Monday, March 21, 2016

My Little Man Ran (First 5k)

For the past several months, my Cooper (12 years old) has been a step-crazy kid! Often with weeks averaging daily steps of 30,000 or more. When it's too cold to play outside, he started jogging on the treadmill to up his step count. He mentioned casually to me "I set it at 6 (6mph), so that's one mile in 10 minutes, and three miles in 30 minutes." Ummm ... I don't think I could do that (admittedly, I'm a wimp when it comes to running)! I haven't hit the treadmill lately, but back when I did, I was more at the 12-minute mile range. 5mph. I'm not even sure how long I could keep that up at this point, three miles would be pushing it!
I mentioned the statement to Hubs, and he looked up a local 5k this past weekend.  We wondered if running in a race might appeal (this is my anxiety child, who has dropped out of team sports because they are too stressful and competitive.) Cooper seemed willing to give it a try, and Keaton said he would too (even with a cast on his arm/broken wrist). If Colton had wanted to run too, I would have done it myself (I even updated and charged my ipod shuffle just in case), but the little guy wanted to save his energy for his basketball game later in the day. So off Daddy and the two boys went. Maga met them at the race!

Ready to Race!

Daddy's original plan had been to start closer to the back of the pack, so the boys could pass some people and get that rush. The boys however didn't like the "back" idea and wound their way to the front. They were off and Hubs couldn't quite catch up! We were both a little afraid the boys might push too hard, and then need to stop, but they ran the whole thing. Cooper came in just under 24 minutes (2nd in his age group, 19th overall) with Keaton right behind him. 
I think it was an excellent experience for both boys. They had been with us years ago when we did our Family 5k, but CooperMan was in a stroller then, and Keaton had been on a scooter. This was the first time running a 5k for both of them. I don't think it will be their last though ...

Update ...

Our stake has an annual 5k in May. After the success of the first race, I thought this would be an easy one ... and maybe I'd even participate this time. I was planning on it, and so was Cooper and Keaton. The morning of the race, it was POURING rain. Cooper and I opted out, but Keaton was still game. He did get soaking wet, and slipped a time or two.

They got these nice t-shirts! 
Not bad for a free race (we did donate a couple cans of food). 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Last Pinewood Derby - 2016

It was many years ago, when Grayson looked at his oldest son competing in a Pinewood Derby race, that he decided it would be worth it to invest in a track and timer, to make sure all the Blackham Boys would have a great Pinewood Derby experience. Through the years, he's run so many races! All the races for his own boys. And this past Tuesday, March 15, 2016 ... was the final Pinewood Derby for a Blackham boy. Colton, now 10, will age out of cub scouts later this year. This, was the last derby. Of course, with track/timer/tables/trailer ... Gray will continue to run them for our ward and others, but he won't have HIS son as one of the racers. 

Due to dwindling numbers in the scouting program, three wards (the Jordan Oaks 1st, 2nd and 7th) came together in a single night. There were 23 racers. In the weeks prior to the race, as in years before, Grayson opened up our garage, his tools, and his knowledge, for a derby workshop. Helping parents and boys complete their cars, passing on tricks and tips to make them faster.

Colton, having taken first place last year, said he didn't care about making a fast car ... just a cool car. He had basketball games on the same Saturday as the derby workout (and Gray would have been too busy then to help anyway) so they worked on the car in the week afterward, barely finishing it up in time. For decor, a neighbor helped create custom cutouts (Gray thought they were totally awesome and is wondering about adding a Silhouette vinyl cutter to his gadget list).  There was already a #23 ... thus the extra little (1) there at the front (Colton's car was #123 on the official roster). 

Colton and his car.

Grayson and Keaton went over early to set up ... it was drizzling rain. 
It's been nice to have the covered trailer!

Colton came in 6th, and he was just fine with that.

Here's a highlight reel from the night. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Another Broken Bone

February 22 ... I got a call around 2:00 from the middle school saying Keaton had fallen hard in gym, and that his wrist was most likely broken. A badly bruised knee as well. I went right in, and they had his arm splinted and he was in a wheelchair because he couldn't walk with his knee. 

We drove straight to the Urgent Care. I was again able to find a wheelchair to get him into the office. But it felt anything but urgent there (GrangerMedicalWJ) ... it took forever for them to even check us in.  There was only the one receptionist handling the urgent care, plus the pediatrician's office and an ear/nose&throat doctor. I'm never going there again. 

Once we finally got back, the nurse and doctor were very nice. We got x-rays on both the wrist and knee. Wrist is broken, but the knee is just badly bruised. They splinted the arm, and after 3.5 hours we finally made it back home. I'd had to reach out on Facebook to neighbors to find someone to pick up my littles from the elementary school. I had to make another run out to pick up a painkiller prescription so that #3 could get some sleep. What a day.

This was just the initial exam, and the wrist would need a cast once the swelling had gone down. They recommended the Dr. in that office ... but I took Keaton to the Riverton Granger Medical, where Colton had his wrist treated. We got the cast on, and it was just a few weeks before it was off and the boy was back to basketball.

Keaton and his West Hills Middle team had been playing in the district finals ... Keaton had to miss the last games, and then the State season, where he'd been invited to play on the elite team. He was SO bummed to miss out on that! We perhaps pushed it a little on his return to the court, playing in a Spring league, but he was back and all went well. 
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