Sunday, June 12, 2016

End of the Year Assemblies and Awards

The end of the school year has been wrapping up. I'm SO glad the littles are on a traditional schedule with the older boys, and that we don't have another month of school for them. Colton FINALLY unloaded his backpack and I glanced through all the papers. Oops ... a notice that he was receiving the Principal's Pride award, the date had passed. Colton had never told me about it. I asked him if he was sad when I wasn't there and he said "No, I didn't want to get my picture taken".  Cooper however cares, and always lets me know when he is receiving an award. He did get the Principal's Pride a couple months ago. I did make it to that one ... and took a picture.

There were award assemblies for the end of the year  ...
Colton has always excelled at math, and won the Master of Math Facts award. The fourth grade also participates in the Presidential Fitness Program. Colton got the silver there, he was a bit bummed about not getting the gold, but didn't quite have the flexibility on the v-sit (which also knocked Cooper out of contention back when he was in 4th grade). In every other category, Colton had the high score for the class.

Cooper received the Academic Excellence award, 
and also a certificate for finishing the 40 book challenge. 

Keaton received the Presidential Academic Award (4.0s every quarter) 
and an athletic award (only given to one boy in the entire school). 

Of course, there was the end of the year program too. Cooper didn't have one this year, but Colton did. It was almost identical to the 4th grade program Cooper did (see clips here). Most of the songs had a familiar ring (with a Utah theme).  Colton doesn't love singing and performing, but I thought someday he might like to look back and remember, so here's some clips ...

... and I never got around to posting (here anyway ... I did on my JenB'sJourney blog) about Grandparents Day at the school back in March. My folks were able to come out and eat with Cooper and Colton. I come too, to say hi to my folks, the kids, and take the annual picture! 

Grandparent's Lunch 2016

Check out my Throwback Thursday Grandparent's Lunch on my other blog where I showcase all the pictures from the past several years. I can't believe that next year I'll only have ONE in elementary.
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