Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Haircuts: Salon Style

I've loved having Grayson cut the kids hair, it saves not only money (a LOT of money) but time as well. As the boys got a little older, they weren't as fond of the "Blackham Buzz" ... wanting the top left longer so they could spike it with gel. Grayson did try to incorporate this preference into his cutting style, sometimes it looked good, other times ... the boys ended up getting a buzz anyway. I've been taking Landon to a salon for a few years now (or if Aunt Olivia is available, he'll let her do it, because she is a "professional") ... Callahan and Keaton have had their hair cut in a salon a time or two, but the little boys had only had Daddy or Aunt Livi cut their hair at home.

Well, the boys were getting shaggy, they ALL needed a trim. Grayson hadn't quite gotten around to it, and I thought I'd give him a break. I took them all (sans Callahan, who was off playing with his buddies) to Fantastic Sam's for a haircut. 

 The little boys LOVED having their hair washed 
and smiled during the entire experience.

Four clean-cut Blackham boys ... 
aren't they handsome?

I hope the boys still let Daddy cut their hair sometimes.

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