw in all their work from the school year. It was a BIG fire and there was a lot of smoke. After the "burning of homework" we watched a movie called "She's The Man" .. I didn't really like it.

0529 I've been trying to talk Mom and Dad into getting me a new phone. So, with me being serious about this phone, I decided to make this whole "Phone Proposal" thing. I thought I did a really good job on it and thought I was going to get the phone. But alas, Dad said "no," funny thing is though, Mom had already bought the phone before she could talk with him about it with him later. She even thought she was going to say "yes!" So, with that proposal rejected, I edited it, and email it to them. I thought this one would work for sure, but Dad has to be a stick in the mud again and reject it just because I thumped on Callahan. We already have the phone, and I paid for it, I think I should get it already..

0423 For some time, we've talked about me moving into Colton's room. I really wanted my own room, so we talked about it some more. So, over spring break we were going to move around rooms. I would move into Colton's room, Colton would move into Keaton's room (where he was sleeping already), and Keaton would move into my room with Callahan. Now I have my own room, finally! It is a very Utah Utes-y room. It's awesome and I love it!

0404 For general conference my family went over to Maga's house. I couldn't really watch it in peace or even hear it because of all the screaming little cousins. So I just went into the guest room closed it listened to it on my iPod (by radio) laying down on the bed. After that we had a root beer tasting test, it was a lot of fun.

0327 I have seen my friends playing this game called Words with Friends. So I got curious and downloaded it, started playing with some friends. I then discovered why it was loved .. by some people. Not me, I suck! Everyone wins me, I'm just no good at those kind of games! But I still play it so I could improve, practice makes perfect!

0313 MaSha makes these peanut butter bars, they are soooooo great! Yum yum yummy! She doesn't like to make them because they're pretty bad for you. And she finds them quite tempting. I had a few then I had to leave for school. I come home to find three pieces left, and she looked at me with a sad face. "You said you'd eat them all.." is what she said.

0220 (Sunday) Yesterday wasn't as busy as usual, because I didn't have to do reffing (thank goodness). The day was pretty boring until I had the dance. This dance was at our stake center, and this dance was the best dance I've been to by far. Ericha also came so that she could meet Kayla, Li Li, and Kody. She thought that Li Li and Kody were so much fun. So yeah, the dance was pretty great!

0219 (Saturday) Yesterday, during 7th period, in Miss Sprazvoff's class we had gotten done with everything way early. Then someone started singing "We Are The Champions" then Miss Sprazvoff pulled up YouTube so we could really sing it with the music. It was super funny and we sang so loud! One of the girls in our class actually started recording everyone singing and dancing.  Today we had Pow-Wow. It was so boring. As usual. I was supposed to do Indian Lore, but they said they weren't able to do it anymore. So they just let us go into another class, I went into the cycling meritbadge with Li Li. The class was super short, we just learned a little about the safety of long rides, and that was it. 

Jerry Sloan left the Jazz. He coached the Jazz for 23 years, longer than I've been alive. The assistant coach also left with Sloan. Now Tyrone Corbin is the new coach of the Jazz.

0212 (Saturday) Saturday was a busy day for me, I had Pow-Wow in the morning until like 12-ish. All I can say about Pow-Wow, very, very boring. Then as soon as I got home I had to start getting ready for reffing. And reffing was very interesting, because I was reffing 6th graders, even more interesting.. Reffing Callahan and his team! And as soon as I got home from reffing I got ready to go to a stake dance, I got dressed super duper fast and was on my way. The dance was awesome!

0209 (Wednesday) Today I went in the church to play basketball, I went in a slipped because my shoes were wet. 

0130 (Sunday) On Friday we went to the Jazz vs. Timberwolves game. We had got our tickets from Maga for Christmas and it was finally time! Clay took us early so we can get autographs, and we did! I got three signatures on my Jazz hat, Ronnie Price, Gordan Hayward, and Raja Bell! The game was really fun, and I'm glad that we won!

 0123 (Sunday) For churchball we had to play in a different building, and it had carpet! After we played a little bit I couldn't tell the difference from hard floor and carpet floor. Callahan and I went early and saw some of the other games. When it was our turn we had a full team, the other team didn't even show up! So we just ended up shooting around for a while, which was still fun. But I'm hoping for a real game next time, so Kody and I can kick butt!

0116 (Sunday) I’ve done a lot this week. Like: I had my presentation for geography with Matt Damon. The presentation went really well, everyone thought it was pretty funny. Friday I went to the gym to play basketball, and then went to go see Tron with my girlfriend.

0109 (Sunday) On Saturday we had our first churchball game. I was really excited, but our team was supposed to be teachers....we only had three, the rest short deacons. The three teachers were Kody, Matt, and I. I've never really been the "star player" before, and neither has Kody, so it was an exciting game for us two. But still we ended up losing by six points. It was just one of their guys that was sooo tall, he would get the rebound and just put it back up. And we couldn't do anything about it, without fouling him. But I ended up with a good 14 points, so yeah.

105 (Wednesday) For scouts we did "3D" and that means Duty to God, doughnuts, and DODGEBALL! So we first had to do Duty to God stuff, after we eat doughnuts, then....DODGEBALL! Dodgeball has to be my favorite thing about scouts ever. It's soo much freaking fun.

0104 (Tuesday) Today I was up to my neck in homework. Most of it which was needed to be done in class. So I needed to take it home and get it all done. I needed to do story strings for my language arts class, and lots of 'em. I had to finish my bridge for tech class, and worked on that most of the day. And I really needed to study for my Africa test, which I haven't study for at all.

0103 (Monday) The first day back at school was great. It's been a while since I saw all my friends, and it was good to see them. I think it's a lot funner to go to school then sit all day at home. 

0102 (Sunday) Our church meetings changed to 1 o'clock. Everyone seems to complain about it being that late, I don't see the big deal. I'm usually otay with all the times, exempt the early morning time, do not like that one at all. 

0101  On New Years Day a tradition we do is going over to Maga's house. We just play around and eat a bit of food. We were there a lot of the day, when we all wanted to go home MaSha just decided that she wanted to get her hair done! We were there an extra 40 minutes because of her. I just laid down next to the fireplace and texted friends until we had to go.

What Landon does for Mom: He gets himself up and ready in the morning. He's so handy to have around to help tend his brothers. He's mom's go-to guy for all things electronic. He keeps himself looking clean and sharp. He's a GOOD kid.  What Mom does for Landon: Keeps him in food and clean clothes. Drives him places he needs to go (school, work, even took him to the SJ gym, which took an hour). Buys him things for no reason (clothes, compression underwear, socks, slinky, treats). Helps with homework.
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