Jen's Journal

Jen's Journal

... so, I'm NOT doing a good job of keeping up on my journal entries here on this blog. I have been updating on my JenB'sJourney blog, so IF you wanted a recap of the days (you'll get my exercise and numbers too, but I have my daily updates there) check out my Day to Day Doings on my other blog.

0119 (Sunday) Slept in again. I like sleeping in. Hit the elliptical first thing and felt much better than yesterday. Made Sunday Circles ... sure had trouble with the waffles today (sticking, burning). Gray stayed home ... his fever hasn't been as bad, but now he does have nose/cough issues. I made french dip for dinner and cookie press cookies for dessert.

0118 (Saturday) Wasn't feeling 100% today, not sure why. I totally slept in (till about 8:30) and then went and watched the boys play basketball (see the highlights HERE, my boys are 11, 2 & 14). Glad I was able to see the entire game and get video. I then hit the elliptical, but felt wiped after just 10 minutes (so I stopped). Had Colton's game at 1:00 and did get in a little jogging around the track, but not much (we were running late and then he played 3 of the 4 quarters). Cooper had a game but he has been not wanting to play, so I didn't force him. Games for Keaton and Callahan later in the day. Then we met family at a local pizza joint (I have a white sauce/cheese "pizza" ... it's basically breadsticks). Did 10 more minutes on the elliptical to end the day.

0117 (Friday)  Callahan had 6:30 basketball practice, then I had to grab him at 8:30, then back to the school at 9:30 (dropping off the elementary kids in between. Cooper stayed home sick, even though he sure didn't seem very sick later in the day). Busy morning! Then early out for the elementary. But I did get in my cardio and weights. Gray went to work today, but came home exhausted. Callahan and Keaton went to the high school games in the evening. I (is my my responsibility?) hadn't packed them enough food on Tuesday, so I was sure to give them both a lot today. I'm always glad when the game ends and I can collect the kids and call it a night.  It was a bit later today, as the JV game had gone into double overtime. Didn't quite get to goal, but kept calories in check. Happy to be under 150!

0116 (Thursday) Not a great night, I wanted to be sure Gray got his medication on schedule (around 3am), so I was awake before that and couldn't get back to sleep after. He is still down today but doesn't seem as bad as yesterday. Got in my exercise and a quick grocery store run. Gray had a derby in the evening. He needs to have a plan for when something comes up. As is, he decided to try and asked Landon to help. Landon really hated missing his basketball game, but he knew Daddy absolutely needed him, so he agreed to go.   Cooper had practice but he didn't want to go and I didn't feel like forcing him. He says he doesn't want to play basketball on a team anymore :(  Keaton had church ball and Callahan had a game. It was across town at Churchill Jr, which caused me a bit of anxiety. I do NOT like driving on freeways or in the dark, but at least the traffic wasn't too bad and the roads were clear. But these 9:00 games are just too late! They won.

0115 (Wednesday) Gray attempted to go to work, but realized he couldn't fight the flu. He came back home and was down for the day. His medication wore off, but he was sleeping (fitfully). I guess I should have awakened him to take some ibuprofen, because his temperature spiked to 105°. With medicine and cool cloths we were able to get it down. Gonna keep medication on a schedule until we're sure it's passed. With him home, I didn't get in quite as much cardio. I'm still counting it as a "good" day, as I only missed my burn goal by 87 and I did keep intake in check. Keaton had a game in the evening. It was a little rough, he got a bad bloody nose. I was just glad when it was over (we won).

0114 (Tuesday) Our church was offering a free Zumba class. I've never done a class, and I've never done Zumba. This was way out of my comfort zone, but I did it. It was just ok though. The instructor wasn't great. It was free and I guess you get what you pay for. Did my volunteering at the elementary. We'd had so much fun playing games with Grandparents on New Years, I was thinking we should make it a monthly (or weekly) activity. We had my folks over tonight. I made haystacks for dinner and we played games. I'd forgotten that there was a basketball game at the high school though, so Callahan and Keaton were gone to that. I did grab them when it was over and they had a tiny bit of time with the grandparents. Got a couple games in. We made Skookie. Gray isn't feeling well though. Flu?

0113 (Monday) Back to the routine, and I was ready to be back. Weight was up. Got in all my exercise and kept calories under control. Hit 30K and got a footrub from hubby.

0112 (Sunday) Slow Sunday ... sleep in and church take out a chunk of time. Sunday circles in the morning, and everyone was clamoring for homemade oreos, so I made them. And ate them. They are so yummy!

0111 (Saturday) Landon walked in and asked "Kneader or Dunford?" ... so Daddy and fourof the boys went out to Kneaders for breakfast. I figured I'd resist temptation (Cooper, fellow homebody didn't want to go either and I couldn't leave him home alone) but then I grabbed some cold cereal that I'm betting added up to what I would have eaten had I gone with the guys. Colton had his basketball game at 12:00. I took my shoes and jogged the track during their practice portion, and during the two quarters he wasn't in. When he was playing I ran down and got some video highlights. It was a very disrupted run, but I figure I got about 2.5 miles in. Grabbed the drycleaning (I'd dropped of the boy's suits, that was an expensive bill!). I DID resist stopping for donuts, even though we drove right past the shop. I was controlling calories ok, and had a couple more basketball games (for Cooper and Callahan, Daddy took Keaton to his as it overlapped with the two I was watching, although they were late!). Wins all around today. Daddy and the boys had gone to Chick-fila and I indulged in some chicken nuggets when I got home. Then Gray made malts and I did partake. High calories that my track time and elliptical exercise couldn't combat.

0110 (Friday) I had been sleeping in a bit on Fridays, with the middle school late start. But Callahan had 6:30 basketball practice. I guess it doesn't really matter, that just keeps me on a steady schedule for the week. I dropped him off and got my workout in. I got the elementary kids off then went and picked up Callahan. He just has time for a shower (and I got in another elliptical session) and then it was back to school. I stopped by Smiths on the way home. Then more cardio and my weights session. Early out pickup at the elementary. Callahan went to friend's after school and didn't come home until late. Gray got home early and we went out to Red Robin. We just beat the rush! Yummy fish and chips. He has a talk on Sunday, so back at home he worked on that and I did a workout on the bike. Landon went to a basketball game at Herriman. I put him on Callahan pickup duty as it was so late.

0109 (Thursday) Really hoping to see a shift in the scale, it hasn't moved much this week (which is better than the big ups and downs I've been having). I was good at controlling calories today and got all my exercise in, although I do keep getting distracted with blogging and computer stuff. Snow was falling in the biggest flakes I have ever seen! I got a late shower and the roads were bad, so when Cooper complained about having to go to practice ... I let him bail. Not sure why the tide has turned for him and basketball. It makes me sad. He's saying he doesn't want to play in the games either. The older boys headed over to the church for ward basketball there. It started at the usual Mormon standard time (15+minutes late) and Keaton wasn't happy when I told him it was time to leave for his practice. I dropped him off and then Callahan and I were off to his game. They won. Gray picked up Keaton.

0108 (Wednesday) I didn't have a lot on deck today and was feeling a bit run down after my return to my full exercise routine. I figured it would be a good day to go ahead and get my nails done (just sitting for an hour). While I do like the look, I hate the upkeep and the cost. I do get some reading in while I wait though, so the time isn't completely wasted. I stopped at Maceys after, they had brownie mix on sale and we did need to restock. Keaton had a game in the evening, they won.

0107 (Tuesday) Weight was up a little ... I want it to go down! I had my volunteer shirt in Cooper's class at 11:00, then I ran to Walmart after. Got in my exercise. Gray had taken the derby stuff to work with him and went straight to a derby there in Davis county. Cooper had scouts, Colton had a playdate with Randon, Callahan had practice and Keaton had an interview with a fellow in the ward for his school assignment. So it was a busy afternoon running everyone everywhere.

0106 (Monday) Yea ... back to the routine! I've been waiting for this day for weeks. Not just having the kids back in school, but having the holidays, birthday and baptism done, finally feeling better after being sick. I stopped at Sams after dropping the kidlets off, then got in all my exercise and got to goal. We had Papa Murphy's for dinner. Then I made homemade oreos (it had been a while) and then we played Apples to Apples. Poor Cooper, he gets so emotionally into winning (or NOT winning as it were) and was trying so hard to keep the tears at bay. Colton kept twisting his loose tooth, it came out a little later after Cooper accidentally ran into him.

0105 (Sunday) For some reason I had it in my head that we were switching to the morning church, but we are 1:00-4:00. I actually don't mind it. I get to sleep in, get in a workout, make breakfast, get in another workout ... all before church. It does make naps pretty much impossible, but then I guess I can just get more done. Worked on a school project with Keaton while Colton frantically did some homework ... funny how they leave things to the last minute! I made brownies, a double batch so there would be some for lunches...

0104 (Saturday) I was awake fairly early, so I got up and got an elliptical session in. Then some cleaning and party prep (rearranging chairs, chopping veggies, setting up the fountain). Gray went to BB&B looking for a double boiler, but just came home with a big pot that worked as well with one of our existing pans. He tried some of the old chocolate and was worried, but the new chocolate melted great. We got the fountain running before we left. There were three boys being baptized today, one was the younger brother of one of Cooper's school friends. So glad we were first. The boys did good, both Callahan and Keaton really made the talks I prepared their own. Landon did the baptism itself, and Cooper read a poem. We had Addie sing. Everyone enjoyed the food after, we had just enough chicken salad (no leftovers). So grateful Adrian brought better strawberries.  So glad this is OVER too ...

0103 (Friday) Last official "holiday" ... I almost suggested going out to breakfast at Virg's, but I ended up just making pancakes myself. Got in some cardio, I wanted to do weights but I just didn't get around to it. I dropped Callahan and Keaton off at the high school, to watch the basketball games there, then stopped at Smiths on the way home. I went ahead and picked up the chicken salad and croissants, as well as some chips and veggies. Gray picked up some chocolate from Oryson Gigis, so the fountain is a go ... hopefully. We've had a couple of bad runs in recent past, so it does make us a bit nervous. Gray and I went out to Sam's in the evening to grab "dippers" and they were out of strawberries! There had been a ton just yesterday. We ended up going back to Smiths, and while we got some, they were small and overpriced. I think we're pretty ready for tomorrow though ...

0102 (Thursday) Gray went into work. Callahan had me drop him off at Gene Fullmer. I stopped at Sam's Club on the way back, restocking milk. I'd pulled out an apple cider last night, and Landon had totally been craving some more. Enough that he hit a few stores last night but no one had any in stock (I guess most had sold out for New Year's Eve). I didn't find any either, but did check on the croissants/chicken salad that we were thinking of for after the baptism on Saturday. I got in some exercise, but not as much as I'd planned, getting sidetracked with computer stuff.  Still enough that I hit goal, which is good, as weight was up this morning. Callahan had a game in the evening at Dimple Dell. As we got there a little early as usual, I went up and jogged the track, getting in 1.5 miles before coming down to film the game. They won.

0101 (Wednesday) Maga was up and off before we rolled out of bed. Time for some clean up and a little exercise. Then we headed up to Maga's, stopping off to pick up a couple pizza's at Little Ceaser's per request. I had Gray grab a couple crazy bread ... and they were gone before we got there.  We played games and partook of the pastry wreath, an annual tradition. There were some cute photos of Aiden and Addie helping Maga make it. Then time to head home ... it's 2014!

1231 (Tuesday) For the past several years we've hosted "Games with Grandparents" for New Year's Eve. A couple years we've had more family, but I can tell that stresses Gray. I got the kids cleaning (Callahan went to Gene Fullmer for a bit, escaping from much of the work). After picking up Callahan, we stopped at Maceys for groceries (boy, he's a pain to shop with, he was so silly and annoying!) We got some Beaver Tracks ice cream which he proceeded to eat all the fudge from when we returned home. I made tacos for dinner, but the boys were at the church playing basketball, so it was just the little boys, grandparents and Gray and I. Callahan then needed to be run to his friend's house, but Landon and Callahan were home for games. Grandma brought Rummikub and taught us the "speed" version which we ended up really liking. We never got around to progressive rummy. Cooper called it quits and went to bed, but everyone else (even Gray) made it to midnight. Pammy was tired, so she slept over.

1230 (Monday) Another week with a "holiday" and kids off school. Another week for me to recover completely and be ready to return to my routine. I had a good activity day, getting in 100 minutes on the elliptical (first time since being sick) and did weights and bike. Good day. Up rather early getting Callahan to a practice/scrimmage at the high school. He was going to go downtown with friends to see the lights (I still get uneasy sending out teenagers unsupervised, they were just going to take trax down) but it fell through and he just hung out with friends instead.

1229 (Sunday) We had our usual Sunday Circle breakfast ... we won't be able to have it before church anymore, as we're switching to the early schedule. Colton wasn't feeling well, so I stayed home with him during the first couple meetings, then Gray came and I went and played the piano in primary. I got in a nice nap after church ... I've been more "relaxed" since being sick. Not just "go, go, go" all the time. I've been enjoying reading again too. I made chicken pillows for dinner.

1228 (Saturday) No basketball game today! If Callahan's team had won during the tournament, then they would have been playing in the finals today. It was also the "Fun Shot" competition over at Gene Fullmer, but Keaton wasn't interested. Maga had some tickets to the Utah Museum that she's been wanting to take the boys too, and today was a decent day for that. I elected to stay home in the quiet house, as I'm not getting my normal "alone" time with the kids out of school. Callahan had me run him to Gene Fullmer to practice with Ben and he got a month pass ... hope he can make use of it. I made some cookie press cookies with my cute new snowflake disk.

1227 (Friday) Callahan had a 9:00 game at Jordan High, so it was up fairly early again (I even got in a workout before). They lost again ... always just a couple points behind. So not a great holiday tournament. I had dropped Keaton off at Tyler's before Callahan's game and picked him up in the afternoon.  Callahan fell asleep when we got home, and then had me drop him off at the movie theater to go see "Frozen" with friends. He hung out with friends until late, having Landon pick him up at 11:00.

1226 (Thursday) Gray went into work, and Callahan and I were off fairly early to a double header of basketball at the XI Factory in Lehi. I'd never been there before, although it is visible from the freeway, so I knew right where it was at. I hadn't driven on I-15 since last year when Callahan had a game in Utah County. This wasn't as bad, not as far. The roads were clear and it was a nice, sunshiny day. Perfect day for making such an attempt. It went smoothly and the place was pretty cool. The spectators have to sit above and look down on the games. The first game ... the boys were BIG. Davis doesn't allow 9th graders to play high school ball, so kids who would have made the sophomore team at other schools are still playing freshman ball. So they lost that game, although they made a decent effort. Then it was an hour weight until the next game. It was so chilly there! I walked back and forth, both to stay active, and to stay warm. Then it was the second game, and they lost that too. Keaton was quite anxious for us to get back, as he wanted his friend Tyler to come over. Gray and I headed out around 6:00 to his cousin Eric's house for a post-Christmas party for the Blackham/Blackham side. Their house was huge. It was a fun night.

1225 (Wednesday) Christmas! We even slept in. The kids didn't seem that anxious, but we needed to be at Pam's fairly early, so we figured we should get up and get started. The kids seemed pretty happy with their hauls, even though it was a pretty slim Christmas. No "big" gifts really. Callahan and Keaton are perfectly happy getting socks (of which they got a lot this year). Gray got ME quite a few things (stuff for the kitchen mostly) but I must admit I really didn't get him anything. Total fail. He had said the wave runners were his gift. We headed up to Maga's and had the scyp session with Olivia. Gray bought Maga a Steinback Darth Vadar Nutcracker for her collection. Keaton was a little loathe to give it up. We headed home and Gray and I took a nice nap. Then we watched a DVD and ate popcorn. I was feeling a little restless, so I did end up doing 20 minutes on the elliptical.

1224 (Tuesday) Christmas Eve. I got up and started some roll dough rising, then I started on the soups. I made orange rolls and breadsticks and some rice krispie treats with green sprinkles (Gray said they look more St.Patrick's dayish than Christmasy). I made sure everything was ready to go (gifts, slideshow, candy bars) and we were off. It was pretty crowded with everyone there this year. We ate, then watched the video, then exchanged gifts then played the candy bar game. Home again, where the boys watched "The Christmas Story" which we received from Jensens, and then to bed so Santa could come.

1223 (Monday) Christmas Eve Eve :)  Lots to do ... I spend several hours sorting photos for the annual slideshow. I also prepped the "neighbor gifts" of wrapping paper. I ran to the store for grocery supplies to make Courtney's chicken and wild rice soup. I still had quite a bit of chicken noodle, so I'd just be supplementing it tomorrow. I wrapped some presents and feel pretty prepped.

1222 (Sunday) Still feeling off. I skipped Sacrament and just went for the final hour to play the piano. Didn't even try to exercise today.  We had a family party at Magas. It was soups, so I made my chicken noodle. It was with the Rowe family, who the Blackham side always used to get together with before Christmas. It fizzled out years ago as kids grew up and got married, but I remember going once with Gray. We walked in and there was a huge whipped cream/pie fight going on. They recreated it (with a bit of whipped cream) tonight. We did the nativity and Clay's candy bar game. Gray won the $50.

1221 (Saturday) A bunch of basketball today, but it didn't kick in until noon, so I did a workout, but it was hard. I'm feeling "fuzzy" and just not 100%. Colton's game was first. As I didn't feel up to jogging the track I videoed his game. Keaton's game was at 2:00, and even though the other team had a HUGE center, our boys managed to get the win. Callahan had a game at 4:00, and I forgot the memory card in the camcorder! I was SO mad at myself. I had pulled it out to pull Colton and Keaton's games off and hadn't put it back in. Gray ran it over to me, but I missed the first quarter+. The boys were behind but pulled it out. They had another game after, but Cooper also had a game, so I went to see his. I was a little late, but neither team had scored. Gray had brought Cooper to the game, but he went to watch Callahan when I got there. I arranged for Landon to drop Keaton off, and then I went there straight after Cooper's game was done. This time they got whopped, so I didn't feel bad about not catching it on video. I must admit, I think I had enough basketball today!

1220 (Friday) Colton's birthday today! I had a few little presents for him, some oreos (which he requested) and some little toys. He's such a good sport, never complaining as his birthday gets a bit overlooked in all the hustle and bustle and even more so this year with me being sick. I had grabbed some treats for him to take (gave him the option of ring pops or Kit Kat bars, he chose the Kit Kats). They had little Christmas parties at the school, then early out and off for the holiday season. I forgot to tell Landon that Cal and Keaton didn't need a ride home, as they went over to the high school to watch the games there. I ran to Smiths Marketplace and grabbed some Legos as Cooper was complaining there was only one present for him under the tree.

1219 (Thursday) I meant to take a slow return to exercise, but I was feeling a bit stir crazy today. I did some elliptical and felt the desire to try some weights. It  felt good. We got hit with a huge winter storm. Basketball practices were cancelled, but the game was still a go. I really wanted to see the game and was going to give the roads a go, but Gray said he was willing to drive us. It was a good game!

1218 (Wednesday) So yesterday morning, I'd lost eight pounds with the sickness to that point. I stepped on the scale in the evening and was down two more! The flu x2 weight loss plan ... I was feeling better this morning. Gray stuck around a little and took Callahan and Keaton to school. Natalie drove to Terra Linda. Colton stayed home complaining of a tummy ache but ate a lot and seemed fine. I did some laundry and moved around but didn't push it too much. I did pickup the elementary carpool and then ran to the store. I ended up running Keaton out to a friend's (to catch a ride to his far-off, late game I just didn't feel up to) and grabbing Callahan from practice. So NOW I think I'm on the road to recovery. I even ate today ...

1217 (Tuesday) Got up and was immediately lightheaded, like like Thursday. Like then, I felt like I needed to throw up and grabbed the bucket for a dry heave. Feeling very off. I managed to get Callahan and Keaton to school, the cold air actually felt good today. Back at home I was making lunches for the little ones when another wave of nausea hit hard. Really hard. I grabbed the bucket and threw up. It was right around when we had to leave, too late to call Natalie to drive instead. I figured in the "calm after the storm" I'd be ok getting the kids to school and I was. I had planned on stopping at Smiths, but there was no way I was risking that, and good thing as I threw up not too long after returning home. I had an hour or two then it hit again. The stomach flu is always miserable, but I was so worn down and weak already I just lay on the floor next to the bucket crying. I texted Landon to make sure he could pick up the Columbia kids (otherwise I was going to text Natalie, I was NOT going to try it at this point) and Gray said he was coming home from work. He brought me some pebbled ice which I had actually been thinking might be a good way for me to get a little moisture in me. I had a decent spell without feeling too awful. Gray went to pick up Callahan from practice, taking the boys and grabbing some dinner. I threw up again. He stopped by Crane's and grabbed some anti-nausea medication Natalie had (we'd called her for some recommendations, questioning if a trip to the doctor was in order or not worth the effort ... it would have been an effort). I had an hour or so of feeling miserable, like another bout was coming, but it never did and then it passed and I was able to get through the night.

1216 (Monday) Feeling pretty much better I think. Took the kids to school and even stopped at Sam's on the way home. Didn't try to exercise, but did move more around the house. Did some laundry and even some cleaning. Ate a little bit too. Thinking the tide has turned.

1215 (Sunday) I'd had Gray call and get me a substitute for piano (as I can't talk) and I planned on just taking it easy today. I really didn't feel well at all though. Fever was back and the night had been awful. I think I got a little catch-up on a nap.

1214 (Saturday) Sleep has not been happening. Eating either. Just not hungry at all. Colton and Keaton both had games at 12:00. I made arrangements to send Colton with Cranes, and Gray took Keaton. Callahan had Steven over to finish up their science fair project. I thought I'd try to hit Cooper's game, although I could have stayed home as Gray said he wanted to go too. It was a tough game. The other team was all big kids, which I knew could happen with our team coming in with underage players. We had a couple injuries, poor Robert went down on his knee so hard. Cooper was crying after too. It wasn't like that bad game a couple years ago where we felt the other coach was trying to have his kids hurt our kids, these kids were just bigger and a good team. Callahan had a double header in the evening that I went to as well. Keaton came along too. They won them both.

1213 (Friday) Friday the 13th ... the one good thing about being sick is I've been losing weight. I know, it's probably "sick" weight that I'll regain with recovery, but here's hoping! I was under 150, my secondary goal. Again, just took it easy. Had to do the school carpools. The disposal went out, so we had a guy in today to put in a new one, with a new faucet too. Callahan had to dress up as is tradition before game day. He went to friend's homes after school until 11:00 when he caught a ride home.

1212 (Thursday) Got up in the morning and almost fell over, I was so lightheaded. Then I was nauseous. I really hadn't eaten much yesterday, so there really wasn't anything to come up. No exercise attempt even for today. At this point with fever/chills and misery I'm thinking it is the flu, not just a cold. I took it easy all day, but did still have to take kids to/from school. Callahan had a game in the evening that I really wanted to go to, but I just didn't feel up to it. I arranged rides for Cooper to get to/from practice, and Landon took Keaton to/from his. It was the Symphony work party, which of course I wasn't up for going to, so Gray went stag, and stopped by Callahan's game on the way home.

1211 (Wednesday) Had a better night and did get up and on the elliptical. But it felt harder today and I only did 60 minutes total. Callahan had a scrimmage after school, then went over to the high school to watch games. Keaton had gone over too, but I picked him up in the evening as he had a game that night. I'd stuck in a roast, and made spinach and black bean enchiladas for Gray and Landon. Then I headed out with Keaton to his game at Bonneville. It was an easy win. My dad stopped by to watch too.

1210 (Tuesday) Woke up around 3:00 with a tickle in my throat. I got up and ate something, trying to "scratch the itch" but it didn't seem to help. I went back to bed, but didn't get back to sleep. Did my morning workout, but had to pull out the ol'headband wrap for my face. Feeling sniffly and like I'm getting sick. Landon came home from school sick and vegged on the couch all day. I went in for my school volunteer shift and then hit Smiths to get some groceries. Did get in my elliptical today, but nothing else. Cooper had scouts. Callahan had practice at WJ Middle, as their school was having some repairs. I dropped him off and he found a ride home. Keaton had practice too. I made my chicken soup for dinner.

1209 (Monday) Back to the routine. Had a productive day with exercise and everything else. Got to mark off everything on my streaks calendars. Callahan had a scrimmage across town (and Brighton) but was able to find a ride, thank goodness. I wasn't feeling up for attempting that.

1208 (Sunday) Gray went to work. What? Wasn't this one reason for making the change? He just said there was some stuff that needed doing that he gets done better when no one else is around. I prepped a talk for Cooper. I did an hour on the elliptical and really could have done more, but was purposely taking a "rest" day.

1207 (Saturday) There was a ward Christmas party in the morning. The snow had come down and I really didn't even want to go out (my car was still not in the garage). Gray and the older boys were there helping, so I did end up taking the little boys. Anxiety kicking in with social stress though. Back to basketball. Three games today, but no early ones. Colton's game was at 12:00 at Gene Fullmer. He does like the videos, but I also wanted to get some jogging in while I had a track. I did the track and it wouldn't have been a great game to video anyway. Only one basket by our team (it was Colton). I got in about three miles. Gray did finally get the trailer stuff put away so that I got my garage back, although it was a cold and miserable day for him to do it (there haven't been any nice days lately!). Cooper had his game at 5:00. It started very slow, but then our boys started working together and pulled ahead. Keaton had a game in the evening, and they won too. Callahan had me drop him off in the afternoon, and arranged for Landon to pick him up at 10:00. The roads were so bad though, I didn't like being out driving and worried when the boys were out. Gray picked up a new Christmas tree and Keaton put out a lot of our decor.

1206 (Friday) I've changed my weight workout to Fridays ... I was a little worried I'd lack the motivation, but I did get it in today. Copper Hills was playing Herriman at Herriman today. Callahan caught a ride after school, and then Landon and Keaton went out to the varsity game a little later. Colton had a playdate at Garren's house. I grabbed some Little Caesar's on the way home from picking him up ... it was SO crowded!

1205 (Thursday) Busy day. After I grabbed the kidlets from school, I went right back for a meeting with the speech therapist about Colton's "s" troubles and they are going to start treating him. Keaton was invited to Connor's house, which actually helped as the only time I had to take him was right then (around 4:30), and they said he could stay until practice (I was going to have to have Landon take him at 8:00, but I never know if I can actually count on him). Then Cooper had basketball practice. I got a bit of walking the halls in. Then Callahan had his game out by my folks house. My dad stopped in for a bit.  Landon was supposed to pick up Keaton ... but he fell asleep instead. Gray had gotten home so he went to grab him, but not before Keaton's sweat had frozen on him as he stood outside in the freezing temperatures for 20 minutes.

1204 (Wednesday) Brrrrr... freezing morning. Made even more miserable with the cold car. I just don't even want to leave the house. Pure misery. I did have to run the kids to school, and Keaton to his basketball game in the evening (yea, they won!).

1203 (Tuesday) Gray had a derby workshop for a friend today, so last night he had spent the evening prepping for that, and had the trailer full of stuff in my garage. My car was left out ... and it just happened to snow! I'm spoiled with my garage, I don't like having to go scrape in the cold. I got in a lot of exercise today, as well as volunteering at the elementary school and getting in my grocery shopping. Gray was gone until late ... and was too tired and cold to do anything but pull the trailer back into my garage, so my car is still out.

1202 (Monday) I had some plans to hit the store today, but that didn't work out as Colton wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school, although he didn't seem very sick (was playing by afternoon). Took Callahan to a basketball scrimmage which lasted a lot longer than I expected (over 2 hours), then Keaton had basketball practice in the evening, with a 10:00 (past my bedtime) pickup.

1201 (Sunday) Church ... and more cleaning. It's never "done" but at least to a point where Gray can move his stuff in downstairs and then I can try to get to improving the new "homework" room.

1130 (Saturday) It was Addie's baptism in the morning. I was playing the piano. We went to the house after and they had cinnamon roll pull aparts that were a really good idea for a gathering. Home again for cleaning the rest of the day.

1129 (Friday) For the next "project" Gray wanted to do something about the downstairs Lego/Scrapbook room, turning it into his den or a bedroom, opening up a "homework" room for the kids and their stuff. It's just so overwhelming! I brainstormed while on the elliptical and figured if I could keep the scrapbook stuff stored, but got all the toys out, it would be doable to move Gray's den stuff downstairs, and then let the kids use his previous workspace for homework. Again, HOURS of work ahead. The little ones were quite sad at losing their Lego room too. Trying not to melt down ...

1128 (Thursday) Gray had mentioned hosting Thanksgiving at our house, but I had shot him down ... I had reconsidered and said it would be fine but he had moved out of that train of thought. There had been some talk of going to Chuck-a-Rama too, which I do like ... but not for Thanksgiving. So it was going to be at Pam's as usual, but Gray was deep frying the turkey and making the mashed potatos (often Clay does that, but they were at Courtney's side this year). Pam had picked up frozen Lionhouse rolls and they were yummy. There was cheesecake and pies ... I indulged in the Marie Calendar's chocolate pie.

1127 (Wednesday) The kids were out of school, but Gray was still working. Callahan still had basketball practice in the evening at Westridge Academy.

1126 (Tuesday) Hit a couple stores today, got a start on some Christmas shopping. Callahan had basketball practice after school then went to the high school to watch an alumni tournament. These 10:00 pick ups are hard, I'm SO ready for bed before that! Did keep calories in check again.

1125 (Monday) Nice to get back to routine, but it's a short week with Thanksgiving coming up. Should have been a full weights day, but I did Ripped in 30 instead. I'll try to hit the weights on Friday. Good activity and kept eating under control. There was a situation at the middle school (bomb threat) - the kids had to be evacuated and were allowed to leave, but not go back into the school for backpacks, so no homework anyway!

1124 (Sunday) Gray beat me to the elliptical, so I waited until he was done. Did our usual Sunday Circles, making a pumpkin waffle for Gray from a mix he had received for his birthday. Church. Then we went out to my folks for dinner and hubby and I looked at a photo project Mom is working on and helped get some things going.

1123 (Saturday) Gray is  back on the bandwagon for eating and fitness. I'm sure he'll pass me up in pounds lost in no time. He can be so dedicated. It does create some competition for the home gym. Then a bit of a black Saturday as Gray said some things needed to change in the little boy's room. So I spent several hours in there ... I guess it was good we didn't have any games today. It does look better. Big batch of stuff to DI. We went to Mountain Mikes in the evening. Callahan was ornery because he was with family, not friends.

1122 (Friday) Weight up ... me down. Playdate after school which was a little rowdy today. Callahan just never even comes home anymore, but I never know when I'm going to get the "come and get me" text or call to try and plan things.

1121 (Thursday) Been dragging after the weekend, the body aches are not helping. Then this evening we had a family outing, downtown. Just the combination of the cold, the traffic, the dark, the lights, being downtown. I was miserable and physically hurting, clenched from the cold and the stress. It was Chinese which I usually like, but this was just ok. Maga kept teasing me to try all the other stuff.

1120 (Wednesday) Ok, I'll admit I let the soreness and the weight inching up to get to me a bit. Overate today, nothing big to blame, just lots of little things added up. Didn't feel up to much exercise other than elliptical. Now there's some pain in my lower back. Nothing huge, just ... there. Keaton had his final basketball game of the season. Little break and then winter games start up.

1119 (Tuesday) As the day started, I was feeling "good" sore from my weight workout yesterday. As the day progressed, it got pretty bad. I was going to try a cardio DVD, but I was not feeling up for it. I had already got my jog in (1 mile then intervals), the bike and elliptical don't require as much effort, so I did continue to do them. Pack meeting and basketball practice. I did more exercise in the evening just trying to stay awake until the 10:00 pickup time (hubby and #1 had gone to bed early!).  Hubby's birthday today, but he had been up so early and been taken out to eat with work, I put off the dinner I had planned, and he didn't even have any of the lemon jello cake I made him ... I did though.

1118 (Monday) Not a bad weekend, and now back to the routine. I did have to run to the store after dropping the kidlets off to school. Got in my elliptical and weights. Had a basketball meeting in the afternoon for Callahan. I was SO tired, I went to bed at 9:00 ...

1117 (Sunday) Sunday sleep in, then Sunday Circles; my big breakfast day. Church. Nap. Still some cardio throughout the day. Just some mac&cheese for dinner. I didn't make homemade oreos ... Sunday isn't the best day to make them, as it's one of my less active days and they always push me over. Went over 2000 today, but still kept calories in check.

1116 (Saturday) Slept in, got up just in time to take Cooper to his 9:00 basketball game. They lost, dang it, otherwise it would have been an undefeated season (the other team was undefeated and very good). It was good for our boys to see what it is like to play a team that really knows what they are doing, to have to work for it. The other games have been too easy. I did NOT stop for donuts today! Did a little cleaning, then it was time for Keaton's basketball game. They lost. Keaton does need to work on his attitude. Then Cooper had a team party, then we all packed up and headed out to Maga's for a birthday dinner/celebration. It was pizza, but they did go to the trouble of getting MY kind of pizza (just white sauce and cheese) so I ate ... but I hadn't eaten much all day and I was hungry. There was also some addictive chocolate drizzled popcorn. I did not eat cake. I think Maga thought I was just being good and resisting, but actually I just don't like red velvet cake. If it had been white with buttercream .... hmmmm. Did manage to stay under calories, even with limited exercise.

1115 (Friday) The middle school boys had late start, so I slept in a little. Midday I got a call from the elementary that Colton had eaten a peanut butter cookie and was having a reaction. I was surprised because he can usually smell PB a mile away. I went to the school and found out it was a macadamia nut cookie, which does make much more sense. He wouldn't have recognized that by sight or smell. It reacted in his mouth immediately and he spit it out and threw up. He had no physical signs I could see (swelling, trouble breathing) but wasn't feeling well. I brought him home and gave him Benedryl and kept an eye on him. He fell into a very restless sleep, I felt like I needed to lay next to him and hold his little clenching hands to relax him. He finally was back to his old self after several hours. Hubby had a derby in the evening, so no date night. I was able to keep calories under control, so it wasn't a bad day even with the limited activity.

1114 (Thursday) Cooper had basketball practice, I brought my shoes and headphones and just walked back and forth the whole hour and got 6000+ steps (about 3 miles). Keaton had practice later, and Callahan finished up his tryouts. He made it all the way to the end of the high school cuts. The coach asked his preference ... being second string on the sophomore team, or being a starter on the 9th grade team. He and his friend Ben elected for 9th grade, to get more playing time. It is my preference too, much less expensive, closer games ... and I do want to see him PLAY. So proud of him for making it so far, especially after losing almost an entire year with the fractured feet.

1113 (Wednesday) Keaton had a basketball game clear across town, I did have some uber anxiety driving on the freeway (I avoid freeways if at all possible) but we made it. They lost, although they had beaten this team when they played them earlier in the season. I chatted with a woman before the game who turns out is building a home with Havenhill and was so sad to hear Gray was leaving the company. As it turns out, my car concerns were valid, but it was my parents who were in a bad crash. Luckily they were able to walk away although the car is totaled.

1112 (Tuesday) It was actually a lovely day, sunny and warm (relatively) ... enough so that I snuck in some sunshine.

1111 (Monday) Very productive day today. I think the weigh in (FIVE pounds up from Friday) motivated me. Kept calories in check, although still barely at 2000. Lots of running around in the evening; school carpool and to the high school four times for basketball stuff for the boys. Daddy and the two little boys went to see an NBA game downtown.

1110 (Sunday) Happy birthday to me. It was the primary program in church today. Glad to have that over with. Too much food today, the usual Sunday Circles in the morning, then Gray made his yummy BBQ for dinner. Landon and I made cool whip dessert, he took one pan over to Jake's for their weekly "Walking Dead".

1109 (Saturday) Cooper had a 10:00 game, so we were able to sleep in AND I was able to get in a morning workout. They were playing Robby's team (Keaton's old coach) and Mason's little brother was on the team, so both Callahan and Keaton thought they'd come watch. Daddy and Colton ended up coming too, so it was a family affair. Our team demolished again. We stopped for donuts on the way home, also grabbing the drycleaning. I ran to Smiths for some groceries and to pick up my prescription. Then it was time for "The Hungry Games" at Desert Star, 2:30 matinee. We'd purchased four tickets, as I really didn't want to sit at a table with people we didn't know. Callahan (the only one who'd read the book and seen the movie) wasn't interested, but Landon and Keaton were, so we took them. It was good. We were going to stop at Costco, but the time was getting close to Keaton's game (6:00 at Indian Hills). He was afraid they were going to get smashed, but it actually ended up being a really close game (the other thing he was worried about). They lost by two, but it was a good game.

1108 (Friday) The little boys were out of school today. Gray let Landon take the Tundra again, as we planned on getting the Burb checked out ... it's heat was also not working. Cole's dad had mentioned it might be antifreeze, so I mentioned that to Gray, so he decided to try topping it off. It worked. I now have heat, and we didn't take my car in after all. We had a play date (at our house, as I thought I wouldn't have a car) and then we met Mom and Dad at Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. It was nice to beat the rush, and we needed to pick up the boys from open gym at 5:30. Landon went to his school for a football game.

1107 (Thursday) Mom's birthday. I'd been dreading this day a bit because it was busy busy! After dropping the boys to school, we took Landon's truck in to be looked at (heat not working and engine light on). Top Stop had their guy out sick, so we had to take it somewhere else. Messes up my morning, all this running around. Then it was early out for the elementary. C&K had open gym, but Keaton had said he'd go with Gray to the derby. We picked up the truck the Gray went and grabbed Keaton and they were off. They got back just in time for Gray to drop Keaton off at practice. Busy day for that boy! I had Cooper's practice. Callahan had a meeting over at the high school. He just walked over after open gym and I arranged for him to get a ride home with Cole's family. Then we both hitched a ride to Callahan's game which was at Churchill. I had debated not going, but I was really glad I did. Our boys did great and it was the last game. I picked Keaton up at 10:00. Still dragging every day!

1106 (Wednesday) I had Jillian on deck to do today but didn't get around to it. I got in my elliptical as usual, then got a call from the school that Colton had fallen again. I went to see how he was and ended up checking him out. I don't think he re injured his arm, but he was pretty shaken.  I still had carpool duty to pick up Cooper, in fact I had to pick up middle school too, as Landon had a school activity (he was at a Deca competition at Snow College).  I had P/T Conferences with the two little ones. Glowing reviews ... I expected nothing less. Then Keaton had a basketball game across town at my old Junior High. Our kids got creamed, so I gave up videoing it. I could see I was close to my step/calorie goal, so I did some stepping on the bleachers during the game. Keaton took the blow out loss much better than the close game!

1105 (Tuesday) Another good, busy day where I was absolutely burned out by the end. Keaton had basketball practice from 9:00-10:00 but he was too tired and so was I! Still adjusting to this time change. Calories sure added up today, nothing extraordinary ... dang peanut M&Ms!

1104 (Monday) Still adjusting to the time change, I was up early today (about 5:30) but that got me two elliptical sessions before taking the kids to school. It was a good exercise day, as Mondays often are. Got in my weights session and some bike (the plan was to watch Downton Abby, about 45 minutes, but I got a call to come pick up kids from basketball early so I had to stop at 30min, I then went back and finished the show and then read for a second 30min session). Food was ok today. Landon was begging for homemade oreos, and if I made them, I eat them. I guess I had the calories to spare more today than yesterday (I begged off making them last night). I was SO tired though, ready for bed by 9:00.

1103 (Sunday) Fall Back ... so it was a relaxing morning (but I was still late for church!) First workout of the day was a little tough, but the other two felt good.  Sunday Circles in the morning, I did eat an entire waffle.  Stuck a roast in the crock pot for dinner. Laid down for a little nap but I don't know if I really slept. Didn't do homemade oreos today, but did snack on peanut M&Ms.

1102 (Saturday) Cooper had a 9:00 game. I didn't get a workout in before, choosing to sleep in over doing cardio. They totally blew away the poor other team, but the three kids who don't normally get action on our team all scored, so that was fun. It was Grandma Norman's funeral, so we left shortly after the game. I debated having Landon drive, but that is perhaps even more stressful then me doing it myself. I haven't been feeling well and today was worse than usual. I had a couple coughing spells during the funeral. It was nice to hear the history and such. We stayed for the luncheon right after but the cemetery was beyond my driving comfort zone and Cooper was already complaining about how long we'd been gone. The sand dunes boys got home in the afternoon. I did get in a session on the elliptical, but I really had to push to finish. I was just done and went to bed early.

1101 (Friday) No school for the boys today. Gray's last day at Havenhill. I got in a couple workouts and then went out to run some errands. I got my nails done, grabbed some groceries at Maceys, signed Colton up for Junior Jazz, (Cooper is going to stay with his team, so I'll take his registration to the game tomorrow) and then stopped at Big 5 for some shoes, got some good deals, and shoes for everyone but Cooper (who has plenty at the moment). Then home to help Gray and the boys get off on their campout. Landon backed out last minute, saying he wanted to go to his school football game. I was checking Facebook when I saw the school updating the stats from the game ... it started at 4:00, not 7:00. Landon was late, but he took off as soon as I told him, and then hung out with friends afterward. Cooper also didn't go on the campout, he didn't want to miss his game tomorrow ... although I don't know if he would have gone even without that excuse.

1031 (Thursday) Happy Halloween. Landon was off early so I didn't see if he had a costume on (I guess not, I still love the "chick magnet" one). I had some cute themed t-shirts for the middle school boys, but they didn't wear them either. The little boys got dressed up. I made sure I was ready for the party. I dropped off the munchkins off then ran to Smiths to grab some dry ice. I went back to the school and brought all the supplies in and then went and grabbed a seat for the parade. I was early so I had a bit of a wait. The parade was nice ... our first official one. Columbia had done it once, but only D-track. I did miss seeing all the kids from the neighborhood. After the parade, it was the party. It went well. I'm glad it's over. I went home for just a bit then back for early out pickup. Then it was off to the doctor to get Colton's cast off. The receptionist, nurse and doctor were dressed up. They had us in and out so quickly! We stopped at Smiths on the way home, I was craving some chicken soup and needed the ingredients. I forgot milk ... Landon was so frustrated he made another store run (Walmart) for milk. Gray ended up making a store run too (Sams) prepping for the sand dunes camp out tomorrow.  Keaton was invited over to Tyler's house, Callahan had never even come home ... the little boys got ready and went out with Jacob and Ridley, with Gray accompanying them. I had Landon cover the door while I did my final elliptical session. I had a hard time fitting in the exercise today. I did keep calories low though. Landon was going to go out, but his plans fell through. He might as well have I guess, as Callahan and Keaton were both out late. They both got rides home (which I do appreciate, but it also makes me feel guilty for putting people out). I was so tired I didn't even hear Keaton come in and had to go check a bit later to make sure he was home. I was awake again to hear Callahan come in.  I'm not a good mom to have teenagers, I want everyone home safe in bed at 9:00!

1030 (Wednesday) I was dragging a bit today. Not that unusual after a weight day or a low calorie day, and yesterday was both. Landon asked if I could pick up the middle school kids as he had an after school seminary activity.  The boys didn't have mutual tonight, as there had been a scout activity yesterday. Keaton had a game, I suggested to Gray that he could come and watch ... and drive to Franklin Covey, which I've done once, but was a little nervous about. He didn't commit and wasn't home when it was time to leave (but then indicated he had been planning on it). Callahan came, I don't know that he had been really planning on it, but had invited Steven over, so ... the four of us headed out and I managed the drive fine. It was a good game, very close, with both teams pulling ahead/falling behind then catching up. With two seconds left, Keaton was at the free throw line ... we were one point behind. The sidelines went a bit crazy and Keaton was completely stressed out. He missed and they lost. And Keaton had a panic attack (sweating, shaking, crying, heart pounding). Sometimes I'm not sure he's cut out for this ... he did recover after about 30 minutes. That's what I always tell the kids, let a little time pass and it just doesn't matter!

1029 (Tuesday) Colton woke not feeling well. He stayed home from school today. Weight was up this morning. Not at all surprising, but it did motivate me to be extra good today.  I really kept calories down. Got in my elliptical and watched Downton Abby while on the bike. I had some time so I did weights too.  I made some chocolate chip muffins from scratch (the boys prefer the Betty Crocker mix) and got the bills paid. I had some pork ready to cook in the crock pot ... but I forgot to plug it in! Landon wanted to stop for Papa Murphy's pizza anyway. Ever since we had it that time at Jump N Bounce, it's become a regular thing at our house. Gray had a derby and Landon went to help. Callahan and Keaton had open gym. Cooper had scouts. I so appreciate them picking the kids up (I had forgotten about it myself). Colton did seem to feel better and played with Jacob after school. I had emailed the teacher to send any work home with Randon and she did, so we also got caught up on some school work.

1028 (Monday) Should have been back to the routine, but I was a little off today. Stopped at Maceys after dropping the boys at school. Got in Jillian (instead of my usual weights) and some treadmill, but only 60min Elliptical (instead of my usual 100). We headed out to Maga's around 5:00 for a family gathering. Celebrating Olivia's birthday, and a farewell, as she is leaving on Wednesday. The drive out was bad though, lots of traffic and some weather. It took a while. Livi gave the boys much needed haircuts. Not sure why I indulged the the cake and ice cream. I was way over calories again. I was so tired on the way home. Keaton had practice at 9:00, but we didn't get home until 9:10, so we bagged it.

1027 (Sunday) I could have slept in today, but I was up pretty early. Not sure why. Got in a session on the elliptical then made breakfast. There was a farewell in church today, Greg Willets, a friend of Grayson's was there. We practiced for the primary program. Those little three year olds made me laugh. The little boys and I walked home. My boots are not made for walking! I did get in quite a bit of cardio, but I also ate a lot. Got in a nice nap as well. Landon made gingersnap dough, and took it to Adams to watch Walking Dead. He did leave some, so I baked up some cookies and we took them next door to meet the new neighbors.

1026 (Saturday) Cooper had a 9:00 game at Joel P. They had been worried it might be a tough one, but we creamed as usual. Mason's family showed up for the game after and brought Callahan. We stopped for donuts on the way home. Yes, my calories were bad today. Very frustrated with Landon, as he got on the little boy's Minecraft and ruined their worlds. Why does he like to make them cry? I took away his iphone for a few days. Keaton had a game at 3:00, they won as well. There was a neighborhood Trunk or Treat over at the church. It's been called that in years past, but this was the first time it was actually cars/trunks. Colton dressed as Mario to match Jacob's Luigi, even though the costume was quite small for him. Cooper was a zombie type, and Keaton was Darth Vadar. Got some candy and home again home again ...

1025 (Friday)  Late start for the middle school, so I slept in a bit. Early out for the elementary, then Callahan wanted me to run him to a friend's house. We ended up picking up Mason and Braxton and taking them to the Sunset Ridge Church. It is SO far out there. The was about 45min round trip. I hope he remembers that next time I ask him to do a 10 minute job. I stopped at the library on the way home and grabbed a book for Gray, a DVD for me and some magazines. Gray came home from work a little early and we went to Tepanyaki for dinner. Not too bad calorie wise. Landon was asleep when we left (around 5:00) and he was down for the night ... just like Daddy yesterday. Callahan texted asking if he could sleep over at Mason's. We've never really allowed sleepovers, but it was either that or me driving out to pick him up. So we let him.

1024 (Thursday) The weather has been SO lovely lately. I've added a little color. The boys had color when they returned from Powell and looked really nice, but Callahan is all blotchy and peeling now. Callahan had a basketball game, but I had him hitch a ride with Cole. I took Cooper to practice. It was a West Jordan Middle School. I took my shoes/HRM/music to maybe try jogging around the school, but it had turned quite cool and I just wasn't feeling up for that. I did walk up and down the hallway outside the gym, reading while I walked. Did get in a mile and a half. Keaton had practice 9:00-10:00. Gray had come home and fallen asleep at 7:00.

1023 (Wednesday) It was one of those frustrating wifi days! Went out in the final third of my Ripped workout. So frustrating! Had to revert to DVD for my elliptical as well.  I had some dough left over from yesterday, so I made more cinnamon rolls (ate more cinnamon rolls) and did scones for dinner. No basketball today, which was a nice break. The days have been beautiful too. I have to admit I spent a little time out in the sun.

1022 (Tuesday) Stopped at the store after dropping the boys at school. Got some cinnamon rolls rising ... that totally blew my calorie count later in the day! The boys had basketball but with carpools, I only ended up having to do the 10:00 pickup.

1021 (Monday) Back into the routine, had a good exercise day. Kept track of food today with a new app "Meal Snap" ... taking pictures. Still tracked on MFP of course. Did pretty good until a heavy dinner of fried chicken and yellow rice and homemade oreos for dessert!

1020 (Sunday) Slow Sunday. Made the usual Sunday Circles even though I was missing half the crew. We did get the house cleaned up a bit before the boys returned. They were home late!

1019 (Saturday) No sports today, but Cooper and I went to the rec center for practice. No coach and told we'd have to pay to get in. So back home we went. Again, not totally unexpected. I had mentioned to Mom that we'd be free for lunch. I ended up going sans kids, just left Keaton in charge. We went to Red Robin and it was good. I brought some music and got it set up on Mom's ipod downstairs. Feeling a bit draggy today.

1018 (Friday) Gray and the two older boys were up and off in the morning. It was a pretty quiet day at home, even with the boys around. Cooper had practice at 6:00, although I was skeptical. Usually if the schools are closed they do not open them up. Sure enough, no one showed to open it up. The coach called Gene Fullmer and said he got permission to practice at the rec center tomorrow. While we were out, Cooper and I stopped at Maceys for a few groceries.

1017 (Thursday) All the boys out for UEA, but Gray still went into work. Callahan had me drop him off at the high school, meeting friends for football and just to hang out. Of course then he stays and stays and stays. He wanted to stay out until midnight, but Gray was needing his body to get it fitted for a wetsuit before the trip tomorrow. Callahan HAD been planning on the derby today too, but I had figured once I dropped him off that he wouldn't make it back in time. Keaton went to help instead. Keaton had been planning on the Lake Powell trip (I figured it wouldn't be any fun for Colton with his cast, and Cooper wanted to stay home too) but decided to sit it out as well. I think he was intimidated by the idea of wet suits. I know I would be!

1016 (Wednesday) Early out for the elementary ... I had to make sure and update my calendar to send a reminder. I was sure I'd forget! Gray had a derby in the evening. Callahan hadn't been totally planning on it, but decided to go help. Keaton had a game but it didn't start until 9:00. At least it was a close one. They won.

1015 (Tuesday) Stopped at Macey's after dropping the boys at school. They were out of muffin mixes too. Got in some cardio, but not as much as I would have thought. I didn't beat yesterday, even though I didn't have my hour of weights. The little boys stayed after school for a Lego activity, but they weren't terribly impressed. I guess it's hard to compete with all the legos we already have at home. I made chicken and wild rice soup. Callahan had been asking for it. I also made MY chicken veggie soup (my preference). Open gym was cancelled again ... much to Daddy's delight, because then Callahan was willing to go help at a derby.

1014 (Monday) Back to the routine ... although it's a short week, with Fall Break. Gray stuck around in the morning, as the boys had flag duty. Cooper did go back to school today, still coughing a bit. I stopped by Smiths after dropping off the boys as there were a few things we needed. Of course they were out of the muffin mix that was on sale. I was able to get in cardio and weights. I baked some chicken and set it aside for tomorrow. We had tacos for dinner tonight. I made homemade oreos tonight, as I hadn't yesterday. Keaton had practice over at the school. I wanted to get a shower in, so Gray made Landon do the 10:00 pickup.

1013 (Sunday) Ahhhh, there was my sleep in. We weren't going to our meetings today, as it was Olivia's "farewell" which overlapped with out meeting time. I still made Sunday Circles, but didn't get in any workout. I made some brownies and lemon jello cake to take. We barely made it there in time. It was a combo "farewell" and fast meeting. We went back to Pam's house after, it was packed. I ate more than I should have. I was so sleepy on the way home, glad I wasn't driving. I took a nap ... two hours. I was out cold. Landon resumed his "Walking Dead" watching at his friend's house. I couldn't get a stream, so we'll watch it tomorrow.

1012 (Saturday) Cooper had a 9:00 game, so I wasn't able to sleep in as much as I would have liked. I didn't get in a workout before heading out. They won easily. Colton had an 11:00 soccer game, which we had the doctor's ok to play in. I had Gray drop us off rather than trying to battle the parking. Colton forgot to wear his shin guards ... it's been a while, I guess we forgot what we were doing. No one noticed (other years we hadn't been allowed to play if we didn't have shin guards), or noticed his cast either. He got four goals. They won and we collected his picture and trophy.  Gray left to hit Wendover with a work buddy. Keaton had a game at 4:00 ... they were ahead, but the other team caught up and won it. I had time in the evening to get more workouts but I just wasn't very motivated.

1011 (Friday) I thought Cooper should try school today, being a short day, but he did not want to. I think he was worried about doing badly on his spelling/vocabulary test (which of course wouldn't really matter). Oh well, another day home. I was able to have a better day than yesterday for eating/exercise. After school, we had a little friend from school come play with Colton.

1010 (Thursday) Cooper stayed home from school again today. It was his field trip day, and he had really wanted to go on it. But it was an outdoor field trip and it rained all day long! He's not any trouble at home, I could still get my exercise and stuff in ... although I wasn't feeling very motivated today. Just so dark and dreary. Gray had a derby, and Keaton went with him, although it made him late for practice. Cooper didn't go to his practice, so I was able to make it on time to Callahan's game. They won but it wasn't as easy as anticipated. When Gray and Keaton got back I took Keaton to practice then picked him up again when it was over. I should have gotten in an evening workout, but I was actually dressed in normal clothes and didn't feel like changing.

1009 (Wednesday) Colton has been feeling great the past few days. Cough and sore throat. But it was Cooper who woke up badly today. I let him stay home and he did seem miserable most of the day. Landon was also home, supposed to be his PT conferences, but I couldn't leave sick Cooper home alone. As Landon was home, I did go get my nails done. Got in my exercise during the day, and did  a little cleaning. Keaton had basketball ...a bit of a back and forth game, but our boys won it and Keaton had a lot of points.

1008 (Tuesday) Callahan has been looking forward to today for a looooong time. He got his braces off today! Always a pain for me to have to go grab him from school though, we haven't been able to get an after school appointment for a while. Just sitting waiting ... I got some magazine reading in. Colton lost a tooth at school today too. Gray had a derby, and Keaton did want to go (to earn $$) but it was open gym, which the boys really enjoy. But then open gym got cancelled, so Gray got his helper after all. And I didn't have to make two more trips to the school.

1007 (Monday) Back to the routine. Got the kids off to school at stopped at Sam's. I LOVE the early morning business hours. Less people and easy to hit after dropping off the kids.  Got in cardio and weights. I had a bunch of bananas that were going bad, so I made banana bread. As we hadn't done Sunday Circles yesterday, that was dinner today.

1006 (Sunday) Sleep in Sunday. Conference weekend too. We always go up to Pam's and today was no exception. I decided to sit it out though. Clay was there making donuts. They also did a little fishing at the Farmington pond. I got caught up on some computer stuff (like this journal) and also got in some elliptical. I'd put in a roast for dinner and made homemade oreos for dessert.

1005 (Saturday) Sleep in Saturday. Cooper had a 10:00 game. Colton said he'd come watch, and I enlisted Callahan to come too, as I'm videoing the game, not sitting next to the little one. They were cute, getting in some baskets during time outs and such. Cooper did really well and they won again. As Colton wasn't able to play in his game today (we would have been rushing right to it as it started at 11:00) we stopped for donuts on the way home. I ate donuts.  Gray suggested going to a movie, "Gravity" ... he liked it, I thought it was just ok. There were really only two people in the whole thing.  Of course we ate popcorn and candy. I got in some cleaning, laundry, went through some clothes in the little boy's room, clearing out a bunch of stuff. Gray put in "The Other Guys" but we were both too tired to see it through.

1004 (Friday) The scale shifted today. Yea. The middle school boys didn't have school today, I dropped both Callahan and Keaton at Stephen/Conner's house. Callahan and S were working on a school project and Keaton was just hanging out. I stopped and filled out paperwork and got fingerprinted at the school district ... a requirement to help out at the kid's school (I'm planning on going on on upcoming field trip with Cooper's class). I'm glad it's so close, right there in Jordan Landing. I also hit America First and deposited some checks that have been hanging on the fridge for a while. Back at home,  I didn't feel like I could start a workout, as I was expecting the boys to call needing rides at any time ... but both boys stayed at friend's until very late (I wish I had known that ahead of time).Cooper had basketball practice at Gene Fullmer. I wish it was like that every week, but I think it was just because of middle school pt conferences. But I took advantage and got in 3+ miles there during the 45minutes (I was running a little late). It was really nice outside, I could have jogged the park too, but I liked being able to keep an eye on Cooper. He did really well and seemed to have a lot of fun. Keaton called for pickup just after 10:00. I didn't know where Callahan was, or I would have grabbed him too. He had said he would be able to get a ride home, but then ended up calling at 11:00 for a pickup. I need to train these kids better to check in! Callahan just uses it as rational that he "needs" an activated iphone.

1003 (Thursday) Got the kids off to school and got my cardio in. Feeling some muscle soreness, maybe from Ripped, so I decided to take the day off of it. Got a call mid-day from the Instacare, saying that baby boy's wrist WAS broken and he needed to come back asap. I arranged for Natalie to grab Randon and went to the school to check out Colton and just grabbed Cooper too as it was almost end of day. I dropped him home (big brothers had just arrived) and headed out with munchkin. I hadn't been sure if they would cast it or just do a brace - I didn't really prep Colton as I wasn't sure, so he was a bit surprised when he was asked what color he wanted the cast to be. He originally said blue, I suggested orange, as he'll have it on all of October and it seemed to fit the season, and he did go with that. I made it home just in time to head out to Callahan's basketball game, which was clear across town at Churchill Jr. Silly really, as we were playing the other CopperHills team. A shame this game couldn't have been scheduled at a school close to home. I didn't dare drive, so we hitched a ride with Cole's family. It wasn't too bad a commute, I think I might try it myself for future games now that I know exactly where I would be going. Our boys couldn't quite pull out the win, lost by 4. Back home just in time to run Keaton to basketball practice. Colton was also not doing well, his arm hurting and maybe coming down with something, as he seemed to have a fever and bad sore throat. He'd fallen asleep and woke up screaming.  Poor pumpkin. I finally got him settled. I was so tired (Keaton had come in last night around 2:00, and although I was able to get him back to bed pretty quick, I hadn't been able to get back to sleep for a long while). I wasn't anticipating a good night with Colton either, luckily  baby boy slept the entire night, so I did too! I did actually hit goals today (well, a tiny bit under on calories burned but close enough) and also was SO busy I really didn't have time to eat much (had a protein bar for dinner at the basketball game) so still had my deficit.

1002 (Wednesday) Dropped the kidlets at school and stopped to gas up the car as we were almost on empty. Grabbed a few groceries too. Some blogging and computer stuff and a couple of workouts. Almost through RippedIn30 when I get a call from the school that Colton had fallen and hurt his wrist. I went and grabbed him and he did seem to be hurting. He's my only unbroken boy! I got him settled, back to pick up the rest of the carpool when school got out. Then to parent/teacher conferences for Cal and Keaton. Not parent/teacher really, it was the student lead conference, then just check with a teacher if you or they felt it was needed. Keaton had B's in a couple of classes, some missing assignments. We actually HAD the missing assignments, graded! So those got changed and he's back to all A's. I then dropped Callahan and Cole at basketball practice. I decided to take Colton in for an x-ray, just to err on the side of caution. It's not broken, so that is good. We did decide to sit out soccer though, the weather was pretty cold and miserable anyway. Keaton had his basketball too. I had arranged for him to catch a ride, as I'd barely be making it from the soccer game, but as I did NOT have soccer, I could get him there plenty early. Another new location, another drive on Bangerter (North this time, stressful!). The other team was pretty big, all 8th graders. Not sure why they put them in the lowest division?! There was a couple there that looked so familiar, and she waved, but I couldn't place her or any of the kids. She came over and was there with Tristan, who had played with Callahan on Reggie's team (he was playing a grade up then). I was totally impressed she remembered, especially as I didn't even have Callahan with me! Out boys lost but I thought they did ok against the much bigger/older team. I was just too busy from 2:00 on to really eat anything ... so the lack activity didn't hurt as much as if I had my usual calories in.

1001 (Tuesday) Kept calories fairly in check, had some of my chicken/veggie soup (I kept forgetting I still had that). Trying Ripped in 30, although I don't know that I'll be doing it five days a week. Landon picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza after school. I was actually planning on dinner (Haystacks) but we put it in right after school. Open gym was at a different school tonight, further away, so I arranged a carpool. Stockton's mom drove out, and I picked up. It was dark,I'd never been there before, and I had to take Bangerter ... and I was running late, as I thought it ended at 8:30, but it was actually 8:00. It was all ok though. Gray ended up working really late.

0930 (Monday) Cooper has been so stressed every Monday, I was wondering if after having a couple days in the safety of his home coccoon it was hard to go back to school. He was actually ok today, which was nice. I think he's got some things worked out at school (the teacher letting him check the weather and giving him the option to stay in if he wants).  Calories were a little high ... I'd bought a big bag of candy corn at SamsClub and it kept calling, but it's gone now. But I'm sure I'll be buying more, just need to not eat it by the handful. Spaghetti dinner. The boys had basketball practice. Gray and I watched the Breaking Bad finale. September ends

0929 (Sunday) Got in my morning workout, then made breakfast for the gang. Church... I have such a hard time just sitting for three hours. I was on double duty in primary today. Sunday is the only day I really feel I can lay down and take a nap, I did today, but kids arguing was a rude awakening. I was so mad at them I didn't make the usual homemade oreos like I do almost every Sunday. Better for my calories anyway. I did get in 90 minutes on the elliptical throughout the day, but not much non-aerobic. Gray and I started watching "House of Cards" and we indulged in yummy popcorn again.

0928 (Saturday) Didn't quite get to goal today. I suppose I should have gotten in one more elliptical session. But it was a busy, productive day. Basketball game at 10:00, soccer game at 11:00 (went straight from the one to the other and made it there before soccer started!) Both little boys did great and scored in their games. Traffic is sure terrible at the soccer fields though. Stressful. I did some shopping (Kohls, Sams) and then mowed the lawn and did some clearing out of the flower beds. I also pulled out some autumnal decor. The weather was so nice.  My non-aerobic steps got above 10K today. Kept calories in check, the boys wanted donuts, while I would have been willing, I just didn't have time in the morning schedule. We were going to go out to dinner, but then it was so late, I was afraid we'd hit crowds. Gray ended up taking the kids to Chick-Fil-A and I just sat it out.

0927 (Friday) Still having streaming problems. I had started 30DS when it gave out and had to stop, move the file to Itunes, convert it for the ipad and then use that. At least I now have a backup when WiFi stinks. Did cave and have a chocolate mint brownie, and then hubby made popcorn for our movie in the evening (Star Trek Into Darkness). Even with my indulgences, I calculate enough of a deficit that I should be loosing, yet the scale has seemed stuck for several weeks.

0926 (Thursday)  I resisted my mint brownies today, but did indulge in some ice cream. Calories sure add up quickly when they are empty. Had a frustrating day with the wifi, trying to stream a show while exercising was a joke. I finally called Comcast and they reset the modem (which I'd already tried doing manually many times) and then promptly disconnected me (I'd called on my cell phone, not the home phone which is tied to Internet). I have DVDs, music and books for backup during exercising, but it still impacted my day. Double header in basketball tonight for Callahan Win for the first, but completely blown out in the second. I could tell the boys were tired with the back to back games.

0925 (Wednesday) Rainy, cool day. Should make me want to work out more to warm up. Still had a soccer game in the evening, it was cold but I dressed warm and the little one kept moving. He made four goals! Callahan had his practice, Cole's family drove there and back.  I didn't eat any mint brownies today. I made some chicken veggie soup and ate that.

0924 (Tuesday) Dragging today! I had a lay down for a quick nap (lucky I could do that). Mint brownies still tempting and making their way into my tummy (and food diary). I should have done just a bit more to reach my goals of 3000 burn and 22,000 steps.

0923 (Monday) Cooper had a very hard morning (weather anxiety) so not a good start to the day. Stopped at the store after dropping kids at school. Got in cardio and weights. Made chicken/rice dinner and got the older boys to/from basketball practice. Oh, those mint brownies are evil and yummy!

0922 (Sunday) Sleep in Sunday ... mmmm♥. Made the usual big breakfast for the family, then church. Did get in cardio throughout the day, but also rested. Made chocolate mint brownies, I've been craving them for a while. Didn't eat any today, just froze them.  The usual homemade oreos for the Sunday treat.

0921 (Saturday) Today, my total burn and calories in seemed to be swapped, which is NOT good. It's been a while since I've had a day like today, but thinking back, I had a lot of days like this (mostly weekends) before I started trying mid-May. No wonder my weight was up. Gotta keep this type of thing a rare occurrence. Busy day with the two youngest both having games at 10:00. I took Cooper to basketball, Gray took Colton to soccer. Gray texted that Colton did get a great goal. So sad I missed it, but I did feel I needed to be with Cooper. He was still very reticent about playing and I was going to go ahead and let him quit if he didn't enjoy the game today ... but he did! Yea. I'm so happy about that! Cooper did good, you can tell he knows the game and has control. He's a great passer ... the others aren't as good at passing to him. Cooper didn't get a basket (I think he only tried for one shot) but had several assists. I videoed the game, but don't know that I was really planning on making a muvee, but Cooper wanted it. He says he will play games but is still unsure about going to practices.  Back at home I then helped Keaton on a school assignment ... a pamphlet about Utah. I remembered helping Callahan with it, and actually found the old files still on the computer. Keaton and I changed up a few things but were able to finish pretty quick using Callahan's as a template.  Gray and I went out to Texas Roadhouse, we haven't been doing great getting dates in. It was yummy and I indulged. We watched World War Z in the evening (with yummy popcorn). Too many calories in, not enough out, but oh well.

0920 (Friday) Tooth pain and knee pain seem better today. I was able to get in a good day, even with late start, early out, room mother's tea at the elementary, and picking up middle school (#1 usually does that, but he was staying late at school today). I had tried to save some calories in case Gray wanted to go out, but we're planning on tomorrow instead ... so today ended up being a low calorie day. Fridays have actually been "good" for eating/exercise lately.

0919 (Thursday)  Didn't sleep great, dragging today. Lost an hour in the late morning as I had to grab #2 from school to take him to an ortho appointment. Sitting time in the early evening during basketball practice for #4, then driving and sitting to watch #2 play. He did great, they won.

0918 (Wednesday) Landon got to sleep in today, as the sophomore students had a test in the morning and the rest of the kids weren't to come until 11:50. I dropped off the little boys and stopped at SamsClub to get more milk and gas for the car. This time and last time, the gas has overflowed a bit. I was feeling off today. My knee hurt from yesterday, my tooth was bothering me, a constant ache. When I was at the dentist last (over a year ago) he indicated he thought it would be a problem. A cavity under the crown there, which probably can't be fixed with a root canal and new crown, but would need to be an extraction then either implant or bridge. Neither sound appealing at all! So the there is mental anguish as well as the physical pain. It's been giving me a headache too. I still got in some exercise, but it wasn't great. I dropped Callahan and Cole at basketball practice at 5:00 (Callahan would get a ride home with them) and then took Colton and Ambree to soccer at 6:30. They lost. It's a bigger field, I could tell Colton was getting tired with all his running around. I stopped at Wendys with the little boys afterward. Gray and the older boys had scouts.

0917 (Tuesday) After dropping off the little boys I stopped at Kohls and stocked up on socks for the boys, and some shirts for Callahan. I really need to go through the closets as most things in Callahan's are now too little ... I moved a few things to Cooper's closet, skipping Keaton completely. The weather looked a bit better today, but then we were struck by some thunder/rain and a LOT of wind. I was quite worried through the day half-expecting a call, but Cooper seemed ok. I made calls to the rec coaches for Colton's soccer and Cooper's basketball, as Gene Fullmer hadn't updated our cell phone #... such a bother! I had Landon stop for a Papa Murphy's pizza on the way home. We had Randon after school as Natalie needed to take Corbin to the doctor (poor guy has been through a lot).  I had a little trouble dismounting from the stationary bike today, totally bruised up my knee. A tooth has been giving me trouble too.There was open gym at West Hills, so I dropped the boys off there at 5:30. Cooper had his pack meeting at 7:00 and Gray came home and left for his derby ... no boy available to go with him. Then back to pick up the boys from basketball ... busy day!

0916 (Monday) Back to routine. Cooper had been looking forward to this week, because the weather forecast was actually nice. So he was very upset this morning when in was overcast and raining. More upset than he's been recently. I offered to go into the school and ask at the office if he could be allowed to be inside on bad weather days but he said I didn't need to. I did park in the lot and stuck around and kept an eye on him until they were allowed inside. I then went to Maceys for some grocery shopping. I got in my elliptical, treadmill (did two whole miles jogging), and weights. After school it was busy, Stephen came home with Callahan and they did some homework and we gathered flowers for his biology assignment. Landon needed some jello made for one of his assignments. I made spaghetti for dinner. Keaton had practice in the evening 8-10. I needed a shower (and took one) so Gray went and picked up, so I didn't have to go in my jammies and no makeup.

0915 (Sunday) It was Stake Conference, calling a new stake presidency in our ward. Gray went to the meeting but I didn't make the kids go. Gray suggested Sunday Brunch, which we haven't been to in a long while. The one at Little America has shut down, so we tried the Grand America. It was nice, but we probably won't be going back. Not quite as nice as LA, but more expensive.  I was taking a rest day, but still got in a couple sessions on the elliptical. Gray got frustrated with Landon for using the derby projector when he had specifically said it was off limits. Grayson confiscated his favorite airsoft gun and gave him a talking to about spoiled he is with his truck, iphone, ipad, etc. Landon ended up packing everything (all his devices and guns) up ...

0914 (Saturday) Soccer games were cancelled. It really wasn't raining, but the ground is just so saturated! There was some flooding in West Jordan and Herriman that made the news. Gray and the little boys got home around mid-day and Gray needed a rest. I got in quite a bit of exercise for a Saturday. Made another Sam's run.

0913 (Friday) Clay made plans to go up to a cousin's cabin and do some fishing and asked Gray and the boys to come along. At first Colton said no, as he had his first soccer game on Saturday (not that I'd received any information, I had to call the rec center for the info). I mentioned that I thought it might be cancelled due to the weather, so he decided to go. Gray even talked Cooper into going ... there have been so many storms lately, he's really been struggling. He was in tears after school today and a friend was so cute as he gave him a fist bump and told him to "face his fears".  None of the big boys could be talked into it though. So they left, and I had another Friday night at home, getting in more exercise. Weight did come in low today, so hurrah for that!

0912 (Thursday) Landon had flag duty today, they had to do it uber early as kids at early morning seminary (not an EMS day for him though). Trying for a big cardio and calorie deficit day for weigh-in tomorrow. Made tacos for dinner at Cooper's request. Callahan and Keaton had basketball practice over at the school. Gray remarked on the pantry ... so I spent a few hours cleaning it up. Still not great, but better I guess.

0911 (Wednesday) Cooper was pretty nervous as storms were in the forecast. They did hit, but not until much later in the day. I went to Sam's Club ... nice to have the early morning hours option so I can hit it on the way home from dropping the kids at school. Callahan had basketball practice at a nearby church, supposed to end at 6:30 but went over by about 45 minutes. There is a boy in our neighborhood on the team so we'll need to work out some carpooling. I did a quick stop at the library while I was out that way. Gray and the boys had scouts (Callahan got home so late he bagged going).

0910 (Tuesday) Pretty basic day, not a lot of the schedule. After school, Sister McBride stopped by to see if Cooper would go to scouts. I hadn't really mentioned it to him because of his anticipation anxiety , but I went ahead and put him on the spot and he said he would go. He came home with a cricket and a new attitude about scouts, so that is good I guess. I figured if he would just go once, he'd get over his fears. I made chicken pillows for dinner, with the fried chicken for Cooper. He's actually been asking "what's for dinner" a lot lately and he refuses to eat anything left over (we have a LOT of left overs!)

0909 (Monday) Back to the routine. I stopped at Maceys for groceries after dropping the little boys off to school. Brownie mixes were on sale and I needed to restock. Got in cardio and weights. Just did left overs for dinner. C&K had basketball practice in the evening, 8:00-10:00.

0908 (Sunday) Gray left early to attend a "farewell" for Greg Willet's oldest son. We had our usual Sunday Circles and then went to church. Cooper was a bit nervous and the skies were still overcast, but no more real storms.  After church we had our steak/chicken barbecue, so yummy.  Pam showed up with birthday gifts for Landon and Keaton. I indulged in cheesecake ... I don't even really like cheesecake! I felt so full.

0907 (Saturday) ♥  Happy Birthday Landon. I made french toast for breakfast. Gray went running some errands, getting the cars washed and oil changed. I got in some cardio and mowed the lawn, then hit Sams and Smiths. We went out to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Cooper wasn't happy as storm clouds were rolling in. We ate, and got a cheesecake to bring home (Landon's request for his "birthday cake").  The storm hit bad back at home, I've never heard/felt such thunder! There was flooding in Utah County.

0906 (Friday) I still got up early ... so did Callahan much to his chagrin when he remembered it was Friday and "late start".  Poor Landon still had early morning seminary.  I took the little boys to school, then the middle school boys. I got in a little sun and some exercise, then it was early out for the elementary.  Gray came home exhausted and fell asleep early.

0905 (Thursday) Cooper wasn't feeling well and he stayed home from school. I got in cardio and weights. The basketball teams were announced and Keaton is on the "B" team this year. He's a bit disappointed, but I'm not surprised. I hope he can shine a little more on this team. It has some friends from West Hills too, it will be good. I pulled out Cooper's bike (which he doesn't know how to ride) and let Colton use it ... his was stolen last Spring.  He rode it to Randon's to play. Gray went wave running with Tony, he said the weather/water was perfect. Stuck in a Ziti for dinner.

0904 (Wednesday) It was actually a sunny day ... I took advantage. Mac and cheese for dinner. The boys had scouts and Keaton had basketball tryouts again. Callahan went to watch and help.

0903 (Tuesday) Back to the routine, I had a good day. Got in my cardio and still managed to get in my "mom" duties. Stopped at Maceys after dropping off the boys. Restocked the fruit snacks. Went to SamsClub for milk, the first time I've taken advantage of the early business hours. Cooper had a math pre-test at school that sent him into a panic attack ... poor kid! Made muffins after school and chicken cordon bleu for dinner. Ran Callahan to some basketball fun, and Keaton had his first day of tryouts at the high school.

0902 (Monday) Labor Day. Gray and the boys had flag duty. We then went up to Bountiful to meet the extended Blackham Bunch at Kneaders. We went back to the house afterward and Olivia gave the boys much needed haircuts.  Home again ... still time to get in a lot of cardio and did weights.

0901 (Sunday) I postponed our usual "Sunday Circles" until after church. Still got in a bit of cardio. Need that to combat the homemade oreos ...

0831 (Saturday) Happy Birthday Keaton! Another teenager. Gray and the boys went over to the church to do the cleaning assignment, while I had the little boys help at home emptying the garbages. The plan was to get together with the Blackham side again at Pineview (Kolby's family is in from Seattle). Colton however did NOT want to go, something we'd expect from Cooper or Keaton. He could not be convinced, so I just stayed home with him. I finished cleaning up the house, mowed the lawn, and ran to the store to pick up another Oreo ice cream cake for Keaton. They actually got hit with bad weather and had to call it early, so we didn't miss much anyway.

0830 (Friday) Weight had been up slightly yesterday, and I really didn't think I was going to make a loss for this week's weigh-in, but the scale shifted over three pounds from yesterday morning, almost two pounds from last week. But it was a discombobulated day. Sleep in a little, as the middle school has late start. I drove the elementary kids, then home for a bit then C&K off. I stopped at the library and Smiths on the way home, then got started making desserts for the family party tonight. Made brownies (chocolate frosted and marshmallow) and lemon jello cake. Got in a little exercise, but then it was early out for the elementary. Landon picked up the middle school boys and then we all headed out to Cowabunga Bay, meeting the cousins there. We went to Clay's house after, where he had smoked ribs.

0829 (Thursday) Natalie drove to school today, Cooper wasn't too happy about that, he still wants me to drive both ways, which really isn't that big of a deal. Whatever helps him.

0828 (Wednesday) Happy Birthday Cooper. Double digits. I packaged up some treats for him to take to his classmates. He brought home a white t-shirt everyone had signed. I made brownies ready and waiting after school, and some homemade chocolate ice cream. I made his favorite dinner (fried chicken and yellow rice) and we had Oreo ice cream cake after the boys and Daddy were done with Young Mens. His favorite gifts were a big Minecraft creeper doll and a sidewalk chalk pencil.

0827 (Tuesday) I do like being back in the routine of school ... still cloudy and another rainstorm!

0826 (Monday) First day of school!. I had to set my alarm to get up at 6:00. Still got in a workout before taking C&K to school. Back in time to get lunches made for the little ones and take them to Terra Linda. We will be carpooling with Cranes, but I told Cooper I'd take him until he was comfortable. Then ... back to the quiet house. I actually did stop by Maceys on the way home, grabbing some treats for lunchboxes.  Got in cardio and weights, no tanning as there was no sun. Landon is pickup up C&K, which is good as Terra Linda gets out earlier than Columbia and it's cutting it a little bit close. Cooper and Colton said the first day went find and they had made some friends. I made spaghetti for dinner, but Gray thought it tasted off. I made homemade oreos for dessert, as I hadn't made them yesterday, and they were a bit off too. Big and flat, but still tasted good.

0825 (Sunday) Instead of taking a day of rest, I got in exercise so I could partake of cake later in the day. We had a family party up at Chris and Kim's house. We hadn't been there before. It was fun to chat. The cousins were playing a little game that totally reminded me of "fasties and strongies" that we used to play with our cousins. The cake was yummy, and I had skipped lunch and dinner so I was under my calories!

0824 (Saturday) Gray had brought up the annual "end of summer" breakfast, it had actually slipped my mind. We went out to Virg's today. Gray then took a little nap and then went into work. I went and got my nails done ... my nibbling had done a number on them. I was going to mow the lawn (at least the front) but it was a little rainy. I sent Landon and Callahan to drop off registration for Callahan's Fall basketball.

0819-23 (Monday-Friday) The final week of summer ... the kids did seem bored and unsure what to do with themselves. Good thing school is starting back up. I still got in plenty of exercise with them around, even being bored, they do keep themselves occupied and don't require much. Callahan had an ortho appointment on Wednesday and got an "off" date for his braces ... Oct8. Keaton had his first day of school (half-day for just the 7th graders) on Thursday, and then we had Back to School night for the little boys. Cooper is nervous, and the weather isn't being particularly cooperative.

0811-0818 (Sunday) Well ... it was a QUIET week. Gray and the boys checked in on their travels and I enjoyed the vacation vicariously with none of the stress I would have suffered had I been on it. I enjoyed my time alone. Got in quite a bit of cardio during the day. Started up weights again. Got in some sun, I'm quite tan now. With Gray gone, I found I stayed up quite late, after midnight many times (quite unheard of for me). Eating was ok, not having to make things for the boys, but also no one around to stop me from eating right out of the ice cream container. The family got back and it was nice to have everyone home again. I made spaghetti and homemade oreos.

0810 (Saturday) Last minute packing. Gray took the burb in to get a new box for the top (the old one had broken, but I think it was still fine ... with duct tape holding it together). The boys were pretty much packed ... Keaton and Cooper had decided to go. Got the electronics bag all stocked, food, and they were finally off a little after 1:00. I mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, finished up my 30DS and other exercise. It was quiet ...

0809 (Friday) A bit of an emotional day. A little pressure from Pam to go on the trip. I had thought it was a done deal. Then both Cooper and Keaton seemed surprised that I wasn't planning on going and both seemed very anxious about going without me. Oh the anxiety. I would consider for a moment trying to attend but I know I would be utterly miserable.

0808 (Thursday) Hit a few stores today - Shopko, Kmart, Walgreens ... but ended up coming home and placing a couple orders online as the stores didn't have what I needed on the shelves. Felt a little off today, maybe TOM, or something I ate (or didn't eat). Made toasted cheese for dinner.

0807 (Wednesday) Shoulder feels better, I was able to do my 30DS today, as well as my regular cardio. Glad to be able to. Cooper's new scout leader had made an attempt to get him excited about coming (it was today) but the weather was cloudy ... and he'll actually be out of this group in just a few weeks on his birthday.  The big boys had scouts in the evening... Dodgeball. Gray said it kicked his butt. ♥

0806 (Tuesday) I've been getting such slow starts these days. Sleeping in, then getting distracted with blog posts and such. I also tweaked my shoulder as I was starting 30DS. It really wiped me out. I'd put some beef chunks in the crock pot for stroganoff for dinner. After a few days of higher calorie counts, it was nice to finally keep it under control today.

0805 (Monday) Back to work for Gray. Landon says he's done working for the summer. Cranes were going to SevenPeaks and invited the boys ... Landon, Keaton and Colton went. They did get stormed out though (good thing Cooper had stayed home). I got my nails done, they needed it badly. Then I picked up some Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner. The white sauce and cheese on the thin crust was yummy!

0804 (Sunday) Sunday circles ... church ... scones, breadsticks,homemade oreos. No nap today as I had to exercise to try and combat all the bread!

0803 (Saturday) I woke around 4:30 and just couldn't get back to sleep. Not really stressing about any one thing in particular, just thinking about EVERYTHING. So many topics running through my brain. Made french toast for breakfast then made some dough and got cinnamon rolls rising. I'd tried the cans and even Rhodes, but the family says they are not the same as homemade.  Got in some cardio but I was dragging, especially during 30DS. Gray and Callahan got home and they were both tired and wanted to rest. I ran to the library to return and pick up. I dropped some cinnamon rolls off to Cranes and Days. Landon went on a date. ♥

0802 (Friday) Slept in this morning ... so a slow start to the day! Got in one session on the elliptical then went running errands. Walgreens, to take advantage of a deal there. Then to BigLots to spend a $5 certificate (I got $5 of stuff exactly!). Then Smiths for my prescriptions and a couple other items. Then Terra Linda, to finalize the registration of the little boys. Then to Maceys, they had a deal on ice cream. Whew! Back home for some more elliptical. I mowed the lawn and played some ping pong too. Also did get to Sam's for milk Was going to try and get in for a fill on my nails, but I tried polishing them myself to give me a few more days.

0801 (Thursday) Up a little early as I hadn't put the garbages out and wanted to make sure we didn't get missed. It's really only the green waste that comes early. Landon's truck was done, so I dropped him off and told him he could pick up donuts on the way home. Why did I do that? I ate donuts today. We hit Jump for a bit and Natalie met us there. She needed to run some errands so she left Randon and Manti, we would have loved to have Stockton too, but he wanted Mom. I went to hit Sam's Club for some milk ... I thought they were open until 9:00, but it's 8:30 and I was too late.

0731 (Wednesday) Gray was home as he and Callahan were leaving for scout camp. Keaton was invited too and was planning, but then started to stress. After much back and forth he decided to go, but then had an anxiety attack as they drove away. He didn't go. Landon was home today too, wanting to take a few days off. His truck needed some service so we dropped it at Top Stop. My morning had been a bit disjointed, but I got in my workouts in the afternoon/evening.

0730 (Tuesday) I'd purchased a Groupon to ClassicWaterpark a while back and it expires tomorrow, so I figured we should probably use it. Went ahead and got a couple workouts (including 30DS) in. Callahan made plans to go to Gene Fullmer and Landon was working, but Jacob and Travis joined in and I do think that made it a lot more fun for my three. I hadn't read the fine print, that the place opens at 10:00, but the slides don't turn on until 12:00. We got there around 11:30 and had a little time to kill, but the boys actually seemed to have fun in the two tiny pools. And then it was sliding and bouncing for several hours in the sun. We got pizza and pop as part of the deal. They lasted a bit longer than I would have thought. I was the one who finally called it. I hadn't heard from Callahan but planned on stopping at GeneFullmer to grab him (he called right as we were almost there anyway, perfect timing).  Not a great exercise or eating day, but lots of fun photos. I made black bean and spinach enchilada (Landon's request) but Gray was too busy prepping to partake.  Mac and cheese for the rest of the family.

0729 (Monday) Back to the basic routine. Ran to the store for some ingredients, then made Haystacks for dinner and lemon jello cake for dessert.

0728 (Sunday) I was on double duty for primary today. I had walked to church and planned to walk home but it was pouring! I made stroganoff for dinner and it gotten eaten completely, I was anticipating some left-overs! Made homemade oreos ... SO hard to stay under on calories with the big breakfast and Sunday treat. I even got quite a bit of cardio in, and barely stayed under.

0727 (Saturday) ♥ Awakened early by Keaton ... not really a surprise though, I'm surprised he made it through the night without more medication. No basketball today. I guess it's good as Callahan is hurting and Keaton is sick. I had a fairly productive day. Got some laundry done, bills paid, blogs updated, a trip to the grocery store, and even got one of my nails re-done (it broke off yesterday). Also mowed the lawn ... I wasn't sure I'd get it in as there were showers off and on. Still got in quite a bit of cardio and finished up my 30DS Level 2.

0726 (Friday) Callahan hitched a ride to Gene Fullmer this morning. I got in a couple workouts then headed over to the hospital for my annual mammogram. It was quick. Stopped at Big Lots as I had a $5 coupon. Callahan called, saying his back was hurting (which he's been complaining about for a few days) and could I pick him up, so I did. Mason and Stockton returned to our house with him and hung out for a few hours. Then Callahan went to Stockton's and I picked him up in the evening. The bulb in the projector had burned out, so Keaton and I pulled the screen down and hooked the Xbox back up to the TV. This allowed us to get the ping pong table back out. The boys played punishment during the day, but then Keaton seemed under the weather, so I didn't get a game with him in.

0725 (Thursday) The DiFran family is heading back to California tomorrow but they wanted to stop by for a goodbye. They stayed and played for about an hour. Callahan went into work with Landon today, needing to earn a little money. The boys wanted Chinese when they got home, so I sent Landon to pick some up.  Gray didn't get home until LATE.

0724 (Wednesday) Pioneer Day. Gray and the boys got up for flag duty, and I got in an elliptical workout. We then packed up and headed to Pineview. Maga, Rex and Ana's family met us up there. We had been a little worried about the weather (clouds and looked a little stormy) but it was really nice. The boys enjoyed having their cousins there (as I mentioned, they have a thing for cute one-year olds!) Home again - Landon bought some fireworks and Jacob's family did a big display. I got in another elliptical session and I suddenly didn't fell very well. Not sure if it was just too much sun, to many snacks, or what ...

0723 (Tuesday) We had the DiFran family over again. The kids just played video games (Colton and Mara actually played chess) and then had some water fun. I made snickerdoodles. It was the last basketball game of the summer season over at Gene Fullmer. I got in my jogging. I'm going to miss that!

0722 (Monday) Our friends the DiFran family was in town from California. We had made arrangements to meet up with them at Jump N Bounce today. We brought Jacob, Ridley, Jaxon and Reagan too. It was a lot of fun to see them again. Poulter's came a little later (Ambree and Mara had missed each other a lot). Little Todd was cute, Callahan had stayed home, but said he would have come if he had known Todd was going to be there. My older boys love playing with little cute one-year olds. It was also Gray and I's 21st Anniversary. I suggested Market Street Grill. He got home a little late, but we went out and enjoyed. I've been with hubby as long as I was ever without him ...

0721 (Sunday) Pretty normal Sunday. Sunday circles for breakfast. A little exercise and walked to/from church. I had made rice krispie treats yesterday for Gray to take to his class, but they ended up having a combined meeting so he didn't need them after all, which of course meant they were around all day to temp me ... and I gave into that temptation. ♥

0720 (Saturday) I got in my makeup 30DS today and some elliptical. The boys had a basketball game, so I also got in five miles there. I didn't eat much during the day, but then Gray and I went out to dinner at Johnny Carinos, so that added a lot of calories quickly. Earlier in the day Gray and Landon took his iphone into the Apple Store, as it's been giving him some problems. They swapped it out for a new one (under warranty), a newer operating system and Landon is a little sad because he can't jailbreak the new one (as his old one had been). They picked up some cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (more quick calories, I don't usually like cheesecake, but this plain kind is good). I ran to Smiths for some groceries and picked up a book a the library. I've been trying to arrange my travels like that, as 40th has been under construction and only one way (South). But, looks like they are done, so that is nice. ♥

0719 (Friday) It was Sherri Day's funeral today. Gray still went into work, but Landon didn't. I got in a couple workouts before it started at 11:00. Callahan came too, as Jacob and Jared are his age (her youngest sons). After it was done, the boys packed up and headed up to Pineview. Cooper wasn't really in the mood, so I stayed home with him. It was fairly boring for him, not that he complained. We went to Maceys to grab a few groceries and watched "And The Winner Is..." Clay came over to swap his Subaru for Landon's truck, I guess his car wasn't going to work for his scout camp. The boys didn't get back until quite late!

0718 (Thursday) Disrupted day ... I started with my annual physical, took a little longer than expected (having blood drawn for tests) and Callahan was anxiously awaiting my chauffeur skills to get him, Keaton and Mason (who had been dropped by our house) to the gym. I dropped them off, and back at home, the heating guys were back finishing up their work (from replacing the A/C). They were around most of the morning. Keaton didn't last as long at the gym, so I picked him up around 2:00. Callahan stayed until 5:00, and Landon happened to be coming home and was able to pick him up on the way and save me another trip.

0717 (Wednesday) Callahan had an ortho appointment in the morning. I just dropped him off and picked him up at the end of the neighborhood, as it's so hard to turn around on 7800. He wanted to go to Gene Fullmer as soon as I picked him up, but we did have to pick up a friend (Porter).  He was able to get a ride home. I kept calories low and got in oodles of exercise. I redeemed my "WeedMan" coupon, and I hope the front lawn will look better. Gray and the boys had scouts in the evening. I ran to SamsClub as we were about out of milk.

0716 (Tuesday) Another "good" day, as Tuesdays tend to be, although a lot of that is tied into the boy's basketball games in the evening, and that will soon be coming to an end. Callahan had Mason come over in the morning, and I took them to Gene Fullmer fairly early. I stopped by Maceys on the way home and grabbed some groceries. It was stormy again today, I was glad Landon got home by the time we needed to leave for the basketball game, as I didn't want to leave Cooper home alone. The boys were playing Stockton and our boys won, but it was the closest game so far. I thought I could hear thunder as I jogged (a little hard to tell with headphones on) but the roof was actually leaking, dropping water onto the track!

0715 (Monday) I had a few "bad" days, where I was barely burning more than I was eating, so back at it today. I did feel good enough to get my exercise in. I made Sunday Circles, which I hadn't made yesterday. Originally we had been planning on tending the Crane kids today, and it would have been good as Landon decided not to work either. But Natalie ended up making other arrangements. Callahan was a bit disappointed! The big boys have set up the projector and screen downstairs with the Xbox (which means I can't plan ping pong!) and they were busy with that most of the day. C&K had practice in the evening. I went ready to jog a bit, but Keaton was wanting to come home right after.

0714 (Sunday) Gray went to the office. I woke up not feeling well at all. Prepped with my hair in a pony and a bucket just in case, but I didn't throw up. I made arrangements for the piano and took the day off. I really didn't get out of bed for much of the day. We'd planned on BBQing today, and I told Gray to go ahead. Callahan had been waiting for it for weeks! I felt ok enough by evening that I could even eat.

0713 (Saturday) The boys had a basketball game today. I was jogging the track but had to come down early when Keaton took a hard hit. He was really crying and did have a bump, we watched for concussion signs but he seemed ok.  We stopped at Dunford and grabbed some donuts on the way home. Gray and I did hit our movie, Man of Steel. Gray had been wanting to see it since before it came out, I am a little surprised we waited this long. I actually didn't care for it.

0712 (Friday) Writing in retrospect ... I can't really remember anything about this day *Ü*  Gray and I debated going to a movie, but he'd been up uber early and I was dragging too. So we stayed in.  Landon was planning on hitting the drive-in with Rachel, but they didn't leave early enough to get a spot.

0711 (Thursday) Callahan decided to take the day off from the rec center and let his feet breathe a bit. Having him around can complicate things though. We got the Xbox back yesterday (after sending it in for repair) so now he and Keaton were fighting over it, and he monopolized Jacob, which had Cooper and Colton in tears. I made chicken pillows for dinner with lemon jello cake for dessert.

0710 (Wednesday) Callahan went to Gene Fullmer early today and stayed almost the entire day! He had 35,000 steps when he got home and said his feet hurt. I would think so! I'm still getting in my cardio and 30DS, but didn't get anywhere close to him today. Cooked up some chicken, which I'll make into chicken pillows tomorrow. Gray and Callahan had scouts in the evening.

0709 (Tuesday) Got a bit of a slow start today. Callahan and Keaton went to Gene Fullmer, got a ride there and then I picked up in the afternoon. As we were taking Steven and Conner home, I had brought library books to return (and one hold to pick up). The game was at 6:00 today, against Steve's team, which would probably be our only competition this season. The boys still won pretty easily. I got my jogging in, although their was a guy on the track that smelled SO strongly of smoke I had to hold my breath everytime I jogged past him.

0708 (Monday) Keaton has been complaining about a shape floating around the vision of his left eye. He had also struggled a bit with the eye test at his last physical, so I had an appointment with the ophthalmologist today. It went fine, he passed all the tests with flying colors. The Dr. said there was perhaps a bit of condensation on the back of the eye that could be causing the visual, but that it should fade and was not cause for alarm. Hopefully that reassurance will help Keaton get over it, as I can't help but wonder if some of it is psychosomatic. His eyes were dilated, so he got some special glasses until they return to normal. Callahan went to Gene Fullmer around 11:00 saying he was going to stay until practice ... at 7:00. Keaton also wanted to go later (around 2:00) which I still thought was too early. They ended up calling for a pickup around 4:30, which was ok too. I stopped at Smiths quick to grab a prescription. Basketball practice in the evening. We ended up going early and stopping at SportsChalet as Callahan wanted to buy some knee protection pads. I don't know if he NEEDS them or if they are just the latest trend among the boys. I remember I bought him an elbow guard and he wore it about one time! I jogged the track when we first got to the rec center, but the class was there again at 7:00, and it's just not worth trying to compete with that on the small track. Still too hot to jog outside too, so I just went back home. Went back to pick up the boys when practice ended and ended up getting some more jogging in then, as they decided to stay and play until closing.

0707 (Sunday) Rude awakening at 3:00 in the morning! Doorbell ditched. I'm a little surprised it woke me, but I am a light sleeper. Good thing too, as it wasn't just the noise, but they had left a pile of papertowel in flames on the front porch! With the winds lately, that could easily turn into something. Landon also woke up and we put it out but I wasn't able to get back to sleep until 5:00. Gray ended up going into work. It was testimonies at church, many of the youth (L&C too) talked about Youth Conference.

0706 (Saturday) Being the 4th of July weekend, there were no basketball games today. Gray mentioned the possibility of hitting the lake, but I think everyone was still a little burned, and burned out from Thursday. He went into work for a bit, but was home pretty early. I mentioned to him that the boys had been quite anxious to see Despicable Me 2, so he said we could do that. I begged off a bit ... as I can't seem to control myself eating popcorn and candy, it seemed best for me to sit it out and get in a workout or two instead. So the boys left and hit breakfast at Kneaders first, then went to the movie. They all really enjoyed it. I needed to run some errands (grocery shopping, trying to find some Sunday shoes for Cooper), I dropped Callahan off at Gene Fullmer then hit Kmart and SmithsMarketplace (still no black shoes size 4 at either location). Picked up Callahan on my way home. The boys grabbed some of the goodies (Golden Oreos and Cheddar Ruffles) ... Gray and I had talked about going out to eat as a family, but with them chowing down and already having gone out to breakfast and a movie, we decided to keep it to just the two of us. A storm rolled in right as we left, pouring as we made the dash into the restaurant.  I got a text from Callahan that Cooper was freaking out. They took him down to their bedroom and distracted him with Wii games. Keaton had a meltdown a bit earlier too ... anxiety in the air (personally, I've been feeling quite a bit better though). Gray and I enjoyed our meal at Tepanyaki. I had only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, so I was pretty hungry, but did stay under calories. Gray and I watched a couple DVDs back at home.

0705 (Friday) ... and the kids are bored. Oh dear, I'm a bit worried about summer. Part of the problem I'm sure is that our neighbor Jacob is gone camping with his family. He really helps keep my boys happy and entertained. I can always tell a difference when he isn't around. I asked the boys if they would want to hit Jump, or bowling or possibly a movie ... then I remembered Colton had a birthday party to go to at 2:30 and that impacted plans somewhat. Oh course then the boys had decided they wanted the movie and were very down when I said no (I didn't want Colton to miss out). Callahan and Cooper both retreated to their beds moping and ended up taking long naps. Gray came home from work early and we hit a movie (WorldWarZ). Too much popcorn and candy!

0704 (Thursday) We did go hit the lake today. We probably should have planned and prepped last night, but we still got off early. Got on the lake around 9:30. It wasn't too crowded (for a holiday). There had been thunder and lightening last night, but it was a nice day, although it did get windy later in the afternoon. We stopped at Maga's on the way home. A little more swimming then back to the house for dinner ... and haircuts! We didn't get home until 8:30. Landon took off on another date. The three little boys (and two neighbors) did sparklers and some of the basic fireworks I had leftover from last year. There was a nice big show from the neighbors too. ♥

0703 (Wednesday) First official day of "summer" and the kids and I slept in. I took Callahan and Co. to Gene Fullmer again. It was hot, the kids played more with waterballoons and the buckets. I got the lawn mowed. I made fried chicken and rice for dinner. Gray had talked about possibly going waverunning, but he was very tired from an uber early morning. Gray still had scouts (although our boys didn't go) and Landon went on a date to the Real game and wasn't home until late.

0702 (Tuesday) Last day of school ... last day at Columbia. Callahan wanted to go to Gene Fullmer again, and I picked up a couple of friends too, as basketball is always more fun with friends. I stopped at Smiths after, grabbing a couple things on the sale before it ends, then went straight to the school to pick up kids as it was early out for the last day. So summer starts! Callahan was at Gene Fullmer for most of the day, got a ride home around 7:00. He and Keaton had their game at 9:00. We had a full team today (9 players). Keaton got an elbow to the throat which took him out for a bit. Still a pretty easy win. I jogged the track. Callahan had been determined to beat me today, but was just a little behind. He walked around the house until he did.

0701 (Monday) Field day for the Columbia Kids today. It's supposed to be over 100°! I put sunscreen on them and sent them with water bottles ... of course Colton forgot his! Callahan slept in until 10:30. Last day of school tomorrow then we can all sleep in, it will be interesting to see what time that is. Got in good exercise all day. Starting the 30 Day Shred (officially, I tried it out last Friday). Callahan wanted to go to Gene Fullmer early (they had practice at 7:00) and I was willing to drop him off as I wanted to make a run to Maceys anyway, get some grapes and Chips Ahoy before the sale ended. Back at 7:00 with Keaton. I jogged the track, but it was NOT great, as there was a class going on and it was SO crowded. I wish practice was at any other time! If it wasn't 100° outside I would have just jogged the park. I also forgot my HRM, which I was bummed about, as I wanted to see what it would say about my workout.  Oh well. I had done some cleaning ... not that it lasts! ♥

0630 (Sunday) I was too low on waffle mix ... I have ordered some more, but our Sunday Circles were pancakes today. Walked to/from church, and got in some elliptical and bike. Not bad for a Sunday. But also ate a lot of calories, pretty much right up to my burn (third day in a row of little or no deficit). Got in a nice nap too. We had Skookie for dessert.

0629 (Saturday) No games today, C&K's league was having games, but their team had a bye, which was good as Callahan was still gone to Youth Conference. They got home a little after 12:00, and both boys had some pretty good sunburns. I made a run to Smiths for a few groceries, and picked up some gift cards to Red Robin for the folks, as they were taking us, Shane's family and Derek's family out there in the early evening. I've been teaching Mom about the benefits of the fuel discounts. Looped up to the library to return a DVD, but would have had to go that way anyway, as 40th is a one-way street (Southbound) during construction. Gray was working (Parade of Homes) but as soon as he got home we headed to Red Robin. The parents were there and had a table waiting, Shane's family showed up right after. Yummy dinner then back home, for us anyway. Shane's family went back to Mom and Dad's to give the kids baths as their water has been contaminated. That may even be worse than a broken A/C!

0628 (Friday) Back to the school again for the Honor Roll Assembly, all three kids got awards. Guys came out to install a new A/C and furnace. Big Black was able to keep our bedroom nice and cool. The kids all gathered there after school. The new A/C was finally up and running, but it would still take hours to catch up to the hot house. So we packed up and went to the movies, to see Monsters University. The A/C at the theater worked! Too much popcorn and candy though!

0627 (Thursday) The A/C went out yesterday, and by evening it was SO hot in the house. Miserable! The little boys slept downstairs where it was still ok. Gray arranged for a repairman to come look at it, but alas, it is toast and needs to be replaced. Still got my workouts in, but I could tell the heat was getting to me (my gym, usually 68° was around 75°) ... and just having to come back upstairs after. I felt pretty drained and had to re-hydrate often. I went over to the school in the afternoon to watch Cooper's class do a "Grammarasaur" play. We went out to grab some Wendys for dinner as there was no way I was cooking in the kitchen (more than I already was). Gray picked up a new portable A/C for our room (I had tried moving the old white one in, but it wasn't able to keep up, even in the smaller room). This new one actually had quite a bit of power and did cool us down eventually.

0626 (Wednesday) The big boys had their first day of youth conference. They were off to the family history library and not home until evening. With them gone, I took advantage of the empty house and sunshine to get some color on my legs. I'd shot an email to the principal at Terra Linda asking about if the 4th grade was in the portables (just another concern for Cooper) but she assured me that they were not. I went ahead and made the commitment for the switch. Cooper was relieved to hear he wouldn't be in the portables, and seems to be coming to terms with it, although I'm sure we'll have more tears when school starts again. Amazon dropped off my new heart rate monitor I ordered ... on MFP so many people seem to think it is the most accurate for tracking calories so I thought maybe I'd give it a try. Of course it comes in reading lower than my machines, FB, or MFP estimates! I don't know how often I'll use it. I don't love the chest strap. I'll probably try it as I do new workouts, but if I'm pretty confident of a basic caloric burn (my elliptical) then I won't bother.  Made a run to the library with the boys (Keaton wanted to pick up a DVD and Cooper wanted to look at books) and then a run to Sams as we were almost out of milk.

0625 (Tuesday) Colton had his 1st grade program today. They were performing for the school at 9:30, and for the parents at 2:30. I went at the earlier one, as it's not only more convenient, but it's less crowded with all the parents and their video cameras, parking is easier too. I had a pretty good  view, far back behind the students, but they were all sitting on the ground. It was cute. Stopped at Lowes to grab a few more flowers. They didn't have the ones I had purchased a few days ago, but I got a hosta and planted it. Cooper was pretty down today about the school switch. I hate seeing him like this. I really think it's going to turn out fine, better for everyone, but it is hard. I just feel like Cooper doesn't have that many "great" friends, they are just school friends. Most of his "best friends" have moved, and Ridley is still close enough that he can still play with him easily. Gray had a derby, Keaton went with him. C&K also had a basketball game at Dimple Dell at 9:00 ... I don't really like these late games! Again, an uber easy win (the other team was tiny, looked like 5th graders) and again only five guys (Jared and Parker are at the Dixie basketball camp). Gray was asleep when we got back, but Landon was out late on a date.

0624 (Monday) Feeling a bit off and run down today. Odd as yesterday was my "rest" day and Mondays are usually my best days. Only 5.34 hours of sleep according to the Fitbit. And emotional morning, many tears from #4 as we discussed the upcoming school switch. I was driving the boys to school today and as we were off I realized that during all the crying, I hadn't given Cooper any breakfast! He said he would be ok, but I felt so bad. I didn't have breakfast either as my punishment.  Made a run to the store (Maceys) for some groceries. Family dinner of chicken and gravy over rice. I hadn't made homemade oreos yesterday so I made them today.

0623 (Sunday) As we didn't get out waverunning last week, we had talked about doing it today. I arranged a sub for the piano, we borrowed a couple life jackets for the little boys (as we haven't purchased some for them yet) and were off. We actually forgot the life jackets and a gas funnel, and had to turn around after stopping for gas (we weren't too far out, just 10 minutes or so). It was still quite crowded. Anderson Cove was full so we had to go to the other side. The boys really enjoyed it. We didn't have a jacket for me, and I just don't really care to go out on a machine ... I'm not afraid or anything, I just don't really get a rush like everyone else, so as they were in demand and boys who wanted to go had to wait, it didn't make sense for me to take up a turn. I got a little sun, although there was some cloud cover for much of the day. Landon had a pretty good wipe out that wiped him out a bit ... lost his sunglasses again.  Then home again ...

0622 (Saturday) Productive day. Kept calories low (I think I was just too busy to eat!) and got in lots of cardio. Some ellitptical, then jogged during the boy's first basketball game. The rec center is just having kids keep their jerseys from season to season. I wondered how they would keep from repeating numbers ... I guess they don't care, as both Cal and Keaton are #7. I guess that is fun, as if someone asks me which is my kid I can just say #7, they will ask "which one" and I'll answer "both!"  *Ü*  We only had five players today, so both boys played the entire time. Keaton wouldn't mind a break, but it's probably good for both of them to work on their conditioning. Back at home I mowed the lawn and made a run to the store and library. Grayson was working all day as the Parade of Homes has started and they have a house in it.

0621 (Friday) Cooper wasn't feeling well in the morning, moaning and complaining of tummy pain. I set him up with a bucket and got the other two boys off to school. He did end up throwing up, and then falling asleep for a long nap. I was a little sad, it was his wax museum today and I was actually looking forward to it. Now I really don't care for all the school functions interrupting my day (next week is going to be busy) but I was planning on going to this. At least it seemed like a "once and done" deal. Landon was off working in Park City again, and Callahan spent much of the morning over at Jacob's house. I was a little off today (with Cooper down) but did still get in my cardio. Should have done weights but just didn't get around to it. I wasn't sure what time Gray was getting home (the Parade of Homes started today, they have a house in it), and whether he would want to try and hit a movie or something ... need to bank some calories if that is the case. He ended up not getting home until late and then taking an evening nap. I came in at 10:00 to go to bed, but he then woke up and watched previews and stuff for 90 minutes. I can't fall asleep with the noisy and constant change. Can't read either. I should have just gotten back up and gotten in a little more cardio.

0620 (Thursday) I've always said I have no willpower when it comes to eating, but I really have been controlling my calories on most days. It seems to be getting easier. I also did uber exercise today, jogging during the boys basketball practice added quite a bit to an already active day. We HAD planned on going waverunning, but it was just a little too cool. Ironically, it is beautiful, 70 degrees outside, but that's a little cold for beach and water fun. I was ok with not going, but the big boys were disappointed.

0619 (Wednesday) Continued stress over the school situation. Texting Natalie and Christy to discuss, and also called the principal at Terra Linda to talk about it. I completely spaced picking up Callahan from his basketball clinic (he had to call and ask me if I was coming). They've torn up 4000 W again (South of us this time) and I could not get through after picking up the boys, so I had to turn around and go the other way home. Olivia got her mission call, Gray went straight from work for the unveiling.

0618 (Tuesday) Today was my Monday ... my usual "good" day after a bad weekend. Got in cardio and weights and kept calories in check. That doesn't mean it was healthy ... it was a very snacky day. Got my nails done too, a new set as they were old and ratty. Got a call from Terra Linda, a nearby elementary school on a traditional schedule. I had put in a permit there and it was approved. I mentioned it to Cooper and he had a complete meltdown, which isn't unexpected. I know it would be a very hard change for him, but I have such a hard time with the year-round school and off-track time breaking up the routine. Not sure what to do ... Gray had a derby in the evening. None of the boys wanted to go. Callahan ended up going, and Travis went too. Maybe Gray will just take Travis on a future trip ...

0617 (Monday) Well I was a lot better over the weekend (exercise and eating) than I had expected, especially with two family parties! I was NOT great today. Wendy was still in town, and I went out to Mom's after dropped Callahan off at the high school for his basketball camp. I set up Dad's new Fitbit and then we girls went out to lunch. Really hard to keep calories down at Chuck-a-Rama ... I estimated my meal at 1800. I had driven separately so I could go straight home and grab Callahan as his clinic finished at 1:00. Landon was gone most of the day with a job up in Park City. Gray came home early and took Callahan and Keaton out waverunning.

0616 (Sunday) Father's Day. Callahan made pancakes (which I was able to resist). Church, I played while the primary kids sang. I'd made jello cubes yesterday, so they just needed to be cut and packaged. We headed out to Scott's house for the annual Westra Father's Day BBQ and got the annual family photo with almost everyone there.

0615 (Saturday) Last day of the Utes camp for Callahan. Gray took Landon and Keaton wave running. As they got off late, it wasn't going to work for them to come back home before heading back up to Maga's for a birthday bash (Aiden, Amare, Sam). I said I would drive it. It was a stressful day, my tummy was so tense I actually kept calories completely in check. Landon went home early as he had planned a date, and he was out until late.  Chris and Kim got sealed, one year since their civil ceremony. We weren't able to make it to that.

0614 (Friday) Hit my pound loss for the week. Callahan had camp again, they lost both games today. They ran some stairs between games and he came home with 95 flights registered on his Fitbit. He did five more to hit 100.

0613 (Thursday) Landon was gone working, and I dropped Callahan off to catch a ride to his camp. I had him check in with me during the day. They won both their games and he said it was a blast hanging out with everyone. I made chicken pillows for dinner.

0612 (Wednesday) Landon was working all day again today. Callahan didn't have his Ute camp today after all, so he didn't have much going on. He hung out with Travis for a bit. I got in cardio and weights. In the evening I was in my room when I HEARD a wind gust hit hard. It was so loud. Cooper popped in a second later looking a little stressed out (which is a world of improvement over how he would have reacted a year ago). I wanted to double check the garbages and basketball stand. Colton was outside and I did tell him to come in before he got hit with any flying debris.  Our garbage cans were holding steady, but several others had blown over and trash was everywhere. Colton said he did get hit in the head with a Coke can.  And then the wind was gone ...

0611 (Tuesday) Landon went to work for Dave (building a house in Holiday) and Callahan went to Gene Fullmer. I got in quite a bit of cardio, actually broke 30K again. I went to Sam'sClub later in the day (I was gone with Callahan called for pickup, so Landon had to go grab them). Made tacos for dinner, but Gray didn't get home until really late. Callahan had basketball practice and we got the schedules for the Ute camp. He should be able to catch a ride with friends (good carpool options on his team) but I think I'll be relieved when it is over!

0610 (Monday) Today I actually had some alone time again. Landon went out to my folks to work, and Callahan went to SevenPeaks with Travis. I did get in a bit of sun, also my cardio and weights. Made spaghetti for dinner and homemade oreos for dessert. Landon went out to Rachel's and wasn't home until late.

0609 (Sunday) Didn't sleep great, stressing a bit about Callahan's upcoming camp up at the U. I don't drive there and I hate struggling to bum rides. Then it was a stressful morning and Keaton was having a breakdown anticipating being assigned to the care center. Did make Sunday Circles then off to meetings. I made some rice krispie treats for Gray to take as treats, but then he didn't need them after all ... so they were around to temp me, and I did partake. Got in a nice nap in the afternoon, then made chicken and gravy over rice. I was already over my calories/carbs, so I just ate chicken. Didn't make homemade oreos, much to the boys chagrin.

0608 (Saturday) Gray was up and off early (4:30ish) ... some Saturday! I had a little trouble getting back to sleep. Callahan had a 10:00 game, they lost. Missing Sam, as he cut his thumb badly yesterday. Back at home I mowed the lawn and did some yard work. Then it was time for Keaton's game. His was at Dimple Dell, which has a track above it similar to Gene Fullmer. I went ahead and walked during the game, even though it was partitioned so I couldn't see during one portion. I also hadn't worn sneakers, just had my sandals. My feet were pretty sore after. But they won, so championship game at 6:00. For that game, I was a little better prepped, with running shoes and my shuffle and headphones. They won again ... got t-shirts. Callahan had come to watch, although he hasn't seemed to feel well today. After his game he had come home and fallen asleep for a while, and then was cold (when it was a hot day!).  We also stopped at Big5 after both games, grabbing a couple more water bottles and some new slides for Keaton. We stopped at Wendys on the way home ... then Gray took the two little boys to Wendys. Landon had taken off without asking or leaving a note or anything ... grrrrrr.

0607 (Friday) It was National Donut Day ... Landon went and picked up a dozen from Dunford. Callahan had basketball practice in the morning. Landon had a day-date with Rachel. I got in quite a bit of cardio and did weights. Colton was invited to go boating with Crane's. He had a blast riding in their bid tube.

0606 (Thursday) Gray got the idea to take the afternoon off and rent some wave runners. Landon and Callahan were all for the idea, although not as happy about taking the test required to get a licence to ride. They were on the computer a lot last night trying to get it wrapped up. This morning, they ran to Walmart for some watershoes and a swimsuit for Callahan, and also grabbed some treats (and of course a few groceries for me). Landon drove up and met Gray at his work. I had planned on going out to Mom's, so I headed out, stopping at Big5 to grab a weighted hula hoop. A MFP friend hoops for exercise and I've thought about trying it for a while. Also found the larger Gatorade bottle the boys were wanting. Dad was gone up to Chris's (so no ping pong or tennis). Mom and I went out to Chuck-a-Rama, I was disappointed to find they don't have calorie information anywhere. Entering while eating has helped me keep things in control while out before. I had to wait until I got back to try and guess (entering lots of Golden Corral stuff, I figure it's similar) and the one meal was about 1800 - that's my DAILY allowance. And that was with me holding back and trying to be good. I hadn't eaten anything before, and didn't eat much after ... with exercise I still technically stayed under the limit for the day. I got back in time to catch a little sun before picking up the Columbia kids. Gray and the boys were also back earlier than expected, they ran out of gas (for the machines, and themselves). 

0605 (Wednesday) So Landon was participating in "Senior Sunrise" as they are now officially seniors (as the seniors graduated last night). I hadn't really heard of this tradition previously, but Wendy and Rick had mentioned Janika participating in it down in St. George, so I guess it's all over. Donuts were being provided, but that apparently wasn't good enough for Landon, he wanted pancakes, and he prepped the whole thing. He came home tired and went back to bed. Callahan slept in, then had me pick up a couple of friends and drop them off at Gene Fullmer. He bought a summer pass and plans on spending many a day there. I got in my cardio, elliptical and even tried the treadmill. My feet weren't happy with me. I used to walk for miles and miles ... 

0604 (Tuesday ) Well, the scale shifted ... down 3.3 pounds for a new low. I was very good in my exercise today, lots of cardio and weights as well. Did some cleaning too. Keaton was invited over to Conner's for a bit. I dropped him and asked if there was a 6th grade team playing for summer. No one is, so that is a disappointment. I've played around with the idea of putting Keaton up on Callahan's team, it would certainly save me some time and effort. I did ask Klint about that possibility when I dropped off Callahan's form. Hmmm, what to do!

0603 (Monday) Back on track. Weight was up after yesterday, not too surprising. Probably my final day "alone" ... the older boys still technically have school through Wednesday, but Landon said he was planning on this being his last day. So I took advantage of the "alone" and got in some sun. Still did plenty of cardio but put weights off until tomorrow. Wasn't feeling very hungry today, tummy a bit off, so kept calorie intake very low.

0602 (Sunday) Gray had to work today. I was able to keep calories in check for the first bit, but NOT by the end of the day. It didn't help that I don't really get a lot of cardio in on Sundays. I did do 60min on the elliptical. A bit of stress and emotional eating perhaps ...

0601 (Saturday) There was a "neighborhood cleanup" going on ... Gray took Callahan and participated some. Landon had a stake youth leadership breakfast, and Colton had his last soccer game (he got two goals). It's been fun, but I'm also ready for a break from soccer. We also had basketball games today, back to back ones. The neighborhood carnival was in the evening, so Gray and Landon were committed to that. I had to ask my dad to come help me transport kids. He met us at Midvale Middle for Callahan's game and got to see Callahan make the first points of the game (a three). About halfway through, he and Keaton left to Union Middle school for his game. I stayed with Callahan, their game was really close and went into overtime. It had started late too, so Keaton's game was well over half over by the time we finally got there. Both boys won and will move on to the semi-finals next week. Keaton got 5 points. The carnival was pretty much over by the time we got back, but Keaton and Callahan still wanted to go hang out at the park, and ended up playing more basketball. Derek came by and borrowed the truck and trailer to transport a big playhouse for Ani. I had made some rice krispie treats for the carnival ... but they didn't get taken, so were still around to temp me. I stayed under my calorie limit, but it was close.

0531 (Friday) Slept in a bit, as Callahan had late start. He only has a few more days of school ... will I (we) sleep in every day after that? Got the munchkins off, then Callahan off. Dropped some stuff off at the library on the way home, then went to SamsClub to get some groceries. It was a nice sunny day, and one of the last "alone" days ... so I got a little sunbathing in. Once all the kids were home, I went and got my nails done. I don't love how long it takes or the process itself (can be painful), but I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to not having them either. At least I've learned to bring open my book and get some reading in during it. Callahan went to Gene Fullmer, playing in the gym with friends. I wasn't sure if Gray had date plans ... both he and I were quite tired, so we just stayed in and watched a DVD.

0530 (Thursday) Got in cardio and weights today. Landon texted from school that he needed me to call and check him out, as he had put off a project now due, and he needed to come home to work on it. Can you say procrastination? It was a busy evening. Gray had a derby, and Landon went to help as he was the only boy without other commitments.  Callahan and Keaton had practice over at the high school, one from 6-7:30 and one from 7:30-9:00. Both boys agreed to stay the entire time, so that saved me a trip there in the middle.  The elementary school was having an ice cream social, where the kids could also exchange their principal visits for a prize. In past years there have been lines and such, but this year (limiting the kids to ONE prize and just simple ice cream sandwiches) it was in and out in five minutes ... which also made me wonder if it had been worth it.

0529 (Wednesday) Got in quite a bit of cardio today, I'm making my bike riding/reading a daily thing. I almost went out to the store but decided to put if off until later. I had gotten caught up on the computer and wasted too much time to spare it today. I usually pick up Callahan on Wednesdays, but Landon texted and said he would ... probably a good thing too as I think it had slipped my mind. I actually did make the trip into the store later in the day ... sometimes I like to wait until the kids are home, so I don't waste my precious "alone" time. Colton went to ride his bike to a friend's house ... and it wasn't in it's spot by the side of the house. I know it was there on Monday when I planed the flowers. We had originally told him to always park it in the back behind the fence, but it is a pain when he's on/off/on/off it all day, but it looks like someone decided to steal it :(   The boys had scouts in the evening ... well Landon ended up going to a school concert and Keaton didn't have it, but Gray's group left early to go find graves at the SL Cemetery. I got the front lawn mowed, just in time too, as the rain hit again.

0528 (Tuesday) Back to the routine, a day late, but I actually felt pretty good about this past weekend. Got in cardio (elliptical and bike) and weights today. Didn't get any ping pong, as the boys played Punishment after school and Keaton was gone to a derby with Dad. Even ate pretty good ... just need to try and cut down on the sugar. TONS of rain today!

0527 (Monday) Memorial Day. The boys had flags in the morning, then Gray suggested going out to breakfast, which we haven't done in a while. We got our usual table at Virg's. I tried to count calories but not being a national chain, there wasn't info in the database so I just estimated based on similar items. We stopped at PetCo and Blockbuster on the way home. Got in a bit of cardio and ping pong. A while back I had talked to Landon about maybe getting a Fitbit Flex. Today he suddenly seemed uber interested, unfortunately they are sold out everywhere. He ended up going to Best Buy and getting a JawboneUp (which is similar) and Callahan got a Fitbit. And Callahan out did me for the day too! In the evening I picked up some flowers and planted them in the yard and in a planter on the porch. Gray took all the boys sans Keaton (who didn't want to go) to Maceys for ice cream.

0526 (Sunday) Normally Sunday is a bit of a rest day ... I get less, sometimes no extra exercise and I'm pretty lax on my eating. Sometimes I even get a nap, it's the only day I feel like that it ok. But counting calories ... puts things a little in perspective. I did get in some cardio so I could afford to eat a bit more. I actually rode the bike for 35 minutes, which I haven't ever done before. My butt is sore, but it's nice to get more in at once. I will be trying that more in the future.

0525 (Saturday) Colton had a soccer game, and Gray and Landon came to watch. Those three rode their bike up and I walked. Gray was impressed with Colton's skill. He did do well and got a goal. Gray ran some errands and then we all went out to lunch at Cheesecake Factory. I ran to Smiths after. Landon had a date over to the house for a fire in the backyard.

0524 (Friday) Callahan gets to sleep in on Fridays, and Keaton did today too. It was "Lagoon Day" for the DARE graduates. A discount to the park, but you have to find your own way. I don't know if it was that he didn't have a ride (as I am his mother) or didn't have friends to hang with, but he said he didn't want to go. As I would have paid for the day, I told him I'd give him the $35 the ticket would have cost. He seemed pretty ok with that. After I dropped Callahan off, I stopped at Jiffy Lube to get the car registered. Went ahead and got an oil change, and they sure do try to upsell you on EVERYTHING. Finally finished up there and made a quick stop at the library to grab some holds. Keaton and I have been playing a lot of ping pong lately, and I also told him we could get lunch. He chose KFC. Then it was early out for the Columbia kids. Gray had suggested a movie, but it was already almost sold out at The District. Better seats were available at Jordan Landing, so we went there instead. Gray really liked it, I thought it was fine, but I'm just not really a Star Trek gal. And when I'm in weight loss mode, I don't like sitting, and I can't stop myself from enjoying the popcorn and candy.

0523 (Thursday) After getting the kids off to school I did a run to Walmart. Picked up some shoes for Colton and Keaton and some clearance clothes for me. Got in several cardio workouts and did weights. Kept calories in check. Gray had a derby, Keaton wanted to go to earn some cash.

0522 (Wednesday) Going out to the folks today, I was thinking I should get up a little early and get in an extra elliptical workout ... that didn't happen. I've been needing the alarm in the morning. Callahan has been going ok with his coupon, but Keaton's been hard to get up too. NOT Colton though, he was up UBER early, like before 5:00. I heard him,  but was too tired myself to check. I did get in my two elliptical workouts before heading out.  I left around 10:00 and stopped at Blockbuster to exchange a DVD. I ended up buying some Star Wars stuff they had on sale ... the BobaFett bobble head was just too cute. Then I filled the burb up with gas. Last time I filled the tank, I used my $1 off Smiths Rewards and had been frustrated when the pump shut down early. I was only at 3/4 tank ... meaning I'd have to fill up again sooner, and I lost out on my $1 off for the remaining gallons. I registered a complaint and they actually gave me my $1 credit back, which I used today (although again the pump shut off early, but I manually filled until it was FULL). I brought a bunch of music to give Mom some new options to listen to while working out. I also brought out our old boom bucket and an old ipod nano for use in her pool room. She has been using burned CDs, but an ipod and playlists is so much more flexible. I also set her up a My Fitness Pal account and got the apps added to her phone. It has been helping me track calories, much more user friendly than the My Calorie Counter I was using (even with all my personalized entries).  I got in some ping pong with Dad (the pool and tennis court is currently under construction, at least we got in one game a couple weeks ago) then Chris and Kim came. The boys were going hiking, and we girls went to lunch. I was pleasantly surprised to find all of Golden Corral's food in the MFP database, so I was able to easily track lunch. I headed home and picked up Callahan, got in another elliptical workout, then picked up the Columbia kids. I was able to keep calories in check, and got a couple more workouts in. The boys had scouts in the evening. Callahan came home with some intense stomach pain, but it passed. There was an exciting finish to game 1 of the semi-finals in the NBA.

0521 (Tuesday) Got in quite a bit of cardio today (120minElliptical, 60minTreadmill), but also spent some time in the sun. Finally was able to put my mother's day chaise to use. It was our ward's derby in the evening ... Cooper refused to participate and hadn't built a car. I didn't go either, just Callahan as helper. Did decent on calories today, until the boys broke out the cheesecake ... I don't even like cheesecake much!

0520 (Monday) Bad accident by the high school as I took Callahan to school this morning. Traffic was completely backed up in every direction, except for MY route. So lucky for us, but I felt so bad for the huge line of cars with no where to go. I like Mondays, back to the routine. I did good, with 100minElliptical, 30minBike, 60minWeights. Even changed up some of the strength training, using some videos rather than my regular. Love PlayLater, being able to download from YouTube and having them organized and on hand. Did have some computer trouble, as I downloaded an update to AdobeFlash and got some annoying adware too. Took quite a while to get things back the way I want them. Played a little ping pong with Keaton after school. I like that all three boys are a good match for me. It's not tennis or racquetball, but looks like it's all I'm going to get. Gray was home late, so I made the chicken/yellow rice that everyone else but him likes. I also made homemade oreos ... I had counted calories today and had been good, but I did eat a couple of them. Supposedly I was still under my calories for the day due to my cardio ...

0519 (Sunday) Gray went into work today. Keaton still had concerns about church, but made it through. I got in a little nap after church, then played Callahan at ping pong (and beat him!) We then went up to Maga's for Adrian's birthday celebration. Still got in 40min elliptical.

0518 (Saturday) I slept in ... often I can't really do that with Gray around as he is always up early. It was a completely soggy morning and it kept raining throughout the  day. I hoped the boys weren't getting too wet on their campout! Colton's soccer game ended up being canceled, so he didn't miss it after all. I ran to Sam's to stock up on milk. The boys got home around 2:00. I dropped Keaton off at Gene Fullmer for a birthday party, then Callahan and I headed out to his game (I made arrangements for Landon to pick Keaton up). Callahan did get a little playing time and felt ok. It was a tough game and a loss though. In the evening, it was dry enough that I mowed the lawn.

0517 (Friday) Even with Callahan's coupon, I like Fridays, when I don't have to wake him for a couple more hours, so he is easier to get out of bed. I did both his and Keaton's laundry as they are leaving for a camping trip today after school. At least they both finally put away last week's laundry ... they know I don't like doing another load when they haven't even put away the last one yet! Gray came home early to prep. I picked up both Columbia and Callahan, as Landon stayed after to work on something for ceramics. The boys got their stuff together and they were off. Landon laid down for a nap, and I took Cooper to the library to pick up some holds. Pretty decent exercise day, 100min elliptical, and I did some WiiFit and weights.

0516 (Thursday) Got the kids off to school and then I headed out for the day. Stopped at the school myself to take in the immunization paperwork. Then I dropped some stuff off at DI, and did a little shopping myself to try and find some summer clothes that fit, as I've put on enough pounds that nothing I wore last year does. Then I went to my folks. Mom and I went out to lunch, then went over some computer stuff (Facebook, Fitbit). I headed home just in time to stop and grab the kids as they got out of school. Gray had another derby, Landon was the helper today.

0515 (Wednesday) Got in quite a bit of cardio and did weights. Trying to track calories, but it's SO hard. And I can't believe it's been sunny and I have my new chaise, and I haven't found the time to use it. Had to go to the middle school to check Callahan out for his ortho appointment. I just dropped him off, then picked him up when he was done. Then it was time to pick up the Columbia kids. Gray had a derby. I made Callhan go, as he had helped himself to some of the treats I usually send along with the derby helpers. Colton went too. It was for Amy's ward.

0514 (Tuesday) Finishing up TOM. Put in a pot roast, got in some cardio (100min), got my nails done, ran to Shopko and tried on a couple capris/shorts ... nothing from last year fits :( SO discouraged. I wasn't sure there was going to be any pot roast left after the big boys devoured it after school. I'd put some Rhodes rolls out, and Gray did get some dinner. He was helping Littlewoods with their derby car (they hadn't been able to make it to the workshop) and Colton wanted to built a car too. Cooper still wants nothing to do with it.  I made some homemade ice cream for dessert. After school, I took Callahan into the doctor for a final x-ray and he has the go ahead to play again, so that is good.

0513 (Monday) Hoping to get back "on track" with eating and exercise. Did need to make a run to Walmart for some groceries. When I got the mail, there were a couple letters from the elementary. I'm at the point where I hate interaction from the school. And again, the letters stated Keaton and Cooper were both missing one immunization and I needed to have documentation of them having it in by Friday. I called the Dr. and they were actually missing the shot (I was hoping it was a paperwork mistake) so I did actually need to get them in. BOTHER! Keaton's issue was eleven years old, but apparently now time is of the essence and I only have a few days to get it corrected. Originally to Dr. was going to squeeze us in on Wednesday until I realized I'm already booked with an orthodontist appointment for Callahan. They said they could get them in today right after school, so I rushed them there and we got it done. Poor Cooper was in tears but survived. I treated them to Wendys after. My good intentions went out the window as I stress ate and had to skip my weight workout.

0512 (Sunday) Mother's Day. I stayed in bed as the boys were planning the traditional breakfast in bed. I got some cards from Cooper and Colton, some PB Snickers and licorice and a new chaise. Callahan game me coupons for "frustration free" wake ups until school ends. When church time came around, Keaton was staying home after expressing some concerns. There had been some emotion. At church, I was a bit alarmed when I saw a call coming in from home. It was Keaton and he was stressing, hearing creaks and thought someone was in the house. I hurried home and stayed with him, but did go back for the final hour (Landon came home so he wouldn't be alone). Gray and I got in a little nap after church, then headed up to Pam's for a bit, then to my mom's. Scott's family was there as well. Alyssa was in a boot, Callahan could sympathize. I got mom set up on a new Fitbit (I had the one I had ordered when I thought I'd lost mine). Mine actually wasn't syncing (hadn't since yesterday morning), and that was very frustrating. I did have an email from support waiting back at home with instructions on how to "reset" the fitbit and that worked, so I'm back in business too.

0511 (Saturday) There were lots of things going on Saturday morning. There was a church 5K, which we none of us participated in (but the route went by the house). There was a youth clean up at the church, and at our house, there was the derby workshop. They had a good turnout, but Cooper doesn't seem interested in building a car this year. Colton's soccer had a bye, but Keaton still had his game. They won. Gray and I did get out to our movie, IronMan3, it was good. Then he took the little boys out MD shopping. Landon was out on a date.

0510 (Friday) I get to sleep in a little on Fridays, and I generally don't have to wake Callahan, or at least he's usually not as hard with an extra two hours. Dropped him off at school and stopped at Smiths on the way home. I had thought about returning my extra Fitbit, buying a new one from Amazon (to get coverage) but called SquareTrade and they said it was ok even outside the 30-day window. Mom said she was interested in it. Got a little more sun on the bottom half. Got in some cardio. Picked up the Columbia kids, had a full car (usually it's just the three Blackham Boys on Fridays). Colton had an invite to a party which was in a couple hours, I talked to Cranes and Randon was going and we could carpool, so I got a gift together and dropped the kids off there. I was on pickup duty for Callahan too. Gray had talked about going out to a movie in the evening, but then he was tired and took a nap. He then woke up and cleaned out the garage, prep for tomorrow's derby workshop.

0509 (Thursday) Beautiful day ... had to take advantage of it, laying in the sunshine and reading a book. Got in some elliptical, should have done weights, but ... made haystacks for dinner, lemon jello cake for dessert. Gray prepped for a work BBQ the next day.

0508 (Wednesday) It sure is a challenge getting Callahan out of bed every morning. Today it was a 10 minute tug of war with the blankets, many spanks (and he'd slap my hands as I got in there), then a light saber war... it's kind of funny, but at times just an exhausting way to start the day. I didn't have much on deck today and wasn't feeling super motivated. Still a bit sore from my weight workout on Monday, which I do think impacts me somewhat. I did get in 120min on the elliptical. Finished up the first two disks of Smash, and watched last week's Grey's and the Amazing Race finale (although I'd already heard who won, the disadvantage of not watching live).  I keep meaning to get in some WiiFit but rarely get around to it. I played around with the job chart, got in a blog entry, figured out how to get a book opened in Adobe Digital Editions onto my Iphone (as I do NOT want to read on the computer) and read a children's book and did a review. Keaton had been scheduled to fill in with the CH6A team in the SpringFling but we got a text saying they really didn't need him (meaning if he came he really wouldn't get playing time) and as it was TripleD at mutual, we decided that would be time better spent. He went early and stayed late practicing some basketball with Callahan.

0507 (Tuesday) I woke a little early today and actually got started on the day ... well, I lay in bed and read my book to start (finished it) and then was up before 6:00. So I got two 20min elliptical sessions in before taking Callahan to school. I'd made plans to go out to my folks today. Played a little tennis with Dad, then went out to lunch with Mom. I took my old FitBit out and got it set up for them to try and see if they like it. 3:00 is NOT the best time to head home though, I think I hit every school zone between their house and ours... then I had to go pick up my elementary kids. Gray had a derby, none of the kids wanted to go, so as Landon still owes money, he didn't really have a choice. Keaton had been invited to play in a basketball game tonight and tomorrow night (filling in for Luddux players who have conflicts) although it is just his CH6A team. The weather was stormy as we left, I was a little worried about leaving Cooper, but he managed it fine. Our boys lost ... I do wish the coach could be more supportive, not just yelling and swearing at the kids. We saw many of the 8th grade players there too, playing on one of the other courts.  It's stuck a pork roast in the crock pot and the pulled pork turned out pretty good (although no one was really hungry for dinner). We broke out the 5lb Hershey bar for dessert.

0506 (Monday) Back on track for the Columbia kids. The morning went quite smoothly, we fell back into the routine pretty easy. Even got our Origami Yoda reading in. You'd think we'd do it while the kids were off track and we had so much more time, but no... Although they were little readers during the off track time. I enjoyed my quiet house. I did get a call from the school though, Cooper had gotten hurt during gym. Smashed his head, had a bit of a goose egg. I went and checked him out and thought he could make it through the day, so he went back to class. As I was already out, I went to Reams and grabbed the kids more of the fruit snacks they love while they were on sale.  I got in my cardio and weights and tracked calories. It was a pretty good day. The kids (the little ones anyway) have wanted the "JobChart" up and running again, so they can earn prizes, so I spent some time doing that. We did tacos for dinner the opened up the 5lb gummy bear.

0505 (Sunday) Gray was coming home today, we wanted to get the house clean and be here when he got home, so we skipped church. The kids were good helpers. Gray brought home a huge Hershey's bar and two of the pound Reeses. A box from Vat19 had come while he was gone too (and it had a 5lb gummy bear and gummy worm in it). As that wasn't enough, I made cookies to take to the party too. We packed up and headed out to Clay's for some smoked chicken. There was a pinata too. Olivia cut the boys hair, it needed it so bad. I did feel bad that we missed out on a Westra party that was being held at the same time.

0504 (Saturday) Colton had a soccer game at 10:00, this was the first really unbalanced game (our kids were killing). Our coach finally only had four players (instead of six) and had all the best players sitting, and the other team finally got a couple goals. Keaton had a game at 2:00, and he actually started and got more playing time than he has been (and got a basket). They won. I made a trip to Sam'sClub to get milk and a chocolate cake for Pam's birthday bash tomorrow ... but there was NO cakes (none of the chocolate, or even the white buttercream which is the 2nd favorite). I saw one sitting in the back, and was able to snag it.  Callahan went to IronMan in the evening with Jacob and Travis.

0503 (Friday) I was up late last night with Landon out (he'd gone on a date to see Iron Man 3) and Gray gone. Friday was a sleep in morning though, with Callahan's late start. Landon was still off somewhat early, as there was a school assembly he was participating in. We didn't really have anything on deck for our last day off-track. The kids seemed content to hang around the house. Gray texted throughout the day and uploaded pictures to Dropbox. It was really nice outside, so I weeded some and mowed the lawn. It is in really bad shape, I'll probably call someone for treatment (weeds/fertilizer).

0502 (Thursday) Dropped Callahan off to school, I debated running to Smiths right after, but I needed a prescription refilled and the pharmacy wasn't open that early. I did go in around 10:00, grabbing it and some groceries and gas (the gas price went up 15¢ from the early morning to the time I went). We'd made plans to go out to lunch with my folks, the kids were quite excited about Golden Corral ... they ate a bit then enjoyed the ice cream. While we were on that side of town, I thought I'd make the most of our off-track time but hitting one final arcade, Nicklecade, one that is ONLY an arcade. I think the boys had fun. Landon had texted from school about hitting the IronMan premier tonight and wanted to pick up tickets after school, so he asked if I could grab Callahan. We were actually pushing it too. I quickly dropped the boys off, I should have just gone straight. We actually saw Landon, he was getting home the exact same time. Gray was home getting ready to leave and I MISSED seeing him off (we stopped cars as we passed for a quick kiss). He's gone to New York until Sunday.  In the evening I made a run up to Harmons, and the Blockbuster up at Cougar to get a game Keaton has been wanting. I also stopped at the library and grabbed several holds that were ready and returned what we had read.

0501 (Wednesday) Woke to SNOW. Come on, it's May! It was really coming down as I took Callahan to school, but then the sun came out, so it didn't stick around. It was still cool though. I had some Classic coupons, so I took the boys and headed out there. They enjoyed the BlastZone, Jungle and Bouncing. I also had a bunch of tokens from a previous trip, so I did manage to get through the visit without shelling out any more money.  Landon usually stays after school on Wednesdays, but he had some extra homework, so he came home at the usual time (which saved me a trip picking up Callahan). He had me help him turn some video clips into a Muvee. Colton had his soccer game at 5:30, it was cool but okay. They had their first loss (2-1). The boys had scouts in the evening.

0430 (Tuesday) End of April! Colton had his second dental appointment today. Numb cheek and big payout again. Hopefully he can brush better and not have a repeat performance.We didn't really have anything else planned for the day. I had Landon pick up pizza on the way home (Dominos 2xTuesday). Gray had a derby and took Landon, as he still owes us track money.

0429 (Monday) Another off track week with the little boys. Nice to be back to our normal cars. I took the boys out to Chuck-e-Cheese. I had bought a "deal", but it had expired on me, so I only got what I paid for it (same as with the bowling from last week). The boys had fun but said the games weren't that great (which means they didn't give a lot of tickets). After school, I had Landon take the truck in for emmisions testing and registration. I had thought I was my suburban that needed it this month, but mine is actually May. But it gone done before the end of the month. I also paid the bills and got a bit of cleaning in, straightening the kitchen and vacuuming. I got a sliver in my toe. I was hurting myself trying to get it out (I'm just not that flexible to get a good look) and Grayson ended up performing the "surgery" to get it out. I'd gone shopping earlier in the day and picked up hamburger fixings, so Gray and the big boys had that for dinner (the little ones had hot dogs). Keaton had basketball practice so he missed out. I also tried making a "hot fudge cake" from Pinterest for dessert, it was ok, but I don't think I'll be making it again.

0428 (Sunday) Gray didn't think Landon should bring his "baby" to church (a toy, too distracting), I thought it was fine, as that is part of the experience and people are aware of this type of exercise, but he ended up staying home. Before Sacrament hit, Keaton came down crying, having a panic/anxiety attack. He was pretty bad (shaking, sweating and crying) so I took him home and even gave him one of Cooper's pills (babyV) but then he complained of being dizzy.  Not sure if we're going to be able to wait this out (he had an attack on Tuesday too) or if we need to look into getting him some therapy/medication. He didn't have a good day. I went back to play the piano, and Landon actually left the "baby" with Keaton to tend and hit his last class. Daddy and the boys played some Scrabble, the Gray shot bows with Colton.

0427 (Saturday) The weather is turning warmer, it was actually really nice during the soccer game today! Colton did well and scored a few goals. Later, it was Keaton's game. It was a tough one, but the boys pulled it off, winning by one. The other team/parents were VERY loud, there was a small altercation. Gray had dropped off his truck earlier (for a small repair). He and Landon went to pick it up, and also dropped off the little blue truck back to my folks. Gray and I hit a movie (Oblivion) in the evening. With the warmer weather, we needed the AC working (it hasn't worked since the switch to the Nest and there have been some warm days). Turns out the breaker was just flipped, so an easy fix. Nice to have the cool air moving.

0426 (Friday) With Callahan's late start and the kids off track, I could totally sleep in today (Landon had EMS but he gets himself off). I dropped Callahan at school. We didn't go anywhere today, as we were expecting some packages. Some lightsabers Keaton had ordered, plus a Kinect game he had been wanting. Landon showed up early too, sluffing a couple of his classes. Naughty boy! I still made him go pick up Callahan as I had made an appointment to get my nails done. He had come home with a "baby" that he has to take care of over the weekend. We got the call from Higgins that the truck was ready, so I went and turned in the rental car for the Avalanche. In the evening, Gray and I finished up watching Looper ♥ Colton spent the afternoon (and evening) at Crane's house.

0425 (Thursday) Callahan went to work with Grayson for a "job shadow" assignment. He only lasted half the day though. We had been making plans to go do something fun, we ended up going to PlanetPlay with our new Pass of All Passes. It was pretty fun. There was mini bowling, mini golf, laser tag and go carts. There is a buffet there, but we didn't do that today. I did spring for a few arcade games.Gray had his BIG derby in the evening and Callahan went along to help.

0424 (Wednesday) The kids have decided they are bored during this off-track, and now with the rental car I did feel like we could get out, so we went to Allstar Lanes for some bowling. I had purchased a Groupon last year and it had expired, so we didn't get the deal, but just used what we'd paid. We did one round of bowling, had some pizza and cheese sticks, then played in the arcade.  The boys were collecting flag money for scouts in the evening.

0423 (Tuesday) Colton had a dentist appointment today, he was a little nervous bit did great. His left side was numb and it was so cute to see him sort of smile. I got the truck dropped off at Higgins for repairs, then walked home. I had to go back for the rental car as we were waiting on authorization from the insurance company. Gray had a derby in the evening and Keaton and Cooper went along to help.

0422 (Monday) So Landon took the burb to school, and I drove Callahan in the little blue truck. The kids were commenting how small it was, especially next to Gray's Tundra.  That was really the only place I had to go today. The Columbia kids are off track for two weeks, and Keaton is bored already. He asked "How do you keep yourself busy all day every day?" ... oh, so easy! I was busy today, got in 80minElliptical, 15minBike, 60minWeights. I'm watching an older Survivor I hadn't seen available on Amazon Prime. Colton was invited to go with Cranes using the SevenPeaks pass (which I actually got in the mail today after redeeming back in February), but then determined he wouldn't get back in time, and we had the annual graveside gathering with the Blackham Clan. Gray had asked me if I might meet him there, saving him the trip home, but I'm just not comfortable driving out that way. The anxieties arise. He did make it home, but then had Landon drive, which was just as nerve-wracking (maybe even more so) as me driving myself. I was literally sick by the time we got there; head pounding, stomach twisted, sweating ... I seriously felt on the edge of a breakdown. There had been a couple very close calls. And then it was SO cold. We got the traditional picture then went to Crown Burger for a quick dinner. Back at home, I had left the window in the bedroom open and it was a chilly 63° ... it had been too warm yesterday, but this was TOO cold.

0421 (Sunday) Slept in, got in an elliptical session, and made Sunday Circles for breakfast. Also stuck a roast in the crock pot for later, and made brownies for Gray to take as a treat to church. Busy morning. Made a lemon jello cake after church, then both Gray and I got a nap (a long one). It was actually quite warm out (60s) so inside it got into the upper 70s. Landon was walking around in just his underwear. When Gray switched out the thermostat, something didn't work, so the AC isn't up and running yet. I opened all the windows and even pulled the big fan out from the garage to cool the house down. Gray built a fire (like last week) and we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. ♥

0420 (Saturday) Cool morning for a soccer game. Colton was the only kid not wearing a jacket I think (I had one for him, he just didn't want to wear it). They won easily. It started to rain and blow just as we were leaving, at least it did hold off until the end. Keaton had his game later in the day. It was a tough game ... so he only got about 5 minutes of playing time. We lost by two, with the other team getting a final shot in right at the end. Gray and I had made plans to meet with my folks for dinner and games. We went to Texas Roadhouse, then back to their house for some progressive rummy. We actually played all the hands (we usually skip a couple of the tougher ones). I love playing games with Gray, he always makes me laugh. And I actually won! The folks let us borrow their little blue truck. I guess I can drive it and let Landon take the burb. We looked into rentals, but many places wouldn't let teens (under 25) drive their rentals, another place would, but at double the cost. And then we couldn't find a place open on Saturday anyway. I had figured I'd just have to drive him to early morning seminary on Monday, but now with an extra car I guess we can make it work.

0419 (Friday)  I needed to drive the little ones to school as our carpool was out of town. Callahan was feeling better come morning, so I dropped him off for late start. I needed to hit the store, but figured I wait until a bit later and enjoy the empty house. I got a call from Landon, saying his truck had been hit while parked in the parking lot ... bother! He didn't think it was drive-able, as the bumper was pushed into the tire. He was able to get a ride home, but I needed to pick up Callahan. I left a little early and took Cooper and stopped by the library, as we had some holds in (some for him, some for me). When Gray got home, we drove out to take a look, and the other family was there with a tow truck (for the other car, which was in even worse shape than Landon's), the tow truck was able to pull the bumper away from the tire and Gray drove it home, although he said there were some odd sounds and he wasn't totally comfortable. So that was our date night. We did watch a DVD, at least partially, but I could hear his deep breathing, so we turned it off and went to sleep.

0418 (Thursday) Got in weights and cardio. Did a few loads of laundry and made a lemon jello cake. Callahan went to a friend's after school for a homework assignment, so I had Landon stop for some bread for LittleCaesers on the way home. Gray had a derby and both Cooper and Keaton went. It was Joe Sexton's ward, and he gave both little boys a tip (of $25 each!)  I picked up Callahan around 6:00, and he said he had a headache. He came home and fell asleep on the couch. Landon kept bugging him, which was bugging me. We had a little altercation again. Poor Callahan did actually have a fever and I was wondering if maybe he's coming down with strep or flu :(

0417 (Wednesday) I sure got hit with the sleepies mid morning today! Aaah, it was hard to get motivated. I picked up Callahan, as Landon had his mission prep class after school. Callahan had me come a little later so he could retake a test. It was nice enough today that I picked up the Columbia kids at the playground. Colton went to Ridley's house to play after. I had forgotten he had soccer practice a little later. Callahan decided not to go to his practice, as he still can't do anything and he won't be playing Spring Fling. Keaton ended up not having practice. I had to contact the coaches to ask ... I'm not sure if I'm not getting messages. Gray didn't have mutual tonight, so we went out for a mini to Applebees, although he'd already been out twice today (once with Greg and once with Livi).

0416 (Tuesday) Busier day today. Needed to make cookies to take to a basketball party later in the day, so I didn't get quite as much cardio in (well, I ended up with 120min). Callahan also had his doctor appointment after school. There is STILL a gap in the bone, so while the doctor said he could loose the boot (gave him an ankle brace) still no running/jumping, so I'm thinking the SpringFling is pretty much out. Callahan had an end of year party for the West Hills teams out in Copperton. I had planned on going too (it was for kids and parents) but then I wasn't really feeling up for it and Callahan didn't seem to mind going with a friend. I dropped him off at a friend's house, then ran a couple errands (ShopKo and Blockbuster). Gray had a derby and Keaton went along to help.

0415 (Monday) The kids were ready and watching for their ride when suddenly Keaton said he felt like he was going to throw up. So ... he stayed home. He was never "sick", but he didn't move much from the couch all day. Did feel ok enough to try basketball practice. I know I should make him miss if he missed school, but I'd rather he be off the couch and being active. Callahan had practice too. Keaton did get his bag back as well. I had to make a store run during the day, as we were almost out of milk. Hit Maceys, then Sam'sClub (milk is just so much less expensive there). Made macaroni rosa for dinner ... and homemade oreos for Landon (and everyone). Also made some homemade ice cream.  So, not a good eating day, but I did do good with exercise (both cardio and weights). Cold day, woke to snow. In the news ... bombing at the Boston Marathon.

0414 (Sunday) Gray had some work to do, so he met us at church later. It was Fast Sunday, which I had actually completely forgotten about, as it is mid-month.  Waffles for breakfast, french toast for dinner. I was going to make the usual homemade oreos, but then Gray built a fire out back and we roasted marshmallows, and that sugared me out. Landon wasn't happy about not having oreos!

0413 (Saturday) Cool morning for Colton's first soccer game. He did great and got a couple goals. Then it was onto Keaton's game. It was a good game, although Keaton didn't get much playing time. The other kids were on, making many three pointers. Gray had gone into work ... then went to Mesquite. Down day at home.

0412 (Friday) With late start and early out, Fridays are always off schedule. After dropping Callahan I stopped at Smiths, grabbing bread, bananas and chicken. Cooked up the chicken and made chicken pillows for dinner. Didn't get in as much exercise today, feeling a little drained, but weight was a bit lower this morning. Eating better is still a struggle but I've been doing a bit better.  Lots of friends over, but the boys also seemed bored. Gray ended up going to meet Joe in the evening, didn't get home until late.

0411 (Thursday) Good day today, productive. As I've been more into reading lately, I tried reading while on the various exercise equipment. Elliptical was ok, treadmill ok (noisy, squeaky when I'm near the top which is where I am while reading) and the bike (the bike is best for reading). Digital is so much better, no turning of actual pages. I also made a lemon jello cake, as I hadn't made it yesterday *Ü*  The big boys downed almost the whole thing as soon as they got home from school. I blogged the recipe too. I also cleaned some, mopped the kitchen, vacuumed, cleaned the master bath. I also got some weights in. So yea, productive day. Gray had a derby in the evening, Landon has been obligated to go help until he pays back his x-country cash. Poor Gray had been up uber early and was so tired.

0410 (Wednesday) So I just made a basic chocolate cake in a disposable pan. That's done. A friend from high school stopped by, picking up a newspaper article (needed a physical copy of a piece written by a friend) and we chatted for a bit. It was a crazy car afternoon, out picking up/dropping off at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 6:30 then Court of Honor at 7:00 (Callahan got his Life, Gray had to work late so I was on duty) then back to the school to pick up Keaton. Someone walked off with Keaton's bag (all those black Nike bags look alike) ... hope it was accidental and we'll get it back (had his shoes and ball in it).

0409 (Tuesday) Got in quite a bit of exercise today (120min Elliptical and 30min Bike) and ran to Sams/Walmart. Cakes are expensive! I'm supposed to bring one tomorrow to a funeral luncheon, but I guess I'll just make one. Didn't have a lot on deck today, but tomorrow will be busy.

0408 (Monday) Most people dread Mondays ... I dread the weekends. I do so much better on a usual weekday routine. I did good today. Back to eating better and I did 100min elliptical and 60 min weights. I cleaned up the food room, it needed it. I looked into NetGalley, where publishers provide ARCs for readers who will read/review their books ... kind of fun. It was the NCAA tournament in the evening. Callahan wanted to go watch it with his friends. I had Landon take him, so he could also pick him up (from Brandon's house). We did watch it here (Keaton's coach had said it was "homework"), but Cooper wanted to watch "The Voice" so I set it up for him downstairs.

0407 (Sunday) Conference Sunday. We did our usual brunch, then Gray made BBQ for dinner. Yummy!

0406 (Saturday) Keaton had a 12:00 game. They won easily, Keaton got six points, so a decent game for him. We stopped at KFC on the way home (to make up for Thursday when he was the only one who didn't get any Wendys). I went and had my nails done (my pinky nail wasn't going to make it). They are a little short and stubby this time. The boys went to the priesthood session then out to Maceys.

0405 (Friday) After I dropped Callahan off for late start, I went to Walmart, then Sam's Club. Early out for the little boys. They have been excited about reading lately, so I thought I'd take them to the library and get them their own library cards (and that will give us some extra access for digital stuff too). They were cute and each checked out a book. Gray worked very late.  I played around with our PlayOn on discovered how to access our own media (my muvees, pictures, etc.) ... opens up a lot of fun possibilities.

0404 (Thursday) What a difference a day makes. Feeling much better, although still a twinge of tummy trouble here and there. Able to eat and exercise though. Put in a roast in the morning, but between the older boys and myself, there wasn't much left (much to Grayson's chagrin). He had a derby, and the two little boys went along to help. They didn't get back until quite late, stopping at Wendys for a treat afterward. It looked so good Landon and Callahan had to run out for some (Keaton was disappointed as they didn't think to ask him if he wanted any).

0403 (Wednesday) I had a really hard time getting to sleep last night. Itchy legs. When morning rolled around, I wasn't feeling that great either. Enough that I asked Landon to take Callahan to school. I got the little boys off ... then I threw up. I was actually glad to just get that over with, as I had felt it coming for a while and I did feel better after. I spent pretty much the entire day in bed. I was even too exhausted to read a book or watch tv (I did do a little of both, but mostly slept). Landon would have stayed after school for his seminary class, but I asked him if he could skip so I didn't have to try and go out for the carpools. And there were a bunch! 3:00 pick up of Callahan, 4:00 pickup of Columbia kids, 5:00 Callahan basketball practice, 6:30 Callahan/Pickup, Keaton DropOff for basketball. Gray did the 8:00 pickup for Keaton.

0402 (Tuesday) The little boys were back to school today. The big boys were still around, as were friends.I made some snickerdoodles and a pot of chicken noodle soup to take to a friend who's family has been struck with the flu (and worse). Picked up the little boys from school, then ran to the library and picked up Dominos for dinner.  The Voice is on again ...

0401 (Monday) Last day of Spring Break for the kids (the little ones go back tomorrow, but the bigger boys have Tuesday off as well). I almost wish the kids had been sick today, the house was so crazy chaotic with many friends over. I had the repairman come back for the elliptical, so it should be done now. Ran to the store to get a couple ingredients for Haystacks, which I made for dinner.

0331 (Sunday) I'm not what sure what woke me up (around midnight) but the hall light was on. I wondered if the kids were checking out Easter baskets (but thought they would probably be a little more stealthy than that). I came out, not quite awake and ran into Landon who said "Keaton and I are having a party" ... a puke party it turns out, and Keaton had NOT made it to the bathroom. There was a big pile in the hallway. Landon got Keaton settled while I got it cleaned up ... and almost barfed myself! It was SO bad! I just had to dump the towels in a bucket and set it outside to deal with tomorrow. I had thought Landon had just gotten up when he heard Keaton, but talking to him I realized that he had been up earlier throwing up himself!  I was pretty awake at this point, and decided to update my FB status to get some pity, when I heard "I throwed up, I throwed up" from down the hallway. Cooper had opened the bedroom door (which I had kept closed letting Grayson stay sleeping) ... so no more sleeping for Gray. I got Cooper settled while Gray cleaned up in the bedroom (just a bit on the bed, some on the floor).  I put buckets by Callahan and Colton  as a precaution! Gray and I finally returned to bed, but couldn't really sleep. I thought I heard a door close downstairs, so I went to check on Callahan, and sure enough, he was sick too! The rest of the night was pretty much kept running around helping all the kids. Like previous stomach flus, they would sweat profusely and need a towel not only for their mouth, but for their head. They would want the fan on (then off as they chilled). I got everyone drinks, crackers, emptied buckets ... we didn't have enough buckets and were using a couple garbage cans too. Long night, although I do think I slept a little between 3:30 and 6:00, when Colton woke up crying and threw up. Not the best Easter Morning ever ... I'd moved all the Easter buckets from the couch to the counter, but the kids weren't really up for even looking through them. There wasn't enough room for all the sick kids to lay down (Callahan had already gotten the short stick in the night/early morning being downstairs where I couldn't hear him as well. He'd texted me "help, I need water" but I didn't notice it for a while). Callahan also got all spotchy as he tends to do with vomiting. Most of the kids (sans Callahan) didn't throw up again after the early morning, but they all still felt off and had aches and pains. The boys were so tired but had trouble sleeping, but finally fell. I couldn't get out of my Sunday piano, so I still had to go do that. Gray and I watched "Here Comes the Boom" in the early evening. He was feeling a little off himself.

0330 (Saturday) We had the Westra party today. I made a quick trip to Walmart for a few things ... good Easter stuff wasn't one of the things I needed because they didn't have ANYTHING! Seriously! I stopped at Macey's too, and they didn't have a great selection of stuff either. I had been to Smiths yesterday and they had a lot of good stuff still. Gray was busy cleaning up the backyard, and he and Landon dropped the truck off to get a new stereo system put in. We ended up driving separately to Grandma's so that they could pick it up after. I'd had the kids filling eggs for the past couple days, so they were pretty much ready to go. I made some Chex mix and deviled eggs. I also suggested we take the Torani syrups and other ingredients to introduce my side of the family to specialty drinks. Landon set up a small "bar" and they were a hit. The big kids hid the eggs, the little ones found the eggs. Home again, although with Gray and Landon driving separately, we beat them home by a bit. Landon had a dinner out with his Young Men's Presidency. I was so tired, a little bummed having to wait for the kids to get in bed so we could do the Easter Bunny duty. I hope they aren't too disappointed, things were pretty sparse this year.

0329 (Friday) Gray ended up taking the day off ... well, he said he was then he did go into work for a bit. He came home in time to turn around and go back up to Davis county, taking the kids to Maga's house for some egg dying. She had 15 dozen eggs ready! We actually had Landon drive, so that maybe he could just take the boys up sometime (as there have been several times I've been put on the spot to do it but haven't been comfortable enough to try). I stayed home, as I had some shopping to do, and then I spent some time out in the flower bed, planting some pansies and pulling out the old leaves and such. Got a call from Discovercard that there had been another attempt to use it at (also got an email from Walmart about my contact information being changed). This is the THIRD time my account has been hacked. The orders have always been caught before going through, but still a pain. Discover cancelled my card and is sending out a new one. My folks were meeting S&A and D&D at Red Robin, but the D's had to cancel as Danielle was sick. They asked if we could go, so we did, bringing the whole family and it was fun. I woke up with a very stiff neck and it's been bothering me all day :(

0328 (Thursday) Sleep in ... even Gray slept in until 5:00 or so (he had been getting up close to 3:00 this week). Garbage day, I went around with a bag and got all the little garbages, then pulled the one from the garage ... salvaging some stuff that Gray had discarded. I also found the oldest iPhone completely torn apart. I confronted Landon about it (yes, I know exactly who did that) and he said it was broken ... I have NO knowledge of it being broken. Colton was using it until last Fall when the kids got their new ones and he inherited Keaton's old one. Landon says the hold button was sticking, which is just a convenient excuse as we have had several with that problem, but it is NOT one I saw in this one. I'm very angry with him, that he would just do that without making sure it was ok (which it was NOT okay). It could have been exchanged at the AppleStore for $100 for a brand new one. I'm really angry with him. I had physicals scheduled for Keaton and Landon (Keaton for his immunizations for 7th grade and he'll need it for scouts this summer, Landon, for track, even though he's not doing track anymore). Keaton was a little stressed about the shots (his last experience with them, for the warts on his feet not being a painless experience). We also got an xray of his finger and it isn't broken (although it was bruised, which hadn't been visible before). They put a splint on it. The doctor visit took a while with boy boys and the xrays and such. We stopped at DI after, then the dollar store. After getting home, I went out again to get my hair highlighted. My hair has been so blah lately, but I know it's actually the fat face under the hair that I'm unhappy with. Gray had a derby, Landon is obligated to go until he pays back the $300 from track ...

0327 (Wednesday) Yea, the tooth fairy actually remembered to come for Cooper. He got a little extra, as he had been such a brave boy yesterday ($5 a tooth, $10 total). He has a space maintainer, and he's struggling with it a bit. Also, with the healing holes, he isn't supposed to eat anything "hard/sharp" ... ie chips (Doritos/Ruffles). This kids LOVES his chips, and it's going to be very hard on him to go without, even for just a few days. It was a lovely day outside ... so lovely in fact that I HAD to take advantage of it while the kids were gone. I laid out a bit ... that's my happy place, in the sunshine (but not too hot), blue skies, quiet and peaceful, reading a book. It was early out for the Columbia kids. We had Ridley come over after as Ryland wasn't home from school yet. Landon usually stays after on Wednesdays, but they weren't having the class today with Spring Break, so he was able to pick up Callahan after all. Callahan had his ortho appointment at 4:00. I dropped him off, then ran to Sam's for some milk. Should have hit Walmart instead, to get some ad matches on eggs/bread too. Didn't want to pay more, so I'll probably make a trip in the next day or so. I made the "nests" ... our traditional Easter treat. They are so yummy.  Had to make a second batch. Gray and the boys had scouts in the evening. Was it bad that I took my shower and got into my jammies about 6:00?

0326 (Tuesday) Got the kids off to school then ran to Smiths to try and get a couple things on the ad ending today ... of course they were out of what I wanted (Gogurt, Resees mini), but the ad for next week came and they are still on sale (although who knows if they will be restocked). I headed over to the elementary to pick up Cooper for his dental appointment, pulling a couple baby teeth to make room for the permanent ones coming in. Usually I'll have some down time reading while I wait, but today I was discussing the previous bills the whole time (a panoramic xray that insurance didn't pay for, and fluoride on Landon that he was too old for insurance to cover). Bills, bills ... and Colton's upcoming visits are going to be expensive! I'll have to crunch the numbers to see if having dental insurance is even worth it (premiums vs payments). At least we have the HSA. I made stroganoff for dinner (of course only Landon and Gray like it, but it's gone, they ate it all). Gray went out to Joe's in the later evening. I was SO tired, I hadn't slept well last night at all! I was asleep before he got back.

0325 (Monday) Back to the routine, although it's a short week with the upcoming Spring Break. I did some cardio and also got in a weights session. Got a call from West Hills Middle School today saying they WERE going to let Keaton in after all, so yea (although I had been pushing the positives of Elkridge in my head, but this will help, as I hadn't figured out the carpool situation).  In the evening, Colton went to the Jazz game with Randon's family (with his Junior Jazz ticket, they already had extras so we gave our additional one to Bradley's family). The rest of us headed over to the high school for a fundraising dinner for Bantam Basketball. There was a bit of a line. Pulled pork. Landon and Cooper were bored, so I had Grayson take them home. They announced some awards, then Gray came back and picked us up.  "The Voice" and "Revolution" are starting up again, so the kids were watching that.

0324 (Sunday) Slept in ... not Landon though, he was off for an 8:00 meeting. And he took Gray's tundra without asking. Made breakfast then off to church. I noticed Landon's name was on the program as a youth speaker. He hadn't even mentioned it to us. Gray helped in Colton's class. After church Gray and I had a lazy, nappy afternoon. Landon took off to Jake's house for his weekly TWD. Gray and I watched "The Hobbit" ... or half of it anyway. Just not grabbing me like the other Lord of the Rings movies. ♥

0323 (Saturday) Scouting for food in the morning, in the cold and snow. I told Callahan he could have the day off, as his boot does nothing to protect his poor tootsies from the cold and wet. His team was playing in the championships for AAU, so I dropped him off at WJ to watch. They won. I ran to Smiths for some groceries and was on the way home when I got a text about the CH6A game ... I had totally spaced it! I rushed home, told Keaton to change and had the older boys help unload. Gray and Landon were rushing to leave for a derby too. We made it there in time and they won. Cooked up some ribs for dinner, then Gray and I watched "Zero Dark Thirty".

0322 (Friday) Slept in. Got the little boys off to school, then Callahan. It was snowing a lot again. Then it was off to the Honor Roll Assembly at the elementary, as all three boys had made the honor roll.  Home for a bit, then early out for the elementary. Only got in 40 minutes on the elliptical today. Made chicken/yellow rice for dinner.

0321 (Thursday) SNOW. I had seen it on the forecast, but still, it just seemed unexpected. Gray and Landon missed the worst of it, as they both left early. But it was coming down hard when it was time to get Callahan to school. The traffic was terrific. Made it make safe though, good thing, as I didn't have a jacket and was only wearing slippers. I had a frustrating morning at home, as my Fitbit had popped out of its protective case at some point in the morning. The last sync showed only 400+ steps, didn't show my morning workout, so I knew it had to have fallen off (and stopped showing any movement) somewhere in the house. I tore the house apart and wasted the entire morning looking for it to no avail. I can't live without my Fitbit (not that it's been doing me any good really in the motivation/weight department). Gave up, didn't have a great day. When I went to pick up the Columbia kids ... it was in the car. I guess I had still been wearing it for the workout, but hadn't gotten close enough to the base to sync. Glad to have found it anyway. Gray had a derby, and Callahan went to help. Landon left to his region basketball game (against Callahan's friend's ward, Stockton and Cody were playing and beat our priests), and I took the Columbia kids to parent/teacher conferences. Of course they all got glowing reviews as usual. I let them each pick out a book at the book fair. Keaton was actually excited to get the sequels to the Origami Yoda series I had found for him.

0320 (Wednesday) I had broken ANOTHER nail yesterday. I probably would have waited a bit to go in for a fill, but with the broken nail ... it was time. Luckily I got right in. It's nice just to have my phone out and I can get some reading done, so it isn't such a waste of an hour. Stopped at Sam'sClub after to get milk and eggs. The boys had mutual in the evening.

0319 (Tuesday) Did elliptical and weights ... it's been a while since I'd done weights. Went out to Blockbuster to exchange some DVDs and stopped at DI on the way home. Had Callahan's doctor appointment. Xrays show some healing but still gaps. While it looked like it was healing faster at the beginning, this seems about the same place as 8 weeks with the last break. Still in the boot for another 4 weeks. Landon picked up the Columbia kids as our appointment was at the same time. I made chicken pillows for dinner.

0318 (Monday) I think my sore throat may finally be gone. Got in a trip to Walmart and some cardio (60min on the elliptical). Landon is quitting track, after I just paid $300 just over a week ago, after asking him "are you SURE you want to do this?"  So, he'll be paying us back if we can't get a refund (I called to see about that today). Keaton had a game at 8:00, Callahan's team at 9:00. Keaton's team lost, so that is the end of the tournament for them. Callahan's team won, we did stay and watch as they were both at the same location. But getting home late from a game makes it hard to get to sleep.

0317 (Sunday) Gray went to work again. Ward Conference. Colton had the talk (again). I don't get my nap in if Grayson's not home. The boys wanted to go to Magas, but Gray got home too late. Landon made gingersnaps and went to Jake's to watch TWD.

0316 (Saturday) Landon had his churchball game, I should have gone to watch, apparently they did great.  Didn't get a lot done today. Didn't get in exercise either. Gray went to work for a bit. I took Callahan to Stockton's house to hang out for a bit. Landon wanted a haircut, Cooper NEEDED a haircut, so Landon took everyone (sans Callahan) to Fantastic Sam's. Much better, although still not totally happy with Cooper's. His is weird. Went out to dinner at the Pie. I prefer Mountain Mikes.

0315 (Friday) Last night Colton had been complaining of his tummy hurting. I tried to have him go potty, take a shower ... I had a bucket just in case. He was coughing and crying about midnight, so I gave him some medicine and that seemed to help.  Until around 4:00 when I heard him cry out and I went to check on him and he threw up multiple times. Poor baby, but hopefully it was a one time thing, not a 24-hour bug. He was still sleeping deeply in the morning, so I sent the other boys off to school. Of course another unexcused absence is NOT what we need according to threatening letters from the school, but I did let him stay home. He didn't throw up again, and seemed ok, maybe could have done school, but you just don't know. I felt bad because he had been invited to go to Seven Peaks with Randon at 2:30, and I just wasn't sure if I dared send him (or if I shouldn't send him, the precedent that if you miss school you also miss fun) ... I just felt bad for him missing such a fun opportunity. Turns out if Colton couldn't go, they were willing to postpone and go next Friday. So nice of them! After brothers got home to watch Colton, I went in and turned in permits at Terra Linda. I don't know if they have room, if they will be approved. I guess I'm ok either way, both schools have their advantages and disadvantages. If we don't get in, we don't get in, and we'll just continue on with Columbia. If we do ... changes, but hopefully good changes. We'll just have to wait and see. Not even mentioning it to Cooper until it's actually a possibility. Landon didn't go to track practice again ... after I just paid $300 for fees/uniform he better not get kicked off the team for being so flakey. I told him he's paying us back every cent if that happens (he wanted to be fresh for his basketball game tomorrow). One of the happy Havenhill clients wanted to have the guys (and wives) over for a thank you dinner. I always do stress out about dinners, I'm just not the social person I once was, in addition to all the other anxieties. It went well though.  The teachers had their first region game, Keaton actually didn't even really care to go (being such a small deacon). Poor Callahan DID want to go play so badly. He would be the star of the church ball team. I found him on the computer watching some of his old basketball videos ... his glory days before the broken foot (feet) and he was crying. Poor, poor Callahan. Doctor's appointment next Tuesday, but it's still a little soon to be thinking he'll be getting the ok to play. (Also spent some time on the phone trying to figure out his insurance bills, with SO many appointments they add up and get confusing!)

0314 (Thursday) Last night at the derby I was talking to Natalie and the possibility of shifting schools (to Terra Linda, which is traditional) came up. I had just been thinking about this, with the re-tracking AGAIN, and the fact that (depending on which route I take) I'm driving past it on my way to/from Columbia ... add in the recent frustration with the principal and her form letters ... anyway, it had been on my mind. I was a little surprised that Natalie would be as up for it as she seemed to be (as she doesn't have older kids in traditional school, and does have younger kids, which it could impact). I mentioned it to Ridley's family (Cooper's age, carpool, they work) and it would be a better fit for them too, although the initial change would be hard on both Cooper and Ridley, as they both suffer from anxiety about any change. But the track system ultimately has less change (without all the off-track, re-tracking, changing classrooms, etc.) and if Elkridge is in the future for these younger kids, half of the school does move on there (the other half does still go to Joel P). Anyway, up all night thinking about that (plus still problems with my throat, even though I took medication last night, it didn't help). So ... tired today. Still getting in some cardio but it's a push to do it. Made Haystacks for dinner.

0313 (Wednesday) It was Grandparents Day over at the school and my folks were coming out. I try to go too, take my camera and such. As usual, parking was a problem. We should have gotten in the picture line right away, as it wasn't bad when we first got there, but then it got really long. I just snapped one myself (without the cute hats, glasses and wigs of the circus theme) as Keaton and Cooper didn't want to miss recess. I stopped at SamsClub on the way home. Picked up Callahan, then the little boys. When I went to pick up the kids, Keaton didn't look very happy, and as he got in the car he said "Mom, it's happening again".  A couple weeks (before the flu) he was having some pain in his groin area. We were wondering if we needed to get him checked for a hernia. He had trouble walking and sitting. We gave it a day and the pain faded ... until yesterday. It was MUCH worse, enough that I figured I should get him checked. It was too late for this regular pediatrician, so I took him to Urgent Care, although he seemed to be in SO much pain I almost wondered if I should take him to the ER. It was almost like contractions, he'd be in intense pain (crying/moaning) for a couple minutes and then it would pass for a few minutes, then hit again. They checked him for hernia and testicular torsion (which would have required immediate surgery), and tested his urine (kidney stone?) ... at first he couldn't go (not that it was painful, he just didn't need to) so we had to give him water to drink, and then he said he felt like he had to have a bowel movement (and usually that will get some
urine out too) and so he was successful and said his BM had been quite explosive, bad diarrhea.  As they were calling the hospital to arrange an ultrasound Keaton looked at me and said "I'm feeling better ... what if it was just the diarrhea?" The doctor did agree that it could have been that. I know we've all had experience with bad pain/cramps associated with that. I know sometimes men end up in the ER thinking it's a heart attack when it's just gas  ... Keaton was feeling pretty sheepish if that is what it was, but he's never really had anything close to this, and with the recent issue, it hadn't really crossed our minds until then.  We came home (with the Urgent Care #,  open until 9:00 and the ER # if needed) and he has seemed fine. So not positive that's all it was, but better that than some of the other possibilities. With Celiacs in the family,  I do think we'll
keep an eye out for any other symptoms or if this is at all reoccurring. We need to get him into the doctor for his physical (immunizations for 7th grade) so I'll mention it. A hernia isn't ruled out completely.  He has had a couple other issues in that area long ago ... when he was a newborn, I recall the Dr. saying something about
a lump in one testicle that I believe just went away, and then when he was 3 1/2 or so, hurting enough there that I took him in and they needed a urine sample (he wasn't potty trained, but we did get him to give one, and that pretty much WAS his potty training, he was good from there on out, realizing he was actually in control). Anyway, he had basketball practice in the evening, but we skipped it as Gray was doing a Lego derby over at the church and Keaton did want to go to that (and probably shouldn't have tried to run after the afternoon adventure). Cooper refused to come, but Colton and I headed over. I thought it went well and was a fun activity. I got some video.

0312 (Tuesday) I broke another nail today! I'm really not being careless. I went back to Mimi and got it fixed and got a pedicure too. Feeling a little indulgent about it, with the kids in school and Gray working so hard ... and me reading and getting a pedicure. I'm a lazy SAHM ... guilty :(   ... got a nasty note in the mail today from the school regarding Colton's absences. I do realize it's basically a form letter, not a personal attack, but I was seriously in tears over it. He's missed 10 days with two separate illnesses lasting a week. I did actually take him to the doctor with the first on (in December) but had forgotten to ask for a doctor's note (and could have saved myself the trip as it was just a "wait it out" diagnosis). I didn't take him in this last time, and now this letter is saying ANY further absences will REQUIRE a doctor's note (at $150 is the school going to pick up the tab??). The note was just nasty ... class B misdemeanor, referral to court, etc. I did call and talked with the principal (as the note said was required of me), and called the doctor's office to have them fax in a note about the December illness. But seriously, my feelings toward the school and principal are SO negative right now. 2x Tuesday at Dominos, so picked up pizza after grabbing Callahan. He went and watched his team play at Cottonwood last night (I dropped him off at Jared's to catch a ride).

0311 (Monday) All the kids in school, Gray back to work .... I'm still not feeling 100% but almost better I think. Need to get back to exercising and such. Did get in 60 minutes today, but only 10 minutes at a time spread throughout the day. I broke my pinky nail last night (just a little bump while loading the dishwasher) so I went into Mimi Nails for a repair. Stopped at Walmart after for some groceries. Landon's staying after for track, so I'm back on pick up duty for Callahan, and Columbia carpool as usual. Practice had been scheduled for the evening but it was cancelled as the gym was in use for AAU. I made tacos for dinner and oreos for dessert, as I didn't make them yesterday. I finally returned the dish to Littlewoods (with some oreos in it).

0310 (Sunday) Daylight savings ... we lost an hour. Luckily, we have one of the later church times. We did all make it today. I had been asked to sub for primary chorister, but I didn't think my voice, while back, would make it through singing and talking. Got a nice nap in the afternoon. Landon went to Jake's to watch TWD. Callahan made brownies.

0309 (Saturday) Gray went into work today to do bills. He says (while he's not 100% or even close) he is feeling a lot better. I had the big boys do bathrooms, then it was off to Keaton's first game, against Luddax (three usual members of our team on it, they won the 7th grade playoffs in Superleague) ... so yes, a blow out, but expected, and the kids did fine playing against their buddies. Home for just a bit then back again for another tough team. Keaton didn't handle it as well (although I don't know that we were really expecting anything different, so I was frustrated he was getting all emotional). He even lost his temper and grabbed another kid's ankle as he was making a layup, making him fall. I was surprised K didn't get a tech for that, he should have. Unacceptable! Luckily the kid wasn't hurt (there are enough accidental injuries, how would you feel if you HAD done it on purpose?). It puts the team in the lower division (which is definitely where we need to be) so hopefully we'll last a bit in the single elimination tournament coming up.  Gray came home and we went out to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. Callahan went to watch his team play two games. Clay's family came up to Macey's for ice cream cones and Gray and the two little ones went to meet up with them. Then Gray grabbed Callahan after. ♥

0308 (Friday) Late start Friday, even Landon got to sleep in this week.  I took the little ones to school again, then came home to get Callahan off. Gray was feeling better but still taking it easy today. I ran to Maceys for a sale they were having. Gray and I dropped his truck off at Jordan Camper to get a slide bed put in, back later in the afternoon to pick it up. It was early out, so back to Columbia, then back to West Hills for Callahan. Landon was quite late getting home (almost 6:00). Tony, from work, came out to see Gray. Keaton had a late basketball game (starting at 9:00) so Gray and I watched a couple "Walking Dead" episodes to get us caught up and keep me awake. The game went fine, we lost, but it was close. Gray was still awake when we got back, I don't think he even took a nap today (didn't take his "sleepy" medicine).

0307 (Thursday) Our morning carpool was out of town, so I was taking the kids to school. It's actually somewhat nice to drop them off and say goodbye (doesn't always happen at the house as they rush out the door). While I was out I stopped by Reams, they had Dasani water on sale ($3) and I picked up a roast and stuck it in the crock pot at home. Gray home again today, resting up for a derby which he didn't feel like he could cancel. He needed help, but Landon just barely made it home from track and he was exhausted, so it was a pretty miserable night for them both, and for me at home worrying about them.

0306 (Wednesday) Gray still home, although he can hobble around some. Went to Sam'sClub for milk and chips. Pulled Macaroni Rosa out of the freezer to have dinner for Gray and Landon. Landon went to mutual (tripleD) but of course not Gray, Callahan can't participate, and Keaton had a basketball game. His team had actually won last Wednesday (which surprised me) so this was the championship game. It was against a top team (PumpNRun) and I really didn't think we had a chance (they had pummeled us twice already). Trevon fouled out in the first quarter (he was leaving to another game, so I don't know that he was being particularly careful). Our coach got ejected the 2nd quarter ... I don't know that the calls were THAT bad, in a way I felt like our coach went into it planning on getting thrown out. We lost, but the boys still got t-shirts for 2nd place. Later the coach emailed apologizing for his behavior and said he was stepping down ... it was the last game of the season anyway though. I guess he was planning on the Dimple Dell league for Spring, so Ryan or Brian will be taking over. Keaton didn't feel like Robby liked him anyway, so perhaps it will be a good change.

0305 (Tuesday) Gray stayed home today. He still did quite a bit of work from bed, but did need naps, as the medications make him sleepy. Picked up Callahan after school and stopped for Dominos 2xTuesday deal. I still haven't felt up to cooking, and poor Gray is hungry.

0304 (Monday) Gray attempted to go into work today, but ended up coming home. He said he had a horribly painful spasm in his leg that just leveled him. He came home and napped and I got him a doctor's appointment for a little later. I would have liked to go with him, but it was at 2:30, and I had to pick up Callahan at 3:00 (as Landon was staying after for track tryouts). The doctor prescribed some medication, so I made a run to Smiths to grab the ones that had been called in, and dropped off the ones that hadn't. Home again, then I took Callahan to the high school for team pictures. I dropped him and stopped at the library and Smiths again (to get the other prescriptions) and back for him. Then at 6:30 I dropped Cal off at practice (he wanted to work on foul shots) and Keaton off for pictures then practice. They both ended at 8:00, I grabbed Callahan first, and Keaton's practice did go over by quite a bit. I was glad he was up for some running .... I'm still feeling completely run down. Still no voice for me.

0303 (Sunday) I hadn't planned on ducking out of church again. I figured I could probably handle it for the last hour, to fulfill my calling at least. But yesterday Carolyn had called to see if I could sub for her, and hearing my voice (it's STILL not back), worked it out and said she'd cover my hour too. With Gray not going either (he doesn't even dare move) I didn't want to send the little boys, in case they had a coughing fit. Luckily Callahan did NOT seem to get sick after all ... I told the older boys it was up to them, and everyone just ended up staying home. We raided our cabinets and Gray tried all the different pain relievers we had. Lortab did seem to give him some relief, or at least made him so sleepy that he was able to escape the pain in a nap for a while. I managed to make our Sunday Circles, then put a PotRoast in the crockpot for dinner. My plan had been to have Gray make his yummy taters. I just knew I couldn't do it as well, we ended up just snacking on the meat for dinner, but everyone enjoyed it (well, not the two little boys). I made homemade oreos. Gray thought maybe he was feeling a bit better by evening.

0302 (Saturday) I had a really bad night last night. I've gotten to where I can sleep fine without Gray there (it used to be a problem) but I was just coughing, coughing all night. I decided to go to the UrgentCare and see if there was anything they could do. I didn't have any official diagnosis, no complications. They gave me a prescription for an inhaler (still having trouble breathing at times) and a cough medicine (which also should help make me sleepy). Stopped and grabbed those and a few other groceries. That trip wore me out. I'm just not up to doing much still. Colton and Cooper were fairly active today, playing outside (it was actually pretty nice weather) but then both of them came in and crashed, taking long afternoon naps. Gray got home in the afternoon. His back was hurting (has is stopped?) as a bump on a snowmobile had aggravated it again.  He laid down for a bit, and the pain shifted from his back to down his leg (sciatica?). He was in some pretty intense pain. It was a long night (even with my new cough medicine).

0301 (Friday) Sometimes February can catch me off guard with it's shortened month, but despite being sick, I did get the bills all paid. One medical bill didn't have an online bill pay (can you imagine, in this day and age?) and I actually had to look up the cost of a stamp (46¢ now) and find something that worked in my stash (37¢ and three 3¢). Callahan was out of school today, and not feeling well himself ... hope he doesn't get it as bad as the rest of us. It's harder for the older kids to miss school and makeup work. Colton and Cooper did go back today. Short day, and they made it through. I picked up. Gray was home early and took off with the scouts. So just a quiet night at home.

0228 (Thursday) Back to staying in jammies all day. Feel worse today than yesterday. Probably worn down from the not sleeping, not really eating as well. Still went ahead and kept Colton home again, he also seems to improve and then go downhill again. Even hit 100° today (I haven't had a fever since last Fri/Sat myself). Herriman's basketball team was playing in the state finals and even excusing students and providing a bus, so he went and watched. They lost though. I had him stop and pick up some pictures on the way home. Colton was supposed to be "star student" this week ... oops. I made him a poster and hopefully that will be enough motivation to get him to try school tomorrow. It's a short day, and his teacher said there is an important test he needs to take. As Landon was later than usual, I had to go pick up Callahan, and I picked up the Columbia Carpool too. The kids have been complaining about the Xbox for a while, it keeps not working, they lost the wifi connector, need a new paddle. I decided to pull a Grayson and I just ordered a new one, with Kinect and everything. It came today and (again, as Landon was late) I had to help Callahan set it up. With the Kinect, we decided to put it in the main room, but then the kids can't play it and the Wii at the same time. That will probably cause some problems in the summer, so I'll maybe have to figure something else out. Gray's scout group is going on an overnighter this weekend and they need skis, so he was busy tonight taking the kids in for that. Both Callahan and Keaton could go, but neither one is (Cal's foot and Keaton just recovering are the reasons, but I don't know if they would want to even if healthy). We did finish up Game of Thrones (season2) tonight.

0227 (Wednesday)  Landon was out of school for PT conferences. I'm such a bad parent, as long as the kids have good grades and I don't need to talk to the teachers, it's just not worth the effort for me. Not that I could talk anyway! I encouraged Colton to get back to school (he had gotten dressed yesterday and even went outside to play before I nixed that), he did get dressed and I made his lunch. Just before pickup he started complaining, so I let him stay. I actually got dressed and put on makup today... I even left the house. With Landon home to tend the sick little ones, I went to Elkridge to put a permit in there. I'm late, past the early open enrollment, but it sounded like they were approving permits. So, fingers crossed. It's better than JoelP (not a good school by reputation, no neighborhood carpool, feeds into WJ High). I stopped at Smiths on the way home. Dropped of the groceries and checked on the kids then went and got my nails done as it was long overdue. But even just sitting was tiring, and I had a couple coughing fits. Did a quick trip to Blockbuster after to exchange DVDs (Landon had finally gotten around to watching "Total Recall" on his day off, we've had it sitting around for a week). Keaton had a game in the evening, and although he's better, I was worried about his endurance actually playing (so was he), plus I'm still not great and it would have left the little ones home alone, so we ended up sitting it out. It was against a hard team, and without Trevon (our big man) there, I doubt they had a chance and that would end this Winter season. Gray, Landon, Callahan and Keaton went to scouts. Gray was very tired and went to bed early. Landon was introducing his brothers to "Pitch Perfect" and I stayed in the kitchen for a while so my coughing wouldn't disturb Gray, although when I finally did go to bed I'm sure it did. It sure disturbs me!

0226 (Tuesday) Landon had early morning seminary so I had to take Callahan to school. My first small venture out in days. I should have had a scarf around my mouth, I didn't care for breathing in the cool air. I encouraged Keaton to go back to school today and he did and was ok. So just me and the two little ones today. Colton had diarrhea all morning and kept me running. I told him he should just camp out on the potty. Callahan had an ortho appointment, Landon dropped him and picked him up. Heather has been filling in picking up the Columbia carpool, so that's been helpful. Did get a very disappointing call today from West Hills saying they were not approving Keaton's permit. OH NO! So disappointed, I was really counting on that. Not sure what we are going to do.

0225 (Monday) Actually not a bad night. I was actually able to sleep and just that helped a lot. I was up at 1:00 to check on the kids, and they stirred, so I did give them another dose of medication. I had Landon drop Callahan on his way this morning. That was nice. With the MCV, it's not too far out of Landon's way anymore. I had debated sending Keaton back to school, but thought maybe I'd keep him around just to be sure, and to help me with the little ones. He actually still seemed pretty off today though. Colton had a ton of accidents and a gazillion trips to the potty this morning. I told him maybe he should just bring his gameboy and stay seated for an hour or so! I seemed to be doing a bit better. I was able to load the dishwasher, fold Callahan's clothes, pay the bills, and it wore me out, but I could do it. I encouraged the little boys to get up and try playing some video games or basketball just to see if they could. Colton and Keaton were craving KFC, so I had Landon stop for some after school. Daddy and the big boys played a little Scrabble in the evening.

0224 (Sunday) Horrible night, I don't know if I slept at all. I was up with the kids a few times, and then just couldn't sleep myself. At 4 in the morning I was in the kitchen and all three sickies were also awake. Sick party. I tried a little ice cream last night (to cool my burning throat) and pulled out an OLD popsicle. When morning came I actually asked Gray to make a run for popsicles, icee cups, cough drops and anything else that could possibly be soothing. I ravaged the cabinets for medications, and while I know you aren't supposed to use other people's prescriptions and these were out of date, throughout the day I tried Tylenol with Codine, Lortab, Percocet ... nothing helped. A couple of times my throat closed up so much I couldn't breathe. We had a bucket for Colton, as his coughing fits would gag him until he would throw up ... he really didn't have anything in his stomach, but when I looked in the bucket ... there was blood. It was coming from his nose, I don't think he actually threw up blood but it was still very disconcerting. And I know, the high fever, the blood, the not breathing ... any one of these should have probably driven us to see a doctor to get checked. I did look into the urgent care centers and found the one I had taken Landon to for his foot did have some Sunday hours. We debated, but having to go out feeling like this wasn't very appealing either. My last few visits to the doctor hadn't resulting in anything but big bills, and from all I'd heard, there isn't anything to do but wait it out ... so we didn't go.

0223 (Saturday) Gray, Landon and Callahan had PowWow. We sickies just rested. It would have been the FunShot over at Gene Fullmer, too bad neither of my basketball boys was fit enough. Gray ended up going into work, which was fine as we were pretty much just laying around and Landon was available to help. The sore throat is what is killing us (me!). It is SO bad, unbelievably painful. Gray stopped at Target on his way home and grabbed a couple throat sprays, they are horrible, and seemed to only help for a minute. The kids aren't complaining a lot, but their throats are really hurting too.

0222 (Friday) Well, now Cooper and Colton are running fevers. I started feeling a bit of a tickle in my throat last night too (although I DID sleep, FINALLY). So all three boys home today. Landon and Callahan have been getting after Keaton and Colton for "faking it" so I felt like all three boys were doing enough complaining to ensure that I knew they really weren't feeling well (I told them I believed them, they didn't need to put on a show for me!). It was a hard morning with a lot of "Mom" requests that kept me running. Keaton had an accident in the little boys bed  (diarrhea) so I had to pull all the bedding off and wash it and Keaton's clothes. As I was struggling to put the new mattress pad on my hand slipped and slammed into the wall, and the nail (artificial) on my thumb snapped off. Oh, it hurt SO bad. Then the flu hit me too. Fever, cough, aches. We all pretty much just lay around for the rest of the day. I took Colton's temp and it was 104.8°! And that was with a forehead thermometer which I think actually reads a point low.  I kind of let on that it was worrysome and Colton, who had been fine, did suddenly start complaining of being so hot. We did get it down with another dose of Motrin (we've gone through two bottles!) and a cool cloth on his head.

0221 (Thursday) Happy Birthday Callahan. I didn't have a lot for him. I don't know why his birthday is so hard, it just falls close after Christmas, after the January blahs. I just never seem to have much going for him. Gave him the Nike shirts and Swedish Fish. While he was at school, a new ankle brace came ... hey, another  "present" for him! (I bought one online as the doctor's office charges $100 for one, and they cost 1/3 that on Amazon). Another package (some Christmas books I got on sale for next year gifts) came and there were those air bubble packets ... I saved those to give to Callahan too. Happy Birthday!  Colton called from school in the afternoon saying he felt sick, so I went and got him, although he didn't seem bad to me. Not sure with this kid! I made a special trip to the store as Keaton was craving SunnyD and the was the ONLY thing that sounded good at all. I had Heather picking up from school as Callahan had a doctor's appointment. He fell asleep in the waiting room ... we do usually wait and wait there. So, nothing new, looks like it is improving. See him again in four weeks. We stopped at Arctic Circle for some tater tots on the way home. Gray had a derby in the evening. He'd wanted one of the bigger boys (Landon/Cal) to go, as he's been having some bad back pain and wasn't sure if he could handle the tables himself. But it was Callahan's birthday (and he wanted to play some 2k13) and Landon had a basketball game. Keaton was sick ... Cooper did go to help, although he's not much help with tables. Gray said it went fine ... except that he accidentally erased ALL the results at the end and they had to run the entire race over again!

0220 (Wednesday) I hadn't slept Sunday night. Not Monday night either. Not last night either ... I mean I guess I probably did sleep some, but it took forever to fall asleep, and then I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Last night, Keaton came wandering too. I really don't function well without my eight hours. Keaton is still not feeling well and stayed home again. I went to Kohls (had a $10 off and a 30% off to use) and then grabbed some milk at Sam's Club. It's Callahan's birthday tomorrow. I grabbed some swedish fish and a cake. I really don't have much. His friends have been having big birthday bashes, but I'm just so not up for that. Game of Thrones came today ... it's a bit of overkill (Blu-Ray, DVD, Amazon Online and Ultraviolet). Gray and the boys had scouts in the evening. Keaton had a game, right close by at Elkridge, against an easy team (so possibly more playing time for him) but was still sick. He hit 103.8°.

0219 (Tuesday) Keaton wasn't feeling well, cough and a fever, so I let him stay home from school. He pretty much stayed on the couch all day. He didn't complain or seem super sick, but did request another dose of medication before school would have gotten out of session. He did say spaghetti sounded good, so I made that for dinner. Callahan had gone with friends to watch the high school teams play at Jordan High School. He hadn't really planned ahead (to have $$ or food) but was able to get a ride both ways.

0218 (Monday) President's Day. Gray did have some stuff he needed to do at work. Then he had to come all the way home just to turn around and drive back up to Bountiful ... because I don't dare to. Jami and the girls are in town and Pam was having a "breakfast and bowling" get together. Gray had asked if I might make the drive up to Bountiful ... I wish I could :( It's SO frustrating for me. So obviously inadequate. Crash. I didn't get much sleep during the night and had a headache and stomach pain and just didn't feel like I could put on a social smile, so I sat the activity out. It sounds like breakfast was pretty crowded and chaotic and the bowling conditions less than ideal, so it was probably good I didn't go. I made chicken pillows for dinner, with homemade oreos for dessert.

0217 (Sunday) Sunday sleep in, then Sunday circles. Gray's back is bothering him, he didn't think he could sit comfortably through meetings and decided to try some bedrest instead. The boys (Gray being one of "the boys") played some Sorry. There was a family history fireside in the evening. Grayson made some chocolate malt and put in some Otis.

0216 (Saturday) Pow wow in the morning. Then Gray arranged for some guys to come clean and detail the vehicles. It took all afternoon (so we were stranded at home), but they do look really nice. I made fried chicken and yellow rice for dinner, then Gray and watched at DVD. ♥

0215 (Friday) Got the boys off to school, dropped Callahan off, then went to Walmart and scored quite a bit of Valentine's stuff on the "day after" sale. Lots of fun ideas for party stations next year. More suckers if the kids want to do the photo valentines. Stopped by Sam'sClub, as their milk is almost $1 cheaper than anywhere else. Got a little extra elliptical in today (100 minutes). There were basketball games at the high school, Callahan and friends just walked over after school. Keaton and Conner were planning to go, but then Keaton had been invited to a birthday party (James, on the basketball team) which would take him away early, and Conner didn't want to be there alone, so he decided not to go. Keaton decided not to go either, to just go to the party at 6:00, but Callahan wrote that he was starving. So I ended up taking Keaton (and a bag of food) at 3:30, then picked him up around 6:00 to take him to the party. It went until late, but they brought the boys home after. Callahan was able to get a ride home from the game too.

0214 (Thursday) Valentines Day. We had an early morning visitor, Maga! She came to drop off some stuff and say hello. We got the boys Valentines prepped last night, and I think I'm ready for the party. It wasn't until afternoon, but for some reason having it hanging there does impact my day. I didn't get much done.  I had two parents and the teacher, so four of us and five stations. It worked out ok. I think the kids had fun with everything. We did go over by a bit, things always take longer than you plan. Glad it's done anyway. The boys originally had church ball games in the evening, but they rescheduled them ... which, we actually would have been free. Keaton's team was going to practice, but he's been having some pain in his groin area and couldn't walk without pain, much less run, so he sat it out. Gray (who had been gone when Pam stopped by in the morning) dropped in on his mom at the end of the day, so he didn't get home until late.

0213 (Wednesday) Still not feeling terribly motivated, but I did get in an hour of cardio and an hour of weights today. Landon surprised me be asking to take a valentine photo. He even skipped his after school seminary to get started early. I took pictures of him and Keaton (Cooper and Colton were interested in doing it, but wanted to go play at Ridley's house after school more). I got the picture made into the valentine and uploaded to to Walgreens 1-hour, then went and picked them up. I'd also been prepping for Cooper's class party tomorrow. I think I'm ready. Callahan's Ipod home button stopped working today. It's only four months old, so we figured it would be under warranty. Gray took him into the Apple Store, they said the frame was bent (from putting in pants pockets) and it was NOT covered under warranty. So $150 ... NOT happy about that.

0212 (Tuesday) I didn't sleep well last night ... some basketball on the brain. Keaton is complaining of a sore throat, Cooper says his tummy hurts when he bends, Colton's back hurts I sent the kids to school I was pretty  much expecting a call. And I got it, Colton saying his tummy hurt. It was only an hour left in the school day, but he said he couldn't last so I went and got him ... and he was perfectly fine and playing around the rest of the day. Callahan's crew was having team pictures after school, I went and dropped him off, although he almost didn't go saying "I'm not really part of the team this year" with his broken foot. Gray took the little boys and Landon to Chick-Fil-A (C&K didn't want to go) and then Gray came into the house alone ... Landon and the little boys were still sitting in the truck rocking out. They've done that a few times.

0211 (Monday) Back to the routine. You'd think it would be the little boys, used to sleeping in that would be hard to get up, but it's Callahan. I have to pull him out of bed every morning! Got the kids off and ... alone. It's been a while. I'm not sure why, but I was a bit down and unmotivated, didn't get much done.  Should have done weights, should have gotten in more cardio, should have gone shopping ... Landon picked up Callahan, I picked up the Columbia kids. Keaton had practice which was at CopperHills, no the church ... no back at CopperHills ... I dropped him then ran to Walmart for a few things. It was SO busy, huge lines. I put back some stuff to be able to get into the 20 and under line. Back to pick up Keaton, then pretty quiet evening at home.

0210 (Sunday) Sunday sleep in .... ahhh, love it! Made Sunday Circles. Keaton wasn't feeling well and stayed home from church. The boys had been saying they wanted to go to Maga's, so we called and they were around, so we went up. Played some games and I made homemade oreos. Back home by 7:00, as Landon wanted to go to a friend's to watch "Walking Dead". Gray wasn't going to let him at first, not really a "Sunday" activity, but he so seldom social, I thought it was a good thing, and I didn't want him watching it at home (spoilers for me, and I don't want the younger kids seeing it). Gray and I watched "Total Recall" so we'll have to catch our Tivo'd episode of TWD tomorrow.

0209 (Saturday)  Landon had his last shift reffing, and Gray took the scouts to pow wow. I made a run to Sams for milk. Keaton had a game at 1:00 against Bountiful. We won, so there was another game at 3:00. We just stayed. Taylorsville (8th grade) was playing, with a few kids from Reggie's old team, I watched that and chatted with some of the parents. We knew our game against Bingham was a longshot, and we didn't win. Keaton only got about 5 minutes playing time (between BOTH games) but he held his head high and cheered on his teammates. Callahan had a party at Porter's in the evening, we had Landon take him (so he'd know where the house was to do the pick up as well) and Gray and I went out to dinner at Johnny Carinos. Home to watch "End of Watch" which wasn't one I got into. But ♥

0208 (Friday) It was great to be able to sleep in. Landon had late start, as did Callahan, and the other boys enjoyed their last official "off track" day. I dropped Callahan off then went to Target, picking up a couple things and transferring a couple prescriptions. I'd just keep them at Smiths, but I get credit if I "transfer", but not if I simply refill. It was nice that my iron pills were out of their packaging (before, I had to cut them out with scissors). Found a couple $5 shoes for Landon and Keaton. Love just seeing what happens to be on clearance. Friends over early, with early out elementary. Callahan got a ride with Stephan and they went to West Jordan to see the basketball game there (Copper Hills playing). He texted and said several of the 6A team was there, and Keaton did want to go, so I dropped him off. They were able to get a ride home. Gray and I watched a movie "Flight" which wasn't quite what I expected. Didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

0207 (Thursday) Still dragging some, just 60 minutes on the elliptical today. Did some reading and reviews ... love GoodReads, so great to keep track of things and find other interesting books. Love that the library has so many and in digital format too. Love reading again! Callahan gave up his crutches at the beginning of this week, and now that he is walking again, I had Landon pick him up after school. Made spaghetti for dinner then Gray took the two little boys out for ice cream at Subzero. Not sure if the older boys weren't invited or if they just didn't care to go. Keaton had basketball practice 8:30-10:00 ... past my bedtime.

0206 (Wednesday) It wasn't an absolutely horrible night, but it wasn't great either. Feeling very run down and icky, but I don't think it's the flu blown flu (no fever). I took it easy today, just 30 minutes on the elliptical. Just rested and read much of the day. After picking up Callahan, I went to Walmart, as we were almost out of milk. Grabbed a few other things too and tried a new recipe for Gray and Landon to try for dinner. They had scouts, and I took Keaton to his game. It was against "Stealth" which is actually the 6th grade Bingham football team. They beat us last time we played them, and in addition to missing Trevon, we were also missing James (our two biggest guys). But our boys won it! It was really foggy for the drive home.

0205 (Tuesday) The boys had dentist appointments today. We were there about an hour and a half. Colton has a bunch of cavities, so he'll need return trips and much money. Cooper needs a couple baby teeth pulled so that the permanent ones can come in. Fun fun. At least Keaton is in the clear. And if waiting there wasn't enough, I had Callahan's appointment at 3:30 (we stopped at Dominos quick on the way home). More waiting, the x-rays did show some progress, and they switched out the boot to a new one, so that is good. I dropped Callahan and Keaton at the high school to watch the games there. Cooper wanted to buy the Minecraft game for the computer, which took a little longer than anticipated and then didn't work ... even after Gray updated the video drivers. He set up his old laptop for Cooper to play on. Right around 7:00 or so, I suddenly felt yucky. Tickle in my throat, headache, like something is coming on. I asked Landon if he'd pick the boys up at 8:30, so I could go ahead and take a shower and wind down.

0204 (Monday) Grayson bought a new router on Saturday and installed it yesterday, so we had to reconnect all the wireless devices. I had forgotten about my Aria scale, and that was a pain to reconfigure! I went ahead and put Netflix and AmazonPrime on the Wii downstairs too. My DVD player in the gym also decided to go out, so I pulled out the one from the family room and put it there (and ordered a new blue ray player for the family room, which Landon had been wanting anyway). Unfortunately that DVD player doesn't stay paused, which I NEED for my gym, so I ended up switching it out with the one in the boy's bedroom. I do have a square trade warranty on the broken one (just $29.99 but still ...). Got in elliptical and some treadmill. It's TOM, so while I should have done weights, I didn't feel like it. Got a call from Callahan's coach, asking if they could borrow his jersey to have someone fill in, as another player is down (with a concussion). So I brought it when I picked up Callahan (they had a game in the evening, and on Wednesday and Saturday). Landon has been catching up on "The Walking Dead" which means he's usually in MY room watching it after school. Cooper had a fit because someone ate all the brownies, and because he couldn't watch Phinneas and Ferb in the family room (the boys were watching "The Office") ... he had all day to watch, but I don't think they did during the day. It was ok weather, so the boys actually played outside today. Jaxon came over, and then Colton went over there for a while. Keaton was really "off" all day, just sitting or laying around playing a video game (Pokemon is making a comeback). He says his elbow hurts after bonking in the other day.

0203 (Sunday) Sunday sleep in. I made Sunday Circles then prepped a talk for Colton ... which made me late. After church Gray and I got in a little nap, then started to prep the Superbowl Smorgasbord. Steak, chicken, potatoes, beans, carrots, biscuits. We had invited my folks out to join us. It was yummy as usual, although Gray had problems with the propane. Not sure if it was just too cold out or what. Luckily the BBQ has a charcoal portion as well. We played some Racko and Rummy and did actually watch some of the game.

0202 (Saturday) Landon had his ref shift. He has another next week and then it's done. Today was Colton's last game. It was actually a "good" one (if you count good as Colton making lots of baskets), I will get a video out of it. Gray went to have some work done on his truck and ended up waiting there for hours. I ran some errands (DI,dollar store and Blockbuster ... they didn't have ONE DVD we wanted, ). Pam came out and took the big boys to the movie "Life of Pi" then Callahan had a birthday party for his friend Brandon (as I dropped him off, there were so many teenage boys, I'd stress out with that many at the house). I anxiously awaited the 10:30 pickup so I could join everyone else who had gone to bed earlier.

0201 (Friday) It's February. Even though the school has late start, Landon still had Early Morning Seminary at 6:00.  He and a friend went to breakfast after it ended and before school started. I dropped Callahan off and stopped at Smiths again, to get Landon's prescription. They only had one, so I'll have to make another trip back. I went in and had my nails done, then stopped at Maceys, hoping to get the ice cream they had on sale. They were out of it, but had oreos/crackers on a good sale, with some coupons there, so I grabbed quite a few. Gray came home from work early and we hit a movie, "Warm Bodies" which was cute. Maybe back on track ♥.

0131 (Thursday) After dropping Callahan off in the morning I went to Smiths. Did quite a bit on the elliptical (it's holding) and made a muvee and updated the blog. After school, I took Landon to the dermatologist and he got a pill and cream prescribed. He had reffing at 6:00, and a game at 7:00. Keaton had practice from 7:00-8:00 which I was running him to, so I didn't make it to Landon's game.

0130 (Wednesday) Back on the elliptical again. Colton got invited to go to a movie with Randon, and ended up staying and playing almost the entire day. I picked up Callahan after school and we went to the doctor's office to see if they could help with the boot, and they did make it a bit better. We stopped for some tots at Arctic Circle after. Keaton's group was going swimming, leaving early at 5:30, so we thought he could go and still make his 8:00 game ... he didn't make his game.

0129 (Tuesday) Snowstorm today! It hadn't hit here yet, as Landon left and I took Callahan to school, but Gray said he had some slip sliding. I stopped at Smiths on the way home from dropping Cal (one of the things I can do with the other boys off-track). They had a decent sale, I picked up some Ritz, Oreos, Pringles ... nothing we NEED but stuff the family enjoys. The snow had started as I returned home, and it was SO cold. I got in some exercise (elliptical, but limited as it's SO bad, treadmill and weights). Keaton came in crying that his "notes" were deleted. He'd been keeping his "gratitude journal" maga had challenged the kids to do on it and had put a lot of work into it. I think I know what happened ... the other day several ipods were around when an calendar item set them all off beeping. Landon was trying to disconnect Keaton's account from mine, which also zapped the notes. I worked with him a bit, using an app I had found a while back. Caught him caught up ... and I got myself caught up as well. I've picked up Callahan, and stopped at Dominos to pick up a couple pizzas. They are good to have on hand for leftovers. Gray was home early for a derby, so he was around when the guy came to look at the elliptical, which was good, as I think he's going to try the repair himself when we get the part. The guy put some stuff on to hopefully hold the bolt better until then. I took Colton and Cooper to the Junior Jazz Player Appearance. It was Paul Millsap.

0128 (Monday) Back to the routine. Landon got off early for seminary. I took Callahan to school ... I was almost in tears watching him hobble off :( ... trying to get him as close as possible, I'm not turning into the drop off lot on the South side of the school. Luckily we were early enough to miss most of the traffic. What a difference a few minutes makes! As I was leaving, the line to get in was so long! I do have to go back to New Bingham, and with no arrow, only one or two cars get through per light. I think I had to sit through seven lights! There was a cool mist over the soccer park on the way home. I got in some exercise, elliptical and treadmill, and shoveled the front walk. Gray had picked up a new snow shovel on Saturday, just in time! I ran to Sam's to restock milk. I made some roll dough and got cinnamon rolls and breadsticks rising. I had Landon stop at Dominos on the way home for a white sauce cheese pizza, which I like to have on hand for leftovers. Pulled a lasagna from the oven for dinner, but it ended up just going for leftovers as Gray got home early (and hungry). He had some of the pasta dish I made Saturday and he said it was good leftover.  I took Callahan back to the school around 5:00, as the coach was taking all the kids who got over a 3.5 GPA out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I am super proud of Callahan for getting a 4.0 again, even with the 5 days of missed school for Disneyland. He had a blast there. Fairly quiet evening at home.

0127 (Sunday) I do like sleeping in on Sundays. We had our Sunday Circles. Keaton wasn't feeling well during Sacrament meeting and I took him home. Landon had quite a few meetings today and a fireside. It snowed a lot. Made homemade oreos. Popcorn and some "Always Sunny" ... wish it was always sunny ...

0126 (Saturday) Foggy morning! Landon was a little late getting off to his ref shift, I got a call from Jason (he would be late the one week he was at the rec center). I hadn't figured out how I was getting Callahan to his game. I had thought I might drive him. I wouldn't have wanted to in this fog though ... Callahan didn't even go to watch. Gray took Colton to his game and I took Keaton to his. The other team didn't show though, so they just had a practice. Gray and I watched "Thor" in the evening. Popcorn. Down day ...

0125 (Friday) I didn't set my alarm this morning ... and everyone was sleeping in, which was fine as it was a late start day. I had to wake Landon a little after 7:00 though. I dropped Callahan off at school and it was hard to leave him struggling with his backpack and crutches. He did still want to go to the game at the high school after school. Usually they just walk over, but I was taking Keaton there anyway, so I told him just to hang at the school and I'd come grab him and take him there. I got a call from Keaton that they needed to be wearing their jerseys. They let them in this week without them, and now that we know, we'll do that. I stopped at Walmart on the way home, grabbing some yogurt and hot dogs, which we had run out of. It was a pretty quiet evening at home.  Foggy!

0124 (Thursday) Gray "slept in" until around 5:00. I noticed no lights on outside the bedroom, Landon should have been up (early morning seminary day) but he was still asleep. I woke him, but I'm not always awake at that hour to do that. He got off ... I didn't know what to do about Callahan. I did wake him around 6:30 and had him try walking on his foot to see if it had miraculously healed overnight, but that was not the case. I told him I'd keep him home from school and we'd try to get him in to the doctor. So we all went back to bed, and he and Keaton slept in until quite late. I did call as soon as the orthopedic offices opened (I've learned it's better/cheaper to go directly to the specialist than to an ER/Instacare if possible) and was able to snag an appointment at 11:15. Gray had been in contact saying the roads were terrible. It was raining and freezing, making everything instant ice. I checked with Landon to make sure he had gotten to school ok. I went to put the garbage cans out and almost fell! Ice everywhere. We went to the doctor and ... it's broken. It looks almost identical to his last break, but on his left foot this time. We're just going to try and make due with the old walking boot, but we did stop to get him some crutches, as he really can't put any weight on it yet.  Back at home ... I'm completely unmotivated. Gray looked at the elliptical and tried tightening it, and it was better, but only for about 10 minutes. I called the place we got it, and they have gone out of business, but the number was forwarded to another company that would handle service requests, so I guess I'm setting that up. Gray had a derby in the evening, Cooper and Colton went to help. Landon had reffing, then his churchball game. Keaton had practice from 7:00-8:30. Callahan did want to go to the church to watch the team play. I was still at the high school at 9:00 (they were talking to the kids after practice) and Callahan got a ride home with Lavalee's and got his fingers slammed in the car door. There was a mark/indentation and he was in a lot of pain. Poor kid! While I was waiting for Keaton, I talked to one of the other mom's and found out that one of the other point guards on the other 8th grade team got a broken arm last night. Now all three teams have a point guard out with a broken bone.

0123 (Wednesday) It's been so cold, and the inversion is yucky! The elliptical is getting worse again, I just don't enjoy being on it when it's like this :(  Did some walking on the treadmill, but I'm just feeling motivated for that either. Went to Sam'sClub for milk and eggs (and ended up getting a bunch of stuff). Colton got invited to go sledding with Randon. Young Mens in the evening. Keaton's game at 8:00 at Bonneville. Callahan's game at Elkridge at 9:00.  I went to Keaton's and told Callahan to make sure Dad or Landon got him to his game. Grandpa came out to watch Keaton. It was a tougher game than anticipated, but we got the win. Keaton was still sad, not getting playing time and doesn't do well with yelling/swearing by coaches :( I'm not sure what to do, as that is fairly routine for competitive play. We rushed to Callahan's game, but they must have started early, because there was only three minutes left. Our boys won (they needed a win) but I noticed Callahan was really limping. He had hurt himself a bit earlier, left foot this time. He said it felt just the same as when his right foot was broken. Please no ...

0122 (Tuesday) Back to the routine ... sort of, as the Columnia Kids are off track. Landon left early, his first day of early morning seminary (starts at 6:00). Cooper had a headache in the morning, but felt a little better later in the day. We didn't do anything for this first day off, just hung around the house. Randon came over for a while. I made mint brownies and reheated the Macaroni Rosa for an early dinner. Gray had a derby, it took some convincing, but Keaton went along to help. Colton wanted to go too. They took a couple of the Lego cars to test them. I picked up Callahan from practice and stopped by Dominos for 2x Tuesday. Even though Landon had eaten Macaroni Rosa a bit earlier, he still had some pizza. I like having leftovers around.

0121 (Monday) MLK day. Gray was up and off to do flags. I had forgotten about that, so I thought he had left for work without kissing me goodbye ... that made me a little sad. Then he showed up with donuts. Being the holiday, all the kids were home all day. I ran to Walmart for groceries. We had a Netflix snafu last night. I had purchased a giftcard through a KSL deal. When I redeemed it, it looked a little strange, more like someone else's personal giftcard, and I wondered but didn't think too much about it. Then yesterday, our Netflix wouldn't work and when I called in (and had to talk to a supervisor after not getting my questions answered) and apparently it WAS someone else's card, or not an authorized purchase ... anyway that person had called in upset and now our account is shut down and being investigated for fraud. I was exchanging emails with KSL today (they said they purchase "unwanted" giftcards and they were looking into their purchase). So I feel like it will get worked out, but we can't live without our Netflix, so I had to open up an alternate account.

0120 (Sunday) Gray didn't get home until late last night, around 11:30. Around 1:00, Keaton came wandering into our bedroom. He wasn't crying or upset, he just stood by me bed a minute, then turned around and walked out of the room. I figured I should check on him. He had gone into the laundry room, opened the door to the garage and looked like he was about to exit the house. I quickly closed the door and turned him around. He went into the kitchen and got a drink of milk, then headed to the couch and went to sleep. I asked him if he was going to stay settled and he seemed to respond in the affirmative, but I don't know that he was really awake. I'm glad he didn't walk out the front door and into the cold before waking me up! It was nice to be able to sleep in that morning. We were still in bed at 8:00. I did make breakfast before church, and there was plenty of time, although I usually feel like taking a nap after eating waffles. We went to church as usual, getting Colton to his class (as he wasn't there last week). After church, Gray and I watched a DVD and had a little rest. I made French Toast for dinner. We played some progressive rummy, then Olivia came out to cut the boys hair. They all needed it so bad! Gray disappeared, gone to bed. The little boys, Landon and played RackO ... I was having a good night with both Racko and Rummy! I made homemade oreos.

0119 (Saturday) Gray went into work today, then went with a friend to Wendover for the rest of the day. Landon went to do his ref shift (although he can't run, he could still score at the table). I went to watch Keaton and Callahan play in the churchball game. It wasn't quite as challenging as Thursdays game, so the smaller kids got a lot more playing time. Keaton took a pretty hard hit, knocked his shoe right off and rubbed the skin off his legs. He did get back in the game though. I had made arrangements for Colton to get to his game. I later heard from him that they won and he made a bunch of baskets. That happened last time I missed a game ... maybe I'm bad luck. Callahan's game was in Utah County, and as I hadn't been able to arrange a ride, I thought maybe I should give it a try as the weather was fine, it was daylight, and traffic wasn't bad. Still ... I stressed over it all night. It went fine though. Pam and Ana's family surprised me by showing up as well. Callahan had actually forgotten his uniform (he wore it last night) but had one that matched ok in his bag. This was one of the top teams, so I was expecting a defeat, but our boys kept it close. Just like several of the other games, it was within their reach, but they just couldn't quite close it. Worked on the blog, and I need to decide what to read. I have some hardbound books out from the library, but I've been spoiled by digital. They are just so heavy to hold, and don't have the other advantages of digital (notes, dictionary, backlight, bookmarks, easy to hold). I seriously don't know if I can read PHYSICAL books anymore! But not everything is available at the library, and I don't know if I want to spent money on things I'll only read once (and not even know if I'd like for sure). But I guess we spent money on movies and rentals, and books do last longer. Gray picked up several audiobooks without a second glance, and they are much more expensive ... so maybe I just need to start buying the ones I really want.

0118 (Friday) Gray was off early. The bigger boys didn't have school, as the quarter ended yesterday. I told Landon he could pick him up a pair of Nike basketball shoes (I had a $25off coupon to use from my Christmas shopping) and had him pick up a pair of pants from Old Navy (he only had one jeans he likes and would wear pretty much every day). He wanted to try out his new shoes, so he and Callahan and Co. went to Gene Fullmer for a bit. I headed over to the school, as I'm room mom for Cooper's teacher and it was her birthday. I brought a cake and we sang and ate to celebrate. At 3:30 I took C&K to the high school to watch basketball games. It was rivalry night, against West Jordan. There was also a fundraising dinner and C&K had purchased tickets and gone to that too. Copper Hills won. Meanwhile at home, Landon came and told me he had hurt his ankle and thought maybe he should have it checked out as he wasn't able to walk on it. I ran him to an Instacare and it's just a sprain.

0117 (Thursday) Keaton was up in the night crying with a bad headache. I could also tell he was quite congested and had a bad cough. I dosed him with some medicine and he got back to bed, but was not feeling well enough for school. He got up and took a shower the fell asleep again for a couple hours. After he woke, he seemed quite a bit better, but rested for the day. I ran to Sams as we were almost out of milk. I ran into Lori Cosgrove, our friend and former landlord (when we first moved out of Pam's basement to the Midvale duplex). It was fun to chat and catch up a bit. It's been many (15+) years. Made French Dip for dinner, then the boys had  basketball. I had Keaton sit it out, as he had sat out school. Both our teams played the same other team, the priests won easily, but the deacons/teachers had a bit more of a challenge, but did still manage the win. Callahan was BACK ...

0116 (Wednesday) Gray and Landon did pick up the truck yesterday, so Landon was back in business getting himself to/from school. Nice for him, nice for me! I was still on Callahan duty today ... well, I always drive him to school, but I had to pick up today as Landon was staying after for a seminary something. He's actually shifting his second semester, and going to take early morning seminary, opening up a credit to take something else in school. I think it's a good move, as he's always up early anyway. Got the kids off to school then got some exercise in. The elliptical has a loose screw again (it broke completely a little bit ago but Gray had fixed it). It was still doable, but I have to hold my foot a different way and it's hard and hurts a bit. So I did weights and some treadmill. Steven came home with Callahan and hung out for a bit, and the little boys went to Ridley's after school, although as I was leaving at 5:20 to get Keaton to his games, they didn't get to stay long. Keaton's games were at Granite Park, a double header. We weren't expecting the first game to be tough, but it was. Keaton didn't get much playing time at all and I could see he was disappointed. The second game was a lose as well (although this one was expected, it was the top undefeated team). Keaton did manage to make a basket in each game, even with his extremely limited playing time. I was proud that he kept it together (although he did break down in the car on the way home). Hard evening. Callahan didn't have a game tonight, so he actually went to scouts.

0115 (Tuesday) I had to drive Landon all the way to Herriman in the morning. Then Cal to school, then got the Columbia kids off. Then I went into the doctor for a blood test, to check the iron level, after having been on the supplements. The lab was busy and it was a bit of a wait. Then I stopped in at Mimi Nails for a fill, I was able to walk right in. Then I stopped at Smiths (yesterday they didn't have the chicken in the ad) and stocked up on Doritos too. Exchanged DVDs at Blockbuster. Back at home, I got a call from Colton saying he was sick at school, so I went to pick him up. He seemed fine though, so I didn't feel guilty at all when I had to drag him with me to pick up Landon. Callahan was staying after, so I didn't pick him up until later, after I'd gone back to Columbia for the usual carpool there. I made fried chicken and yellow rice for dinner.

0114 (Monday) Back to the routine ... although Landon's without his truck, so I did have to run him to Sam's in the morning, and then I did have to pick him up in the afternoon too. Got in some cardio during the day. Callahan had a game and Keaton had a practice, I dropped Keaton at the school and Callahan at Sam's to catch a ride. Then I stopped at the library and smiths, then back to pick up Keaton. Then a shower ... ahhh, love a shower. We had hoped to get the truck back, but no.

0113 (Sunday) Landon wanted breakfast before church, but I had already laid out croissants. There is enough time before, but I do feel it might be rushed. Maybe I'll try that next week though. Gray hasn't been feeling well (the extreme chills Thursday night, and needing to take medication every few hours for aches ... it think he's had the flu but just keeps going). He stayed home and rested today. Colton also wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home too. Beyond the schedule shifts, the kids changed classrooms and teachers. There had been a little "meet your teacher" night on Wednesday, but I had forgotten about it (and wouldn't have been able to swing it even if I had remembered) but I found Cooper his classroom and figured out where Colton's would be ... and Colton is now in SENIOR primary. I can't believe that! I ran home after Sacrament to check on my sickies. Colton seemed fine ... and was such a chatterbox. Seriously, he did not stop talking the entire time. He doesn't do good alone (I mean Dad was there but resting himself). Gray watched four movies today! Unheard of, but good for him just to rest. I did the big breakfast after church, and made tacos for dinner. Didn't get around to homemade oreos.

0112 (Saturday) Landon was supposed to go sledding with the priests. He'd taken the day off work and everything. But he wasn't feeling up to it and ended up staying home. Colton had a game in the morning. It was one of those that was a little hard to watch (they got creamed). Colton did make one basketball, and Bradley the other, for four points from our team. Callahan had a game in Orem. Pam wanted the family to get together at Red Robin at 5:00, and I was worried about making it on time from the game (we'd be pushing it, as I was catching a ride with Sam's mom). We decided to just make the whole afternoon a family affair, everyone going to the game. Unfortunately it was a loss ... and just goes to show WHY we don't have the whole family come to the games (Keaton was into it, but he was really the only one). So we made it to Red Robin with time to spare, had dinner for Clayton's upcoming birthday, then headed home. We had a couple DVDs from Blockbuster (Arbitrage and Valkyrie) and watched them both.

0111 (Friday) Sometimes I can sleep in a little on Fridays, as I don't have to get Callahan to school until 9:50 ... not today though, they had a 7:00 practice. I was a little worried about the weather. Gray had left early and said the roads were bad, especially up North where he was. In fact, the Davis schools took a snow day.  I texted the coach to make sure practice was still on and he said "oh yes" so into the car to get Callahan to the school. The roads actually weren't bad. Back again to get him at 8:45 (should have been 8:30, I didn't read the email closely enough), leaving the little ones ready for their carpool to pick them up. Early out for the Columbia kids. Callahan was going straight from school to the high school to watch the games, and Keaton wanted to go too, so I picked up his buddy Conner and dropped them both off. Gray wasn't home until late, about 8:30 when I headed back to pick up the kids.

0110 (Thursday) Got the kids off to school. Glad it is garbage day, as we were pretty full. There was still some room in the big garbage and I meant to get the garage garbage in there, but forgot and then it was too late. Mom is working on a photos project, sending pictures asking for memories, so I spent a little time pulling my history I wrote. It's up to when Landon was born, I need to update for the past several years. I made a run to Sam's Club and filled up with gas. A storm is forecast, so while it was still ok out, I pulled down the rest of the Christmas Decor outside. I didn't realize the Christmas Tree was just sitting in the box out back, not really away. Even if we're going to DI it, it would be better if it didn't get snowed on ... but alas, it was still out when the storm hit. I had dropped off Callahan at the ortho, then ran to Salt City Candle Co, who has a discount store on Old Bingham. It was just enough time to grab a few candles, then go pick up the Columbia kids. I dropped them off and went back to get Callahan. We went and grabbed some tater tots at Arctic Circle after. The snow did start in earnest. Gray's commute home was pretty sketchy, luckily the rest of us didn't really have to go out. Landon did have a churchball game, and Callahan went to watch. Gray got a BAD case of the chills, just could NOT get warm. I piled on blankets and got the heating pad ... it was reminiscent of when he had pneumonia.

0109 (Wednesday) Landon drove to school this morning. Nice for me not to have to make that extra trek out in the morning. He did stay after school though, so I was still on carpool duty for Callahan in the afternoon. I made mint brownies and gingersnaps. I planned to give a treat away tonight, as I had arranged a ride for Keaton to his game (Callahan's was at the same time). Gray and Landon were heading out to the youth activity, which was ice skating at the Olympic Oval. Then I got a text that Keaton's location was unavailable, and they were switching to Kearns High School at 8:30. Now, we were quite out of the way for the coach to pick Keaton up, and Gray would be right by Kearns, so I ended up sending Keaton with Gray. He got some skating in and then Grayson got him to the game (and even stayed to watch for a bit). Callahan and I went to his game at Bennion. It was a heartbreaker, lost by three points, after leading for the 2nd/3rd quarters (our boys didn't score AT ALL in the 4th). Callahan's heel continues to bother him quite a bit. We went straight out to Keaton's game after, and saw the 2nd half. They were missing Trevon and Cameron and it was against a good Pump and Run team, so it wasn't particularly pretty.

0108 (Tuesday) Gray stayed home in the morning to finished the truck business. After the kids got off to school, I dropped him off at the bank to finalize the transaction. Back at home I got in some cardio/weights and made a muvee of Keaton's last game. Callahan had practice after school, I picked him up in the evening, then picked up pizza. Gray had brought got a temp registration for the new truck, but still took the Avalanche to work, with his derby trailer, as he had a derby in Davis county at 6:00, so he just stayed up there. When he got back, he and Landon were busy prepping the Avalanche for Landon's use and making sure the new truck was ready to go for Gray.

0107 (Monday) Got the kids off to school then went out for errands. Stopped at Smiths for some of their case lot sale, then picked up the drycleaning and also stopped at Maceys, for some different grocery sales. Takes a while to put everything away. It's no fun trying to organize the freezer in this frigid weather, but I got it done. Got in some cardio and computer catch-up during the day. Picked up Callahan and the Columbia carpool. As it's so cold, I told the kids I'd pick them up in the front parking lot, so they could stay in the warm school as it's too cold to play anyway. Cooper doesn't like change ... and Landon updated the iTunes, so there is change there too. Callahan had a game in Orem in the evening. I was free, but didn't dare drive. We managed to find a ride with a friend (me too) and it was good getting to know Sam's mom better. It was a tough team (Lehi) and we lost, but Callahan got more playing time and did well, although his heel is still bothering him quite a bit. We just don't know if it's something minor to push through, or if he should be resting it. Home again ... Gray put money down on a truck ...

0106 (Sunday) Stake Conference. Gray did go into work. Sunday circles and homemade oreos, it's been a few weeks since we'd had our traditional treat.

0105 (Saturday) Landon needed to be at his ref shift at 7:45. As he doesn't have a car, Gray got up and took him. Colton had a game at 11:00, and Gray took him to that. I took Callahan to a scrimmage at the high school (8th and 9th teams against the sophomores). Callahan didn't get a lot of playing time, but that was ok as his foot is still bothering him (not the break, or the ouch from Thursday, but his heel, which was causing him pain at practice yesterday and running today). Then Keaton had a game at 1:00. We went and picked up Landon after, as his shift ended at 2:00. Gray went out looking at some trucks, then we went to see Les Mis. It was good. I did miss the strong, powerful, perfect vocal performances of the Broadway bunch. These were fine, but not really ones I would listen to as just audio (although I did buy the soundtrack when it was on sale for $5).

0104 (Friday) I haven't needed the alarm these past couple days ... but I did today! After I got the boys off and dropped Callahan at West Hills, I continued on to Sunset Ridge and put in a permit there so it would at least be an option for Keaton. They did say they were not approving any permits though, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. Stopped at Sam'sClub after to get milk, it's still $1.92 there, and $2.99 everywhere else. I forgot bread, and should have checked for the Torani syrup, as the website indicates they carry it . Picked up the boys from elementary, and then Colton was in tears because he left his backpack there, so we went back (it was still just sitting there luckily). Then he got a call from Reagan to come play, they've moved though (to their Grandparent's house while they build), still in the neighborhood, but I had to drive him, not as convenient as just running across the street.

0103 (Thursday) Got Landon to Sam's to catch a ride to school. As I returned to the house (about 7:10) it was completely quiet, no lights, no movement. I had gone down and woken up both Callahan and Keaton, but neither of them had gotten up! Callahan had about 15 minutes to get ready, so sans shower today. Got the other kids off, then got in some cardio. Made the video of Callahan's game. Carpools in the afternoon. Cooper stayed to play with Ridley, and Colton went to Randons.  I did weights and made dinner (spaghetti). Went out at 6:30, to pick up Colton, drop off Callahan (scout activity), and drop of Landon and Keaton at the church (for basketball). Went home for just a bit then back to the church to watch basketball. The priests (Landon's group) played first, then Callahan and Keaton with the Deacons/Teachers. We are the only ward that actually has a complete younger team, all the other wards (and actually, all are combinations) are just ALL the young men. So there were some priests on the team, and our boys were a little outmatched. Callahan and Keaton did get off some great shots. Callahan hurt his foot again though ... I sure hope he's ok. We really don't think it's broken again or anything, but in its weakened state, it's just prone to all sorts of injury. He came home and put it on ice.

0102 (Wednesday) Well ... up and at em early. Gray actually "slept in" until 5:00ish, I went ahead and got up shortly before 6:00 and got in a little workout before I had to take Landon to Sam's house. It saves me about 15 minutes, and makes it so Callahan doesn't have to leave 30 minutes early. Then I dropped Callahan and got the kids off to school. Then ... alone. But the elementary kids go off track Jan22, it's almost not worth trying to re-establish the routine :(  Laundry, some kitchen cleanup. I ran some errands, to Kmart, Smiths and dropped off drycleaning.  Got in some cardio, but not enough. Should have done weights, but didn't. Didn't track food, I know I need to, didn't eat great. Sam has been bringing Landon home, so that saves me one afternoon trip out, but I had to grab Callahan (I didn't leave quite early enough to get a good spot, it was crowded) and then pick up the Columbia Kids. It was SO COLD.  I had planned on going to Keaton's game, then going straight to Callahan's, but then I was able to make arrangements to get Keaton a ride. Both Cal and Keaton (and Landon too actually) went over to the church at 6:00 for some stuff before scouts actually started. It was TripleD, so Keaton was probably sad to leave. I dropped him off at Norman's (his ride) then went back home for a bit. Cooper actually LOVES this time alone, with no brothers or dad (or even mom) to get in the way of his basketball. I went and picked up Callahan and we went to his game, nice and close at Joel P. It was great to see Callahan playing again. He didn't quite get the playing time he wanted, nor able to really contribute as he is used to, but it's good to take it a little slow. It was a close and competitive game, but our boys won.

0101 (Tuesday) We didn't have much on deck for the morning. I got up and cleaned up the kitchen, the stuff I hadn't wanted to do at midnight last night! I ordered Rack-O High Low, which the folks had brought with them last night and we enjoyed (that I had given them for Christmas but hadn't bought an extra for us). We headed out to Pam's for the annual pastry wreath. Clay also introduced "dirty" diet coke and other drinks, made with flavored syrups, half and half and club soda. They boys really liked them. Back to routine tomorrow!


1231 (Monday) New Year's Eve. Gray went into work for a bit. I had invited my folks over, so I spent the morning cleaning and prepping for that. Hit the store for a few ingredients, making Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner. At first I wasn't sure the gravy was going to come together (trying cornstarch for the first time, so it would be gluten free for Dad) but it did. We had thought to invite Pam and Rex too, and they were able to make it. Callahan and Keaton headed out to Travis' for their night. Landon actually stayed home this year, and it was fun to have him around. We played games and ate Skookie. Cooper crashed first ... followed by Gray (the benefit of having it at our own home), then Colton went to bed around 11:30, about the time Pam and Rex left. My folks, Landon and I played Progressive Rummy until just after midnight. It's a new year.

1230 (Sunday) The boys all wore their new suits to church and looked super sharp. The chorister for primary was under the weather, so I filled in. Sunday Circles and a nap after church.

1229 (Saturday) Gray was off early to do a derby workshop for his framer in Davis County. He packed up all his tools and drove out there for the morning. We needed milk, so in the late afternoon, Gray and I went to Sam'sClub. I needed him to come too, as he had purchased a business membership and I needed to be put on it (and cancel my personal one, as the annual fee was now due). I'll like being able to hit it earlier (as part of the business hours). We watched a couple of movies (Premium Rush and Dark Knight Rises) and had popcorn.

1228 (Friday) We had Callahan's appointment at 8:30 ... xrays came back looking good, so he has the go ahead to get back to action. We did get an ankle brace for a little added protection in the ankle area, as the foot is weak. He does still need to work on his exercises and rehab. He arranged to go the gym today. I went out and got my nails done ... it's been a while, but I think $$ and time make it an option again. I went to the store and picked up the broccoli for Macaroni Rosa and made that for dinner. I went ahead an cancelled the phone with Comcast and went back to our old number (which I'd hung onto with PhonePower), and changed the cable, actually upgrading to include NBA TV ... which only works on the big box (something they didn't tell me). So I moved the big box from the bedroom to the family room, and moved the Tivo and small box to our room - I actually think we'll like having the Tivo there and maybe use it more than the kids did (they tended to watch most everything "live" anyway).

1227 (Thursday) Snow snow ... Gray said the roads were bad as he went into work. I didn't have anything I needed to do, but a little later in the day, I did just go as far as Target/Best Buy and the roads were fine. BB had 20% off Itunes giftcards, and I like to have a credit there, so I stocked up. At Target I picked up a bigger bin for the Nativity costumes, as I've added over the years and the big one I had didn't fit them all any more. I also picked up a new coat for me. Decent workout day, got in an hour of cardio and did 20min weights.

1226 (Wednesday) ... And Christmas is over. Callahan's basketball team was playing in the winter tournament, so I dropped him off at West Jordan High to watch. I stopped at Walmart on the way home as we were out of bread. I also picked up some after Christmas deals. Callahan had gone home with a friend and I didn't hear from him again for HOURS. Landon went out to pick up a part for the RC car Grayson had bought the boys ... and broken yesterday (reminiscent of the life of an RC helicopter last year).  It took some work, but they were able to get it up and running again. Gray did go to work but was home fairly early. He took the boys to Scheels to spend their gift certificates they had gotten in their stockings. Snowy weather in the evening for having to pick up Callahan and the boys going out. We got the Corolla taken care off (to a scrap yard) ... I'm going to miss having a car for Landon :(

1225 (Tuesday) Christmas Day! I heard the kids stirring around 7:00. I went out to take a quick picture of the stash before the kids got to it, then Gray and I went to the kitchen and told the kids they could come out (they were gathered in Landon's room). I was surprised when they came out dressed to the nines in new suits. They sure looked good! THAT was what Gray had done last Saturday. We opened presents and then headed up to Maga's house, again, doing an entrance with the boys all decked out.  We took some pictures, then the little boys changed. The sun was really blinding on the way home ... our travels yesterday and today were about the only time we'd listened to Christmas music this year.

1224 (Monday) Christmas Eve ... I had quite a bit to do today and not enough time to do it all. I got the chicken cooking for the soup, the roll dough rising, and got working on the Westra Slideshow, which took a lot longer than I had thought it would. Gray went out and did some shopping. It was snowing and he said the roads were terrible. The party started at 5:00ish at Scott and Amy's ... I was trying to cook up the rolls and get the slideshow to save. We weren't sure about the connection at the house, so I ended up having to save to twice (and each "save" takes about 25 minutes) so we were quite late. Everyone had waited, and we ate as soon as we got there. Then watched the video, played the candy bar game and exchanged presents. Home again, got the kids in bed, Christmas set out, and to bed ourselves. I was SO tired again!

1223 (Sunday) Church. Sunday Circles. We went up to Pam's for the pre-Christmas Blackham celebration. Played bingo, did the nativity (I had loaned my costumes to Scott and Amy, but Pam had a pretty complete set), ate ... and then Santa and Mrs. Claus came! Home again, I was SO tired.

1222 (Saturday) A little staying in bed in the morning ... it had been a while. Gray took the boys to go clean the church, then took them out to breakfast and a little shopping after. No Junior Jazz, so Colton and Landon were off. Callahan's leagues were also taking these holiday weeks off ... but not Keaton's AAU, they actually had two games.  The first one was against a pretty big team. Keaton didn't get a lot of playing time. We were behind but did manage to come back for the win. The second game was a pretty easy win. We went out to dinner at Tempanyaki in the early evening. Expensive with the whole crew!

1221 (Friday) I guess today was the big "end of the world" according to the Myan calendar. I guess there was some talk of kids bringing weapons to the schools. Some parents were keeping kids home today. My boys hadn't mentioned anything, so they went to school as usual. With late start, I took Landon at 8:00 and took the MVC back to 90th and home, that would be the way to go if going from Herriman to West Hills. Back home to get the little boys off, then I took Callahan to school. Early out for the little ones. Landon got a ride home and Callahan went straight to the school to watch the high school basketball games. I did take Keaton over too, then had to pick them up later in the evening.

1220 (Thursday) Christmas is coming, but today, it's Colton's birthday. I admit, I didn't have a lot, I haven't been in the Christmas spirit at all, much less prepped for birthday. Dropped Landon at school. We left just after 7:00, Callahan had to come too, as I had to drop him off straight after, and we were still cutting it awfully close. Then home quick to help get the little boys off to school. Then I headed to the school myself for the annual Christmas program. A friend and saved me a seat, so I was still close to the front, but I did have to park far away (I just bag even trying for a spot in the lot or neighborhood and parked at Arctic Circle ... it was a COLD walk to the school). The program was cute. I hit a couple of stores afterward, then home for just a bit before afternoon pickups. Maga came over in the evening and we had some cake and sang to Colton. He put on his jacket, hat and got a blanket and fell asleep on the couch around 8:00. I don't think he's at 100% yet. Landon did a bunch of baking (brownies and gingersnaps) to take to school tomorrow. Keaton had a practice, but it was 9:00-10:00 and was optional, and I was wiped out ...

1219 (Wednesday) I was dropping Callahan off, when I got a call from Landon that his car wasn't working. He was by the hill below the temple. I quickly ran home (as the kids weren't answering the phone) and made sure that they could get off to school if I didn't make it back in time, then I went to pick up Landon and get him to school. Turns out the oil light has been on for a while. Seriously???? Landon said he had told Gray about it and not gotten a response, so he just kept driving it. Seriously???? While true, I don't know how to change the oil, I do know there are these places that will do it for you.  In fact, my car was due in, so after this fiasco, that IS what I went and did today (Colton did go to school today). I'm SO frustrated and sad about this. It was so lucky that we had such a good little car drop into our lap. Now ... do we just buy Landon another car. I don't really want to, but it was so nice for him to be able to get himself to school, pick up Callahan, get himself to work or errands. Landon didn't go to mutual (they were sledding) so as he was home to watch the little ones, I went with Keaton to his game (I had arranged for a ride, and then I just hopped in with them too). Callahan got a ride to his game at West. Gray and his group did laser tag.

1218 (Tuesday) I went ahead and let Colton stay home again today. He seemed quite a bit better, did some playing of video games, and made it through most of the (school) day without a nap. He did fall asleep around 3:30 and it was very restless. Callahan had practice after school, I picked up pizza on the way home from picking him up.

1217 (Monday) Colton seemed pretty sick yesterday, fever had spiked to 103.8. He also has developed the stuffy nose and phlegm. I figured it was just a "wait it out" thing, but thought maybe I should take him to the doctor to be sure. I was right, so I could have saved us the time and $125. Keaton has been wanting French Dip, but I didn't want to drag the baby out. I sent Landon a text and asked if he'd be willing to stop and pick up some groceries, and he did. So we had French Dip for dinner. I picked up Callahan a little after 5:00, passing a house that was going up in flames! The smoke was so thick on the road it was scary driving through it. As I came back with Callahan, the emergency vehicles were there (and still coming). Callahan's team was playing at 7:00 in Pleasant Grove, but we were too late trying to find him a ride, so he just stayed home. Keaton's practice was also cancelled ... so it was a quiet evening after all.

1216 (Sunday) It was McKenna's "farewell" today; 9:00 just as our church would be (but further away, so we had to leave earlier). Colton wasn't doing well, so we left Callahan home with him. We didn't go to the house after, so get back to baby, and I felt like I was coming down with it as well. Grayson headed up North again.

1215 (Saturday) SNOW today. I wasn't planning on Colton doing basketball today (even though it was pictures too) but he was up and dressed and said he felt good enough to play. I did  dose him with medicine. I forgot my video camera, but I think I could maybe relax a little better (these young games are torture to watch anyway). He did get some good shots in, although the other team outshot them as usual for this season. I couldn't find my keys, but I did go back in and locate them. Made me nervous for a minute. Shari took Colton to pictures, so I stopped for some shopping (Target) on the way home. Keaton had his game at 1:00. They won. Thurl Bailey was there at the school, I had forgotten my phone/camera though. Gray had gone into work, but we did hit a movie (Skyfall) in the early evening.

1214 (Friday) Colton still home sick - with the shifted schedules on Friday, I did have to take Callahan to school when I didn't have anyone else home with Colton. He was just resting on my bed, and I was only gone 15 minutes. I had to leave him again at 2:00 to pick up Keaton and Cooper.

1213 (Thursday) Colton still feeling down today, worse than yesterday. At least Landon gets himself and Callahan home from school, and is then home to watch him while I picked up Keaton and Cooper. I then went back to the school for a PT Conference with Colton's teacher, then to Maceys for milk, then straight to pick up Callahan from practice. Made chicken pillows for dinner, but Gray was home really late. A friend let me know about a sale at the Nike outlet. Normally I would have hit it tomorrow, but I figured I would be stuck at home with sick baby, so I went out and did get some stuff. Slowly picking up a few things for Christmas, but also having some frustrations with online ordering from Walmart and Kmart. Amazon always comes through though!

1212 (Wednesday) 12122012 today ... Colton woke up early crying with a headache and felt a little warm. I gave him some Motrin and he went back to bed and seemed fine in the morning and left for school. I figured the medication would wear off around 12:00, and sure enough I got a call from the school that he wasn't feeling well. Back at home he rested and seemed fine on medication, but the fever and aches would come back as it wore off. I had made arrangements for rides to the basketball games tonight (at West), I was going to go too, but with Colton sick, I stayed home. Keaton's team lost (to Olympus, who they had won a few weeks ago), Callahan's team won. Jazz were playing at home too, and the boys let out a loud cheer (a buzzer beating 3-pointer) just as I was drifting off to sleep.

1211 (Tuesday) Made some chicken soup today, and took it out (and some other leftovers) to the folks and visited with Mom. Colton came with me and Amy stopped by while we were there.

1210 (Monday) Back to the routine, weight up over the weekend, but still didn't get back to counting calories. Ran to the store and Blockbuster. Was going to do weights, but had to pick up Callahan, as Landon thought today was a non-pickup day, when it was a pickup day ... it gets confusing when it is constantly changing. Callahan hitched a ride to his team's game in Orem, I dropped Keaton at practice then made macaroni rosa for dinner for Gray and Landon.

1209 (Sunday) Church, Sunday Circles, nap (although the kids were noisy), made chicken and rice for dinner. Oreos for dessert.

1208 (Saturday) Gray went into work. Landon had his first ref shift (7:45-5:00) at West Hills. Colton had a game at 9:00 (he scored some points, but the other team scored a lot more to win). Keaton didn't have a game today, Callahan's team did and he hitched a ride to go watch (they lost).

1207 (Friday) Late start, early out ... no motivation ... did get in some cardio but gave up counting calories. Went to the store in the afternoon, thought I saw Gray's truck (avalanche with the little people stickers) but it wasn't him, although he should have come home as he's not feeling well.

1206 (Thursday) Grayson is coming down with something, probably should stay home and rest, but he went to work. Lots of sickness going around. Having a hard time feeling motivated. Did ok counting calories today, got in 100min cardio, although my elliptical broke (Grayson was able to fix it, although it's probably temporary and we'll need to get it looked at). We were running low on milk, so after I picked up the kids from school I ran to the store. Low key evening, leftovers ...

1205 (Wednesday) TOM ... I should have gotten weights done yesterday. I've been controlling my calories for a few days, but haven't been able to up the exercise. Weight has dropped a tiny bit, but it had jumped so much lately, it's still an all time high. Callahan stayed after school to make up some work, so I picked him up a little later. He got a ride to his game (at West), I took Keaton to his (at Granite Park Jr.) and they won easily. Gray and Landon had scouts, and Cooper and Colton were holding down the fort for a bit.

1204 (Tuesday) I don't know if Grayson slept at all last night :(  My mom got home from her surgery last night, so I called today and we chatted. I offered to do some grocery shopping or dinner, but she said they should be ok.  After school, I took Callahan to the doctor (and Landon picked up the Columbia kids). One x-ray view still showed some gaps, so the doctor isn't ready to have Callahan running and jumping yet, and poor Callahan was crushed, as he was so hoping to get the go ahead to play again. He is officially out of the boot and has some exercises to strengthen the leg, and has the go ahead for non-impact cardio (elliptical, bike) for conditioning. Made French Toast for dinner.

1203 (Monday) Back to the routine. Callahan is in a shoe (since Friday night when his friends were playing with the air in his boot and it no longer works, again!) and I had him take the permit in for Keaton to attend West Hills ... although he is actually pressing for Sunset Ridge. I'm not sure what to do there ... Got all the kids off to school. Back to exercise for me too. I did a run to Walmart for groceries. Carpool, then had to pick up Callahan from practice, then take Keaton to practice. I ran to Smiths (needed a couple items there that I hadn't picked up earlier), ran them home, and then back to pick Keaton up. The other boys were home watching "The Voice".  I did cook the lasagna for dinner, and made mint brownies ... I'd been craving them ever since I made the last batch!

1202 (Sunday) Church ... the usual, quite cold for the poor boys doing Fast Offerings after. I had pulled out lasagna makings, so I did that, although I'll wait to cook it tomorrow, as Gray had pulled out some steak and asked me to marinate some chicken. That was a yummy dinner. Homemade oreos for dessert. We started watching season 3 of Walking Dead.

1201 (Saturday) Callahan's team had a game in Pleasant Grove ... Callahan hitched a ride with the assistant coach, who sounded willing to provide rides as necessary, all of which will be necessary for Utah County games. Maybe I can hitch a ride too once he is actually playing. He actually broke his boot last night (his "friends" playing with in, inflating and deflating it ... now it won't inflate, which makes it ineffectual) ... so he's wearing a shoe. I THINK it's ok ... appointment on Tuesday. Landon and Keaton headed over to the church for a Christmas party. The little boys, Gray and I went to Colton's basketball game. Keaton had two games (at 1:00 and 4:00), they won both, but they weren't great games. Got some Christmas stuff up ... Fall stuff away ...

1130 (Friday) Breakfast was a little more crowded, there was a couple girls basketball teams staying at the hotel, in town for a tournament. The boys went swimming again, then we packed up and headed for the last stretch home. I listened to my first audiobook during the drive. It was fine, but I don't think it will replace reading for me, I have to be doing nothing else to be able to listen. We got home and unpacked, got loads of laundry going and a trip to the store to replenish the refridgerator (poor Keaton took a swig of old, sour chocolate milk that hadn't been thrown out). Callahan and Landon went to the high school to see Herriman and Copper Hills play.

1129 (Thursday) Woke to rain ... more like a fine mist falling. And cold ...I did not pack warm enough! The family went to the beach, but I stayed at the hotel where it was warm (although I was still having trouble getting warm enough). They came back freezing and sandy and jumped in hot showers. We had originally only had the hotel through today, but Gray had talked to them about extending. The four day park hopper was the same price as the three day one, so we did have another day at the park, but rain was also forecast for tomorrow. I was done, and thought I'd like to get back to routine and home... and yes, I admit, basketball games on Saturday. We did pack up and head out, Cooper was upset, wanting a few more rides (if we had known for sure yesterday that it was our last day, instead of thinking we might be going back for another day, we could have made sure the kids were done done). Maga was also not ready to have the vacation come to an end, but they decided to leave when we did. We did hit some traffic around Vegas, we got to St. George around 8:00. We grabbed some dinner and checked back into the Ramada. The boys went swimming. Maga and Adrian's groups caught up with us there (they had stopped in Vegas for dinner). Back at home, my mom was having surgery on her back ... Dad wrote and said it went well.

1128 (Wednesday) My feet were tired after all the walking  ... I don't know how much walking though. I had left my Fitbit home, not wanting to worry about trying to recharge it, and then the battery in my Omron died. So I was pedometerless. Anyway, I'd worn my sandals the past two days and decided I needed more support. I wore my tennis shoes, but they were worse. My feet were killing me (I usually never wear shoes more than an hour at a time during a workout). Callahan was having a rough time with his boot as well. Today Gray DID successfully stand in line for the Cars ride, which was fine, but not worth all the hoopla. The little boys seemed to enjoy DL more than CA. In the afternoon,  everyone was feeling pretty done, so we headed back to the hotel. It was also Ana's birthday today, and Landon wanted to go out. We went to Bucca and got the Pope table. The boys were making Amare laugh SO hard, and he was shaking his head making them laugh too. Cooper ... after that first night, decided he could sleep without a show on all night and did just fine.

1127 (Tuesday) Yesterday was CA, today was Disney ... although Gray and the boys had TRIED to go early to stand in line for the Cars ride, not realizing while the other members of the party didn't have to be present to get the FP, they DID have to have entered the park (which we hadn't done). So ... that didn't work. There was a goof at DL too, as we tried to get a FP, saying I hadn't been scanned in ... so I had to go back to the gate and catch up with Gray and the little boys a bit later. We did some rides (Colton got soaked on Splash Mountain), then met up with Shane and Alicia, who were also there with their kids. We went on the Jungle Cruise with them. Then the big boys and I hit Space Mountain, and Cooper tried it and liked it. We stayed for the parade, then Gray took the little boys back to the hotel, and I stayed with the big boys. They had a pass (after California Screaming broke down with them on it) to any ride bypassing the line (except the Car ride of course), so they chose Toy Story Mania, and took Maga and Aiden (and me again). Then we did the ferris wheel (Landon scared us tipping it!) and met up with Ana and Adrien and headed back as the park closed. I did get Landon his jacket, and a Perry for both Cooper and Colton. I had a little boy sleep with me tonight and let Grayson have a bed to himself.

1126 (Monday) Disneyland day ...I get so overwhelmed with crowds and lines. The boys wanted to try for a new ride getting a lot of buzz, but the line for the fast pass even was SO long (seriously, like waiting for 30-60min). We bagged it and went on some rides. Colton even went on Tower of Terror, although Aiden started crying and had to be removed before it started (Cooper refused to try it). We hit some rides and were tired by afternoon. We went to Red Robin for dinner, then the big boys went back to the park until close, while Gray supervised the little boys at the pool/hot tub. It was really quite cool, I had a hard time warming up. Not quite the California weather I packed for ... we watched "The Voice" ... although Landon was the only one who managed to stay awake through it.

1125 (Sunday) On the road again. We drove through Las Vegas to show the kids some of the sites. As we got back on the freeway, there was a sign saying traffic to California was heavy, expect delays. Traffic was TERRIBLE. We finally made it to Baker City (still horrible traffic) to fuel up ... the place there was a zoo. We should have gone just a little further into the city where it wasn't as crazy. We got some pizza, Keaton wanted chicken, and a lady in that line overheard and bought some for him (as the line was so long I wasn't going to stand in it after the pizza line). I tried to pay her for it, but she said she had won the lottery (a million dollars) and could pay it forward. The line for the (women's) bathroom was so long! We got back on the road, and the traffic finally cleared up after a bit. We got to the hotel, checked in and went to Downtown Disney. Landon drooled over a Buzz Lightyear jacket. Keaton had a bit of a meltdown, just got disoriented and emotional. Instead of trying to have Gray and I in a bed, Cooper slept with Gray, Colton with Landon, and I got a bed to myself.

1124 (Saturday) Check in at the hotel in St. George was 2:00, so I thought it would be fun to get there early enough to have some fun. I wasn't sure it would happen, but we got off by 10:00. The boys went swimming, we went out to dinner, and then we visited the Jensens. Back to the hotel to try and sleep in a queen size bed ...Cooper had a rough night wanting to watch a show all night like he does at home.

1123 (Friday) Gray worked hard all day long. The kids were out of school and we didn't really have much on deck. I wasn't doing well, with anxiety over the trip. Should have tried out one of my pills ... Gray did give me the old iPhone with service (HIS old iPhone ... he bought himself the new 5).

1122 (Thursday) Thanksgiving Day. I got up and did a workout, then it was time to start the rolls and dessert. I'd made dough yesterday, and took the remainder and got orange rolls rising. Made more roll dough and made dinner rolls. Made cool whip dessert too. Gray prepped the turkey (Clay was smoking one but wasn't sure it would be enough so Gray was deep frying a breast or two). We went over and had dinner. I was afraid it would be too crowded at Clay's, but it worked out fine.

1121 (Wednesday) Callahan and Landon were out of school, but the little ones still had a half day. I had Keaton turn in their vacation forms. Callahan had me take him up to the SR Church to hang with friends. Landon went in for a rescheduled work meeting. I picked up the little ones and we went to JUMP, meeting the DiFran family for the last time before they move. Unfortunately they closed early at 4:00, so we didn't get in as much time as we would have liked. Prepping for some Thanksgiving, making more brownies, roll dough (one batch of cinnamon rolls) ... big day tomorrow! Colton was out late with the neighbors playing basketball at the church.

1120 (Tuesday) My last "normal" day in a while ... got in cardio and weights. Callahan had an ortho appointment after school. I had them excuse him a few minutes early so we could beat the traffic and get him there by 3:00. I had planned on staying and reading, but he needed something from home, so I just dropped him off, got gas and went home. I picked him up (and a friend) and took them to the high school to watch the high school games. Keaton's team was meeting too, but the sophomore game started at 3:30, and I couldn't get Keaton there until 4:30. AND Halo4 had come and he was anxious to play. Landon got busy playing and totally spaced off he had a 5:30 work meeting. Oops! I made some yummy mint brownies (Landon had some Sunday and told me I HAD to make them) ... but no one else in the family likes mint!

1119 (Monday) Happy Birthday Gray ... another good mmmmorning. He probably would have gone his usual early exit, but he was having breakfast with Joe. Keaton wasn't feeling well and stayed home from school. I had SEOP (student educational organizational plan) for both Landon and Callahan. They weren't super informative. I made a run to Sam'sClub for groceries. Gray made it home from work in time that we all went out to dinner at Red Robin (Callahan even skipped going to watch his team play to come with us). Home for "The Voice", we'd missed the start, but had it Tivoed and by skipping through commercials and stuff the boys weren't interested in, got caught up by the end. I'd made lemon jello cake which we finally had around 9:30.

1118 (Sunday) Mmmmmorning again ... and Gray went into work again. Church per usual, Sunday Circles per usual. I don't nap as well when Gray isn't taking the Sunday nap with me (that and the kids were noisy!) Made more turkey cookies (as Landon at mine yesterday) and pulled out the Macaroni Rosa from the freezer. It was a little too dry, but I was able to easily make some more sauce. I was hoping to have some leftovers, but Gray and Landon ate it all.

1117 (Saturday) Mmmmmmorning. We didn't have any basketball games today. I got the kids doing some cleaning and finally put away the Halloween costumes. With the ping pong table now accessible, it got some use today. Gray did end up going into work for a bit, then home for a nap in the afternoon. Then we went out to a pre-birthday dinner at Market Street. Home to watch a DVD (Ruby Sparks).  Gray also bought Landon an Iphone 5 with service! $$$ I've rationalized that I don't need one, but if Landon gets one, then I want it too (not the newest model, but the service).

1116 (Friday) Late start for the boys, but Landon left early to grab donuts. One of his classes will excuse tardies for donuts. Picking up the Columbia Kids, I brought home Tony too, as he and Keaton had a birthday party to go to (dropped them off a bit later). Callahan got invited to go to Stocktons, so I dropped him off there. I made some more turkey cookies, yummy, but I really like them the next day, after the candy corns soften in the frosting ... the kids ate most of them as I made them though. Gray brought home some gourmet cookies too. Early to bed ... Grayson is always tired with his uber early starts, but I have been really tired too! Ready for bed by 9:00!

1115 (Thursday) Non-productive day. Landon finished up his ref application, having to go to Gene Fullmer and the SL County office. It was much more of an ordeal this year, the last three years were quite easy. Callahan stayed after for practice and Gray and Keaton did another derby.

114 (Wednesday) Callahan was feeling better, and back to school. Even though both Callahan and I were home all day yesterday, we missed UPS delivering Gray's Ipad Mini (didn't he already buy one at the Apple store the day they came out???) Anyway, managed to be around when he knocked today. Keaton had a 6:00 game. It was a tough one against Ballerz (Max's team) and our boys couldn't pull it out. Callahan arranged to hitch a ride to his games, Nitrous and the A team both won.

1113 (Tuesday) Grayson got up for his usual 3:30 shower before heading out. I heard the pitterpat of little footsteps down the hall ... I was waiting to hear them come back to bed, but they didn't, so I went to investigate. Colton was up and dressed (in shorts) ... he thought it was morning. When I got up in the morning, Callahan was on the couch and not feeling well. As he doesn't really complain unless it's real, I didn't push him to go to school. He did throw up a couple times, got his speckled face again too. Hopefully no one else gets it. He slept for much of the day. I've been fairly unmotivated of late ... I'm still getting the cardio, but it's a push. I did even get weights today too, but also had to lay down for a bit. Gray had a derby in the evening, Keaton went to help. Colton went to bed uber early after his early rise.

1112 (Monday) The boys had flags in the morning for Veteran's Day (observed). They were supposed to meet at the church at 6:00 ... Landon slept in (he was to wake C&K), luckily I happened to be awake at that time. They said it was FREEZING. Back on track for the Columbia Kids ... back to the routine ... at least for 7 days. I had to order Keaton and Colton to change into pants (they both dressed in shorts). After they left for school, I went through Cooper and Colton's jeans, pulling out the ones that would be too small (over half of them). Got a call fairly early from the doctor's office that my labs (from Thursday) were back and the doctor wanted to see me ASAP. I was actually open, so I went right in. I wasn't really worried, I figured my iron was still low and that is what it was, so he's putting me on supplements. I also mentioned my driving anxiety on the upcoming trip and he prescribed some V for that (Grayson says he wants me to be drugged) ... I probably need to bring up D too, but ... also not sure if the low iron could be related to Celiacs, which I don't even want to think about. I haven't been feeling well lately, really run down, no energy, some tummy trouble. Hopefully the iron intake will help. Will need to followup with the new year. Back to Columbia carpool ... I just picked the kids up from the school, as the ice cream cone at Arctic Circle isn't as appealing in this weather. Callahan had basketball practice after school (not that he can do much), I went to get him around 5:20, but they went until 6:00. Landon and Keaton did flags while I was gone. Toasted cheese for dinner, then we watched "The Voice".

1111 (Sunday) Primary program today. Colton threw a wrench into things saying he had a tummy ache. Gray stayed home with him during Sacrament, and then I came home (found someone to play the piano the final hour). Sunday circles, Sunday nap. Gray took the boys and went to Maga's. Landon was gone to the care center when they left, but he probably would have stayed home anyway as there was a fireside. The bass player from Neon Trees.

1110 (Saturday) Happy birthday to me. More snow, and the kids went out and played more. I even let Callahan take off his boot and put on snow boots. We needed milk, so Gray made a run so Sam's Club and brought home some flowers and gc's for me too. A new chair for his den as well. Keaton had his game at 2:00. They won easily. That was the last Dimple Dell game. After we got home, we went to Texas Roadhouse as a family. The little boys at the table next to us would cry if Landon caught his eye (usually little ones LOVE Landon). Gray made a batch of brownies and actually put 42 candles on it! Some were the trick candles too, they would NOT blow out!

1109 (Friday) Snow! I took Callahan to school, and Colton and Cooper were getting all dressed up in their winter wear as I returned. I didn't really need to go anywhere today, and with the snow falling, I just felt like staying snuggled up ... so that's pretty much what I did. I did some cardio and got some reading done. Also had a major sleepy hit mid-afternoon. Gray had a derby in the evening. Callahan went with him.

1108 (Thursday) It's cool in the morning, I always have to turn off the ceiling fan in my bedroom, although I always turn it back on later in the day. It has actually been nice, but a storm is blowing in today. My doctor's office had called yesterday saying they wanted to do a follow up blood test on my iron count, so I ran into the lab. Picked up donuts on the way home. I came home on 40th and noticed the one-way street/lights were down. I wish someone had mentioned it, as I've been avoiding that area (unnecessarily). In the afternoon, we met the DiFran family at JUMP. Callahan stayed after school for basketball, and I went at 5:00 for a parents meeting and to pay fees. Keaton's team decided on the AAU Saturday league (which is closer to home), but Callahan's is doing the Utah County. I hope we can make that work ok, I'm nervous. Callahan was also very disappointed that he wasn't asked to be on the Thursday night 9th grade team. That had been his goal ever since he found out that it was a possibility. I'm fairly sure it is because of his foot keeping him out of Fall play. So that is a disappointment.

1107 (Wednesday) Mom's birthday today. Kept calories in check and did a lot of cardio. Took the boys to Maceys to grab an ice cream cone (and some bread) then picked up Marc and Tony and brought them back to the house to hang out. I mowed the front lawn (hadn't really grown, just to even it out some). Keaton was supposed to have a double header in basketball tonight, but then we got word that one of the games was cancelled. I got mixed up as to which (I was thinking the 6:00, but it was the 7:00) so we were in a rush to get there, but then the other 6:00 team didn't show. So we didn't get ANY game. They had a practice and we talked about the winter league and got the money in for that. Keaton ended up getting to go to dodgeball, and I got home so the little boys weren't alone (they would have been on their own for a bit). Callahan had caught a ride to his games. Nitrous won, but the 8A lost in a nailbiter to Pump N' Run (they were missing Rowland in addition to Callahan).

1106 (Tuesday) Landon was up and off earlier than usual, as he and the scouts had flag duty at 6:00. I had my followup dentist appointment in the morning (9:30) ... they cemented in the crown and took care of a cavity on a front tooth (I didn't even need numbing today, so that was good). It was fairly quick, in and out. Grayson needs to get in ... I got a little naggy about it with him today. I stopped and filled up the car with gas on the way home. Got in some cardio, then took the boys (and neighbors) to JUMP. Our friends the DiFran Family met us there, but they have big news they are moving to California. We will really miss them, especially during our off-track time. I made chicken pillows for dinner. Gray didn't get home until fairly late (after 7:00) and ate and then went to bed (although in nap mode, I wish he's just go to BED if he's going to, might as well be completely comfortable, not trying to sleep in jeans and shoes). I dropped Keaton off at his practice and then picked him up when they were done. The boys were interested in watching the election coverage, and disappointed when Romney didn't win.

1105 (Monday) I always seem to do better on Mondays (exercise, eating) ... today was a good day. I got in cardio and weights and kept calories in check (basically by only eating on meal). I ran to Walmart in the morning (I threw out all the fruit/veggies going bad and replaced them with fresh stuff) and then the little boys and I took Grandma and Grandpa out to lunch at Chuck-a-Rama (I had coupons for the boys). I goofed on the time though, 2:00 instead of 1:30,  so Mom and Dad were waiting then went home to see if I had called (they forgot their phone). I made ziti for dinner (although just Gray ate it, Landon seems off ziti right now). The boys watched The Voice, then I took Callahan to practice (Keaton's got changed to tomorrow). Gray went to bed (well, nap before bed). I stopped at the library and Smiths on the way home from dropping Callahan, then back at 9:30 to pick up, although they kept going until 9:45. They were in the auxiliary gym and with that many boys ... it was stinky and hot!

1104 (Sunday) Fall Back ... Gray and I were both awake at 4:00 though. Practicing the primary program at church (next week). Pretty nice out, I walked to/from church. Got in my nap, finished up Keaton's video, got caught up on my step entries. Pulled out Chicken Alfredo for dinner, but also made some chicken soup and breadsticks.

1103 (Saturday) Grayson has been saying how he was looking forward to the weekend ... then he was up at 4:00 and working pretty much all day. I took Colton out to Addie's house, where she was having a birthday party (going to see "Brave" ... two movies in two days for Colton). Keaton then had his basketball game at 2:00, they won. We stopped at Gene Fullmer on the way home and signed Colton up for Junior Jazz ... Cooper is still insisting he doesn't want to play so I'm honoring his wishes this year (after forcing him last year, he did end up enjoying it). Time to pick up Colton, I sent Landon out. Gray and I went out to dinner at Tepanyaki.

1102 (Friday) Ah, sleep in (except Gray of course, up at 2:00 per usual). All the kids are out (the older boy's term ended yesterday). Callahan's hair has been a little out of control, he's been needing a cut so bad but I just hadn't gotten around to taking him in. Landon decided HE needed a haircut (his wasn't bad, but I'll admit I support keeping it super short and clean cut). So he ended up taking Callahan and Keaton to Fantastic Sam's and getting them all fixed up. I'd mentioned to Gray that the boys were out and it would be fun to go to a movie (Wreck It Ralph opened today). He didn't make it home in time to hit the 2:45 as planned, but there was a 3:10 one. We took all six mugs, my movie purse full of treats, and got two big popcorns. The movie was really cute. Gray took Landon and Callahan to the Apple Store ... came home with an Ipad Mini, some cases and new chargers. In the evening, Gray and I watched "Safety Not Guaranteed" ... no popcorn, we were still stuffed!

1101 (Thursday) Should have been a weight workout day, but I was still stiff from Tuesday, and my motivation has been lacking of late. I did still get in 100min of elliptical. We had mentioned a JUMP possibility, but the kids seemed content at home, and Callahan had a 3:30 doctor appointment. The x ray did show improvement, but the crack is still there. With the Thanksgiving holiday and our vacation, we won't get back in until four weeks, and the doctor said to stay in the boot (although we replaced it, as it hasn't been holding the air). So still a little unsure as to the winter season ... Gray came home from work exhausted and took a nap before bed. I cleaned out the "candy cupboard" (threw out a TON of old, hard candy) and also got the food room straightened. Most of the Halloween stuff away, although I still need to tackle the costumes.

1031 (Wednesday) Halloween. The younger boys forget the other kids (including older brothers) still have school. It is a holiday! Landon wore his chick magnet again, Callahan wore an orange shift. We didn't have any particular plans for the day. I got some roll dough rising and got some cardio in. Nerf guns have made a bit of a comeback lately (after Daddy did a shooting gallery last Saturday at the Fall Festival). Keaton had his eye on a new gun, and some money burning a hole in his pocket, so I said we could run to Toys R Us to pick it up. Cooper ended up spending some of his birthday money on some legos too. Colton was a little sad as he doesn't have any money.  I baked up the cinnamon rolls when we got back, and then made chicken/rice for dinner. Then the trick-or-treating started up. Landon headed out to spend the evening with friends. Callahan was going to take it easy and help answer the door at home. I ended up going out with the little boys (Colton, Cooper and Ridley), while Keaton went with a group of his friends. Cooper was a maniac, running from house to house, leaving the other two boys in the dust. He was still going when the other two were giving out.  We did get out of the neighborhood (just up 7800).

1030 (Tuesday) We didn't really have anything on deck today. I ran some errands, going to the bread store, Blockbuster (picking up "Safety Not Guaranteed" which Grayson has been wanting to see) and the dollar store. Got in weights and cardio. Colton played at Randon's much of the day, came home in time to go with Cooper to his scouts Halloween party. I hadn't realized we were supposed to bring a treat, so after I dropped the boys off I ran home and whipped up some rice krispie treats quickly, and Landon ran them over (and brought the boys home). Made tacos for dinner ... no tomatoes again, but this time it was because Gray had taken mine for the BBQ with the scouts last week and I didn't realize that. We watched "The Voice" (although I still have to catch up on yesterdays ...) Grayson had a bad night last night, so he went to bed early. I finished up my "Wolves of Mercy Falls" series ... what to read next ... not that I have ANY lack of material (500+ waiting in my Kindle cloud) but I'm just not sure what to commit too. I have some holds coming in from the library any day and I don't want to be in the middle of something else when they are ready.

1029 (Monday) Off track time. Still have to get the older boys off to school (actually, Landon would get up and off himself, but Callahan is a different story). I do SO appreciate that they both make their own lunches though, that really helps the mornings go better  and I can get in a workout before driving Callahan to school. We went to JUMP today. Met the DiFran family there, Cranes came and I brought the Littlewood crew, to there were a lot of kids. Got in some cardio during the day, made waffles/bacon for dinner (as we didn't have them yesterday). C&K had basketball practice, Keaton's has been moved to 7:30, which is more convenient, although the 9:30 pickup is still a little late when I'm tired and want to go to bed. 

1028 (Sunday) I woke up better than yesterday, but still figured I'd take the day off. I really didn't get out of bed much the entire day. The boys went to church. We didn't do the usual Sunday Circles or oreos. I did make some homemade ice cream and brownies as I was feeling a bit better come evening, and they are pretty easy.

1027 (Saturday) I think it actually started last night ... uber emotional, headache. I felt awful in the morning, my throat was just killing me (perhaps from screaming for Grayson to stop tickling me?) My uvula was all swollen, enough that it interfered with my speech and felt like it was choking me a little. When this has happened in the past, it has been strep. Gray was gone early, to the dunes with a coworker to look at a Razor ... He better NOT come home with a Razor! Callahan left early with Jacob to go watch his basketball game (against Reggie's team). Keaton had his game at 12:00. I had taken some medication and was feeling a better. The other team was tiny (5th graders?) and our boys won easily. Keaton started off great with a three pointer and then two other baskets in the first quarter. Then he got bogged down with a couple bad passes and shots and I could see him getting a little upset. He did get one more shot in. There was a confusing moment in the game when both sides,  the entire teams, were going for the wrong baskets (it was shortly after the halftime switch, after a time out). Even the refs didn't seem to notice ... our team made a basket, but the scorekeeping table was also confused and did still credit it to our team. We stopped and got some tater tots and chicken rings on the way home. Colton's shoes were falling apart. He's been having to put on his basketball shoes (which are harder to get on/off, require tying) so I took him to Payless to get him a new pair (unlike Cooper, he really only has one pair that fit). The store was SO busy, and with just one register the line was really long. We stopped and grabbed some Wendys on the way home, I wanted to get some of the little trick-or-treat frosty books, but they were out. Once home ... I just stayed in bed pretty much the rest of the day. I should have got out to restock the milk, but I think we have enough to make it to Monday. There was the church Fall Festival in the evening. Gray took the boys and I stayed home in bed. Landon was gone to his school's football game (a highly publicized/controversial one against East High School). Herriman lost, as was expected (Herriman shouldn't have had to play them, shouldn't have gotten knocked out of playoffs this early). The boys seemed to enjoy the Fall Festival, which replaced the usual Trunk-or-Treat.

1026 (Friday) Sleep in, as no one had school early. We planned on hitting Jump today, and I took the neighbor kids with us today (it's really not that big a deal to take a couple extras, in fact the kids like having more friends to hang with). Later, I made an errand run, picked up my prescription, grabbed some crazy bread and went to the library again (I needed the next book in the series I was reading). Gray had a box from Vat19  ... in it was some more spitballs and a huge gummy worm.

1025 (Thursday) It was snowing in the morning. The drive to Callahan's school was pretty bad, and I wondered how Landon was handling it. We didn't really have much on deck today. Mom wrote and asked if we wanted to do lunch (I'd mentioned that while off-track instead of just she and I doing lunch, that it might be fun to go with the boys.) I wish we'd planned it a bit earlier, as I ate a fairly heavy breakfast, but we pushed lunch to a little later in the day. We met them at Golden Corral, I happened to have some coupons on hand for the kids too, which was nice, as they really don't eat enough to make it worth it. They boys were done after dessert (whereas Mom and I usually spend more time chatting). The snow kept hitting off and on during the day, nothing sticking, but the roads were bad at times. I made chicken pillows for dinner.

1024 (Wednesday) Just a quiet day at home. I did get out grocery shopping at Walmart and made a library run (to return a DVD that was overdue that I wanted to finish, and to pick up the next in the series). Also picked up pizza on the way home. It was a basketball night. Callahan's teams were playing at 8:00 and 9:00, but the only ride he could get was leaving at 5:15 (to hit the brother's game at 6:00). Gray and the boys had scouts at the park (brrrrrr, bbq and games). I left the little boys at home alone (with Daddy's phone # right there, they were alone for about 30 minutes) and headed out with Keaton to Bonneville. My folks came to watch as it was nice and close, and hoping that Mom's cousin Gary (Zach's grandfather) would be there, but he wasn't. But I introduced the folks to Zach's parents and they chatted a bit. We were expecting a tough game, as both teams were coming in undefeated so far in the season. Our boys started strong and kept it up, although they did have to earn every point. They got the win. Callahan's Nitrous game was after, so  Keaton and I stayed to watch. He had fun with the other 6th grade little brothers (Chad, Conner and Ryan) during each break. But it was a late night home (10:30). Everyone was already asleep, but it always takes me a while to wind down.

1023 (Tuesday) It is SO dark in the morning as I take Callahan to school, although by the time I'm returning to the neighborhood, it is noticeably lighter than when I left it 15 minute prior. But just a couple months ago I needed sunglasses on the return trip. I got some cardio in during the morning hours and then we went to Jump with the DiFran Family ... although Cooper seemed more interested in playing video games. With the new ipods Gray bought, there has been a renewed interest in the ipods (not that it had really waned). The kids have purchased some new games, including one called "Minecraft" which has them all totally addicted right now. Gray had a derby in the evening, none of the boys really wanted to go, but I got Keaton to agree to it, as it's been a while since he has been.

1022 (Monday) Off track for the little boys, so they slept in. No sleepy in for me though, as I still have to get Callahan to school. I had a dentist appointment at 8:50, he did the back tooth (that broke) and so I have a temporary crown. Back in two weeks for the real crown and to work on a front tooth. Got in cardio and weights, and ran to the bread store and library. Got an email that basketball practice was cancelled as the gym at the high school was booked, so that opened up the evening. I made cookie press cookies (pumpkins) and fried chicken/yellow rice for dinner. Weight was up this morning, I did actually count and control calories today. I am tired up being fat, but I'm not sure if I have the self-control to keep it up ...

1021 (Sunday) Mmmm ... croissants. Cooper had the talk, so I prepped a little "armor of God" one with a Halloween costume. Gray was also teaching a lesson today. They released the primary presidency, I'm a little surprised they didn't wait a couple weeks, until after the program. We had our Sunday Circles after church, then Gray and I got a nap. Homemade oreos in the evening.

1020 (Saturday) Gray went into work again. Keaton's coach had mentioned practice, but I hadn't heard a for sure. I texted, and he said yes, so I took Keaton out to the SR church. As it's so far, and the practice wasn't very long, I just stayed - did some reading and got my new Ipod set up. Landon went out to a school friend's to work on a chemistry assignment. Stephan and Conner came over to hang out with Callahan and Keaton. Gray got home earlier than I expected ... and with TWO more new Ipods. Just because! Callahan and Keaton were standing there so they got them (which made Cooper dissolve into tears, I told him the mine could be his too). I made a run to Kohls (new long black nike socks for the boys) and milk at Sam's Club (plus a gas fill up $3.49, a little lower than it has been lately). Then Gray and I went to a movie "Looper" which was good.

1019 (Friday) I didn't leave the house today ... it was somewhat productive. Did some laundry, vacuuming, some cardio. I had forgotten to pick up mushrooms yesterday at the store, which I needed for Macaroni Rosa. I asked Landon if he would be willing to run to the store, and he did (he wanted to pick up some dry ice too, and we were out of ice cream). So I did make Macaroni Rosa for dinner. Gray came home from work with a new Ipod Touch 5 ... for me. Not that I need it (even want it) but the boys thought it was super cool. He made popcorn and we watched "Rock of Ages".

1018 (Thursday) Sleep in ... I like. Callahan had his doctor appointment at 10:45. Again, we had to wait almost 45 minutes before being seen. I brought my book and encouraged Callahan to read his.   The x-rays just don't seem to show any improvement... I guess we're just still waiting ... the Dr. did say that a professional athlete might just opt for surgery at this point (put in a pin) but he didn't want to go there ... yet. So that's just a bummer. I just want it to be better and let Callahan have his winter season at least. It's extra frustrating because it isn't hurting him, he feels he could walk, run (he's walked a bit without the boot, of course had hasn't tried a regular shoe or running).  We stopped at Arctic Circle on the way home, got some tater tots, and I picked up some halibut for me ... then Landon and Cooper ate half of it.  Fairly quiet day (with kids home). Landon had actually made playdough while Callahan and I were gone (Colton had gotten some at school and the kids were fighting over it.) I got in a trip to Walmart and some cardio. It was a weight day, but I didn't get around to it. Gray and Cooper had a derby. Speaking of tooth trouble, Gray has one that is really hurting him, he needs to get in even worse than I do ...

1017 (Wednesday) Got the kids off to school, then I went to Macey's to grab some dry ice, and then it was on to the school. I was helping out with Keaton's class first. The room mom there had just asked me to bring an activity. I gave Keaton the choice, and he wanted the "cup crash" (throwing stuffed pumpkins at stacked cups). I then went to Cooper's class, where I was in charge. We had five stations, and luckily quite a bit of help. We did "cup crash", memory, bone bender (twister), Picture-EEKa, and monster toss. Then we had a quite "make a mummy" activity (with toilet paper) and had the treats and passed out candy. Then home, for a couple of hours, before it was back to pick up the kids. One of the other moms, who had a party later in the day had borrowed most of my activities, so Keaton and I ran back to Cooper's class to pick them up. Keaton had a game at 6:00, it was at Bennion Jr, which is nice and close. It was against the other CH6B team, so it was an easy win (as they had tried to put the "better" kids on the A team). Callahan came and watched, and then stayed, as his Nitrous was playing at 8:00, and his CopperHills team was playing at 9:00. I went home and went to sleep, but had arranged for him to get a ride home with one of the other parents. Landon had been my tender at home (as he didn't have mutual this week), but then he went and joined Gray's group, as they were having a planning party.

1016 (Tuesday) Mom had a dinner in the evening, so I didn't go out there for lunch. It was my last "normal" routine day at home ... Halfday and Halloween party tomorrow, then all the kids out Thurs/Fri, then the Columbia Kids off track for three weeks after that. It wasn't a terribly productive day, but I treasured my silence. Keaton ended up having another practice in the evening.

1015 (Monday) On Saturday, I was eating a cookie when I felt something HARD ... a bit of tooth had broken off (2nd molar to the back bottom). It wasn't causing me pain, but I knew I had to get it looked at. I made a call today and they were able to see me at 1:00. It was just a quick appointment for xrays and to make a plan. I'll go in next Monday, hopefully just for a crown. Hope it doesn't need a root canal too. Our dental insurance only covers preventative. Still got in some cardio and made a store run to Maceys. The boys had basketball practice in the evening. Callahan went at 6:00 with Keaton, which did save me a trip in at 8:00 to drop him off. I sent Landon to pick up Keaton at 7:00, and Keaton was fuming because he'd been asked to work out with Trevyn and his Heat team, but Landon was already there and said he had to come home. If only Keaton could have called quicker before Landon had left. I made spaghetti for dinner.

1014 (Sunday) Gray felt he needed to get into work to get some things done. The kids and I hit church and the two little boys got their assignments for the upcoming primary program. The C&K had FO after church, and Colton chowed down on leftover rolls, Landon was still fasting, so I made bacon but didn't do waffles (I made some french toast, but there wasn't much interest in it either). I worked on Keaton's basketball video and got in some reading. The boys played games and we had homemade oreos.

1013 (Saturday) Colton had his final soccer game in the morning. It was SO cold. I actually think the temp was higher than last week, but there was no sun and the wind was blowing. It started to rain at the end. I am happy to have soccer done for now. It was also Colton's Tae Kwon Do "graduation", but it was too rushed right after the soccer game. I made a store run for groceries, then it was off to Keaton's games, a double header (4:00 and 6:00).  They lost the first game (the other team was just on fire! So many three pointers it was too hard to keep up) and I was glad Keaton handled it fine (they were also out a couple players, so they were very tired). We had everyone for the 6:00 game, and it was an easy win. We rushed home and to Texas Roadhouse for a family dinner.

1012 (Friday) I went ahead and got up at 6:30 (I often stay in bed until 7:30 on Fridays, with the older boys late start) ... and even with that I didn't get anything extra done in the morning. Got Callahan off to school, then stopped at Kohls to use a $10 certificate before it expired. Got a couple shorts for Gray (he says he doesn't have any that fit, and I like to see his cute legs) and a couple Nike shirts for the boys (glad I price checked them, as they were cheap but hadn't been marked down visibly). Got in cardio during the day, a little planning for the upcoming Halloween party at the school (the order I placed at Oriental Trading Co came, last year I didn't get it until after the party). Callahan wanted to go to the SR church to hang out with friends, but I wasn't sure about committing to pick up in the evening, so I didn't take him, and then it was SO noisy in the afternoon that it would have been worth it to have him (and friends and chaos) gone ...

1011 (Thursday) ... Gray pointed out to me that today is 10/11/12 ... after a couple cooler days, today warmed up to almost 80° and I didn't have the thermostat set to AC, so it got warm inside too. I got in cardio during the day and finished up the video of Keaton's basketball game. After getting the kids from school, I ran to Maceys for some groceries and then went to Blockbuster to exchange some DVDs. I did weights when I got home from that, I wasn't sure if I'd get them in after I put them off, so I was glad I got it done. There was volleyball and a baby shower in the evening, but I was just pooped. Gray and I watched an episode of WalkingDead and then it was the end (although it wasn't really, just a Netflix glitch, so we do actually have four more). I finished up two books today too (my physical one, and my digi one from the library ... I started them on the same day too!).

1010 (Wednesday) Not a super productive day today. I was really dragging. Gray wrote that he was dragging at work too. I got to rest for a bit, he didn't, although he really should just come home at 2:00, as he'd already put in 10 hours ... got in some cardio, my peddy battery gave out AGAIN, I JUST changed it, I must have  a really bad batch of batteries or something. Callahan's team was playing at Bonneville at 7:00 and he wanted to go watch, and was able to catch a ride with Brandon (who is filling in for him). I took Keaton to his game at Granite Park Jr, a little out of my comfort zone, but doable. The 6B team was playing the Ballerz (Steve/Max) and getting beat bad, we'll have to face them in a few weeks. Our game was easy, although the other team made three 3-pointers right off the bat (they then didn't make anything else until 4th quarter). Keaton had four lay-ups. Gray was asleep when we got back (he'd probably gone straight to bed around 6:00 when he got home). Callahan ended up going with Brandon to his brother's baseball game ... pretty funny considering he would never go to his OWN brother's baseball games :)

1009 (Tuesday) I often go out to the folks on Tuesdays, but after NOT getting things done yesterday, and Callahan having an ortho appointment (I've been getting back a little late, after the bigger boys are home) I decided to pass on going out. I was able to get some stuff done, felt fairly productive. I told Landon not to pick up Callahan, I did instead, pulling him out of school about 10 minutes early and dropping him at the ortho office. He was having a cleaning too, but was done before it was time to pick up the Columbia kids. After I picked them up, I took Callahan to basketball practice, and he caught a ride from there to Open Gym. He's bummed he can't play, but he still wanted to go socialize. Gray came home and he and Cooper went out and did their "Friends of Scouting" route. I picked Callahan up at 8:00.

1008 (Monday)  Grayson was sleeping in, as he had scout flag duty for Columbus Day ... but I woke when Landon got in the shower at 4:30!  Why so early??? Miserable after the long night with Colton. Colton seemed a little better in the morning, dressed and saying he would go to school, but then he started feeling off again, so I kept him home. He stayed on the couch almost the entire day. He didn't throw up again, although he had a few moaning sessions. Not a super productive day for me, being tired and sticking around the little boy. Keaton had practice at 6:00, pickup at 7:00, I ran to the library in between. I dropped Callahan off at 8:00 then went to Walmart (as I hadn't been able to go during the day with Colton home), home quick to unload, then back to pick up Callahan. The A team was scrimmaging the B team, and the B team looked quite good. It's so hard for Callahan to just watch. Home late, Gray and I watched an episode of Walking Dead, then I had trouble falling asleep, so I read a little bit.

1007 (Sunday) Got to sleep in, but I don't know that we really did. It was COLD, the house was 63 º so we turned on the heat for the first time, getting that lovely "first time you turn on the heat" smell. Did our Sunday Circles, made roll dough and I still got in a little nap. Prepped dinner and cleaned up a bit, as we'd invited my folks out. It was yummy as usual.  We played some games, teaching the grandparents "The Great Dalmudi".  Poor Colton had SO been looking forward to them coming and playing games, and then he wasn't feeling well and ended up on the couch most of the time. Later that night, he had trouble sleeping and I was up with him several times, and he did finally throw up. Then he slept through the night after that.

1006 (Saturday) Brrrrrr, a cold front has moved in! Keaton had a basketball practice at the SR church at 8:00, so no Saturday sleep in. I dropped him off. Colton had a soccer game at 9:30. I was sure it was going to be freeZing, but it wasn't bad (the sun was out, there was no wind). Our kids had a good game, several goals. I was glad I was there to video tape it (I had almost sent Gray, as Keaton needed to be picked up during the game, but Gray said he'd get Keaton).  Gray and I hit a movie (Pitch Perfect) in the early afternoon. We hadn't been out on a date in a while. Then Gray took the boys out to Sheels, a new, HUGE sporting store. Keaton stayed behind (me too). The boys were a little late getting back, missing the first part of priesthood meeting (Landon still dressed and went). Gray hit Sams and picked up some meat for a BBQ tomorrow.  Brownies and homemade ice cream.

1005 (Friday) Callahan had the day off school because of his PT Conferences (which we didn't get to ... he has straight A's anyway though). His friends were getting together up at the Sunset Ridge Church, so I dropped him off there.  Early out for the Columbia Kids, then I took Cooper in for a haircut, as his hair has been really unmanageable. I wasn't sure when Callahan would need to be picked up, it's a little hard just waiting not knowing when the call would come. Finally around 6:30 I contacted him via text and said I was coming to get him. It had been a looooong day of play for him anyway. Gray had mentioned a movie, but I was pretty sure he'd be too tired when he got home (and he got home late, after delivering a home today). I've been absolutely exhausted too lately, so I was fine going straight to bed ... was almost straight  ...

1004 (Thursday) I've been wanting to get in to the salon for a trim and highlight, and today was the day. Stopped at BigLots after and grabbed some Cheese Bread. Got in some weights and cardio.  Gray had a derby, and Callahan went along to help. It was region volleyball, and it was just over at our church, but I was tuckered out. I prefer just the recreational play to the competitive play. So I didn't go, but headed to bed early. Gray was ready to hit the sack when he got home, so we were in bed before 9:00.

1003 (Wednesday) Landon had the day off of school today as it was parent/teacher conferences. I ran some errands (Blockbuster/DI drop/Bread Store) then he and I went to his school. I can't remember them doing PT conference during the day like this before. The teachers were spread out in their classrooms and the lines were pretty long (especially for teachers who were offering extra credit for a visit). We spent over an hour there and only got in to see two teachers (Language Arts and ASL). We had to get back for Callahan's pick up. I went ahead and grabbed him (my first time this year)  and we went straight in to the doctor for a followup appointment (Landon picked up the Columbia Kids). So the break looks about the same, couldn't really see any bone growth. The xray printed out last week had been a little confusing (the position) but this week it was much clearer. Callahan wanted his next visit to be before his next game in case he got the go ahead to play ... but that isn't going to happen. He is sad all over again as it really hits. We stopped for some tater tots at Arctic Circle on the way home. Back at home, there were several friends over, despite the fact that there are supposed to be "NO FRIENDS" in while there isn't a parent home. I took Colton and Co to soccer practice. Gray and the boys had scouts (TripleD) ... Gray actually sat it out as he was exhausted with his early morning work schedule. Keaton came home crying, it was a frustrating evening.

1002 (Tuesday) I was planning on heading out to my folks for tennis and lunch, when I got a call from the school that Keaton was sick (had thrown up). It was quite unexpected, as he had seemed perfectly fine in the morning. I went and picked him up. He threw up once more at home but it didn't seem like too bad of a bug. Now NOT going out, I had some extra hours in the day. Grayson had asked if it might be possible for him to have a workspace somewhere in the house, so I spent the day clearing off the table in upper-middle earth (which required some work in lower middle earth as well). It took most of the day, but both rooms look better and there is a spot for Grayson now ... he's still surrounded by chaos, but the table space is his. I had planned on making tacos for dinner, but I had also planned on picking up a tomato from my parents. I ended up bumming one off a neighbor, although Gray was the only one who wanted tomato (Landon usually has some, but he ended up falling alseep and sleeping through dinner) ...

1001 (Monday) Mid morning I glanced down at my pedometer and I was at almost 7000 steps, and I'd only done one or two workouts. I've been having pedometer trouble (battery went out Saturday, it reset yesterday, or so I thought. Today I figured out that when I replaced the battery, I got the am/pm incorrectly so at noon yesterday it thought it was midnight and reset. So this morning I had steps from the rest of Sunday). Anyway, should be back on track now. Good cardio day, also did weights. Made a stop at Walmart for groceries and made dinner (BB&Chicken Enchilada). I had Landon drop Keaton off at practice so I could get dinner done. I think did the pickup, and took care of Callahan's practice in the evening. He can't really participate, but has continued to go.

0930 (Sunday) Gray said work was pressing so, that he needed to go in and get some things done. So he was off fairly early. I was planning on church, but Colton woke up with a tummy ache, and ... well, we didn't make it. We did our usual Sunday Circles and I got a nap in. Gray finally made it home and got a short nap. There was a fireside (recounting trek, showing part of the video made), so we headed there with Landon. Callahan insisted I make dinner (he wanted fried chicken) so I did that, it took the place of homemade oreos.

0929 (Saturday) A few hours into the day I noticed my pedometer battery lite flashing. I just changed the battery a few weeks ago! Frustrating. I hate it when it goes out mid-day. I had a bunch of bananas going bad, so I made up a big batch of banana bread. It was the bridal shower (x2) at Pam's, and I contacted Courtney to see if she was going and if I could catch a ride with her. When that was confirmed, I hurried and made brownies to take to the shower. Landon dropped Callahan off at West Jordan High School to watch CopperHills in a pre-season basketball game. Gray and the boys got home from the sand dunes right before I left for the shower. We had some lunch there, tied a couple quilts (one for Shay, one for Barbara), and socialized. We hadn't gotten together with extended family for quite a while. Gray had ended up going into work, he got home a little after I did. We had a quiet evening at home, watching "Bernie" on DVD.

0928 (Friday) Late start, so a little sleep in. Made Friday French Toast. Grayson came home early to pack up, as it's Fathers/Sons campout at the sand dunes tonight. He's taking Keaton and Colton. Callahan would like to go, but I didn't think he could participate in anything with his foot, and I didn't want to get sand in the boot. Landon and Cooper refused to go. I was a little surprised Colton wanted to, as he was missing a birthday party and his soccer game, but he'd gone to the dunes last year and had a great time and was very excited. Less work for me, not having to get him to the party and game, so I guess it's all good. I picked up the Columbia Kids, then had to go right back to the school for a "room mother tea" to prep for the upcoming Halloween party. I've done one several other years, so it shoud be easy. Home again, to get Gray and the boys off. Landon and Callahan had been bugging me to get the Pizza Hut Dinner box, so I said we could. So nice to be able to have Landon go pick it up. He ended up going out to watch the football game at Herriman in the evening.

0927 (Thursday) I do love my quiet days, they pass so quickly. Got in cardio and weights, made the muvee from Keaton's game. Catching up on Grey's Anatomy, with PlayOn I might even stay up with the current season ... I've been getting quite a bit of reading in too. Gray had another derby. Landon went again, although I really think Callahan should take a turn. Even with a bum foot he'd be ok to help, and he is the one who needs the money the most. Gray wasn't feeling well, so it was probably good to have Landon, who is able to help the most. I went over to the church for volleyball, but there wasn't enough of a showing, so back home. Keaton had a bit of a rough night, feeling sad about lack of friends, indicating that he wants to go to Sunset Ridge for middle school, where he knows quite a few kids, as opposed to only two at West Hills. Poor kid, there aren't a lot of kids his age around.  ... apparently Gray felt better by bedtime ...

0926 (Wednesday) After I took Callahan to school, I realized I hadn't seen Keaton. It was 8:00 and he was still asleep, and he did NOT wake up well. He was sobbing and saying "I'm sorry" ... I don't know if he had a bad dream or what. I wasn't sure if he was sick, but after he got up and showered he seemed to shake it off.  Today the sun came out ... it's been overcast the last couple of days. I mowed the lawn and got a little bit of sun. Gray and the boys had Court of Honor in the evening. I'd made a muvee with video clips and pictures from the past year. Keaton and I took off to get to Bonneville (my Jr.High) at 6:00 for his first game. It was a pretty easy win, and I thought Keaton did well (got one basketball, several assists, rebounds). I dropped him off at the church on the way home. Our neighbor Jacob had stayed with Cooper and Colton ... Wednesday nights are going to be problematic. Callahan's Nitrous team had a game at 6:00, but as he couldn't play (and I was already committed with Keaton) we had him attend scouts. He wanted to go watch his CopperHills games though (at 8:00 and 9:00) so I took him when the Court of Honor was over. I stayed for the first game, it was close, they lost by four. Having Callahan just might have made the difference! I left for the second game (against Metro, and they got beat bad, as expected) and Callahan hitched a ride home with a friend.

0925 (Tuesday) Mom had a doctor's appointment, so we didn't do our usual lunch. Dad also had a doctor's appointment, as his arm has been hurting him. He had gone to an Instacare and he does have a fracture. The visit to the orthopedic guy was today, but he was just told to wear a wrist brace he already had. I thought I might do better calorie wise, staying home instead of going out, but I don't know that I did. I made a run to Smiths and Blockbuster, picking up "The Avengers" for the boys. Callahan had practice with Klint, I didn't think he would want to go as he can't play, but he still wanted to attend, so I dropped him off as soon as I got back from the Columbia Carpool. Gray had a derby, Landon went with him (Cooper took the night off, he hit $100, which I think was his goal).  I made a run to Sam'sClub, to grab some milk and exchange a "FullHouse" DVD that kept sticking. Ironically, as I got the working DVD home, the DVD player in the family room up and quit. We really have bad luck with DVD players, they only last a year or two. I pulled the one from our bedroom as we don't watch it much, but the boys have been watching a LOT out front. I went ahead and got a warranty on the cheap one I just picked up at BigLots for the boy's bedroom downstairs, and I guess I'll have to order another one for the family room (as we will want ours back in the bedroom eventually). Lots of electronic changeups of late ... and the family room tv is on its way out too!

0924 (Monday) Back to the routine. I tried hard to keep calories in check and also got in quite a bit of exercise (cardio and weights). It was overcast most of the day (yesterday day too, and rain forecast for tomorrow). Callahan and Keaton had basketball practice ... drop off at 6:00, pick up at 7:00, drop off at 8:00, pick up at 9:00 ... I had Landon do the 7:00 pickup so that I could get dinner done (fried chicken and yellow rice). Poor Gray had an early morning and was out cold by 10:00.

0923 (Sunday) It was the Brigham City temple dedication, so no official meetings. I had gotten an email that my "e-giftcard" I ordered from Walmart that morning would go out tomorrow ... um, didn't place any such order. Something similar happened the last time I placed a order. So had to cancel the Discover card (and was able to cancel the orders too). We did our usual Sunday Circles. Gray got in his nap, but I didn't ... not sure why! I love my Sunday nap. A few days ago I ordered a Roku for my gym, to replace the Wii, which was being problematic. The Xbox has also stopped working, so I figured I could use the Roku, and C&K could deal with the Wii in their room until (if) we got the xbox fixed. As part of the purchase, I paid $30 more and got a lifetime service of "PlayOn" which connects the computer/tv, so you can watch YouTube, Hulu or other shows available online on your television instead of the computer. Normally, I don't watch any "live" tv, but this opens up some possibilities. The boys have been getting into "The Voice " (a reality singing competition) and I think I got hooked too. I was able to watch the first few episodes I had missed down in the gym. I cooked a turkey for "dinner" and made homemade oreos.

0922 (Saturday) Landon should have gone to volleyball,  but he didn't have it on his radar so he didn't go. Callahan obviously couldn't go either.  Colton had a soccer game at 10:30. Shane and Alicia always take Mom and Dad up on their "once a month" dinner option - we were free, so we planned on joining them, so Mom extended the invitation and also got Chris&Kim and D&D. We went to Texas Roadhouse, but had to have two tables. We sat with C&K. Colton had gone to Randon's at 2:00 for a "rock star party" and didn't get home until after 8:00!

0921 (Friday) Got the kids off to school, late start for Callahan. I went to Walmart and Sams after dropping him off. I picked up a couple of seasons of "Full House", which Callahan has been enjoying lately, and watching tv IS one of the things he can still do. Early out for the Columbia Kids. Keaton decided he must have a Wii Mario Tennis game, we looked it up online, ordered it and picked it up (also getting some ice cream Twix for Callahan). We didn't really have anything planned for the evening. Gray took a nap before bed.

0920 (Thursday) Landon's face looked much worse in the morning (as the darker scabs had started to form). Callahan was still limping too. I made a call and got an appointment to get his foot checked out after school. I got in cardio and weights during the day. I had to leave around 4:00 to take Callahan to the appointment, so I had Landon pick up the Columbia kids. They x-rayed Callahan's foot and it is broken! Poor Callahan, his heart is broken too, as this might take him out of the entire fall season. We got home right at 6:00, and I took Keaton to his basketball practice. I picked him up at 7:00 and then went to the church for volleyball. Landon went to play with the young men. Callahan would have had practice at 8:00 ... he's in a walking boot, which is better than a cast (removable).

0919 (Wednesday) Last night the boys went out to jump on the tramp and Callahan hurt his foot and is limping pretty bad. After school he came home and fell asleep (very unlike him). I took Colton and company to soccer practice and passed Gray and Keaton going to the church as we went home. Callahan was staying home, but Landon was also still home, asleep in my room. He had apparently faceplanted during a flip on the tramp and his face was in pretty bad shape.

0918 (Tuesday) Went out to the folks. Stopped by the post office (I'd missed a package being delivered yesterday, I was home but must have been downstairs or out back) and the bread store on the way. Mom and I went to lunch at Chuck again. Afterward Dad and I played some tennis (about an hour, but none of it registered as aerobic today). Dad's arm is black and blue, he fell on Saturday. It looks terrible ... but he still beat me at tennis. I took the freeway home, as it way school zone time. Landon and Callahan beat me home. Callahan had basketball practice starting at 4:00, so I dropped him off before I picked up the Columbia kids, it worked out fine. Gray had a derby, Cooper went along to help. I went and picked up Callahan.

0917 (Monday) Back to the routine. Did cardio and weights and kept calories in check. The boys had basketball practice in the evening.

0916 (Sunday) Croissants for breakfast, we actually had left over today (a first). I walked to/from church twice. Sunday Circles after. Nap, but not as good as last weeks. I made gingersnaps, taking some over to Hyers, a much nicer knock than the one yesterday...

0915 (Saturday) No games today, not even soccer (Colton's team had a bye). Gray had a derby (Maga's ward). Callahan had wanted to go, but there was also volleyball in the morning and he wanted to do that too. Cooper went and helped at the derby. When they got back, Gray took Landon to get some running shoes, then they took the trailer and picked up a trampoline and set it up in the back yard. Grayson had kept putting it off, saying there would be injuries ... and we hadn't even had it a couple of hours before there was. It wasn’t our kid (it was the neighbors) and it wasn’t the tramp, it was the trailer we had brought it home it. I do try to supervise ... there are kids playing at our house constantly (even if MY kids aren’t out, our yard is the one being used). I was watching the big boys in the back on the tramp (Callahan had some friends over) when I glanced in the front and saw a bunch of kids playing in the trailer (Colton & company). I thought “that’s an accident waiting to happen” and went out immediately to tell them to stop. I was just seconds/steps away ... all the kids but one were in the trailer. Somehow they had lifted the gate up (it’s HEAVY, like 50 pounds of metal). I don’t know if they couldn’t hold it up, or if someone pushed it, but it came crashing down, on our little neighbor boy. His leg was trapped, I lifted the gate enough to pull his leg out, then I saw his head ... there was a gash, about three inches long and ½ inch deep, bleed profusely. I had Colton run ahead and knock on the neighbor’s door as I carried Bradley over. Luckily both Mom and Dad were home and they rushed him to the instacare. 12 staples in his head and instructions to watch for a concussion. There must have been 8 or so little kids in the trailer ... I’ve never seen a group disappear so fast! I do think it was a little traumatic for everyone. Colton seemed very subdued the rest of the night. He said “When Bradley’s head got cut open, I got shocked” ... I think he meant he was IN shock, he must have heard that somewhere. It could have been worse (if it had hit him in the face, if the parents hadn’t been home, if I wasn’t right there). It was pretty stressful though! The UofU/BYU game came on, Callahan's friends were over and couldn't get a ride home (families watching the game), so Gray drove them home. I gave the little boys a bath ... and to bed.

0914 (Friday) Writing in retrospect ... I can't remember what happened. Got in quite a bit of cardio ...

0913 (Thursday) Weights day, also got in some cardio, sun and reading. Keaton had basketball practice at 6:00, Callahan went too. I didn't have anyone to watch the little boys, but I figured they would be ok for 15 minutes. I couldn't find Colton however, and had to leave. I looked for him all over when I got back, no luck. Then Shari showed up, bringing him home from the church! Easton's family had dropped the kids off there. I guess Colton said he asked, but he did NOT. I would not let him go play around the church unsupervised (youth basketball was going on). Colton ended up getting stung by a bee on his ankle too (thus the drop off home by my neighbor). I told him he was grounded and gave him some medicine for the sting, which was already swelling pretty good. He ended up falling asleep, poor kid (but he's GOT to stop running off like that!). I picked up Keaton at 7:00, but Callahan stayed, as his practice started at 8:00. Gray had come home exhausted and gone to bed. I went to volleyball over at the church. It was fun. Back to pick up Callahan at 9:00.

0912 (Wednesday) Got in good cardio today. Also some sun, which meant some reading. I've really been going through the books lately! Callahan had basketball practice after school, I ran to Walmart after dropping him off. Gray was the only one with young men's tonight (C&K's was yesterday, not that they went, and Landon's group is going tomorrow). Gray was finishing up some claymation with his group, but there had been an Ipad error and they had lost hours of work from a previous night. Callahan went over to the church and was able to play some basketball in the gym. I made some brownies and Landon took them over as a treat for Gray's group. The boys at home weren't too happy with that, but we ate the leftover oreo ice cream cake for our dessert.

0911 (Tuesday) Cooper was on flag duty. Gray stayed home (usually he's gone uber early) to help out. I went out to my folks today. There were people playing tennis there in the morning, so we did lunch first, tennis after. Mom and I hit Chuck again. I got in 30min aerobic with the tennis. Derek was at the house too. He had bought a piano, but as their house isn't built yet, he asked if he could store it at the folk's house. I got home a little earlier today, beating the school zone traffic. In the evening, we had basketball. A parent's meeting at 6:30, then practice for both boys 8:00-9:00.

0910 (Monday) Back to the routine. I actually did decent today on eating, also got in cardio and weights. Ran to Maceys, we needed bread, and they had fruit snacks on sale. Picked up ingredients for Macaroni Rosa to make for dinner. It was overcast, a little cloudy, a thunderstorm hit in the late afternoon. Cooper didn't totally freak out, but I had to hang the blanket over his window to try and block out the lightening and some of the sounds of the storm. The other boys happily played in it and got soaked! Callahan was at Gene Fullmer, their month membership ends here in a few days. Gray and Landon said the Macaroni Rosa was good. Brownies for dessert.

0909 (Sunday) I was feeling pretty yucky last night, and I was tired but could feel I was going to have trouble sleeping, so I took an Ambien and I had a good night. Still feeling a bit off in the morning. I skipped the first couple meetings and just went to play for primary. We did have our croissants this morning, glad to be back in business. We did Sunday Circles after church then Gray and I got in a great nap. The kids were actually quiet. We had a wonderful dinner of steak and marinated chicken. Gray took out a skillet and used it as a hot plate, it was quite popular. I made homemade oreos and ice cream for dessert.

0908 (Saturday) Callahan and Landon had volleyball in the morning. Then we went out to Kneaders as a family. I had Gray drop me and Colton off at the soccer fields. It was pictures then the game. Gray went out to run some errands (JiffyLube, Sams and picking up some croissants), Landon made a run to Big5 to buy a backpack, and I got some stuff done in the yard (transplanting, weeding and mowing the lawn). A boy in the neighborhood was hosting a "parade" that Gray and Landon were taking part in. Then, as all five boys needed a haircut, Gray took them up to Maga's where Livi took care of them. I wasn't feeling great (TOM) so I stayed home.

0907 (Friday) Happy Birthday Landon. He went out early to get donuts (his teacher told all those late last week to bring in donuts). He grabbed some for our family too. After I dropped Callahan off (late start) I went to Walmart. Early out for the Columbia kids. I didn't have a lot for Landon, some treats and a couple of the Zing bows (a little nicer than the ones the little boys got for birthdays). Callahan was invited out to Nate's church for some basketball. Keaton ended up going too, and we took Ben and Porter.  Gray got home around 6:30 and pretty much went to bed. Callahan and Keaton were able to get a ride home. I felt bad we didn't get out for Landon, but I did make a lemon jello cake and we put in a candle and had him blow it out.

0906 (Thursday) Picture day at the schools. I had the boys wear nice collar shirts. Just got the cheapest package (six small pictures/class picture for $12 for the little boys, $14 for just the six small pictures for Callahan ... that's not right!) Mom wrote that they were free, if I wanted to come out for lunch/tennis, so I did. Got home just in time to pick up the little ones. The basketball lists were posted, nothing TOO surprising, but there are still some things I would have rearranged. Missing one boy on the A team that I wish was there. Only seven per team, which means a lot more playing time, but can be problematic if there is foul trouble or someone misses a game. I made spaghetti for dinner. At 7:00, the two older boys and I went over to the church for volleyball (they were on one court, the women were one the other). Keaton (now 12) should have gone too, but he didn't feel like it and I needed him to babysit. Volleyball was fun, it's been a while. Gray didn't get home until 8:30, it was a bad day at work for him :(

0905 (Wednesday) I keep getting distracted playing around on GoodReads. I got the lawn mowed (the front anyway). It picked up a few of the balloons, but we still have a ton of colorful rubber confetti all over the lawn. Colton had a soccer game at 5:30. He's not quite got the same drive, or maybe he's just not getting the opportunities (the other team did have some good defense). Both teams made a few goals, I'm not sure if it was a win or not. We brought treats. The boys had scouts, then I took Callahan to the high school for continued tryouts. I left Cooper and Colton alone, with strict instructions to stay in the house ... I came home to Colton riding bikes and Cooper oblivious. So that was a fail. I went back to pick up and they will announce teams tomorrow ... but they didn't even have Callahan, Mason and Sam playing, because they were basically already placed.

0904 (Tuesday) Back to school/routine. Traffic continues to be horrid on 40th, again we couldn't get out of the neighborhood except on the little street onto 7800 (going the opposite direction we need to go). Made a run to Smiths/Blockbuster. I got in some cardio, weights and some sun and reading. Callahan had basketball practice after school. I picked the boys up from practice and took them to Gene Fullmer. Callahan was able to catch a ride home.

0903 (Monday) Labor Day. Gray had the day off work. The boys had flags in the morning, Landon drove Callahan and Keaton around. Maga called and invited us up swimming, I decided to stay home in the empty house while Gray took the boys. I still got some sun ... Gray and I went out to Red Robin. We hadn't gotten in a date in a while.

0902 (Sunday) Still no croissants for breakfast. I walked to church, it was nice and cool. Keaton and Landon bore their testimonies today. Keaton was set apart as a deacon after meetings. Sunday circles, nap. Homemade oreos more day off tomorrow.

0901 (Saturday) Party day ... I rained and thundered ALL night. I didn't get much sleep, stressing about the weather for the party. Should we cancel? Postpone? I shot off an email early asking about possibilities from the dunk tank dude, but he never got back to me, and it was dropped off around 10:00. We decided to go forward. Gray picked up a waterslide (Rex's) and we set that up in back. I had water balloons, and we were ready. Kids came early ... and there were extras too. Travis had a friend that came too, Bradley and Regan couldn't be excluded, and then a couple more from the neighborhood just walked over when they saw all the fun. It was chilly at times, but at least the storm held out. I had told Callahan that he could have friends over after (I wanted to get my money's worth from the dunk tank) ... I think we were all tired and ready for it to be over at the end. They picked up the dunk tank at 6:00, and we emptied the slide. There was LOTS of water, and the grass is so flooded and torn up. Water balloon pieces everywhere! And then the storm hit, thunder/lightening and even some hail. At least it waited!

0831 (Friday) Landon's school is also doing late start on Fridays, although not as late as the middle school. Callahan's doesn't start until 9:55. Landon's starts at 8:25. I thought I had heard Landon leave around 6:30 in the morning to go running. At 7:45 when he wasn't back, I was worried. He usually goes for just an hour, and he really needed to be getting ready to leave to make it to school on time. He got home a little after 8:00, having run longer than he had before and not having a watch. He was late to school. This threw off my morning, which was Keaton's birthday morning ... finally the kids were off. I went to a couple stores. Reams, to get an oreo ice cream cake that Keaton had requested, then Sam's for the cakes for the party tomorrow. There were lots of good deals there, I spend a LOT.  Early out for the elementary. I made cookie press cookies (Keaton's favorite) and french dip for dinner, and we  had the ice cream cake for dessert.

0830 (Thursday) Callahan had an early morning ortho appointment. I made sure the little boys were ready then he and I left. He missed his first couple periods. I hope he finishes up with his ortho treatment soon, it's been over two years. I had made plans to go out to Mom's today. We went to lunch and chatted a lot. I stopped at The Store after to pick up more croissants, and they didn't have any! Boo! I also stopped at a nursery on the way home, to spend a Groupon I had. They sure didn't have much of a selection either. I should have gotten weights in today, but it didn't happen.The 6th grade basketball results were posted, and Keaton made the top team. The older boys will need another day to determine their placement.

0829 (Wednesday) My first official day home all alone (going to the school yesterday kindof scratched that day). Got in quite a bit of cardio and some reading. The boys had their 2nd day of tryouts in the evening. I arranged for Colton to get a ride to soccer practice, then I took the boys at 7:00. Back to pick up Keaton at 8:00, I had to bring Cooper and Colton with me as Gray and Landon were gone to young mens. One of Cooper's fish died a few days ago, and one yesterday. He was quite sad, so I told him we'd go to the pet store and get a couple more. We stopped there on the way home. I dropped the boys home and went back to pick up Callahan and Jacob.

0828 (Tuesday) Happy Birthday Cooper. I started off his birthday with a Pokemon Diamond Tip book. Landon got off to school, I drove Callahan. The roads were terrible! Construction had closed down much of the intersection at 7800 and 40th. There was no left turn and traffic was totally backed up. I had to flip around and go another way. I got the little boys off to school, then I went there myself to help out with some hearing screenings. It went fine. Stopped at the store on the way home. I started thinking about having a party for the boys on Saturday, as we don't have games or anything. I called and reserved a dunk tank and made up some invitations. In the evening, the boys had basketball tryouts over at the high school. Jacob was going too, so I had my boys hitch a ride today. I made fried chicken and yellow rice (Cooper's dinner request) and we had a Skookie for the birthday cake.

0827 (Monday) Last day off for the big boys ... school starts tomorrow. I thought Callahan might want to hit Gene Fullmer with his friends, but he wanted to go to the Nike store instead. He had heard that some shoes were on clearance, but we didn't see any decent deals. I got in cardio and weights.

0826 (Sunday) We are out of croissants :( Church, Sunday Circles as usual. Didn't get my usual nap in, as Keaton is running for student council and needed a poster and speech made up. I just used a 12x12 scrapbook page. It turned out cute. My first "scrapping" in I don't know how long! Also, as it's the end of the month, I went through bills and got everything paid up. I marinated some chicken that Gray barbecued up. Callahan was unhappy there wasn't steak ... I should have picked some up at Sam's yesterday.

0825 (Saturday) Colton had a soccer game. I was worried about traffic and parking. It wasn't too bad, but we still just parked on Mapleleaf and walked across the street (the construction actually makes getting across a LOT easier). Colton did fine, didn't seem to go after it was much as last season. They won, but it was pretty close. Both teams got several goals. Home again, cleaned up some, got the floor mopped. Headed out for errands (Sam's/Library/Smiths). The boys got back. They said it was actually fun (it had been an eagle scout service project painting signs) ... red paint, they imagined murder scenes. The burb had gotten a flat tire so they had to change to the spare. That's not fun. Gray napped. I made some fried chicken strips. I made them a few nights ago and the boys really liked them. Grayson and I watched Hunger Games and I got a foot rub and more.

0824 (Friday) Got the little boys off to school. Mowed the lawn and got in some cardio. Early out ... Grayson had come home early and was starting to get packed up for the scout campout. I made him unhook the burb from the trailer, as I have been picking up Littlewoods and couldn't fit five kids into the truck... of course then Littlewoods didn't end up coming home with us today. I wish I had known. Gray, Landon and Callahan left, then I headed over to the school with the little boys (and Jacob) for the Columbia Carnival. The kids each had a wristband for 10 things (activities/food). Cooper mainly wanted to get some goldfish (a prize from one of the games) and he did. We were done, so used up the rest of our wristbands for cotton candy (we brought home over 10 bags, but they didn't last long).

0823 (Thursday) Landon and I had an appointment to get his license today, happily, it's done, so I had the day free. I got in cardio and weights. Columbia carpool, Callahan to/from basketball practice.

0822 (Wednesday) Ok, fingers crossed, I was going to try and get the registration of CC done ... and figured we'd get Landon licensed too (we had an appointment tomorrow, but as we were going to be at the place today, might as well). We stopped by Courtney's (it was right on the way) to pick up the title. I hadn't been to this DMV before, but it was just a little further than where I used to work at Primedia. We drove CC, me driving, talking Landon through my movements so he'd get a little more comfortable with the extras needed for a stick shift. Got the car registered and Landon licensed. Then we stopped at Herriman to get his parking permit. We had to wait 15 minutes as we got there while they were out to lunch. I told Landon I wanted him to practice a bit in the parking lot, then we'd try him driving for the ride home. He really did NOT want to do it (I can SO see me in him when he acts like that) but I insisted. He refused to practice and went straight for the road ... and did great. I think it really boosted his confidence. A little later when I asked him if he'd take Callahan to practice (I still came along) he said ok pretty quick. Again, he did well. We stopped for pizza and parmesan bites on the way home. Colton had soccer practice in the evening, I just sent him with friends today (love that that is an option) and went to pick up Callahan. His scouts were already at the WJ Museum doing service hours, so I dropped him off there. I continued on to Blockbuster and exchanged a couple DVDs and made it home just as Gray, Landon and Keaton left for scouts (Landon drove over separately in CC). Felt like it was a pretty productive day.

0821 (Tuesday) Colton got off to school today! First day of first grade. I had planned on taking him, then going to Walmart, but at the last minute I just decided to send him with the carpool as usual. I still went to Walmart, taking Landon and Callahan. Callahan picked out a new binder for school. Boy, shopping with teenagers is worse than with little kids! They were playing around the entire time. Landon took off with a friend to go to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. I took CC to get safety and emissions, she passed with flying colors. I hope to complete the registration tomorrow if possible. Carpool ... Callahan needed to go to a scout thing, I had Landon drive them (just in the neighborhood) and then we practiced a bit more with the stick shift. He's still pretty frustrated with it. Gray had a derby, Cooper went with him (it was his pack meeting, but he wanted to earn some $$). Gray and I had a talk in the evening, religion and stuff.

0820 (Monday) First day of school for Keaton and Cooper. Our usual carpool is out of commission for the week, but Littlewoods (across the street) who usually carpool with Hyers (next door) had space (as Hyers are now off track) to take the kids (until our carpool kicks in) and I have space to bring them home, so it works out. Colton and I went to the school for our 9:45 orientation. It was a bit quieter at home, but there were still plenty of kids around. Made some calls, got the "new" car (I'm going to call her CC) insured and looked into what we need to do to get it registered. Picked the kids up ... gotta get back into that routine. They are walking to Arctic Circle again. As evening pulled in, I wasn't feeling very well, a bit of tummy trouble.

0819 (Sunday) Wow, we all slept in! Church was usual, I walked to and from. Sunday circles and a little nap. Today was the party at my mom's house. Gray had a key scout meeting, so he didn't go. I actually had Landon drive us out. Chris and Derek's family couldn't make it (Wendy of course either), Scott showed with a few of his kids. Shane was there, Alicia and I both brought back the books we'd borrowed from each other. Aunt Lorrie, Jason, and Nikki were there (Nikki had her kids, Jason's were gone). We had plenty of cake (we'd had double last night, so we ate the one I brought, and I brought home the one Pam had bought and brought it today). Gray had Otis cookies waiting for us when we got back ... we'd had SO many treats already!

0818 (Saturday) No basketball Saturday. Gray and I went and picked up the car from Top Stop ... they hadn't found anything wrong with it, so they didn't charge us anything. That was nice. I stopped to pick up drycleaning then made a run to Sam'sClub, got some milk and a couple of cakes for the upcoming family birthday celebrations. Today it was at Maga's. We went up there and swam for a bit. At first Colton was being his little stubborn self, not wanting to get in, but then he did and seemed to have fun. Back to the house for french dip and cake. Olivia gave Landon a haircut (at first leaving a mowhawkish section in the back, both Landon and I said it had to go, yuck!)

0817 (Friday) Slept in, that should be ending soon with school starting. I suppose we should have had our "end of summer" breakfast, but we didn't. I made French Toast. Callahan did go to the gym for a bit, they did some swimming today today. The boys played "Dodge Sponge" in the front yard in the evening. Otis and homemade ice cream.

0816 (Thursday) Should have gotten weights in today, but didn't get around to it. Callahan went to the gym. I drove today, there, from gym to practice, and then picking up from practice. I stopped at the library while I was out too. I finished up the series "The Good Wife", I've also been reading and updating stuff on Good Reads. Gray shopped for a work BBQ tomorrow and ran to Maverick with Colton and Co. Callahan went to the soccer fields and wasn't home until dark.

0815 (Wednesday) Today I took the kids to Classic Waterpark. I had asked Keaton a bit ago if there was anything else he wanted to get in before school started, and this is what he said. Callahan elected to go play basketball with his buddies again, so we were missing him. We met the DiFran Family there, and the kids had a lot of fun. Landon came with us, and he was good helping us keep an eye on the little ones. We were there from noon-4:00. Callahan got a ride to/from practice after playing at the gym. I took Colton to his soccer practice at Terra Linda. It's his old team from the West Jordan league, plus Bradley and Randon. Traffic was pretty bad! There is a soccer tournament at the fields, plus all the regular construction.  The boys had their mutual in the evening. Gray introduced "Dodge Sponge" ... like dodge ball but with sponges.

0814 (Tuesday) Dragging a little, although I did get in more elliptical (120min) than I have in a while. Callahan went to the gym. Gray had a derby. Callahan and Cooper went to help.

0813 (Monday) Pretty good exercise day, got in cardio, weights and mowed the lawn. I dropped Callahan off at his school with a friend. They found their lockers and classrooms. They went back to Steven's house after, then came here. We had a lot of friends over, the kids were playing several new card games.

0812 (Sunday) It was the gold medal match for basketball in the Olympics today. Landon really wanted to see it, but it was starting at 8:00 in the morning, and wouldn't be done by 9:00 church time. I mentioned it to Gray, and he said we could skip Sacrament meeting this once ... he wasn't sure if Landon would (in times before when we've skipped, Landon has still gone). I told Landon we could stay and watch the game ... he said "I bet that's not ok with Dad" ... funny! Planning on that, I didn't put croissants out, but made our Sunday Circles in the morning before church instead. USA won, but it was closer than expected. We went to the remaining meetings. I had picked up steaks at Sams yesterday and had chicken marinating. After church I got rolls rising and we had our yummy bbq in the early evening. We had invited my folks, but they already had plans with Chris and Kim. I didn't get in any exercise today ... day of rest.

0811 (Saturday) No basketball today! Gray and Landon went out to Clay's with a towing thing, to pull the car to Top Stop. Hopefully it will be an easy fix and Landon will be able to master the stick quickly. I did some work in the food room, putting away the shopping from Maceys. Did a little work in the pantry (at Gray's request). Callahan had a birthday party to go to at 1:30. I had planned on taking him, but then Gray was taking the kids to Wendys, so I just had him drop him off. I ran to Sam's getting milk and such. I made roll dough, and got cinnamon rolls rising. We also made chocolate ice cream. Callahan didn't get home until 10:30.

0810 (Friday) Cloudy day ... I like a little sun on my shoulders as I mow. I put it off, and a huge rainstorm hit, for about three minutes anyway. It cleared up and I did get the lawn mowed (although I didn't get much sun). Gray got home early, but he was tired and we didn't have particular plans and didn't end up going out. He did mention going out for a treat, but I had only eaten crappy today ... so we ate popcorn in bed instead.

0809 (Thursday) I dropped Callahan off at the gym, then stopped at Maceys, loading up on some food storage (sugar, flour, soups, syrup, oil). Happy to have Landon at home to help lug it all downstairs. We pulled out the old wheat and threw it out (garbage day today) to make some space. We had a playdate planned with the DiFran family. I had Landon drive as we dropped the little boys off at their house. They played there for a couple hours, then the boys came here to play. I dropped Marc and Tony back off as I went to the gym to pick Callahan up. I took him and other boys to their basketball practice at the church, then back again at 6:15 for pickup, chatting with Ben's mom for a bit (I had forgotten my book). Gray and the boys had their fireside in the evening.

0808 (Wednesday) It was registration day at the high school. We'd already done most of it online, but we needed to go in to finalize it and get picture taken for yearbook and ID. Mason came over early again, and Landon and I dropped the boys off at the gym before heading to Herriman. I had considered putting the little boys in swimming lessons next week (today would have been the sign up) but when I mentioned it to them they both started crying about it. I decided I didn't want to fight them all next week. Colton has had a real dislike of water this summer. Not sure what is up. He's not afraid, he just prefers not to get wet. He still has a few times, but he's turned it down many times too. Landon also needs to read his summer reading assignment in these last few weeks. I made him do 30 minutes today ... which then turned into a long nap. I wonder who will take a nap tomorrow? We've had a boy napping every day this week so far. I went back to pick up the boys from GF at 4:20 and took them to Jared's church for basketball practice. I stopped at the library and Smiths on the way home. I hadn't been home long when Callahan called for pickup, as practice was ending early. The boys didn't have scouts in the evening as there is a fireside tomorrow.

0807 (Tuesday) We didn't really have anything planned for the day, so I called my mom to see if they were free, if we could come swimming. We haven't been over the entire summer! They said that would be fine, so we headed out. Grandpa took the boys (sans Colton who said he didn't want to swim) to the pool while I installed some apps on Mom's Ipad and gave her a crash course on them (Words, Kindle, Overdrive, Library), then we joined the boys at the pool. I thought Colton would change his mind about swimming, but he didn't. He was really well behaved though, just playing his gameboy. The boys lasted quite a while. We headed home ... they wanted lunch, and everyone wanted something different (Arbys, KFC, Wendys). There on 9th and 5400 there used to be all three of those, but the Wendy's had closed. We did drive through both of the others though. Arbys had their orange creme shakes, so the boys were ok without Frostys. Callahan fell asleep and took a long nap.

0806 (Monday) Mason came over early and I took Callahan and Co (we picked up Ben too) and went to Gene Fullmer. I asked about getting a month pass extended as they are refinishing the gym floor and the boys will miss out on a week of their pass. We did get an extension, but it will be after school starts, so they won't get as much use. I wish the refinishing was a week later! Back at home I got in cardio and a weight workout. I made chicken parm bake for dinner. Ben came home with Callahan and hung out for a while. Colton was still feeling off the whole day. I alternated Motrin and Tylenol. He fell asleep around 4:00 and was down for the night.

0805 (Sunday) Croissants before church ... I walked. As I left, I saw some movement. There was a SKUNK running across the lawn. I was able to snap a quick picture. Someone had mentioned seeing a skunk around a day or so ago ... hope it doesn't spray! It was testimony meeting. Crane's blessed their baby, then it was trek time! Landon started it off, Callahan got up also to talk about camp. The meeting went over by 30 minutes! Colton had a bad headache come on during primary, so Gray took him home. The rest of us walked home after church was done. We did the usual Sunday Circles. Gray and I had our usual nap, although some fighting between kidlets got me up early. Homemade oreos and ice cream. Yum.

0804 (Saturday) At 1:00 in the morning the phone rang ... it was Grayson, he and Callahan were at the door and needed me to unlock it. They had decided to come home in time for Callahan's 10:00 basketball game, and rather than risking traffic and such with an early morning exit, they decided to leave last night. I had a little trouble getting back to sleep after talking to Callahan about his week ... not so much for Grayson, he was sound asleep when I returned to bed. So we were off to basketball in the morning. We picked up Steven and Conner and headed to Taylorsville for Callahan's game. Jared wasn't there, and we needed him, as it was a good team (Crosby, a former teammate of Callahan's Utes Superleague was on the other team). We lost, which was a bummer, because I was recording it and already had the soundtrack "Undefeated" picked out ... a loss messed that up! It's also just a bummer to end on a loss, but oh well. Onto to Keaton's game ... the other team was so small, young and inexperienced, it was a little hard to watch. I got in five miles while we were there. We dropped off Conner and Steven, and Keaton stayed to play. Callahan tended the little boys while Gray and I went to the church to pick up Landon returning from trek. After we'd been home a while, both L&C said they were craving pizza, so we headed out to Mountain Mikes, stopping to pick up Keaton on the way. The boys got shaved ice afterward. Nice to have everyone home again!

0803 (Friday) Yesterday Maga had called about having the little boys sleep over. We made arrangements, and I was happy that it would work out for them to get home in time for the birthday party they had both been invited to ... then, I realized the party was TODAY, not tomorrow. Cooper was just crushed when I told him he couldn't do both ... although it ended up that he could. Maga made a trip back to pick up Colton and Cooper after the party was done in the afternoon (she had come out and picked up Addie and Will earlier, the original plan). The boys enjoyed the party, and then happily went off with Maga ... and Keaton and I were home alone. I asked him if he wanted to do something (movie, dinner) as everyone else was off on an adventure, but he was content to stay home with some chicken noodle soup and brownies.

0802 (Thursday) Grayson was off this morning. Now it's just me and the three little ones home. We had a playdate with the DiFran Family ... I dropped the boys off there. Back at home, I was ALONE ... it's been a  while. Had to get a little sun. Did get in cardio and weights. When it was time for Keaton's practice, I didn't have anyone to watch the little boys, so I told them they had to come with. We dropped Keaton off, then hit Reams to stock up on Gogurt (which the little boys have been going through like crazy this summer!). I got some, but they were out of the boys favorite flavors. We still had a bit of time to kill before Keaton was done, so we played at the park behind the rec center for a bit. On the way home, we stopped at KFC. home and to bed ...

0801 (Wednesday) Up early again to get Landon off. There are a ton of adults from our ward going. Hope it's a good experience for Landon. The replacement part for the Kitchenetics came today and of course I had to try it out (I made snickerdoodles). Spending some time lately trying to organize my e-books ... using the GoodReads service. Makes me want to read more!  Gray came home and prepped his camp stuff to join Callahan tomorrow up at Bear Lake.

0731 (Tuesday) Slept in a little today. Slow start, but did get in 100min of elliptical today, it's been a while since I've done that. I mowed the front lawn too. Ran to Smiths for their cereal/milk sale (ends today) and am totally stocked on milk for a while, especially with Gray and the older boys gone these next few days. Tried to do better eating, but I've been craving rice krispie treats, and I made (and ate) those today. Made strog for dinner. The evening was spent prepping Landon to get off to trek tomorrow.

0730 (Monday) Had to set the alarm, as Callahan needed to be dropped off at 7:00 to leave on his week long scout trip to Bear Lake. Actually, he was up, and Landon was too (usually we've all been sleeping in). I got him dropped off and back home to get started on the day. Got a little sidetracked with e-books ... looking them up and such. Cooper had a dentist appointment at 1:00, and after we stopped at Smiths. Dinner, brownies, also baked some eggs. Some laundry and cleaning. A decent day.

0729 (Sunday) Mmmmm, croissants. I had a little final prep for singing time, so I was a little late getting off. I walked over to church. It was the "farewell" of Jake McBride and Robert Hansen, so it was pretty packed. Singing time went fine. I brought in some instruments for the nursery. Sunday circles after church. The bacon went so quick that I made a second batch (but forgot to empty the grease, so big mess there). I made some dough for cheesy breadsticks and my mixer BROKE! I got this 20 years ago, it is the middle stick. I looked it up online and I think I can order a replacement. The dough was done enough that I was able to finish making it. I also made some chocolate ice cream and homemade oreos.

0728 (Saturday) Gray took my car (then his truck) in to get washed. It's so slick after they clean the interior! He brought home donuts too ... and I did partake. We left for Keaton's 11:00 game (at Taylorsville), they won (the other team was almost all girls). Callahan's game was at 1:00, there wasn't enough time to go home between, so we just went straight and got there very early (at least it was an exciting game to watch, as had the one before Keaton's game). Our game wasn't very close though, easy win for our boys. I got in about six miles jogging during the time before and the game itself (about 90minutes). The boys and I stopped by Sam's Club on the way home. When we got there, Gray had left, going to Mesquite with a work buddy, and wasn't home until late. I made another run out (to Smiths this time) for some items I didn't pick up at Sam's. I actually took 40th, which I've been avoiding because of the construction and one-way signal. It wasn't too bad though.  Finished up a book I was reading, I've been enjoying getting into books again ... I've gone digital! Prepped a little for singing time tomorrow, as I'm subbing for chorister.

0727 (Friday) Haven't been tracking calories and it shows. Sigh. Mowed the front lawn, avoiding the new sod. I didn't bother with the back, as no one really sees it and it has new sod too. Got in some cardio, but 60 minutes has been the norm of late. Met up with the DiFran Fam at JUMP later in the day. Cooper reopened up a sore on his knee (which he had got riding his scooter the other day) and it was bleeding all down his leg. We just had a quiet evening at home.

0726 (Thursday) Got in my weight workout in addition to cardio today. Always a push, but I'm glad that I got it done. Took Callahan in for a physical (required for upcoming scout camp). I dropped him off at Gene Fullmer after, and he stayed until practice. I returned a DVD to the library and dropped off a prescription and stopped at Smiths for some groceries and some more bark. Dropped Keaton off at Gene Fullmer at 6:00, then back to pick the boys up at 8:00.

0725 (Wednesday) I didn't sleep well last night. I thought I heard the garage door going up, but when I checked everything was fine. I finally figured out it was the air compressor kicking on. Gray had left for work early, I got up and unplugged it and went back to sleep and slept in until 8:30. Callahan and Co went to Gene Fullmer (one of the other parents drove today). Landon and I went out running errands, stopping at Smiths where I had seen bark on sale. We stopped at Blockbuster, then DI, finding Landon some clothes for trek coming up next week. I did some work in the yard, moving mulch around and putting the bark down in back (I still need more). I was filthy ... had to take an early shower.

0724 (Tuesday) Gray and Landon had flag duty in the morning. I made french toast for breakfast. We were out of bread, so I sent Landon to Maverick (in the CAR) to grab a loaf. That was a long 15 minutes waiting for him to get back. Gray took the little boys and Callahan to a movie (Landon and Keaton didn't want to go). Later Gray and the little boys went and fed the ducks at the canal. We made homemade ice cream (both chocolate and vanilla) and I made gingersnaps. We shot off a few fireworks.

0723 (Monday) Gray took the day off. We had talked about maybe hitting Pineview, but it was still stormy and Landon had just been on the water and sunburned. So it was a work day instead. I dropped Callahan and Co at Gene Fullmer for the day. Gray started working in the backyard, renting a sod cutter to pull back the lawn and fill in the areas where it was sloping badly. We pulled out some of the lawn in the front corner, where I want to plant a few flowers. Gray and I went out to Orson Gygi and then picked up some sod (as we were replacing the bad grass in the front yard, filling in the slope there too).

0722 (Sunday) 20 years ago Grayson and I got married! In some ways it seems forever ago, in other ways it seems like just yesterday. We had the usual croissants before church. I walked, and saw a mommy duck and several new babies ... a little late in the season for that I thought. Sunday Circles after church, then I put in a turkey to cook. Gray and I got in our Sunday nap ... I was out cold! Carved up the turkey, but everyone was still asleep, but I had made it pretty much for leftovers anyway. I made the dough for cheesy breadsticks and made those a little later in the evening. Then it was time for homemade ice cream (I used a vanilla bean Grayson had bought a long time ago for fun flavor) and then homemade oreos! Gray shot some arrows with the boys in back ... looks like a storm is rolling in. Cooper had a bit of a rough evening as thunder and lighting started up. I hung a big blanket over the window in his room to try and block out the light and muffle the sound. I also gave him a "chill pill" (Valium) and some love and he fell asleep and made it through the night.

0721 (Saturday) Callahan had a 9:00 game at Gene Fullmer. We recognized a couple of the kids from the team we had played for the championship in the Junior Jazz tournament. We had beaten them both times we played them then, but they were tough games. This one wasn't, it was an easy win. I got in five miles on the track. Gray took Cooper and Colton out and bought them bikes (as the ones we had were broken down). Cooper actually doesn't know how to ride yet, but it's past time he learned. He expressed an interest a few weeks ago and we didn't have a bike to work with him on. I had made arrangements for Callahan to catch a ride to his superleage game, as Gray and I were heading downtown to see "Wicked". I had not been sure what to do with the little boys ... I'd made some tentative arrangements with a neighbor to watch them, but both Landon and Keaton ended up getting home before we left. Keaton actually could have gone to his game, but I think we were all already in the "missed it" mode, and he was tired, so he just stayed home. The show was really good, a lot of humor, I want to see it again to catch everything (again, I need subtitles!), we went out to eat at Ruth's Chris after ... very full! It was a good anniversary date (the actual day is tomorrow). Unfortunately Callahan's team lost, so that ended the season (it would have just been one more week anyway). Good to have everyone home!

0720 (Friday) Another early morning to get Keaton off to camp again. This time he had a bunch of stuff to take to sleep over. We didn't really have much on deck today. Marc came over and played with Colton and Cooper for a while. Gray got home from work early, so we hit "Dark Knight Rises" which had just opened. It was good, but it's hard to catch all the words. We find ourselves wishing for subtitles. Ate TOO much popcorn and treats!

0719 (Thursday) Up early to get Keaton off to camp. Just for the day today, then tomorrow they will stay overnight until Saturday. Callahan had an ortho appointment at 11:00. Without having Landon or Keaton around to watch the little boys, I just dropped Callahan off and picked him up when it was done, coming back home in-between. Around 1:30, I dropped Callahan off at Gene Fullmer for basketball, he stayed until practice (I picked him up at 8:00). Jacob was over, so he watched the little boys while I did that. Keaton got home around 3:00. He had practice in the evening, but it was also back to school night, and we decided to hit it. It was just simple, like last year. Cooper's teacher was Keaton's teacher in 3rd grade, but the other two we haven't had as a family before.

0718 (Wednesday) A fairly quiet morning at home. The boys got out an old "NBA-opoly" game and played it. I dropped Callahan, Keaton, Steven, Conner and Porter at Gene Fulllmer around 1:30. We'd made plans to meet up with the DiFran Fam at Jump in the afternoon. The car situation was a bit tricky as I needed to take the kids from the rec center to basketball practice, so I dropped Cooper and Colton off at Kiana's on the way, to catch a ride with them. I dropped off Callahan (Steven, Porter and Ben) at practice then went straight to Jump with Keaton and Conner and they played for a couple hours until it was time to pick up at 6:15. As we returned home, we passed Landon heading out to scout camp (we had said our goodbyes before we left) ... he'll be home Saturday. The kitchen was actually cleaner than when I left! Thank you Landon! Gray and the older boys had scouts.

0717 (Tuesday) The rec center is having a basketball camp in the mornings, so Callahan and Co. can't go play until after 1:00. I had considered putting Cooper into the camp, but it didn't seem quite worth it to me. It was the float preview party at the South Towne Expo. I like seeing the floats in air conditioned comfort, and it's free. We've gone for the past couple years. Kiana, Marc and Mara were going (Chance and the WJ Band were performing there) so I took the little boys and met them there. The little boys all brought their Nintendo and tried walking and playing and looking at the same time. We stopped at Wendy's on the way home for some chicken, fries and frosties. When I got home, I turned around and took Callahan to Gene Fullmer, then picked him up at 4:15 to get him to 4:30 practice ... and pickup from there at 6:15 ... at least this is instead of, not in addition to, school carpools!

0716 (Monday) Dropped Callahan&Co (some different friends today, Brandon and Sam) at Gene Fullmer for a day of basketball. After dropping him off I hit Blockbuster, the Dollar Store, DI and SamsClub. Got in cardio and mowed the front lawn. I meant to do weights but that didn't happen. Good thing I got the lawn mowed in the morning, because clouds rolled in and there was a huge downpour. Cooper was a little concerned, but then could hear the other boys laughing (they were running out in the rain and getting drenched) and he actually joined them. Got some cleaning in too. Callahan called for me to pick him up around 5:00. He had connected with Porter's head and had a HUGE fat lip (Porter's head was ok). I made cheesy breadsticks in the evening. Gray came home and took Cooper out as an apology for last night ... they came home with a new NintendoDS3D ... I had thought of buying him something to replace the toys given away, but this was even bigger than I had thought. Cooper was pretty happy with it. Online registration for Callahan's school ...

0715 (Sunday) Gray had to go into work again. The boys and I hit church, then did Sunday Circles for brunch. Daddy did make it back in time, but had forgotten something, so had to make another trip up North. I suggested he take Landon and get some driving practice in as well, so that it didn't feel like such a wasted trip. Hopefully, Landon will be making that trip next summer, if Gray can put him to work. Landon had contacted Olivia saying he really needed a haircut, and she was willing to come out. All five boys needed it. She brought Aiden with her to give Ana a break. He ended up taking a couple of Cooper's pokemon toys home (with Grayson's blessing) and Cooper was quite crushed. I feel like a bad mom because I had told Cooper that would not happen. Sad :(

0714 (Saturday) Gray was off early to work, yes, on a Saturday. They are doing a remodel and need to finish it up. Callahan had the first game at 10:00. It was at Taylorsville, and it was a bit more of a challenge than we would have thought. They got the win though. Keaton's game was at 12:00 at GF, against Brian's team (although Brian and his son weren't there). They lost, but Keaton did manage to keep it together as far as the game itself, although he was crying on the bench a couple times (the first time he couldn't breathe, my little hypochondriac says "I think I have asthma" ... no Keaton, you don't, you're fine) ... another time he got bonked in the eye and took a fall. Callahan's SL game was at 4:00. It was a close one, they lost by two. Callahan made an amazing steal and buzzer beater from half court at the third quarter though. Darren Schmitt, who went to Cottonwood (a couple years older than me, friends with Chris and Wendy) was there as he had a boy on the other team. In between games, I had run Cooper to Blockbuster, hoping to rent a Pokemon game, but of course it wasn't in. We stopped at GameStop and ended up buying one.  In the evening, Gray and I went out to see Spiderman. It's SO nice to have it be a bit cooler these last couple days!

0713 (Friday) Friday the 13th ... took the kids to JUMP. We went around 2:00 and it was PACKED. There was no place for me to sit, even the upstairs was full. I asked it I could sit in one of the empty party rooms and the overwhelmed girl at the counter said that would be fine. So it was actually nicer for me, quiet and a bit of air conditioning. The boys usually complain if it is crowded, but they didn't seem to mind. There were a bunch of little kids chasing the big kids (Landon had come with us too) and the big kids were good sports about it. When we were leaving around 4:00, everyone else had too, it had totally cleared out (4:00 is when we have come in the past and it's been quite empty, I guess that is a good time to go).  Gray and I had some popcorn and watched the Season4 finale of Breaking Bad. 

0712 (Thursday) Went to the doctor to get the stitches out and also got the report back, no abnormal cells, so that is good. I stopped by Maceys on the way home, they had bacon on for $1.50 (just the 12oz but still a better price than what's been offered lately). There was a little sun, but rain and clouds forecast for the next few days, so I hurried and got the lawn mowed today. Still got in cardio and weights too. Callahan spent the day at Gene Fullmer, and the boys had practice in the evening.

0711 (Wednesday) Randon and Manti came over for a playdate in the morning. At noon, I dropped Callahan and Co. at Gene Fullmer. I actually had Landon drive to get some practice in. He seemed a bit more willing when I told him about the possibility of Gray getting a new truck for work, which would open up the avalanche for his use.  Back to pick them up at 4:15, taking a carload directly to practice at the church. Pickup at 6:30. Being 7-11, 7-Eleven was having a special promotion giving away small (7.11 oz) slurpees. I packed up the little boys and we stopped after picking up Callahan ... of course they were out of the special cups, so our "free" slurpees actually cost $5. The boys had scouts in the evening (delayed dodgeball, as they didn't have scouts on July4th last week).

0710 (Tuesday) Another day of cub camp for Cooper. I walked him to the church in the morning to get him off. Callahan was going bowling with friends, I dropped him off around 11:00. They went back to Brandon's house after, and I picked him up there and took him to his basketball practice at 4:30. I left a little early and stopped by the library to return some books/DVDs and pick up some holds. Back to pick him up at 6:00. I had several  bananas past their prime, so I made banana bread and muffins ... they add up quickly on the calorie count. As I track my food, and am still SO high when I am consciously controlling myself somewhat, I realize how much I can really eat :(  But counting is depressing.

0709 (Monday) Up early to get Cooper off to Cub Camp. A year ago, this wouldn't have been an option. I was still a bit anxious sending him off, but he seemed excited and fine with it. I then dropped Callahan and Co at Gene Fullmer for a day of basketball, then headed to the dentist with the remaining three boys. No cavities! Yea. I did a run to Walmart, it was very busy! Cooper got home a little before 3:00 ... dirty face! He took a shower and did seem tired after his day, but said it was fun. Callahan called for pickup around 5:00. I did a quick stop at Blockbuster as it wasn't too out of the way and we needed to return/exchange some DVDs. Chicken enchiladas for dinner, too bad Grayson is the only one who likes them. Colton was invited over to Randon's house and ended up staying for dinner and FHE.

0708 (Sunday) Courtney and Clay were blessing baby Sam today, so I made arrangements to cover the piano in primary and we headed out. I felt bad I hadn't brought anything for the brunch after, I actually enjoy making desserts and such and it's a good excuse to bake without having all the results around to temp me. I was a bit frustrated with myself for having such a brain fart and not contributing. We headed home and got in a small Sunday nap. Homemade oreos while the boys watched a Lego show on Tivo.

0707 (Saturday) Callahan had a 9:00 game at Gene Fullmer, I jogged the track during it. Brian's team was demolishing Smedley's team (I pointed out to Keaton that no one was crying). Back home for just a bit, then off to Taylorsville for Keaton's game at 12:00. There was a Lamborghini in the parking lot, quite unusual for that area!  Callahan's game started at 1:00 at Dimple Dell, so after watching the first quarter, I took off with Callahan, Steven and Brenden. Steven's dad stayed and coached and then brought Keaton with Conner to meet us after (Keaton apparently cinched the game with a three-point shot with just a minute left, wish I could have seen it). Callahan's team won, one more game next week, but it should be a tough one, but that will place us 2nd or 3rd for the tournament. Gray had gone to work in the morning but did beat us home. The AC had gotten turned off last night (problems with it freezing up) and no one had turned it back on, so the house was 80 ° - HOT. I suggested Gray and I go out to lunch for our weekly date, so we hit Red Robin. He had been given some tickets to the Real soccer game, so he took, Callahan, Cooper and Colton.

0706 (Friday) Did a little work in the yard, had Landon do some work in the back and even put Callahan and Keaton pulling weeds before I mowed the lawn. Then we went to JUMP, I took the Blackham Bunch plus the neighbors and the DF Family met us there. It was very warm in there today!

0705 (Thursday) Grayson slept in after his late night out, but he would have had to stay home for a bit anyway, as we needed to get the burb into the shop. We dropped it off first thing in the morning ... I do hate being stranded at home. Luckily I didn't really have anything I needed to do today (other than basketball practice in the evening). Callahan was a bit stir crazy, and luckily a friend was able to pick him up and he spent the day at Gene Fullmer. I did get in cardio and weights. Gray got home around 5:30 and we picked up the car. I grabbed some Little Ceasers and got home just in time to get Keaton to practice. Glad to have the car back though!

0704 (Wednesday) Independence day ... Gray was out early to help put up flags. We didn't really have any plans for the day. Gray ended up taking the four younger boys up to Maga's for some swimming. Due to our recent "procedures" neither Landon nor I could swim, so we opted to stay home, which ended up being necessary as Grayson took the truck. They had packed up the 'burb, but the brakes were grinding and it sounded awful (I had heard it quite a bit running errands yesterday) that he didn't dare take it. So Landon and I had a quite day at home. I got a bit done (laundry, mopped the kitchen, fixed the front-room tv, as the sound but not picture had been working on the tv setting). They got back around 5:00. I unearthed some fireworks I had purchased last year (some pop-its, pulls, smoke bombs, sparklers) and the kids started doing the daytime ones. Cooper convinced Daddy to go get some "big" ones (and some parachutes and tanks, other favorites). He ended up bringing home some of the new legal aerials too. But he didn't get to stick around to see them ... Olivia had gone hiking by herself this morning. Pam and Gray were concerned right off, and as early as 9:00 in the morning Gray had put in a call to a contact with search&rescue to let me know if there were any reports of a female in trouble on the mountain. Well, he got the call around 7:00 and headed up (Oliva had actually been able to call out saying she was lost). Another hiker helped her find the trail and gave her a light (as darkness was falling) and Grayson started hiking up to try and meet her but never connected, hikers that had seen her while they were going up, had not seen her as they were coming down. She did finally show at the bottom, must have been off the main trail. Gray was still a ways up the mountain when he got the call she was ok. He got home around 2:00 ...

0703 (Tuesday) Callahan made plans with friends to go to Gene Fullmer for a day of basketball. We went ahead and got him a month pass. Keaton and Conner went too, they did some swimming as well, then went back to Conner's house to hang out. I picked up the older boys around 4:00, stopped home for a quick feeding, then dropped them at practice at 5:00 (and picked up Keaton). Another BIG fire, this time up in Alpine. The skies are filled with smoke. Chicken pillows for dinner.

0702 (Monday) Gray took the day off and we had a "Family Fun Day" up at Snowbird. We started out going to breakfast at Virg's then headed up the mountain. We made a quick stop in to grab some cups with a coupon on them at a local gas station, but it was still about as expensive as Lagoon. There was the "Mountain Runner", Alpine Slide, rock climbing, bouncy houses, mechanical bull, tramps with bungee cords, a ropes course, and we took the tram to the top. We should have brought multiple cell phones to reconnect after splitting up. It was fun, although it was still hot and there were still lines (frustrating when you couldn't tell how long the wait was until you got to the TOP of the Alpine Slide). Landon gave out a bit earlier than the others, and all the boys (except Keaton) fell asleep on the way home.

0701 (Sunday) Croissants for breakfast ... Grayson had made a special trip to "The Store" to get us some more as we were out. At church, I noticed Colton's pants were too short and had a big hole in the knee and stains on the shirt ... how did he get out of the house like that? It was so bad I ran him home and made him change. He's picky though, he only wants a shirt the same color as the pants, no stripes, as his was dirty he pulled one of Cooper's (too big). Back at church, Cooper was complaining that his feet hurt, I looked at his shoes and they were 13½ ... he's been wearing a 3 or 4. Seriously, I thought my little boys could dress themselves! After church I made waffles and put a turkey in to cook for dinner and prepped some "pus" for homemade ice cream. Laid down for my nap but didn't really sleep this week.

0630 (Saturday) Early morning, as Callahan had an 8:00 game. They won but it was actually a challenge! Keaton did come to watch, I wasn't sure if he would with it being so early. We had a couple hours until Keaton's game at 11:00. They lost again, and again there were tears :(  We stopped at Sam's on the way home for some milk and icees. Callahan's superleague game was at 3:00. Keaton actually did sit this one out. Our boys won. It was the neighborhood carnival over at the park. It had started at 4:00, so Callahan and I were a little late. Gray was in charge of one of the activities, a large slip and slide. As they didn't have a slope to have gravity help move the kids along, they had a bungee cord and the older boys would pull the younger kids along. There was a dunk tank too, and face painting and other activities for the little ones. Food of course, and a pie eating contest ... I still remember that from last year (NOT a good memory). No blood there, but Travis sliced his knee open on the slide. Everyone was pretty exhausted, the little boys were filthy (so they got a bath). June ends ...

0629 (Friday) I had a doctor appointment in the morning, mole removal of one on my tummy that had three of the four warning signs (asymmetrical, uneven edges, multicolored, and it was almost there size-wise too). They "punched" the one, and then "shaved" one on my side (that didn't really worry the doctor, but it would bug me and I asked if it could be removed). I stopped at Macey's on the way home for some groceries.  Last day of school ... only Cooper went. Kindergarten had actually ended yesterday and Keaton just said he didn't want to go again. It was just a half day. Now ... it's "officially" summer ... we've gone to JUMP the last couple Fridays, and I told the kids we could go again. Gunderson's couldn't join us today, so we ended up bringing Bailey, Jacob and Travis and they got a month pass so we can go more in the next weeks. Landon even came, and filled out an application as they said they were looking for someone for mornings.  In the evening, the kids were playing "handball" ... it was fun to see them so active ... although Landon's toe got stepped on. The neighbor's were having a party and one of their cars was letting off so much exhaust that the kids couldn't stay outside anymore ... There was another fire out in Herriman ...

0628 (Thursday) Field Day at school ... it's usually one of the favorite days, but Keaton didn't even want to go. I figured it wouldn't hurt to let him stay home, although I'm sure he would have had some fun if he went. They sure are limited on space this year, as the new grass is still fenced off (that's half the lawn area). Colton ended up staying home too, but Cooper went and said it was fun. Keaton and Callahan had basketball practice in the evening.

0627 (Wednesday) Colton didn't go to school again today ... and it was even "bubble day" and a teddy bear picnic. It was also the Honor Roll assembly, and although I really don't enjoy going and sitting through the calling of names for two hours, I went. Colton got the award, although he wasn't there to receive it (I got it from the teacher). Cooper and Keaton also received it. It was a long two hours though, more parents in the audience (maybe more kids getting it?) and parking was also full. I had to park way down the street. I stopped at Walmart on the way home and picked up some mulch for the back flowerbed. I had worked for a while yesterday clearing the weeds, and today I laid down newspaper and covered it with the mulch. It is plain, but looks much better. My last carpool pickup for this year ... yea!  Callahan had basketball practice again, but he had still been feeling off all day and didn't go. It's strange to see him stationary. He didn't go to scouts either, but Gray, Landon and Keaton did.

0626 (Tuesday) Colton seemed ok, so he went ahead and went to school ... he hadn't been there very long when I got a call from the school that he was crying and not feeling well. I went to pick him up, there was an assembly going on, so I checked in with Cooper's teacher saying I wouldn't make it back again at 11:00 and also made arrangements for kindergarten carpool. Landon took off his bandages later in the day, and his toes don't look bad ... nothing like what I remember MINE looking like. I guess maybe they have made improvements over the years. I picked up carpool after school, and then dropped Callahan off at the park for basketball practice. I stopped by the library on the way home. When I went back to pick up Callahan he said he wasn't feeling well, overexerted at practice in the hot sun. I had placed an order at Dominos for dinner, but he wasn't very hungry and just laid around for the rest of the night.

0625 (Monday) Colton had a bit of a rough night, waking up crying a few times. In the morning he seemed ok, and he went ahead and went to school (on medication). I dropped Callahan and Mason off at Gene Fullmer, then went with Landon to the podiatrist. It was actually originally a followup appointment for Callahan, but as his feet are looking better and each visit is over $100 out of pocket I switched it to Landon to see about his ingrown toenails. I can sympathize, as I had them growing up and had the surgery when I was about Landon's age. I wasn't really planning on them doing the surgery today, but he said he could, so we went ahead and did it. He should be healed up fine for trek and scout camp, but he shouldn't go swimming in the next two-three weeks, and that will put a bit of a crimp in the start of summer. I dropped him home and called for an appointment for Colton. I figured this really wasn't something they could do anything about, but though maybe we should rule out strep or hand/foot/mouth for sure. It wasn't ... another $100 in medical. Home again ... and I got a call from the school that Cooper wasn't feeling well. They had gone on a field trip in the morning and at the end played at the West Jordan Park. It's just SO dang hot, I think it might have been a bit of heat stroke again (like Keaton a couple weeks ago). Another trip to the school to get him, then back to pick up carpool when school got out. Callahan stayed at Gene Fullmer ALL day, I finally picked him up around 7:00 (he was there almost 9 hours). We stopped at Reams for some milk and groceries.

0624 (Sunday) Colton still wasn't doing great, so I stayed home from church with him. The fever seems to be fading, but his throat is sore. It doesn't really look like strep, it looks like he has several canker sores on his tonsils and throat. I know I've had that (just ONE sore) and it hurt a lot! Poor kiddo. We did the usual Sunday Circles and bacon after church. Callahan made pancakes ... he made them for the first time last Sunday on Father's Day, and he's made them several times since then! For breakfast, lunch or dinner :)  Maga had invited us out, I was planning on staying home with Colton, but Colton wanted to go SO badly and kept saying "I feel better, I think I'm better" that we decided to go ahead and take him (he was looking and acting better). Kolby and Jami are in town. Clay brought Addie and Will up, Courtney stayed home with the baby. We had a nice evening, I could tell Colton was wearing down though. Home again.

0623 (Saturday) Last night Colton wasn't feeling very good, he had a headache and felt a little warm. I gave him some Motrin and he did fine during the night, but I could tell he was still not feeling well in the morning. I gave him some medicine again and told Landon to have him take it easy. C&K and I headed out to basketball. First up was Callahan's game at GF. It was against Brian's team (they have beaten us the last two seasons) ... they were missing Rowland, but we also don't have Luis and Stockton, so I still thought it should be a good matchup. It was, and our boys were able to win it this time. Keaton's game was at 11:00. C&K just stayed but I ran home quick to check on Colton, then back again. I jogged during both games but had to come take a break to talk to Keaton. They were getting beaten quite badly and Keaton was having an emotional meltdown. His team has been winning too much, he can't handle loosing. He got mad as I approached saying "Mom, don't embarrass me!"  ... it was embarrassing alright! At this point I almost hope the lose all the remaining games, as he needs to learn to deal. He had a meltdown during the final game of Junior Jazz ... that was the last time they lost. They had some crushing defeats in Summer and Fall last year, and I remember he handled those fine, so it was very frustrating and just made it awkward for everyone. It would have been better to cry in front of strangers, but this was a former team/coach/friends ... very disappointing. I thought we were over this :(  ... reminiscent of the 3rd grade season with tears almost every game. He DID finally recover and did manage to play again, so at least there's that. Can't he see that IT DOESN'T MATTER? Five minutes after the game is over, WHO CARES? But I really think his crying will stick in the memories of a lot of people for a long time. The next game was at Dimple Dell at 1:00, so we just went straight there. C&K hitched a ride with Steven and Conner (and Jared too) ... I was all alone for my drive there (I should have kept Keaton with me and talked with him more, I'll have to do that before next Saturday). We were there early ... I jogged the track again while I waited for our game to start. This was probably the easiest game we'll have this season. Gray got home from scout camp. Good to have him back. Colton's temp jumped to 102° and I'm not sure if I should run him in to an instacare for a strep test, hate that the out of pocket medical is so much! The place I've usually taken the kids isn't on this new insurance either. I gave him more Motrin and it made a world of difference, he was even up playing a bit. I ran to the store to stock up on milk and such. Gray and I watched a DVD "Safe House" and ate popcorn.

0622 (Friday) Last day of the basketball clinic for Callahan. We left a little early to pick up Jared on the way. My flowerbeds actually look nice (in the front). Got in some cardio and cleaning. We met up with the Gunderson Gang at JUMP in the afternoon, then Cole and Jaiden came home to play with Colton and Cooper for a bit. There's a big fire up my Eagle Mountain, lots of homes being evacuated and smoky skies all over. The boys are getting back into Avatar ... that's what started the whole Netflix thing a couple years ago!

0621 (Thursday) Got the kids off to school, and Callahan off to basketball. Ran to Lowes to pick up some mulch for the front flowerbed ... after putting down newspaper to prevent weeds (a Pinterest tip). I underestimated the amount of mulch needed though, only getting one bag, so I had to go back ... but I ended up picking up a couple more flowers as well. On a random note, I discovered the show "The Family Dog" which was a cult classic when I was in high school is actually on Netflix! It was an "Amazing Stories" ... it was fun to watch it again and remember all the lines we would quote. Picked up Callahan, and was also on Columbia Carpool duty today too. Colton had gone with Randon to play at his grandma's house, and we saw them coming home at the same time. Callahan had his friend Ben over, and at 6:00, I dropped the boys at GF for basketball practice. I then went on to DI (found several birdhouses for my flower garden, and a small cradle to use as a planter), Smiths and Blockbuster. Home to unload, then back to pick up the boys. NBA game on in the evening, and the Heat won, finishing up the season for this year.

0620 (Wednesday) Gray was home in the morning for final prep for scout camp. Our doorknob has been sticking and it fell off completely today! I told Grayson I couldn't deal with not being able to open the front door for days, so even though he had a ton to do, he ran to the store and picked up a new handle (and a deadbolt for the back, which has been out for ages). Landon was able to put them in. It doesn't match up exactly, so we'll have to paint the front door at some point, but it could use that anyway. I dropped Callahan off at basketball clinic and then stopped at the store for some flowers ... I'm finally getting into getting my flowerbeds pretty. The scouts started to gather and they are off until Saturday. I wish Landon was going too, as he has nothing going on here. After kindergarten, Randon came over for a playdate ... and right before pickup the neighbors (FOUR kids) came over too, so it was rather crazy. Then it was time for Columbia Carpool. I'd made some cheesy breadsticks (still trying out pinterest recipes) and then Callahan left for his scouts (swimming). Keaton was complaining of neck pain after school, so bad he was crying and really not himself. Some ibuprofen and rest and he was finally better, but he slept through his scouts. Landon went to his, a little unwillingly, but he went. Courtney had her baby today!

0619 (Tuesday) Shortly before 11:00, Callahan and I got in the car so I could drop him at the high school for basketball camp (they changed the time from12:00-2:00 to 11:00 to 1:00, which actually was good for today as I had my volunteer time at the school and kindergarten carpool) ... BUT, we had a FLAT tire. Completely flat. There had been a "check tire pressure" yesterday as we drove home, but I forgot about it. This wasn't a slow leak like last time. I had Landon fill it up (thank heavens for an air compressor in the garage) and we risked running Callahan to Copper Hills (20 minutes late), then I stopped back home for another top off and went to Discount Tire to have it fixed. I didn't make it to the school, so I sent off an email to the teacher and made arrangements for one of the other moms to pick up kindergarten carpool (Landon was home for Colton to be dropped off). The tire took a while, but I got back in time to pick Callahan up from basketball camp. We stopped at Walmart after to get him a white compression shirt (coach wants them to all wear white under the uniform) and I picked up a few flowers for the side bed. When I got home I noticed I had been charged for two I had decided against (over $10) so I ran back to get my credit. Bother! Landon was spending some time at the basketball court at the park. He had taken Colton and Colton ended up staying and playing with Randon, then going with them to their grandma's house. I picked up Columbia carpool, dropped Callahan at basketball practice, made arrangements for him to catch a ride home as I took Cooper to Pack Meeting (Grayson was busy packing for his scout camp which leaves tomorrow). NBA finals game on in the evening. On Sunday, the TV wasn't working (audio but no picture) and this morning I played around with the cords and such and was able to get it back up and running (otherwise the boys would be watching in OUR room).

0618 (Monday) Back to the routine. I think for the first time I wasn't ready for the weekend to be over. Usually I am quite happy to return to routine. Got the boys off to school, Colton is back to kindergarten this week after being off. Callahan started his basketball camp this week, just a couple hours each day, but he ended up going with friends to a local church to play for several more hours. When it was time to pick him up, I had Landon drive and he ended up getting a full hour of driving in (it was WAY out West and with construction and detours and then dropping off a friend after ...) We also stopped at Sam's Club, I had been going to go earlier after dropping Callahan but I had gone out without my purse. Restocked on milk and such. The boys attacked me with spitballs while I attempted to plant some flowers, then they played some Scrabble with the new set we gave Gray yesterday. On a sad note (for Landon anyway) ... he no longer has a girlfriend ... ah the days of dating and broken hearts :(

0617 (Sunday) Father's Day ... we just had our croissants before church. Colton doesn't like them and as it was time to leave I realized he hadn't eaten anything. I quickly made him a toast, but sent Gray and the boys on and then we walked. Gray and Landon were giving talks ... Callahan sat on the stand after the Sacrament, and then they had the primary sing (which brought up the remaining three boys) ... and I played the piano, so for a few moments there, the entire Blackham family was up on the stand. My boys did well. Cooper and I walked home from church. I made Sunday Circles and Callahan made pancakes (Gray prefers pancakes). Gray got in a little nap while I finished up some desserts to bring to the annual Westra Father's Day BBQ at Scott and Amy's. We headed out and it was nice ... it was HOT and the kids ended up running through the sprinklers (before the annual picture too). On the way home, I noticed a FB post from Clay and Courtney saying they had some home made ice cream for anyone in the area to stop by ... and we were in the area so we did stop by. We had hoped to catch Pammy, but she had already left. Home again, the week starts ...

0616 (Saturday) Grayson headed North for a little work. The boys had games at Gene Fullmer in the morning (10:00 and 11:00). I didn't feel like jogging for two hours, so I just did the first (Callahan's game) then pulled out the video recorder for Keaton's game. They both won. We brought Steven and Conner home with us to hang out until the Superleague game at 3:00. We were also going to take Stockton, I had said I'd pick him up, but he elected to come early and hang out a bit too. I figured I needed to feed the boys, so I made a batch of cheesy breadsticks. I wasn't sure if I should double, or triple it ... and I ended up double everything, but tripling the flour, so they didn't really turn out (although Gray said he liked them, said they tasted like bagel breadsticks). We went to the game, PumpN Run was playing before us and getting creamed ... that doesn't bode well. We started out behind in our game, but did manage to come back and get the win. We rushed home ... stopping to grab a raspberry almond tort from Market Street, and just had a moment at home before Gray and I headed out to the anniversary dinner. We did the slide show and Wendy presented the book shes been working on. Home again, and we watched a DVD, Chronicle, which was just ok.

0615 (Friday) Got in a bit of cardio and mowed the lawn. After the boys got home from school, I took Cooper to get his much needed haircut. Maddie had come over to hang out with Landon and we also had Randon and Manti over (plus some other kids). Then Gundersons called saying they were going to Jump, so I sent everyone home and took the boys there for a bit. It was Chris&Kim's wedding in the evening, so we didn't stay as long as we would have ... I left Callahan, who went home with Stockton's family after. I'd made arrangements to have Bradley's family handle the soccer game, I took them the balls and kids names and numbers and had Colton ready to catch a ride with them. Then Gray and I took off. It was a bit windy, and while they had planned on an outdoor ceremony, they decided to move it indoors. The relief society room was packed (I was thinking it was good we didn't have our boys too!). We hung out at the reception for a bit then headed home, stopping to pick up Callahan.

0614 (Thursday) Landon's learner's permit expired today, so while he could still drive, we went in and got it renewed. He had his test later in the day and actually did pass, so he can get his license any time. He hasn't done his 40 hours with us, and I need to call on insurance and such, and as we don't have a car for him to drive, I guess I'm not in a huge rush. Glad we're done with the "school" part though. Callahan and Keaton had basketball practice at GF in the evening.

0613 (Wednesday)  I got a little sun in the morning, then the fellows he had done the windows a couple weeks ago came by to finish those that hadn't gotten done. Landon had another roads session, again from 1:30-3:30. Today I told him to walk to Arctic Circle and meet us there for the 4:00 pickup, which he did. The boys had early scouts, going downtown to the church history museum. I worked on the slideshow for the upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. Gray was planning a BBQ for tomorrow, he had asked me if I would run to the store but I just am never sure about purchases, so he went himself after returning from scouts then prepped the stuff.

0612 (Tuesday) With kindergarten out of school, I didn't do my usual volunteering in Cooper's class today. Landon had a roads session with Driver's Ed at 1:30. After dropping him, I ran to the library to return and pick up some DVDs. I picked him up at 3:30, and we ran by Blockbuster to exchange a DVD, then picked up the elementary kids at Arctic Circle. We were there a little early and I got a shake for Landon and some tots and chicken rings. Cooper had scouts right after school, I walked him to the park where they were playing badminton. I went there myself at 6:00 for soccer practice. I had dropped Callahan off at Skye Park at 5:00 and had to pick him up again at 6:45, so I wasn't planning on going too late with practice, but then we had a couple people show up around 6:30, so I hesitated to finish after they'd only been there for 5 minutes. I left Corbin in charge and ran to get Callahan, and back to the park around 7:00 to wrap up. I'd had Landon make chocolate chip cookies today to bring as a treat, then I forgot them at home.

0611 (Monday) Weight is up ... I need to get the eating under control. Did count calories today, but it does just make me miserable :(  Landon is trying to track his, and wear a pedometer. He has yet to beat me on steps. I got in quite a bit of cardio today. Colton and I went to the school for his appointment, and then back for carpool. The big boys didn't do much at all during the day ... a little airsoft in the evening. They complain that we don't have guns, but Gray and I really don't like the airsoft gun wars. I made some cheesy breadsticks again and ran to Smiths for some groceries. I was pooped at the end of the day ... probably because I didn't have my usual sugar intake (which is NOT to say I didn't have any today, just not the usual).

0610 (Sunday) Yesterday Cooper woke up crying and threw up a couple times, but luckily that was the end of things. He was ok to play later in the day and go up to Maga's. This morning, Keaton woke up crying with a headache (he had also been dealing with it last night). We let him stay home from church. I had brunch waiting when the boys got home, unfortunately Landon and Callahan were late (BYC and Fast Offerings). Nap time, then dinner prep. I was out of my nice thin chicken, and the regular chicken wasn't as good. Need to restock. Made brownies for dessert and played a game of Scrabble ... and I won (which is cRazy because I'm so bad and it ... I had a lucky start with Zebra!)

0609 (Saturday) Did some cleaning in the morning, and a run to Sam's Club for milk and meat (gonna BBQ tomorrow). Corbin was able to coach the soccer game (he and Randon didn't make it last night ... Natalie just had her baby yesterday, they named him Stockton). I headed out to the championship basketball game with Callahan and Keaton. It was at Dimple Dell, we hadn't played there before, but it was easy to find. Shallow benches, but otherwise a nice gym. We were missing Rowland and Stockton and honestly I wasn't anticipating a win (the other team was undefeated) but it was super close the entire game, and our boys pulled it off! There was a bit of an altercation between one of the moms on the other team and Mason's mom. That other lady was a bit crazy! The boys got some lovely bright green t-shirts for being #1 ... they actually DO like t-shirts :) Home again, and off to Ana's for a birthday celebration for the boys. It was outside and a water party, unfortunately it was COLD out. I was freezing. Pizza from Costco, which the boys said they really liked. I should have made some of my breadsticks! The boys ended up going swimming at the new community pool down the street as well.

0608 (Friday) Colton is out of school today and will be all next week too, as they need to do the end of year assessment on all the kids. Our appointment is on Monday. I went out running some errands. Stopped at Savers and found some cute birdhouses for the flowerbed. Then I stopped at Winchester Gardens for some plants (I had bought a coupon), then stopped by Blockbuster to exchange DVDs, then went to BB&B to pick up a d-day gift for Gray. Mowed the lawn back at home, got some sun on my shoulders while I did that and worked in the flower bed. We had a soccer game in the evening. It was a bit windy. We only had 7 kids (with 6 playing at a time) so they were quite tired. 4-3, we won. It was my last game as I'm going to Callahan's basketball game tomorrow, and then Chris&Kim's wedding next Friday.

0607 (Thursday) Got the little boys off to school, then Callahan had an ortho appointment. They put brackets on the bottom teeth this visit. I just dropped him off, then ran to Blockbuster to exchange a disk and stopped by DI then back to get him. Got a weights workout and some cardio. Callahan had basketball practice at the park again. I made some Pinterest Pizza dough yesterday and today (cheesy bread sticks) and they both turned out good.

0606 (Wednesday) Airborne (the trampoline place) had posted on Facebook that from 6:00 am to 9:00 they were offering free jumping, and that Big Budda from Channel 13 would be there. Callahan wanted to go and was able to arrange it with a couple friends. He got picked up early (5:30) and then I (with Landon driving) picked them up at 9:00. They had fun ... and then Callahan took a nap. I had ziti makings, and had Landon help me put together five small pans (one for dinner, four for the freezer). Maddie came over to hang out with Landon - they watched "Despicable Me" which she hadn't seen, and as usual, they made homemade oreos (although the first batch failed, due to mismeasured shortening). Callahan had basketball practice at 5:00 over at Sky Park. Perfect weather for it today. I came home and made up some Pinterest pizza dough, turned it into cheesy breadsticks and they turned out good. Back to pick up Callahan ... then the older boys to scouts. Gray was running a little late, so I had him be just a little later and got a bit of dinner in him.

0605 (Tuesday) Pretty active on my cardio today, although I know it's the eating I need to gain control of. Went to the school for my volunteering and brought home kindergarten carpool. Needed to make a run to Walmart, and took Landon with me (he said he needed some church pants and a swimsuit). Colton didn't want to go, so we stopped by Randon's and they said he could stay and play. They ended up going to Cabela's and inviting Colton along to that. Lucky little boy! They said he was quite impressed. He came home with a little pop-gun that Landon immediately took over and drove everyone crazy with. The Columbia kids have decided to go to Arctic Circle everyday (instead of staying at the school playground on Tues/Thurs) so I picked them up there. Callahan went to Gene Fullmer with friends, and was able to get a ride both ways. He came home fairly upset however, as his birthday TF-1000 ball disappeared (it was crowded and had been set down by his bag and someone must have simply taken it). Cooper usually has scouts on Tuesdays ... we weren't positive and we didn't really investigate. Gray had a derby, Keaton went with him this time as the "live" on the Xbox ran out and he wants another year of service ($50) ... there was a HUGE drop in temperature today! It was freezing (around 50°) brrrrrr .... I didn't officially cancel soccer practice, but no one showed up (and I didn't blame them at all!).

0604 (Monday) Sleeping in a little more now that I don't have to run Callahan to school. Not really "sleeping" in usually, but staying in bed anyway. Not Gray though, he was up uber early (like 3:00). First off, I had an appointment over at Jordan Valley Hospital for a mammogram, my first. It went fine, but I can't help but admitting to a feeling of foreboding that I've had for a while. Colton stayed after at Randon's for a bit, then Randon came here until it was time to pick up the kids from school. Landon had made arrangements to hit a movie with friends. I had him drive out while we picked up Maddie and I dropped them at the theater where they met up with other friends. They saw Avengers. Back to pick them up around 6:00. Made black bean and spinach enchiladas for dinner (for Gray and Landon anyway).

0603 (Sunday) Stake Conference ... so ... it was a pretty good and relaxing day. Made the usual Sunday Circles for brunch, French Dip for dinner and oreos for dessert.

0602 (Saturday) Slept IN ... seriously, both Gray and I were still in bed at 9:00. Colton had his final game with his green team. A win, so they had an undefeated season. I think we (Colton, Randon and Bradly) will try the West Jordan league for next year (1st grade) then switch back to the Gene Fullmer one for 2nd grade and up. There was a parents/coaches game at 12:30 that I had wanted to go try playing in, but back home Grayson was on a cleaning spree and I didn't feel like I could leave. He did get to the back yard, getting the flower bed done, weeds down by the shed and sides ... and I had given permission for the swing set to go and ... it's gone. He listed it on KSL for $150 and it was sold in about 5 minutes. It really hasn't been used much, and I think I worried more when the kids WERE playing on it. Hopefully we can do something with that back area. I worked a little on the side flower bed, and tried transplanting some of the shasta daisys. I wanted the front flower bed cleaned out (what to do there, I still don't know) and so I took them from there and put them in pots at the side. Not sure if all (or any) will make it, but as I was just pulling them out anyway it was worth a try. I do want to get in and get some annuals to brighten up the side yard. Then Gray and Landon went running some errands. Mason came over to hang with Callahan before their white board practice. I dropped them off then stopped at the store. The game was at 6:00 and Keaton came to watch. It was close, the other team did even lead for a little bit. They only had five players (and one close to fouling out ... he did, but one more player had come so they did have a team). The coach was yelled a lot and got a technical. We won by five. Spartans and Pump and Run were playing after ... we play the winner (P&R) next week, they do look tough.

0601 (Friday) The first Friday in June is National Donut Day ... Landon and I went to Dunford first thing to "celebrate".  Got the boys off to school, then played a little ping pong with Landon and Callahan. The boys also went over to the park to play on the new basketball court there. Landon spent quite a bit of time in the sun and got a decent burn. Gray was home early, helping Callahan get off on his camping trip. I had a soccer game with Colton. It was a bit of a frustrating game, the kids just did NOT seem into the game at all. We did still win, but it was close (4-3). Pictures after, and they took a bit. Exhausting trying to keep the kids under control. We were missing two for pictures. Landon had a party at a friend's house. Gray had taken him while I was gone to soccer, then had to pick him up at midnight! Uggg, hate late nights!

0531 (Thursday) Landon home today, but also the window washers were here too. In the afternoon, I arranged for Callahan to catch a ride home with a friend, as it was Cooper's 2nd grade program at school. Colton came to watch but ended up playing with Regan and the Ipod (I had to keep shhhing him).  We went home and then got a call from Keaton that Jacob had checked out, so I needed to pick up ... so I went back, but they weren't at the school (they had gone to Arctic Circle, he thought I had said that this morning, but I hadn't, as I hadn't planned on picking up). The window washers had left, but stopped back for payment. I should have done a quick check, as there were a couple of windows that got missed. Picked up Callahan from Stockton's house ... stopped for gas on the way, which was a pain as they were re-paving half the parking lot and there South exit was blocked and the traffic was horrible. Landon found a baby bird today (actually two of them). Out of the nest and mobile, but not yet able to fly. One kept wandering into the road. One of the birds didn't make it (probably a child finding it and giving it a squeeze) ... the other was played with a lot by the neighborhood kids too, not sure if it will survive. It's a miracle that ANY of them do.

0530 (Wednesday) My last day "alone" ... Landon actually does still have school tomorrow, but he doesn't want to go and they aren't really doing anything, so I'm not making him. Callahan's last day is tomorrow, and they will get their yearbooks. I ran to Walmart for groceries, then took advantage of my alone time and the sunshine. I'll miss that. I was able to drop Colton off at Randon's so he didn't have to make the final drive to Herriman. We picked up Callahan and stopped at the library. Crane's had family in town doing some window and blind cleaning, so I had said we could have ours done (they need it) so they were here in the afternoon. I picked up the Columbia kids (Arctic Circle again). Gray and the older boys had scouts. I did manage to get some dinner done (spaghetti) and then made the summer swaps for my clothes ... unfortunately SO many of my summer things don't fit :(

0529 (Tuesday) Back to school ... for a couple of days anyway (for the older boys). I did  my volunteering at Cooper's class. She had me cutting out letters for the months of the year in Spanish (posters for their upcoming program) and I didn't get it quite done, but I have to stop when kindergarten gets out. Randon usually comes over on Tuesdays, but his family was out of town. Colton had to come with me to pick up Landon, but it was probably the last time he had to. I picked up Callahan and we stopped by Klint's house to drop of a check for the jerseys. There was an accident on the way home from Herriman, and also one by West Hills. Neither looked too bad ( no injuries) but the one by Callahan's school involved several cars. The Columbia kids went to Arctic Circle today, as they didn't have school yesterday (they usually go on Mondays and stay at the playground on Tuesdays). Cooper didn't have scouts, so he was available to go with Gray to a derby. Callahan went too. It was close, and small, so they were home fairly early. I had soccer practice at the park. I hadn't sent out reminders and maybe I should have, as we were missing half the kids. I had made some rice krispie treats to bring as a snack (although I actually had to make two batches as Landon and I snitched so much of the first one there wasn't enough to take).

0528 (Monday) Still quite cool. Originally we had thought of going to Park City, to the Alpine Slide and such, but it was only 50 degrees, and quite a bit cooler in the mountains. We did go out to breakfast at Virg's. Our usual corner table was occupied (by just TWO guys) so we had to squish seven people into a booth ... we actually expanded to two booths once the food came as we really couldn't move. Then Gray took the boys to Airborne, a place with trampolines, foam pits and dodgeball. The boys had a blast. It was a pretty low key Memorial day.

0527 (Sunday) It was cool and rainy, so I didn't want to walk, which meant I actually had to be ready when the family was leaving. Callahan had a talk and he did well. A new family moved in, and they have a boy Keaton's age, which is great, as that is such a small class! I played piano for both Junior and Senior primary today. After church we did scones instead of the usual Sunday Circles, as we were having a BBQ a little later and wanted everyone to be hungry. We had invited my folks out, as we hadn't seen them in a while, and BBQ is a good gluten free meal for father. I made rolls and breadsticks, and Brazilian cheese bread (for Dad). Gray made his famous steak and potatoes, and also grilled up the chicken and turkey I had marinated. It was yummy as usual. Cooper showed Grandpa his coin collection, while I helped my mom with some Ipad stuff (they broke down and bought one, after Derek got them hooked letting Mom borrow his after her knee surgery). Then we played "pirate" (a dice game) and it was fun. We sent the folks home with quite a few leftovers, still having plenty for ourselves too. Had I mentioned Grayson bought a new barbecue? This was the night we broke it in :)

0526 (Saturday) NOTHING on deck for today ... no games. Writing in retrospect (I got a few days behind) I can't remember what (if anything) happened today ... oh yes, Landon did have Driver's Ed. Back to back road driving with the instructor. 9:00-1:00. I dropped him off and then picked up donuts. After I picked him up after, we went to the bread store and Blockbuster. Gray hit Costo and Sams to prep for a BBQ.

0525 (Friday) Gray took the day off work. He ran some errands, went out to lunch with Joe and got in a little nap. Late start for Callahan, early out for the elementary. I was on pickup for elementary as it was DARE Lagoon day (and Jacob was there ... as well as Bailey and Travis). After picking up Callahan, we dropped off basketball registration at Klint's on the way home. I figured Gray wouldn't want to go out to dinner after having gone out to lunch, but it seemed such a shame not to do anything on the ONE Friday where we didn't have ANYTHING going on (and Gray home early). We packed up the kids and went to get pretzels at the mall. We wandered around a bit after, had the kids pick out a lotion scent they approve of (they hate the one I have in the car) and the kids played on the escalator at Sears until they were caught by the staff.

0524 (Thursday) Some sun, cardio and weights. Carpool x2. We stopped for some Dominos Parmesan bites , they didn't seem quite as good today (maybe we weren't as hungry). Gray had another derby tonight, and Callahan and Cooper both went again.

0523 (Wednesday) Quiet day at home, not many left as the older boys get out of school for summer next week. Carpools x3. Gray had a derby after school (in Alpine, for AuntCleone's ward). Callahan and Cooper both want money and have been fighting over who gets to go and do what ... they both went tonight. Maga came out too ... long drive for her! Landon's mutual activity was a date night to go paintballing. We went and picked up Maddie to go, then dropped her home after. Landon drove when it was just me and him in the car. He has his first roads driving with the instructor on Saturday, but I'm doubtful we'll be able to get everything in before his learners expires. I need to look into what is entailed for renewing it.

0522 (Tuesday) Normal Tuesday. I went in and volunteered, then brought home the kindergarten carpool and had Randon stay for a playdate. Then Colton went to Crane's as I went to pick up Landon. Then Landon drove to pick up Callahan. We stopped at Dominos on the way home. I'd ordered a couple of pizzas and their Parmesan bites, which were really yummy. We ate them all before we got home. I picked up the Columbia kids at school. Cooper had scouts, and there isn't a carpool anymore, so I had to drive him over and arrange for a ride home, as we had soccer. I had actually cancelled practice, as many of the kids go to Columbia and there was an activity there in the evening. We still went over for a little pickup game and to be there just in case some people didn't get the message (and two kids did still show for practice). I told Landon to come over with Cooper when he got back from scouts, and he actually did (I was a bit surprised, but happy to see them). I had hoped Cooper might play with us, but he didn't ... but Landon did. I enjoy playing with my boys. We got home in time to go to the school activity for a bit. Keaton and Cooper didn't want to, Colton did a bit, but Gray ended up taking him out to buy a bow.

0521 (Monday) Keaton wasn't feeling well. He did leave for school but I got a call pretty early on and had to go get him. He didn't look very good and came right home and fell asleep for a few hours. I got in some sun and cardio and laundry. I left Keaton watching Colton (and Colton watching Keaton) as I went to pick up Landon, then had him drive to pick up Callahan, dropping off books at the library on the way.  Traffic was horrible on 7800 going to pick up the Columbia kids, which I didn't need, as Callahan had a followup appointment at the podiatrist at 4:30 ... we barely made it, and they didn't even have us on the books (that happened with Keaton's followup appointment too. Home again. I threw in a chicken/rice casserole for dinner, although that is just for Gray and Landon. Cal and Keaton had some chicken noodle soup and the little boys had hotdogs. We ALL had Skookie for dessert and it was good. Landon and Gray went out back to shoot with the bows. Colton was sad he didn't have one, and I remembered I had one from the dollar store in the gift box, so I got it out ... but it only lasted 10 seconds before Colton pulled too hard and it broke. Colton was SO sad. Gray said he'd buy him a good (non-dollar store) bow.

0520 (Sunday) Slow start, I didn't even get down to the elliptical before church. I did walk to/from. It was a beautiful day out. Colton did the theme and did great. Sunday circles after church, then a nice nap. Then we went up to Maga's house for a birthday celebration for Adrian. Garlic chicken, and I brought buns from Sam's Club and made cheese bread. There was a partial eclipse, but it was pretty cloudy and no one seemed that interested in trying to see it. The older boys helped Maga make trifle, and Olivia gave the boys a much needed haircut (even Landon, who didn't really need it, as he'd had his cut just Friday).

0519 (Saturday) Keaton woke up coughing in the night and I was up with him for a bit. I slept in, I was very tired! Landon and Gray took off early, meeting at the park for Landon (and Bryce's) Eagle project. Colton had a soccer game at 10:00 that I took him too, we stopped at the park on the way home to say hi. Keaton's basketball game was at 12:00. It was their final game. The other team was BIG, but we managed the win for an undefeated season. Home for a while ... Callahan's game was at 6:00. We were expecting a pretty easy game (we'd beaten this team before) but it was a very close and challenging game. The boys did get the win, whew (it is elimination at this point and we weren't ready to call it quits). Onto to Gene Fullmer for the final game of the spring season with that league. Landon had a birthday party that evening and didn't get home until late.

0518 (Friday) Late start, early out and Gray took the day off again. The morning was very wet, Cooper did have some concerns before heading out to school but he was fine. While it was a downpour, there wasn't thunder or lightening. Gray went running in the rain. We had a soccer game scheduled in the evening, but while the weather cleared up, it was still soggy and the games were cancelled. This opened up the evening a bit. Gray had taken Landon and Cooper out for haircuts, then he and I went to Red Robin, then met Sexton's at Leatherbys for dessert. We picked up Keaton and Jacob (and Conner) from Gene Fullmer on the way home, then I went back at 9:00 to pick up Callahan. Traffic was terrible! It took 15 minutes just to get from 40th across Bangerter.

0517 (Thursday) Sunshine in the morning again, although yesterday and today it turns overcast later. Gray had a derby in the evening, which both Cooper and Callahan were fighting over going (both wanted the $$) but then both decided NOT to go ... but Cooper did end up going. I took Colton and his principal visits to the school for an ice cream and award function.

0516 (Wednesday) Sunshine in the morning. Quite a bit of cardio. Carpools x3. I went a little early to get Landon, wanting to get him home right on time, as the "arena scheduling" opened at 3:00. I figured he had it under control, but I did have to step in and help a bit :) Colton had a soccer game at 5:00 instead of practice (a makeup game for the first one which was rained out).  Gray and the boys had scouts in the evening.

0515 (Tuesday) We were running low on milk and bread, so after the boys got off to school I ran to the store. I then went to the school for my weekly volunteering in Cooper's class and bringing home of the kindergarten carpool. We had Randon over for a playdate, then Colton stayed there while I picked up Landon and had him drive to get Callahan. Callahan again wanted to go to Steven's house (we dropped them off) and they went to the Nike store then Steven's family dropped him home, as I was prepping for soccer practice. Callahan, Keaton, Cooper and friends walked to Maverick to get some treats. They stopped by the park on the way home and we ended up playing a little game of soccer after the practice ended. Cooper had Pack Meeting, Grayson came and picked him up from the park to go.

0514 (Monday) Gray took the day off. I got the lawn mowed and did weights. Carpools, actually I had to run pick up Keaton from school as he had overheated at recess and wasn't feeling well, luckily the timing worked out and I was able to grab him before heading out to get Landon. Then Callahan called and asked to go home with a friend. I really didn't want him to, because I figured we'd be doing something with Gray home but it's hard to really think when he calls while I'm driving and I only have 30 seconds to give him an answer. I was a bit frazzled, and when it was time to go get the Columbia kids I didn't ask Colton if he wanted to go to pickup and he was SO upset when I got back. Gray had talked about going to see the movie "Avengers" with the family. Colton just didn't want to go, Landon only wants to do things with friends, Callahan wasn't even home, Keaton was sick ... so Gray and I just bagged the kids and went as a date (it has been a while since we've been on a date). I did have to run pick up Callahan ... I should have just stuck with my gut and told him no when he called. Luckily, the movie had several showings, so we were still able to go out. It was a good movie. Nice to have a date ... lucky :)

0513 (Sunday) M-day ... Grayson had made a trip to "The Store" to get croissants, and had them laid out for our breakfast. I had cards and such from the kids. Church ... nice weather, so I walked. In the afternoon we went out to Clay and Courtney's for a mother's day gathering. We didn't hear about this until later, but Courtney actually ended up in some pre-term labor later that night and had to go to the hospital. They got it under control (it's too early, still six weeks or so).

0512 (Saturday) Gray and Landon got up early and went to the "trek" 5k. I might have tried it myself, but Colton had a 9:00 game. They won, although this was a little better team (they got a few goals in too). Callahan had four games today, 12:00, 2:00, 6:00 and 8:00. They won all but the 2:00 game. Keaton's game was also at 12:00, to I had to drop him at Conner's to catch a ride, and I missed it (but they won). I was pretty tired by the end of the day. I did walk during Callahan's last game. I was ready for a shower and bed!

0511 (Friday) Late start for Callahan, early out for the Columbia kids... and early home for Gray. He had scheduled someone to come clean the ducts. We'd never had it done after the house was built, and after so many years ... it was time. I was grateful Gray arranged to be home for it as I just don't really like to deal with that kind of stuff (and it did require some manly expertise as to where everything was, and strength for moving the furniture and such). Colton and I picked up the kids at Arctic Circle, we went just a little early as Colton wanted to buy a shake. I ended up buying some fries and tots too. Then I went to pick up Landon, and had him drive to pick up Callahan. We stopped at the library to grab a DVD I had on hold.  After we stopped home, I went to the store to stock up on milk/bread for the weekend. Colton had his soccer game at 6:30. Jacob wasn't going to practice, so I had to drop off Keaton and Callahan at Steven and Connor's house to catch a ride to practice with them. Gray came and watched the game. We seemed a little off today ... still won 10-1 or something like that, but Colton was getting emotional that he wasn't getting the ball enough (but he made 4 or 5 goals, so I think that he was) and the kids were just touchy (pushing, picking each other up, laying down). I was pretty happy when we were done today. Keaton had said he would stay during Callahan's practice, so that saved me a trip at 8:00, I just went at 9:00 to pick them up.

***THINGS THE KIDS GET UPSET ABOUT: So Cooper come in crying saying Keaton was videoing him playing basketball ... apparently he did not like this. I asked Keaton about it (he promptly gets upset for Cooper telling on him) saying Cooper was saying he was dunking from a certain spot when he was actually taking a couple of steps, so he was videoing it to prove him wrong. I did tell Cooper he was taking a couple of steps ... so as the morning carpool drives up, both boys are upset and crying ... over NOTHING. The next morning I tell Keaton to change his shirt (because it is FILTHY), and he's in tears because he has NOTHING to wear (hmmm, I see 20 shirts in his closet), he finally finds one after 15 minutes of looking ... I mention it is inside out ... and he gets upset and asks why I have to be so picky ...

0510 (Thursday) I'm trying to get in some sunshine while I can ... while there IS sun and is NOT boys ... did get in my weights today though. Did some laundry. Carpools x2 in the afternoon. Gray had said we should have an early M-Day dinner at Tepanyaki tonight, and the boys were pretty excited. We invited Maga too. She was coming out this way to see Will play T-ball, but traffic was so bad she didn't make it to the game (but then was early for us). Dinner was yummy ... do I watch the chef's tricks, or watch the kids watching the chef's tricks :)  After dinner we stopped at Subzero for dessert. I was super tired again ...

0509 (Wednesday) Mmmmm, got some sunshine today. Colton went to Randon's after school, so I had more of my "alone" time ... treasuring it as the boys will be out of school soon. The plumber did stop by to fix Grayson's sink (which hasn't had hot water in forever). He had been here yesterday too to work on the hot water heater (we have two, one hasn't been working, which with as much water as we use, meant some cold showers). Gray had come home from a bike ride and took a loooong shower ... because he could! I also spent some time trying to get the PlayOn to work again on the family room tv (because I don't like the kids in MY room watching). Picked up Landon, had him drive to get Callahan, stopping for Colton and the way back. Pickup at Arctic Circle today. Colton had soccer practice at 5:30, I had Cooper come too, as Gray and the boys were leaving a little early for scouts (a hike). We stopped for an Icee on the way home ... Colton promptly spilled his all over the garage as he got out of the car. The scouts didn't make it home in time for Callahan to catch his carpool, but Daddy went ahead and dropped him off at practice on the way home from the hike, and Callahan got his usual ride home. They dropped him off tonight which was nice, as I was SO tired and in jammies. As soon as he was home, both Gray and I were out cold. I didn't sleep well at all last night, not sure why, but no problems falling asleep tonight.

0508 (Tuesday) Back to Cooper's classroom for my weekly volunteering. They switch rooms as the tracks change, so they were back in the room they were in at the first of the year. Did a few things there, then brought home kindergarten carpool. Had Randon over for a playdate, then Colton went to his house while I picked up Landon. After we dropped off Brayden, I had Landon take over driving to pick up Callahan. Callahan wanted to go to Gene Fullmer with friends to play basketball, and as I got home from Columbia carpool (pickup at the playground today) Stockton and Steven were already over, and we picked up Ben (and could NOT find the house, Mapquest mislead me!) and I dropped them at the gym. I wasn't too far from Blockbuster, so I went there and exchanged some DVDs. Home again for a moment to grab the soccer gear and Colton and Bradley and head over to the park for soccer practice. I think we had the entire team there today. Very grateful for Corbin's help, as it really takes two (and I could even use more) adults to keep the kids contained. Cooper actually had scouts today, but the usual carpool wasn't going ... so Cooper didn't go.  I was pretty frazzled at 4:30 (just getting home from school and Callahan & Co. waiting for me to take them) and knew I couldn't pickup at 6:00 (because of soccer). I know it's just over at the church, but it's just one more thing ... just trying to get him to go is hard enough without me actually having to take him too. I was thinking maybe on of the other parents would be picking up from Gene Fullmer, but I guess not. Rather than bringing kids back to our house and having parents pick them up at 9:30, I just dropped everyone home.

0507 (Monday) Got the kids off to school then I went in for a doctor's appointment. Just my annual exam, I really just needed to get my thyroid prescription refilled. Did discuss my knee as it has been bothering me. I need follow up appointments for a mammogram (haven't done that yet) and there was one mole that the doctor thought should come off. I stopped at Smiths on the way home ... we just cannot have enough milk on hand! Needed bread too, and picked up my prescription. The sun was out, so I was too ... Colton was a bit bored after school and not happy about having to go pick up Landon. We brought a pillow so he could "sleep". I picked up the Columbia kids at Arctic Circle today ... traffic was horrible getting to and from the school, it took as long to pick up the elementary as it did to go get Landon at Herriman! We were pretty late getting home. I had debated doing dinner, as we didn't really have anything on deck, but then we still have a few leftovers that need to be used up ... and then Gray had Sexton's over again to finish their cars (so good thing I didn't do dinner) ... I DID use up the rest of the cookie dough. I meant to send some home with Sexton's but they took off before I could package them up. I was pretty tired, shower and to sleep early (didn't make it through our show).

0506 (Sunday) No croissants this morning. I walked to church, but it was still quite cool. I saw a momma duck and 11 babies in the canal. Sunday circles after church, then a little nap. I worked on some videos and blog updates.

0505 (Saturday) Cool morning! Colton had a soccer game, but at least I was going to be better prepared this time. I got a hat and gloves for him, me, and brought several extra pair which were happily accepted by other team members. The sun came out for a bit, then disappeared again. Easy win for our team, Colton scored several goals. I had taken Gray's truck, because he had my car in to get the tire fixed (slow leak with a screw), oil changed, and registered. SO happy to have that taken care of! After I got back, he then took his truck in as it also needed to be serviced and registered (he had actually expired in April). Keaton had his basketball game at 2:00, Gray was just returning and he came to watch (Callahan and Travis were coming as well). I jogged the track. At first I was afraid it wasn't going to be a good game for Gray to see, as we were missing several players and the coach, but it was all good, and Keaton got more playing time with people missing. Jacob had a great game too! The other coach swore and got ejected. I ran to the store for some milk and groceries, then Callahan had back to back (to back) games in the evening. First was Superleague at 6:00, and they won easily. Parker's family left a little early and took Callahan to head to the AAU game at Alta at 7:00 (I stayed to video to the end). There were only six players for this game, and they got trounced. We rushed across town to Gene Fullmer for the 8:00 game there. Normally, we wouldn't have cared much, as rec has been easy wins, BUT tonight was against Brian's team (Mason and Rowland, who played WITH us at 6:00 were now playing against us ... and last time we played each other they won). I was afraid it would be a repeat, and it was, although it was a little more even the entire time. As Callahan has played with this team, they all know him and double teamed him (effectively!) the entire time. He didn't make a shot all night, but was able to pass to the open man and so it was close. Rematch in summer? I did walk the track again during the game.

0504 (Friday) Late start for Callahan, early out for the elementary. I mowed the lawn in the afternoon. Gray was helping Sexton's build derby cars today. They came around 6:00 bringing pizza. Colton and I went to his soccer game, where I had Randon's dad on the field to coach while I got some video. Keaton had basketball practice, but I didn't have a way to get him there at 7:00, so he didn't go (the coach wasn't going to be there anyway and he was having fun with Sexton's over). Callahan managed to get a ride over for his. I did pick him up at 9:00, they had 7800 down to one lane and it was so backed up! I wish they would post when they are doing that so I can plan on going a different direction!

0503 (Thursday) Maga's birthday today, my brother Shane's too ... Wendy's was a few days ago, Derek's is on Saturday. I'm BAD about birthdays, I never really think to call or do something. Although I certainly don't care if mine is remembered either ...Callahan had an ortho appointment in the morning. I made sure the Keaton, Cooper and Colton were ready for school, then left with Callahan. They ended up doing a small filling as well. I stopped at the store on the way home. Fairly overcast today. I did get in the weight workout I didn't do yesterday. Colton was invited over to the park with Randon's family, so after I picked up Landon, I had him drive to get Callahan. Cal had another game today (again at Olympus). I didn't have anything myself, and I could have gone, but I didn't really relish trying to drive that far in rush our traffic, and it was a team that was going to crush our kids anyway, so I had Callahan arrange a ride. I dropped him off at Brandon's house. Gray had come home early to get off to a derby in Orem. Cooper went with him. Not a lot going on at home with the other three boys. Callahan went back to Brandon's after the game (they did lose, but Callahan did pretty well and seemed quite content with it), so I had to pick him up just before 9:00, which was about when Gray got back too.

0502 (Wednesday) I should have done weights today ... but the sun was calling. After Colton got home from school, Courtney dropped Addie and Will off while she ran some errands. I made cookies and sent some home with them. Picked up Landon (Colton had to come with, much to his chagrin) and then Callahan ... then the Columbia kids, although today they wanted to walk to Arctic Circle and get the free ice cream cone they offer to the kids. Callahan had a 6:00 game at Olympus. Colton had a 6:30 soccer game, and as the boys had young mens, no one was available but me. So Callahan arranged a ride with friends, I dropped him off at Brandon's house around 4:30. Of course that game, that I'm not there video taping, they win. I was video taping Colton and actually had some camera issues. It just stopped recording at half, nothing I did made it work (popping the battery, the card, deleting some files). So I got Colton's first two goals, and missed the two in the second half (they won 6-3). I had brought Cooper along too, as no one else was home. His little team was actually playing up a field, so while Colton was warming up we went and watched. I asked Cooper if it made him want to play at all, but he still said no. After their game ended, several of the kids came over (having younger siblings on Colton's team) and Cooper played with them happily the entire time. Callahan got dropped off at the church for young men's ... I had sent some food with Gray and Callahan hadn't really eaten since lunch, but the transfer to him didn't really happen. He had practice, I had to pack up the two little boys and drive him to Steven's house for the carpool. Landon came home early (8:30ish) and was on the phone with Maddie the rest of the night ... I can't recall him EVER being on the phone, he just texts. He was still on around 10:00 when Callahan called (well, couldn't get through because Landon was on the line), so texted and said I needed to pick him up. I was still awake, in bed and in jammies watching a show with Gray, but awake ... so off to pick him up. These late practices are awful! After getting a bit wound up having to go out at that hour, I couldn't get to sleep, so I read for a while.

0501 (Tuesday) Rainy morning and Cooper had a field trip. In the past, Cooper had issues with field trips (any change from the routine) and of course with rain, but he was just fine this morning. It did clear up too. With Cooper's class out on a field trip, I didn't go in for my usual volunteering, but did still pick up the kindergarten carpool. We brought Randon over for a playdate, then Colton stayed at their house while I picked up Landon. I had Landon drive to pick up Callahan, we did have a near collision pulling out of the middle school. Landon was frustrated with himself that he didn't see the other car. Luckily everyone was going super slow in the school zone. Then I was off to Columbia for that carpool. I made spaghetti for an early dinner, as Colton and I were off to soccer practice at the park, and Gray, Callahan and Cooper went to a derby. I did pretty good on exercise today, but need to reign in the eating. I got a little sun and finished up my book. I've enjoyed getting back into reading.

0430 (Monday) Back on track for the Columbia Kids. Last night Keaton stuck his head in as we were heading to bed and asked me to wake him up at 6:30 ... as he thought he'd "have trouble" waking up. He was actually up early, as were the other boys. Lunches made ... a little trouble finding the backpacks as they had been in middle earth and Grayson had stashed them in the closet. Then ... silence. Ahhhh. Love the kiddos, but I love some quiet, alone time too. Unfortunately, I didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Some laundry, blog post, bills. I was hoping for some sunshine, but there wasn't any. I did find a way to transfer some photos stuck on an old computer (while the front USB ports didn't work, a back one did). Yea, I have photos from 2005, and our family negatives! I mowed the lawn and walked Colton up to Randon's house to play. Carpools x2. My tire was quite flat ... I've had a warning about tire pressure, and Gray said there is a slow leak (a screw in the tire). He had filled it up once but I should have had him do it again. I was nervous enough about it that I stopped at a gas station and had Landon put some air in. After we dropped off Brayden, Landon took over driving and we picked up Callahan. Then I picked up the Columbia kids, and noticed a girl in the neighborhood (just Landon's age) had been in a car accident right at the end of the street. That doesn't do much for me worrying about Landon driving! No one was hurt badly, a fender bender ... or rather a fender ripped off. Callahan had a basketball game at 6:00 at Jordan. The other team was BIG ... and good and our little team got absolutely smooshed. Unfortunately we probably have two more games like that (Thurs/Sat). Home again ... the boys were all jumping on the tramp at Travis' house. I ran to Sam'sClub for milk (Landon commented, "didn't we just buy milk on Saturday?" ... yes we did!), cheese and eggs, and of course other things once I'm there. Gray and Keaton practiced shooting the bow again. At night, I was so cold and antsy legs, not sure what my problem was (Gray didn't know what to think either!)

0429 (Sunday) The last of the croissants ... I walked to church. I was subbing for chorister as McBrides were out of town. I stress about it some, but it went fine. Cooper and I walked home ... and that was my exercise for the day. My knee has been bothering me, especially after my Saturday jogging, so I figured I'd have a rest day. Gray let the boys shoot the bow out back. Took a little nap, and Gray and I started a new series "The Killing" and watched a few episodes.

0428 (Saturday) Colton's green team had a bye this week, which was ok because Callahan had an 11:00 game. They got beat. Keaton then had a game a 1:00, they won easily. I jogged four miles during the game.  I had forgotten Colton had a birthday party to go to that had started at 2:00. I quickly ran him over there, then stopped at the store with Landon (Landon said he NEEDED oreos, and we needed some milk and bread). I was going to rest back at home, but Gray was cleaning so I felt I had to pitch in. Got some stuff out of "middle earth" and a big load for DI. Callahan's next game was at 5:00 at Indian Hills (which is where they practice, but I hadn't been before). Keaton came to watch as other little brothers he knows usually do too. Conner was there, but not Chad (also not Jared on the team, they had a mix up with the team) and Nana (brother on the other team). Without Jared ... we lost. We brought Parker home (as his folks had had other games) and stopped by KFC. The next game started at 8:00, Keaton came to watch again. At least Callahan's team got one win :)  I walked, didn't feel up to jogging. When we got home, Gray ran to the DI to drop everything off, luckily they were still open and accepting donations. Landon was gone to Sadie Hawkins.

0427 (Friday) Last day off-track for the Columbia kids. We decided to hit JUMP one last time. Jaxon didn't want to go, but Reagan did. I also thought to call Jared's little brother Chad, as I remembered they were on D-track (although I guess he's switching next year). Jacob was staying at his grandparents while his folks were out of town, but he actually joined us as well. So there were plenty of bouncing buddies after all. Then it was carpools x2. The evening was busy, Callahan had a game, Keaton had a practice, and Colton and I had soccer. Normally Keaton catches a ride to practice with Jacob, but with Jacob at his grandparents, I needed to make other arrangements. Luckily, I was able to contact Conner's parents for him to catch a ride. I had to do the same for Callahan. I didn't want to miss his game, but felt like I needed to fulfill my responsibility as coach (and neither Shane nor Corbin were going to be there, and that is who I would ask to fill in). Hyers were also double booked, so I was actually taking Bradley and Kaydee with us to soccer, dropping Callahan and Keaton off at their respective friend's homes for their carpools. It was quite cool (ok, it was COLD) and I really should have followed my instinct to text everyone and tell them to dress the kids warm (hats and gloves too) ... I even thought about grabbing a dozen pair of the little $1 gloves .... should have done that as the poor kids were freezing! They won easily, even though the other team had a HUGE player (looked like a third grader at least). The other team did get a couple of goals this time. I think everyone was glad when it was over. It took a while to warm up at home! Grayson had stopped at Callahan's game on the way home, they won this one. He dropped Callahan off at Gene Fullmer, picking Keaton up. I had to fun at 9:00 to pick Callahan up. He'd had a blast in the carpool to the game (he wasn't the only one needing a ride, Parker and Sam went with Brandon too) ... they made some funny videos in the van on the way.

0426 (Thursday) We didn't have any specific plans today ... the kids weren't too happy about that, they like to be busy now while off-track. The DiFran Family had family in town, so we were on our own. I would have taken the kids bowling, but the pass was for six, and there were just four of us. I called to see if we could split the pass but they said it had to be used in one visit. So we made flubber instead. The sun played peek-a-boo most of the day. Gray had his big derby in the evening. Landon and Cooper went. Callahan had a basketball game for SpringFling(AAU). It was at Cottonwood, my ol' alma mater. It was in the "girls" auxiliary gym, and I have to say I had no idea it was even there! The boys didn't play great and they lost. We wandered the halls a bit on the way out, then stopped by Mom's, as she was home from the rehabilitation center after her knee replacement surgery. I gave her some tips on "Scramble" and just visited for a while.

0425 (Wednesday) Overcast day ... which was actually nice after the heat yesterday (the A/C froze up). We met up with the DF Family at the park, but it was pretty crowded and the kids weren't in the mood so we ended up going to JUMP again. I had packed some stuff to drop off at DI and brought disks to exchange at Blockbuster, so we made a little detour on the way. Then off for carpools x2. I got in some cardio and weights and worked a little in the yard. I took Colton to soccer practice, but I had the time wrong (it was 5:30, not 6:00) so we missed it. Too bad :(  Gray and Cooper left for a derby and the older boys had scouts. Callahan had his practice. I had to run him to the carpool house, and Colton was very upset at having to stop playing to come with (there was no one home so I couldn't leave him). We dropped books off at the library and stopped at the store. Picked up prescriptions ... WOW, expensive stuff! I'm used to $4 and $10 copays ... not sure if the insurance changed or if it was just these medications (from the podiatrist) but the bill for two medications was almost $140! I didn't get the one for Keaton (it was $57 and I'm just not sure if it is necessary, and they didn't even have it and would have to order it in). Keaton's scout group had been shooting a bow for their activity, so Keaton did mention the broken bow at home. Glade (his leader) came over and looked at it and got it fixed up, but Gray does still think it needs "tuning" to make sure it's back in proper working order.

0424 (Tuesday) A JUMP day. Jaxon didn't come with us today, so I called Randon, and his family was already thinking of going and met us there. The DF Fam came too of course. Carpools x2. Cooper had scouts, which is a little hard for me to remember on non-school days, but I got him off. He got back in time to go with Gray to the derby. Keaton went too ... Keaton felt he had to, as he was "so tempted" (his words) by the new bow Gray bought on Saturday that he dry fired it and it's now broken, so he'll need to help pay for some repairs. Keaton was quite distraught about it this morning, had to call Daddy in tears and confess ...

0423 (Monday) We had the DiFran family over (gotta entertain the kiddos) and got out a little pool and the garbage cans for some "swimming" out front. Cooper got quite a bit of sun. I mixed up some homemade laundry detergent (from Pinterest) and also some cookie press cookies (Keaton's favorite, as he was having a bad morning, as I made him take off his favorite ... only ... shorts and wash them). Carpools x2, Steve came home with Callahan and Conner came over after he got out of school. Today it has been 20 years since Gray's dad passed away, we Pam wanted to have a get together at the cemetery. We left around 5:30 and were the first ones there. We took the annual family photo then went to Crown Burgers for some dinner. Cooper was suddenly feeling sick at the end, so we borrowed Maga's bucket (that had helped to transport flowers) but he ended up being ok.

0422 (Sunday) Yummy croissants before church, we are getting low, I wish they were available somewhere a little closer to restock. It was a nice day out, so I walked to church (x3). Sunday circles after church, although most of the boys now prefer Daddy's pancakes to the waffles. Got in a little nap ... it is a day of rest after all, right? Tried some french dip crescent rolls for dinner, but I guess we'll stick to the regular rolls. Homemade oreos for dessert.

0421 (Saturday) With Cooper refusing to play soccer, I asked the league if Colton could take his spot. After paying, but not really participating in Spring2011(broken arm), Fall2011(anxiety issues), I hated to waste another season. They said he was too young to play with Cooper's team, but they would let him play on a team U6 team (that has a few younger siblings from Cooper's team). I really wanted to be on the U8 team, as Ridley and Marc are there (and so I have parents to chat with and also carpool if needed) but if this was what was available, ok. Colton would like it. He had his first game today. It is a little different than the GF league, in that they don't provide refs (the coaches just call things ... I like having a ref better, I think the kids need to learn to listen for a whistle, etc., the coach has enough to do without having to call outs and such). It's also 4 on 4, whereas GF is 6 x 6 ... not sure which I prefer ... Back at home, Grayson had the boys cleaning out window wells and such in the morning. Then he took Cooper to the coin store ... that kid is obsessed. But MUCH better to be obsessed with coins than the weather! *Ü* It was a beautiful day, I went out and attacked some dandelions in the front lawn until I formed a blister on my palm. Our poor grass, I don't know if it's that the kids are on it so much, or that we haven't taken care of it as much as needed, but it is in bad shape. Gray had Landon trim and Callahan mow (I actually don't mind mowing at all) and he fixed the rain gutters (the front one that got ruined when I tied the small basketball hoop to it, and the back one which was plugged and causing problems when it rained). Keaton had his game at 3:00. Callahan and Travis came to watch. It was against Steve's team. Our boys did great and won. After, all the kids went home with Lavalee's and I stopped at the bread store and Sam's Club. Grayson was just leaving for a derby, Cooper went with him again. I had been surprised to hear that Cooper actually ran the start gate at the last derby. Callahan's superleague team had a bye, so no 6:00 game this week. Landon was getting together with friends, so I dropped him off at Sam's house (actually, he drove, gotta get some practice in). Keaton wanted to come watch Callahan's game, so I had Bailey come over to watch Colton. Apparently Grayson got back pretty quick, so she didn't get to tend for long, much to Colton's disappointment. Callahan's game was also against Steve. Their team started strong but then our boys pulled ahead and stayed there. They played really well. I jogged the track (well, walked at least) for both games, but wished I did have video.  I did get over 30K though, and also kept calories in check. Hope it shows.

0420 (Friday) I had an appointment for Callahan at the podiatrist at 9:15. We got a couple prescriptions (topical and internal) and hopefully that will help clear things up. The doctor also recommended new shoes and a couple of them to switch off with. I dropped Cal at school, being late start day, he actually didn't miss anything. We went to Jump, taking the three younger Littlewoods and meeting the DF Fam there. Home again, then carpools. A little weeding, it was a nice sunny day. Colton had his soccer game at 6:30. We creamed, 11-0. I really did try to sit out the better kids to give the other team a chance to score. Cal and Keaton snagged a ride to basketball practice with Jacob. It was actually a two-hour practice for the younger kids, as most of Callahan's team was gone on a scout campout ... of course that didn't stop Callahan from going still. I picked them up at 9:00, although I was a little late. Construction backup on 7800.

0419 (Thursday) Callahan came and got me in the night sobbing about his foot pain. It did look similar to my "turgid toe" a few years ago, and I remember it being incredibly painful. I remember leaving the bedroom and going to lay on the bed in Colton's room so my moaning wouldn't wake Gray. I guess I'll try to get him into the doctor ... do we go to a pediatrician, dermatologist or podiatrist? He was feeling better by the morning and went ahead to school. We didn't really have any "fun" plans today ... much to the children's chagrin. They are now used to being entertained every day. Carpools, then Callahan got invited to Stockton's house, so I dropped him off then stopped by the library and the grocery store. I passed Gray leaving for his derby, he took the little boys, as they wanted to go (quite the turnaround for Cooper), but neither Landon nor Keaton went to help. Without the little boys and Callahan, it was pretty quiet at home. I ran to pick Cal up around 7:00 and dropped him off at the high school for practice. Back to pick him up at 8:00. Gray and the little boys got home around 8:30. The boys made Otis and watched basketball.

0418 (Wednesday) Went to Jump again today, taking Sadie and Jaxon and meeting the DF Fam there. Played for a couple hours, then home for carpools. Cooper's soccer team had a practice in the evening, Cooper is refusing to play, so I took Colton to see if he fit in (he did ok) and am looking into him taking Cooper's place so the season isn't a total waste. Gray and the older boys went to Court of Honor. I dropped Cal off for his carpool to basketball practice. He came home complaining of foot pain and was up in the night with it too. I think his feet are just in socks and shoes and can't breathe. I think I'll take him to a podiatrist and see if there is something we can do, we don't want a repeat of a couple years ago. Landon and I had been excited about hosting a little movie night for his friends ... but I guess it's a no go. Bad/sad night :(

0417 (Tuesday) Colton woke up crying in the night (around 12:00) with a tummy ache. He was moaning for about an hour before he finally fell asleep. I got a bucket just in case he was sick, but I'm wondering if he's constipated. Luckily he slept the rest of the night through. Callahan came up wandering around the same time and settled on the couch, but then went back to his own room when Colton continued crying so much. I was a little surprised we didn't wake up Landon. It was a VERY rainy morning. The raingutter outside our bedroom window is clogged, so instead of water coming through the downspout as it should, it funnels off from the roof, and it's right above a window well. During a rainstorm last year, the window well filled up and I had to jump in and bail it out. Luckily it is in the utility (unfinished) room, so there wasn't much water damage. I do always keep an eye on it when it rains, and today would have been a problem! I'd had Landon put a couple buckets to try and catch the overflow, and I had to go empty them a few times. I wasn't sure how it boded for soccer practice in the evening, but the rain stopped a little after noon and then it was lovely. The DFran Family came over for a bit, the kids played while Kiana ran a few errands. The afternoon was BUSY. Carpool pickup for Landon and Callahan, then had to go across town (which was MUCH preferred to the original location of Bountiful) to close on our refi ... that should help with finances. Then home and to soccer practice, then to the pinewood derby. Now Cooper had actually been CRYING about this yesterday, quite upset because he didn't want to go ... he changed his tune when his car won its first race, and second, and third and fourth .... he won the whole thing (didn't loose until the fun races against Callahan's car). He was pretty happy. Gray said they really hadn't done much to the wheels, axles, etc., so it was one of the fluke cars.

So besides being a busy day for us, today was also the "Utah Shakeout" ... with Cooper's anxiety issues, I had actually been stressing about this for a while. Luckily, we are off-track, so it didn't impact him at all (I didn't bring it up). The older boys schools participated (Landon said his teacher actually just ignored it and went on with the lesson, Callahan said they did but "it was dumb") ... it is stressful to think about though! If something like that were to happen!  It is also TaxDay ... glad we were done (and the refund in the bank), some years we have been filing at the last moment. Mom also went in for knee replacement surgery.

0416 (Monday) Dropped Callahan at school and then went to Walmart. It's nice to be able to go straight and get back early. We'd made plans to meet the DF Family at Jump at 11:00. We took Jaxon too, as he has a month pass (and he's no trouble). The kids played for a couple of hours, then it was off for carpool x2. It was quite nice outside, and I figured I should take advantage of it (and the soil softened by recent rains) to do some weeding. I worked on the side flowerbed, that I see from the kitchen window. It looks much better. The front and back flower beds still need work. I made a new recipe from Pinterest (cheesy chicken and wild rice casserole) which Gray and Landon said was good. I actually counted calories today and kept them in check, and did pretty good on cardio.

0415 (Sunday) Croissants before church. I walked over. Callahan kept poking me during Sacrament meeting and I got a fit of the giggles, ended up in tears and had to change seats. Sunday Circles after church then a quick nap. Then Gray made his yummy steak and potatoes, and I had marinated some chicken. I tried a baguette recipe, and it didn't really turn out (tasted ok, but didn't brown on the top, so it didn't look very good).

0414 (Saturday) Gray was busy in the morning hours, helping people finish up their cars and getting them weighed in. Callahan had basketball practice at the high school, Keaton went too, and got to play with Brandon's younger brother Ryan. I actually had Landon drive them over (with me in the car as well) and then we stopped for gas, then drove out to pick up Maddie and bring her back to the house to hang out. They made homemade oreos again. Gray had to run to work for a bit. I picked up C&K, so they got to meet Maddie too. Keaton's game was at 3:00. I've had a cold for the past week and just didn't feel up to jogging the track, and I wanted to get at least one game on video anyway, so I figured I'd tape the games instead of walk today. We got there a little early and the game before was running over, so I did go up and walk for about 10 minutes. As the game started, I was thinking maybe this wasn't the best game to get video on, as we were losing. Then a couple of the other team's best players left (one a TALL kid that was killing us, probably for a superleague game) and then our team was able to come back. Keaton got some great shots and a 3-pointer. Home for just a bit, then off to Callahan's game at 5:00. It was running behind too, I was glad I had taken my book. Mason and Rowland had a game at the rec center at 7:00, so they left early, but Cal and the boys were able to get an easy win. Onto GF, where Mason and Rowland were killing the other team there. I walked a bit as we were early, then went ahead and video taped the rec game too. Another easy win ... the challenge will be when we play against Rowland and Mason the final game.

0413 (Friday) Friday the 13th ... I was hoping to sleep in, with Callahan's late start and the kids off track, but was still awake early. Gray was up even earlier (around 3:00). We'd talked about going to Jump today, the DF family couldn't make it, so we took Jaxon and Randon with us. I left a little early to pick up Landon, as he needed to be at West Jordan High School for driver's ed ranges (doing two back to back). I'd brought him some food as it was going to be a four hour stint. I had warned Callahan I would be a little late picking him up, but it ended up being about the normal time. I had a soccer practice scheduled for Colton's team and had been watching the weather, luckily the rain in the forecast waited until later in the evening. After a quick practice, I dropped Keaton and Jacob (and Callahan) at Gene Fullmer, the went to pick up Landon. I picked up K&J at 8:00 and normally would have had to go back at 9:00 to get Callahan, but I had called our neighbors, whose boys also practice 8:00-9:00 and offered to give them a ride, but they ended up offering to bring Callahan home, saving me a trip. So I was able to sneak to bed a little early.

0412 (Thursday) After not doing anything yesterday the kids wanted to do SOMETHING today. NickelMania doesn't open until 1:00 ... I had purchased a pass for JungleJims (actually, a set of 5 passes for $22) so I invited Courtney and the kids to join us there. We went around noon until around 2:00, when we had to head home so I could go get Landon. There was a merry-go-round, swings, a rollercoaster, safari jeeps, and a couple other "rides" ... the favorite was bumper cars. There were arcade games and of course the boys wanted tokens for those. Keaton was a little on the old side, but he was really good working with Will and such. It was raining when we headed home ... it did wash the bugs off the windshield (from the drive home from Maga's on Sunday). Picked up Landon then Callahan. We didn't really have plans in the evening. Callahan had basketball practice... well, ended up NOT having practice so all the boys went over to Brandon's house instead. Gray worked on derby cars with another fellow from the ward.

0411 (Wednesday) We didn't really have anything planned for today. The morning was beautiful with sunshine, so I went and and got some reading done while letting the sun hit my legs. Did cardio and weights and the little boys just played all day. Carpools in the afternoon, then I went to Sam's for milk and a few other items. The weather turned cloudy and it started to rain. The boys were supposed to go on a hike for mutual, but with the weather ... they ended up doing other things. The two little boys and I had a quiet evening at home.

0410 (Tuesday) The first day of "off-track" ... the bigger boys were back to school. I dropped Callahan off and then went onto Walmart to grab a few things. We were meeting the DF family at the park. We were actually going to try and play a little tennis, but the sprinklers were on and the court was flooded. We spent some time at the park behind GeneFullmer, then moved onto the big Wild West park. It was bright and sunny, and I had a tank on to get some sun on my shoulders ... and boy did I! The boys must have been running around too much for the sun to stick to them, because they didn't get sunburned. The ran around in the sprinklers too. After we were done playing, we did a quick stop at the bread store, Blockbuster and dropped books off at the library. Then I did the carpools x2. Cooper had scouts. I made black bean and spinach enchiladas for dinner. Gray and Cooper worked on his derby car in the evening.

0409 (Monday) The boys are still off for Spring Break, but Gray was off early to work. He had to nudge me a couple times in the night as I was snoring, which I don't usually do. Just when I'm sick or pregnant ... I'm NOT pregnant, but I am feeling a cold coming on. It cleared up during the day, but was back by evening, so I'll probably be snoring again. Callahan asked if I'd take him (brothers and friends) to Jump and Bounce, and as I was planning on getting a month pass for the off-track time, I said ok. Our regular bounce buddies couldn't make it on such short notice, but we brought Bailey, Jacob and Jaxon with us, so the kids had friends to play with. We stayed for over three hours. Landon stayed home. I got in a little cardio, but was dragging, which seems to be the usual. Gray took three of the boys (Cal, Keaton and Cooper) to the Jazz game (he had taken Cooper to Fanzz on Saturday and had gotten four free tickets). Landon watched the game at home and it was an exciting one. Jazz won.

0408 (Sunday) I heard some little feet pitter-pattering in the morning, but didn't care enough to investigate (the little ones were peeking at their Easter baskets early). Gray actually got up and went for a jog, and the kids didn't want to wait until he got back. It was a pretty laid back Easter, not a lot in the baskets, not that there's anything wrong with that. Callahan had come home late last night as I was laying things out and I could tell by his face he wasn't particularly impressed (his portion was the smallest). I added a couple things to his, but then Keaton was upset in the morning "I didn't get any gum" ... one of the things I had added to Callahan's basket ... I had to add some to his too. The little boys seemed pleased with their stuff. We went to church, then after I made bacon and waffles, Gray made pancakes. Then we watched a couple episodes of our show, then headed up to Maga's. Clay and Courtney had decided to sit this one out, so there weren't as many people around. I had brought some Easter crafts, but with Addie and Will not there I didn't get them out and will just save them until next year. We did a pinata, it broke while Keaton was swinging, Callahan was a bit bummed he didn't get a turn. Home again home again ...

0407 (Saturday) Gray was up fairly early getting ready for his workshop. I was a little worried he might not get a good turnout, being a holiday weekend, and with conference last week (so no reminder at church) but there was a nice showing. It brought up memories of a year ago when Cooper broke his arm playing soccer (Gray was doing a derby workshop that day too). I wanted to try some desserts I'd seen on Pinterest, so I made rice krispie treats, pretzel snaps, and homemade oreos made with white cake mix and tinted easter colors. I also made some Mother Goose Popcorn, which I enjoyed as a child. When it was time to head out (around 3:30) Callahan and Keaton still weren't home from the scouting trip. Gray stayed home to bring them out while I took Landon and the two little ones to the Westra Party. The scouts didn't get home until after 6:00, and the Westra party was about done by then. We ate and hid (then found) the eggs, then headed home. I was feeling a bit yucky, probably from eating all junk and overdoing it a bit in the morning with all the baking and such. I went straight to bed. Landon wanted to go to Sam's for a movie night, Gray took him and then did a little Easter shopping ... then we watched a little "Game of Thrones" (an early Easter present, as neither of us wanted to wait for the next disk from Blockbuster).

0406 (Friday) Had to set my alarm for 6:30 to make sure the boys would get off for their camp. Callahan and  Keaton had to be at the church at 8:00, leaving with the scouts to Topaz Mountain. Grayson was originally planning on attending too, but then remembered he had a derby workshop at our house early Saturday. I do like having him along with the boys, just in case ... I made lunches and Gray dropped them at the church. Landon had invited Maddie over, and he even cleaned the kitchen in prep! Maybe I should encourage him to have girls over more often :)  She ended up being a little later than first expected and the little boys were anxious for her to come. When she made it she and Landon made oreos, played Sorry with the little boys, played Wii and watched Iron Man. I brought up the eggs and started matching and filling them for the Westra party tomorrow. Gray was home quite late as a client wanted a meeting at 7:00 (here it was one Friday that we didn't have basketball and could have gone on a date) ... and then the client blew him off.

0405 (Thursday) Gray was off early, but everyone else slept in. Derek and Danielle were moving today, so Landon, Callahan and I went out to help. They had already done a lot, and everything was boxed, so it was just moving some stuff from the house to the truck. I had hoped that Landon would be willing to go with them to the other end to help unload, but he wasn't. He did help out back at home though, did his bathroom, pulled out the weedeater, and chopped up some big tree branches that our neighbor had dropped in our backyard when he trimmed a tree. Callahan has some scout stuff. I ran to Target, Kohls and Sams. It felt like a Saturday today. Gray had a derby in the evening. Keaton went with him to help.

0404 (Wednesday) After the kids were off, I ran some errands, to Blockbuster and Walmart. Colton went to Randon's after school. I had to remember it was early out at the elementary. It's so easy to forget as I don't usually pick up on early days. I did remember, carpool x3. Keaton had his followup appointment at the podiatrist at 4:30, everything seems to be healing fine. I did get a peek at the insurance claim, it was over $400, we'll have to pay about $200. Hopefully this five minute followup won't be another $100 ... the boys had scouts in the evening. With no school tomorrow, friends came over after, it was 9:00! Sometimes I do just need a break from friends who are over all day every day. I've been blechky lately, just down and frustrated and ornery!

0403 (Tuesday) Got the kids off to school then headed there myself for my volunteering in Cooper's class. For the past couple weeks, I've finished up everything the teacher had for me early, but today there was a lot, so I had to leave some stuff undone. I brought home kindergarten carpool and kept Randon for a playdate. the Tivo has been having issues with the wireless, so I figured out how to hook it up with the phone line (it only needs to connect for a bit here and there to update) so I think that should solve that problem. Not that I watch any TV out there, but the kids do, and Gray likes the Top20Countdown recorded (which got missed the past couple weeks because the guide hadn't updated). As I went to pick up Landon, I dropped Colton off at Randon's so he wouldn't have to make the trip. I planned on stopping for gas, but I was running a bit late and the gas gauge now said there was 80 miles left, 1/8 of a tank (it had been on empty, about 30 miles left when I stopped). I did stop after grabbing Callahan from school, I thought he'd complain, but he made the most of it and suggested I give him some money to go in and buy an icee (which I did). Cooper had given him a couple of dollar bills to take to school and put in the vending machines, as they give out the gold dollars for change. Callahan was able to get a couple ones Cooper needeed. I picked up the elementary school kids and got Cooper off to scouts, but he came back saying no one was at the church. Gray was fairly late as he stopped by the accountant's house to finish up our taxes ... refund, yea! I baked up the rest of the gingersnap dough after dinner.

0402 (Monday) Back to school, but it's a short week, with Spring Break on Thurs/Fri/Mon, and then the elementary kids are off track. Colton invited Nathan to come play after school. I did have to run to Maceys, so we dropped him home then went to the store and made it back just in time to go pick up Landon. Colton has really been fighting having to go for pickup (ever since he got sick during one ride) and Regan was home and so he stayed and played at her house while I went. I picked up Callahan, then the Columbia carpool. I cleaned up the house some but didn't do dinner, as we still have leftovers. I did end up making some pancakes for Callahan because he was starving and nothing else sounded good.

0401 (Sunday) General Conference Sunday, so we got to sleep in. Gray and I had started watching a new series last night (Game of Thrones) and watched a little more this morning. Now waiting for the next disk. I had gotten the DVD "Hop" (an animated Easter show) from Blockbuster for the kids, but they hadn't watched it. I put it in and they quite enjoyed it. I made some muffins to take to Maga's house for the semi-annual conference gathering.  I was actually feeling the need for a quiet afternoon at home, so Gray took the boys while I went back to bed ... it was great. I should have exercised, or cleaned ... but I didn't. I napped, finished Callahan's basketball video and read a book. After record heat on Saturday, it was freezing today! I couldn't get warm. Callahan hadn't been around for a haircut on Wednesday, so Olivia trimmed him, as well as straightening up Cooper's sides that looked a little funny. Colton came home with a big red mark on his cheek. He couldn't say what it was from, we finally figured out it was a rug burn! I'm surprised he hadn't screamed when it happened.

0331 (Saturday) I got up and did a session on the elliptical. Keaton had a white board practice at 11:30. I dropped him off, then stopped at the library then returned the tux. I went grocery shopping while I was out, and just had time to take everything and put it away before going back to pick up Keaton. Gray had taken the three C's out to the coin store. Cooper has been OBSESSED with coins. He and Daddy had actually gone out yesterday to Maceys (then to GeneFullmer as they were close, to pickup Keaton and Jacob) trying to exchange dollar bills for gold dollar coins that Cooper didn't already have (and they did). Keaton's game was at 2:00. I jogged the track and got a big blister on my little toe. It was another easy win for the boys. Rested at home for a bit, then Callahan's Superleague game was at 6:00 (they won by 8, Callahan made a great half-court buzzer beater). We stopped for some KFC on the way to Gene Fullmer for his 8:00 game. I did jog ... or at least walk the track again. Easy win for the boys.

0330 (Friday) Hmmm ... what happened during the day ... writing in retrospect, I don't remember. I need to make sure and get my journal entries in early. I picked up Landon after school. Usually it's just him and Brayden, but today it was Spencer and Patrick too ... gotta prep for prom. Landon's date had actually checked out early! I had planned on picking up the corsage earlier in the day, but then Colton got busy playing with Regan after kindergarten and I didn't want to interrupt his fun. So after I picked up Callahan, Landon and I went to pick up the corsage (I had him drive again). Colton and Cooper went to the park with friends ... it was really windy, I was surprised the Cooper was ok with it. I had Landon quickly clean out the car (he didn't get to the back seat though, still visibly messy and then he got dressed. He was so hot he went downstairs where it was cooler. I took a couple of pictures and we headed out. It was a little hard to find the house. It was in Daybreak which has an interesting setup. She wanted us to come to the back (garage) which took additional turns through back streets and down an alley. The garages didn't have house numbers, just the fronts, so we had to drive around a bit. Landon went in while I waited. They (Maddie nor her mom) was able to get the boutiner on Landon, so they had me (I got it first try, yea!) and I asked the kids for one picture (and it turned out, yea) and I dropped them off at Sam's house. Back at home, the boys had basketball practice. Jacob's family dropped the boys off at 7:00 (Callahan went with them), we picked up at  8:00, then I went back for Callahan at 9:00. I was really tired and did fall asleep before Landon got home, but woke up around 11:45. He had said the dance ended at 10:00 and they weren't really doing anything after (Sam had to get home) so I wasn't expecting him to still be out. I wasn't really worried (I figured people had cell phones and would have called if there was an issue). He got home around 12:00 and said it was a great night.

0329 (Thursday) The dishwasher hasn't been cleaning well (really nothing new here, I'm cursed). Yesterday I had to run it again and stick have the things back in the sink. It's a DISHWASHER, I don't want to have to wash the dishes before putting them in! Anyway, I mentioned it to Gray in an email and he immediately called for a repairman to come.  So I didn't get a lot done in the morning, as I had to wait for him to come (I didn't dare go down and exercise, afraid I'd miss hearing the knock) and then wait while he looked at it. Hopefully it will work a little better, nothing big found (some trapped stuff). He left some samples of a better detergent. Colton went to Randon's after school and they went to the zoo. It rained some, but they had fun. I was a little late picking up Landon, which made me a little late picking up Callahan, which normally isn't an issue except that he had a dental/ortho appointment at 3:20. We went straight and he barely made it. I just dropped him and waited for the call that he was done. I actually got a call from the office saying he did have a cavity and with permission they would hurry and fix that. Then I went to pick him up and schedule the next appointment. I've always been really lucky to get after school appointments, but they didn't have any so we'll have to do an 8:00 in the morning one. He has gym first so he won't miss much. After we got back home, it was off to pick up the tux with Landon ... I had him drive. I had ordered the corsage in the morning, and when I tried to pay with Landon's card, it didn't work. I had called AmericaFirst and got it straightened out, so the tux was the first purchase on it. Prom tomorrow!

0328 (Wednesday) I've been really stiff the past few days, from my jogging the track on Saturday. It's finally worn off, so I did do weights today (so hopefully be a bit stiff tomorrow ... if I'm stiff it means I did something, right?) Carpools ... Callahan called and went home with Sam today. I experimented with a couple recipes off Pinterest ~ Chicken Enchiladas and Cheddar Biscuits. Gray, Cooper and I really liked the biscuits, Gray liked the enchiladas, Landon just thought they were so-so. Gray went and picked up Callahan which was very helpful, as I was in the middle of making dinner. His scouts started at 6:00, so Gray just dropped him off there. Olivia came over, I guess Landon had asked her about the possibility of a haircut, so she made a housecall, bringing Aiden too. She got Landon, Keaton, Colton and me (a little shorter than I would have liked, I'm a long hair gal). Callahan got home a little after 8:00, just in time to grab something to eat (the coconut goodies I had made) and was off to basketball practice.

0327 (Tuesday) Tuesday volunteering for Cooper's class. He was in tears coming in from recess, he had fallen. He took a while to calm down, poor kid. I corrected some papers and did a couple posters. Got done early enough to grab the car and pull it into the waiting area, which is easier than trying to walk through the parking lot with four little kids. I had planned on dropped Randon off at his grandma's, but he had been picked up instead. Colton was a little bored at home, so we went to Maceys. I had a couple checks to deposit at the bank there, and also needed to straighten out Landon's visa. I'd tried to activate in on Saturday before going to the tux fitting and there was a problem. Turns out as we hadn't activated the card or used the checking account since opening it a while back that it had closed. I figured it was something like that. I had them move the money from his savings to the checking so he could use it ... lots of prom expenses coming right up! Colton didn't like the wait at the bank, but enjoyed the sucker he got there. Then popcorn chicken and an ice cream cone at the deli, some "Easter Cakes" for a treat, and Smarties at the checkout. Also a balloon, although the first one flew away as soon as we stepped outside (we went back for another). Carpools x2...Callahan had gone to Stockton's after school. Cooper had scouts. Gray had a derby and Landon went to help ... he can use the money right now. I made some gingersnaps and took them to Stockton's family when I picked Callahan up. Such a social kid, he'd live at other's houses if he could.

0326 (Monday) The older boys didn't have school today with the end of the quarter. I made them help me clean the house to try and get it presentable, as we had an appraiser coming. We're trying to consolidate some debt and are refinancing the house. With the refinance, I also needed to produce my social security card, which I have NO idea where it is. So, I dropped Callahan and Travis off at Gene Fullmer then went into the SS office. Luckily it was right in Murray, by Red Robin. I can't believe I didn't bring a book (I had to wait about 20 minutes or so). While I was out I stopped at the day-old bread store, Blockbuster and Winco. So anyway, that should be coming. Home again, I didn't have the the high school and middle school carpools, but I did have to pick up the Columbia carpool, then get the boys from GF. In the evening I tried making some Brazilian Cheese bread which turned out pretty good. I tried a hot fudge cake, which did NOT turn out ... I hurried and put in some Otis for the family night treat.

0325 (Sunday) Mmmmmm, croissants for breakfast. Callahan was on deck to teach the lesson (to fulfill a scouting requirement) and  they (Gray and Callahan) weren't ready, so we bagged Sacrament Meeting. Landon actually did go a little late ... and Cooper went too! Without telling anyone, he just disappeared! I assumed that was where he had gone, but wanted to be sure, so I hurried over to the church but couldn't see them where we usually sit or anywhere else in the chapel. I finally found them on the other side in the foyer. That was an interesting start to the day. I did walk to church, but boy am I feeling my jogs from yesterday! I made Sunday Circles, Gray made pancakes too. Then it was naptime, but the boys were a little noisy. I finished up my show from yesterday, the elliptical was ok, but I was really dragging all day.

0324 (Saturday) Busy day! Callahan had his church ball game at 9:00. Last night, Brother Nixon (who usually coaches the Deacons/Teachers) said he had a conflict (the men won their game and also had a 9:00 game) and asked if Gray would coach. So Grayson came out, but BrotherCooley was already there taking charge and Gray was fine letting him do it. Unlike the first game, we had PLENTY of boys (13). BroC said that this was really a teacher's league, do deacons would get little (if any) playing time if we needed the bigger boys to win... which we did. The other team looked like it was all teachers, all with basketball skill, so it was a tough game. At the end, when it was obvious all was lost, some of the kids who hadn't played did get a turn. It was a beating and not very fun. I went directly to Landon's game, which was pretty much a repeat (of the beating). They only had six players again, and they were tired. Oh well, that's the end of church ball this year. It'd had Callahan catch a ride home (Gray had left early) as it was scouting for food today. I had forgotten to set anything out in the rush this morning. Landon and I hurried home from the game, he took a quick shower, and then we were off to his tux fitting. So he's now set for Prom next Friday (we'll pick up the tux Thursday). When we got back, Gray had taken Cooper out to the bank and coin shop, they also came home with a craft box to hold all his coins. While all the boys have been interested in the coins, Cooper has really been obsessed with them. I should have hit a baby shower, but I was dragging so. I just needed to lay down for a few moments, before taking Keaton to his game at 3:00. I had been a little worried about the game, as our team is so small (several 4th graders in this 5th/6th leauge), but it was an easy win. As Keaton doesn't seem to care about the videos as much (and I admit, I am a bit videoed out, and after having videoed both church games in the morning my hand was tired!) I've decided to go back to jogging the track at Gene Fullmer. It's been a while, but I got in five miles during the game. Home again for a bit, then it was off to Callahan's game. He fell asleep in the car on the way. I videoed this game and the boys did great and got the win. We went straight to GF for the next game. I went ahead and jogged (ok, I walked most of the time) during the game. My feet were SO sore and I was feeling it in my legs, knees and hip too. I actually hit 30K in the first time in who knows how long, I was looking forward to a footrub but ... didn't happen :(    Landon had gone to a friend's for some Prom planning, so hopefully they have it all set for next week.

0323 (Friday) Slept in a little as Callahan has late start. I don't really "sleep" in, just stay in bed. I am awake, so I really should just get up and get started on the day. After I dropped Callahan at school I stopped at Kohls on the way home, as I had a 30% off coupon and a $10 off coupon. I found some clothes for me, making it home just in time for Colton's kindergarten carpool to pull up. Colton asked it Nathan and Ambree could stay and play, so I said ok. I did need to make a run to the grocery store, so around 1:30 I dropped the kids back home and Colton and I went to Reams. I needed to get home and unload before heading out to get Landon, and we were early, it was just a little after 2:00. I saw some kids walking home (young kids) and then remembered it was Friday, early day. I figured if Keaton and Cooper beat us home, they could just open the garage and go in ... then I remembered I was on pickup duty today (Shaw was recovering from surgery) so I whipped around and actually got to the school about when I would have if I had remembered! The kids were close to being stranded though, it had completely slipped my mind. I picked up Landon and Callahan. Kid chaos after school as usual on Fridays. Jacob did get on Keaton's basketball team, which is great. Helped out tonight, as his family was able to drive to practice, while I took Landon to his game, leaving Callahan tending the little ones (Gray wasn't home yet). Landon's group had five boys, but only five. I was a little worried because the other team had a dozen boys (all Asian except one ... apparently the sole white boys was the only one who was actually a member of the church). It was a close game, but our boys got the win and move on, with a game at 10:00 tomorrow. Callahan had left to go to the movie "Hunger Games" with Travis. I went to Gene Fullmer to pick up Keaton and Jacob, as Klint had a 2-hour practice for them tonight.

0322 (Thursday) It was Grandparent's Day at the elementary school. I had let Maga know about it a bit ago, but she had a presentation and wasn't sure if she would be able to make it. I sent an email just that morning to my parents and they sounded like they would come out. I went over early to help a little and snag Colton before he got out of kindergarten. My parents came and did the pictures and lunch and then Keaton and Cooper went out to play for lunch recess. Pam did show, so I went out to bring Keaton and Cooper back in, but they were both wanting to go back out to play so they didn't hang around long (I got a quick picture but they weren't willing to take a school one). Cooper ... such a different little boy than the little weather worrier who spent all of his recesses in the office just a few months ago. Back home for just a bit, then carpools x3. Callahan had his region churchball game at 6:00, we headed out with Travis and Steve and Matthew were there, but that was only four boys, and five were needed. They were about to call a forfeit (actually they DID) when the twins showed up, with Dylan soon after. It was decided that they would be allowed to play for the win, and they did win.  Grayson had gone to a derby, with Landon to help. Keaton had stayed home and tended. When we got back from the game there were a dozen kids playing in the front yard, the garages wide open ...

0321 (Wednesday) Still really dragging ... should have been "weight lifting Wednesday" but I just didn't feel up to it. Mom had added some stuff to Dropbox and wanted me to add dates and I ended up spending more time on the computer than I should have. We had left the bandage on Keaton's foot for the morning, sending him to school with one of Callahan's slip-ons. After school we took off the bandages and had him soak it (and had him shower) and rebandaged it. He was doing fine, even playing outside. His scouts were doing a hike that evening which I thought would be too much for him. It worked out well, because I did need someone to watch the little boys as I took Callahan to his basketball game in the evening (we left at 8:00, Landon and Gray were still gone to their scouts). It was another game at Jordan High, with Coach Price's team, facing elimination. Our team just seemed lacking energy again. Callahan only got two points. We lost, but no one seemed overly sad about it. Thus ends the State Tournament, and that does make Friday night less complicated (as Keaton has practice and Landon has a churchball game).

0320 (Tuesday) The usual carpool couldn't drive this morning, so I dropped the kids off at school and then stopped by Smiths to pick up some prescriptions. My thyroid medication has no more refills, so I'm going to have to made a doctor appointment, oh bother. Home for a bit then back to the school for my usual volunteering in Cooper's class. I brought home kindergarten carpool and had Randon stay for a playdate. Then afternoon carpools, although I didn't have to go back to Columbia again, as Shay said she'd pick up (as she wouldn't be able to Thurs/Fri like she usually does). But today was a good day for that little break. I thought Cooper had scouts, I wasn't thinking that it SHOULD have been pack meeting and that it had been cancelled. I had a doctor appointment for Keaton for his wart on his foot. We decided to just have it scooped out, rather than the medication/blister route. It was pretty painful for poor Keaton, hopefully it will heal quickly and won't come back. At home, Gray was leaving for a derby. Landon was the only boy available to go, but with Prom coming up, he was willing (and it was Clay's ward). Gray forgot the loop though, so I had to run it out. I took Colton out too and left him there to race and play with cousins. Callahan had a game in the evening, 9:00 start time. I was so tired! It was out at Jordan High School. It was more of a challenge than expected, I thought the other team was quite good and fast. But we got the win, although Callahan was held to just 5 points, all free throws.

0319 (Monday) Back to the routine, but I'm just not being able to get back on the exercise/eating bandwagon. Just dragging so much! Did a little store run in the morning, went to the bread store and Blockbuster, then Walmart. Carpools, then ran Callahan to practice at the high school at 5:00, picked him up around 6:30. Made black bean and spinach enchiladas for dinner, at least for Gray and Landon.

0318 (Sunday) Croissants for breakfast, mine was extra yummy this morning. I played for junior and senior primary today, the day really dragged on. Made Sunday Circles when we got home and the sleepies hit me hard. I went ahead and took a Sunday afternoon nap and it was wonderful! Gray came in for a bit and napped too. Made french dip for dinner. Landon made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, taking some to friends tomorrow.

0317 (Saturday) St. Patrick's Day ... Cooper wore all green. Colton came in crying saying he didn't have green pants. I assured him that a green shirt was just fine. I started on some baking, as we were going to go to a family party later in the evening. I had made some ChexMix yesterday, and started on some brownies in the morning. Callahan had a basketball 3-point contest over at the church, the best from about a dozen stakes. Callahan did fine, although not one of the top winners. I finished up the brownies and made some cookie press cookies, as Keaton has been wanting them. My feet were tired, so I laid down for just a bit, then got up and made sure I had everything for tonight. Chris was willing to take some of my freezer stuff (things we weren't going to use that I didn't want to just throw out) so I packed up a cooler with all that. Alicia wanted me to bring the Fablehaven books, and traded me some she had read she thought I might enjoy (which worked out well, as I just finished up "The Help" today and was ready to start something new). Then the treats I'd made. Landon had a party (actually two of them, bummer they were on the same night) so I dropped him off at Sam's house, then back home we all packed up and were off to Callahan's game. This was the first Superleague game, with Mason and Rowland back. It was an easy win for our boys. Keaton had fun hanging out with other little brothers Conner and Chad. Then we went to my folks, met Chris' Kim and her kids and ate too many treats. I was pretty tired and was a little down.

0316 (Friday) Late start for Callahan on Fridays, so when I don't have to run him as early, I do tend to sleep in ... so late start getting started on any exercise. Only got in 40 minutes today. Updated the blog with Colton's tooth loss, and he ended up losing another one today too. Carpools in the afternoon, then I took Callahan to a friend's to work on a homework assignment (watching a musical and doing a report on it). They ended up just watching "High School Musical" ... I should have pressed him to watch something new, like "Joseph" or "Annie" or "Wizard of Oz" or something. Ironically, while he was gone, the Hyer girls came over to play the piano (a performance requirement) so if Callahan had been home he would have had a mini concert here! When Gray got home, we went out to an Italian place I'd bought a Groupon too (where Mountain Mikes used to be). It was fine, but didn't compare to Johnny Carinos, Bucca or Olive Garden, although we could just walk in on a Friday night.

0315 (Thursday) I did do weights yesterday, although not as much arms, as I pulled a muscle or something in my right shoulder last Wednesday and it still isn't quite back. I'm feeling the weight workout in my legs though. Spent a little time cleaning today, the desk in the bedroom is much better now. Sometimes I get so discouraged with housework, and especially if Gray is busy and not even around, but I knew he'd be home tonight and for the weekend, so I wanted to try and get something somewhat presentable. Actually got the desk in our room so you could see it. Made chicken pillows for dinner, and tried a chocolate chewy cookie I found on Pinterest, but it didn't really work out well (although Cooper liked them). Callahan had practice at 5:00, then was invited to come play with the school's 8th grade team at 9:00. I guess half the team was in St. George with a baseball tournament and they needed bodies. I went to watch, and there were only six boys. Callahan started and did ok, although it was obvious the level of play was a step up (bigger/faster kids being a year older). He got one great basket in, but missed a couple other shots, so didn't make quite the impact he would have liked for this opportunity. The team's point guard did come in late, so Callahan didn't get a lot of playing time after that, which was fine. The game was close and went into double overtime but ended in a win.

0314 (Wednesday ) Just not feeling motivated lately, for exercise or eating. Gray had been trying to get back into it and having a harder time than usual. Everyone is just dragging, I wonder if some of it is because of the time change? Callahan fell sleep yesterday and I had to wake him up for his game. Today Landon was napping on the couch. Gray came home early from work to catch a quick nap before his derby. The boys had young men's, so he didn't have any help tonight. The original activity fell through, so the boys played dodgeball, which was just fine by them. Callahan had basketball practice for Klint's Superleague team, which is way out in Sandy. Luckily, they are carpooling and were able to pick up Callahan as I wouldn't have been able to get him anywhere, as I was home alone with the little boys.  

0313 (Tuesday) Colton had a field trip today. They had called, needing an extra parent, but I was already committed for my weekly volunteering in Cooper's class. I did bring Randon home from school and had him over for a playdate. Carpools, then Gray helped Tony and son with a derby car. I took Callahan to a basketball game (AAU State Tournament) and the boys won.

0312 (Monday) I actually like Mondays, my motivation and willpower are usually higher after the weekend. I did good on eating (at least for the first half of the day) and exercise. Carpools in the afternoon. I was really late picking up the Columbia kids, because there was an accident there at 7800 and Bangerter which had things really backed up. I finally turned around and went the other way, but I was over 20 minutes late!  Jazz game in the evening. Callahan's friend needed a ride and we had room, so he came (and that gave us another ticket) ... even with two extra tickets, the other boys (and I) didn't really want to go. Callahan invited Travis, so Gray, Callahan, Cooper, Luis and Travis went to the game. Jazz won.

0311 (Sunday) Croissants for breakfast, I usually only put out four, but I put out six this morning and they all got eaten. With the time change (DaylightSavings) I didn't get a workout in, but did walk to church. It was stake conference, so I saw Stephanie (Phippen) Cooper there. Sunday Circles after church, then Gray tried some Argentinian steak (prepping for a YMs activity) and a tri-tip roast. I'd marinated some chicken, but it had already been slightly flavored and neither Gray nor I cared for it, although the kids didn't say anything.  Very few steps today ...

0310 (Saturday) Clay came over in the morning to have Gray help with some derby cars for a youth activity. Addie and Will game too. Callahan had his first game of the day at 12:00. It was the championship game for the Junior Jazz tournament at Gene Fullmer. It was a pretty close game, 18-20 at the half. Maga, Ana and her kids came to watch, and Gray showed up at half. We did pull away for the win at the end. There was a little yelling at the refs from both sides, and afterwards, there was a bit of an altercation between some parents. That casts a bit of a pall on things. Back I home, I got a present ready and walked Colton (and Bradley) to Randon's birthday party. Callahan's next game was at 4:00 at Bingham. They lost. We went over to West Jordan for their next game at 6:00, they won that one (by ONE). Gray called to say he was heading to the store, did I need anything. I told him milk and bananas ... he came home with croissants too! He went all the way to "The Store" ...

0309 (Friday) There was an honor roll assembly over at the elementary today. Colton's note said 9:15, while the other boys were at 10:00. Because I had to get Callahan to school around 9:30, I told Colton I wouldn't be there for his. I dropped Callahan and rushed over to the school and made it just in time to hear them call Colton's name. I snapped a picture, but he seemed to be in a bad mood and wouldn't smile. The assembly for the older two finished right at the same time as Kindergarten getting out, so I took all the kids home. Colton ended up going to play at Randon's house. I had a little snafu at Highschool carpool. Brayden wasn't there (and he's always right on time). He has skipped carpool before, usually letting me know by text. I didn't have a message on my cell phone and wondered if maybe he had texted to my TextFree (which I don't have access to on the road). At home, I checked my text free and there was a message saying he was running late, so I had left him. I felt so bad. He was able to reach his dad for a ride home. I'll double check and give him a call if there is a next time. There were just lots of things going wrong today. Keaton and Callahan had an altercation that had me on edge. In the evening, Callahan had one game at 6:00, one at 7:00 which was across town. We went to the first game (AAU with CoachPrice) and played until 6:40, then took off to reach the other location by 7:00. I knew I wouldn't get there as fast (as I don't take the freeway and am very conservative and thought I might get lost) so I sent Callahan with Parker's family. They got there just in time to start (I was several minutes late, it was 15-5 when I got there). Gray had come straight from work, Maga was there, and my folks came too (I had let them know it was at Hollady-Lions, which was close by their house). I had thought it would be a little more challenging of a game; they just couldn't defend against our center, Jared had a great game! Final game tomorrow ... against the "Thunder", the team we played in our first game of the tournament.  At home, Landon had left to ask a girl to Prom, leaving Keaton tending alone. He was a little nervous being home alone at night. Callahan and I stopped at 7-11 for slurpees and some Takii chips for Keaton.

0308 (Thursday) Our usual carpool in the morning was out of town, so I dropped the little boys off to school then went on to Maceys. They had some sales on Gogurt, cookies and pizza rolls. I needed milk, but knew it was less expensive at Sam'sClub, and I needed gas, so I hit that store too. After kindergarten, Randon came over to play. I dropped them both off at Randon's as I headed out for carpools. Today is Randon's birthday and they were going to Hollywood Connection and had invited Colton to go along. Lucky boy, he has been invited to do so many fun things with their family. I dropped Callahan off at the high school for basketball practice at 5:00, I made a quick stop at the library, then went to the elementary school for PT Conferences. Nothing but nice from the teachers about all three boys, which is always good to hear. Callahan had a game at 8:00 at Hunter Jr. High, I picked him up from practice (it had ended early but he hadn't called to let me know). Brandon was coming along to watch the game, as was Keaton (as other little brothers Chad and Conner usually come too). Luckily we found the place without difficulty. It was an easy game. We were interested in the game after, as we'd be playing the winner the next night. It was made even more interesting when I saw Gray's Uncle Roger, and soon after, Cousin Angie, whose oldest was playing on the Riverton team. It was fun catching up with them and would be even more fun if we ended up playing them tomorrow night! We stayed and watched the game for a bit, both teams were good and it was a pretty even match. Riverton had won in the first matchup earlier in the tournament, but the other team (BlueClues) ended up with the win.

0307 (Wednesday) Gotta get back to getting things done, too much time spent browsing on the computer.  Did get in some cardio. Should have done weights today, but put it off until the evening and then didn't feel up to it. I tried a new recipe (bacon wrapped chicken) for dinner but didn't have it quite ready before the boys and hubby had to leave for scouts ... Triple D, the favorite activity.

0306 (Tuesday) ACT testing at the high school for Juniors, so sophomores and seniors had a late start, not needing to be to school until 11:30. Landon went for a run (a SIX mile run!) and then I drove the carpool to school instead of my usual volunteer shift in Cooper's class. Got home in time to welcome Colton from kindergarten, and we had Randon over for a playdate. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and sent some home with him. Carpools in the afternoon ... it's turned really cold and windy, driving past the temple where there is a lot of construction, there was so much dirt flying in the air I could barely see. And close to the school, I hit a huge sagebrush which got stuck under the car. Landon removed it before we headed home. I went a little early to pick up the elementary kids. Usually I'm a little late, because now that the playground is up, they like to play for a few minutes and I can avoid the crowds. I thought Cooper might be concerned with the overcast skies and the wind, but he wanted to play. He's doing so much better!  He had scouts after school which he was actually happy to go to. It's great! I made manacotti for dinner (for Gray and Landon anyway) and chicken alfredo skillet for the rest of us.

0305 (Monday) Got the kids off to school then ran to Walmart for a little grocery shopping. On the way home I had to drive through a huge puddle at 7800 S and 4000 W, but I was lucky to be able to get through (it looked like the street had exploded NB and the water was gushing from the ground). The street was completely closed off while it was repaired, so I had to take alternate routes to get Callahan from school. Made a lemon jello cake for dessert, which Landon and Keaton snuck a slice of before dinner - which was Hawaiian Haystacks. Grayson loves them, I just eat chicken and gravy over rice.

0304 (Sunday) Callahan was sick in the night (I did hear him, but figured he'd come get me if he needed me. Landon actually heard him and helped grab a bucket and a towel). We let him stay home from church and I stayed with him. He just rested and it seemed like a one time thing. His ankle is bothering him quite a bit though (from the game last night?) so hope that doesn't cause issues as there are a LOT of games coming up this weekend. I was really hoping they would be a little more spread out, but no. Junior Jazz championship finishing up, and the StateAAU starting up. With three extra extra hours, I got in a little extra cardio, and Gray and I went on a nice long walk in the afternoon. The weather was lovely.

0303 (Saturday) Gray and Landon went over to the church, as the scouts had cleaning duty. Callahan should have gone too, but we needed to head out to the Funshot competition. I had it all Mapquested and thought I was ok, but I got lost and had to call Gray. Part was me misreading something, but also it didn't say you had to turn left again on the instructions. I have no idea why the region competition was held at this location (American Prep Academy) ... hard to find, no parking, not much seating, not a great court. It took two hours to get through all the kids. Callahan came in third for the 7th/8th division ... they didn't have any sort of award, not even a certificate or anything. 1st place goes onto the finals at Energy Solutions. Mason came in second, missing first by just one point (79, 78, 75 were the top three scores). Got back home and ran Colton and buddies to a birthday part (for Mara), I quickly gathered up some scrapbook stuff for a belated birthday gift for Kiana too. I really need to go through all my scrapbooking stuff, I've got SO much just sitting there. Back home again to take off with Callahan to his next Junior Jazz game. It was at Hunter High, we left early and found it fine. Another easy win. Callahan went home with Steven and hung out with him for a while. Landon wanted to go to Sam's house around 7:00 (had even made homemade oreo dough to take), so I dropped him off and picked Callahan up, then back again at 10:00 to pick up Landon when his evening ended.

0302 (Friday) Pitiful steps ... blame Pinterest and having the older boys home from school. It just throws off the routine. Early out for the elementary too. More snow, quite a bit on the ground,  the kids out riding behind the sleds again and this time the older boys joined in too. I did a quick run to Sam's for milk. Gas has sure jumped in price this week (like $.20 since Monday!) Callahan had a basketball game in the evening, first of his Junior Jazz tournament. It was in Magna and I was a little nervous about driving there so I asked Gray to take us. The drive wasn't too bad, I probably would have been ok, but I think Gray enjoyed watching Callahan play. They won. Another game tomorrow as well as the Funshot competition. Church ball got cancelled and Callahan was actually happy, because he was so sad he was going to miss it. It was just SO strange to hear him say "yes" when I told him there wasn't a game in the morning.

0301 (Thursday) Pinterest took up some time today :) ... Had Randon over for a playdate at the house after kindergarten. The other day Randon's family invited Colton to go sledding, being pulled behind the Razor. They did it again today. Carpools, then basketball practice for Callahan ... then playdate for him (ok, "hanging out" with these older kids) *Ü* The older boys don't have school tomorrow, so the boys wanted a "late night" ... but the younger kids still have school and hubby and I are early to bedders. We let them stay until 9:00. Hubby and Keaton were actually gone to a derby most of the night anyway.

0229 (Wednesday) Leap Year ... an extra day. Been trying to eat better, and was successful the last couple of days. Didn't do as well today, although it wasn't a complete splurge. Got in cardio and weights, but also spent time online on GoodReads and Pinterest, which I had resisted until now. Carpools in the afternoon, although I didn't have to pick up Landon, as he'd gone to see Herriman play in the championships (they lost though). The boys had scouts in the evening (Jazz game for Landon, this time his team won). Got hit with a pretty good snowstorm!

0228 (Tuesday) Volunteered in Cooper's class, kindergarten carpool, then afternoon carpools. Gray and Keaton had a derby in the evening. Callahan and I went to his parent/teacher conference.

0227 (Monday) Back to the routine. Weight is up after a bad eating weekend. Need to get back on track with eating (although I've never really been good about it, but gotta do better!) Grayson seems to be turning a corner and getting back into workouts and better eating, so that should help me too. Had a decent day today with both exercise and eating. Carpools in the afternoon. Gray was home a little early as he made a stop in at the coin store. I ran to Sam's for milk, and filled up on gas (which has jumped up again, $3.19 most places, Sam's was $3.03). It was snowing when I came out. Callahan had gone to watch the West Hills girls play at Bennion with Brandon. I was on pickup duty at 8:00. Still snowing a bit.

0226 (Sunday) I miss sleeping in on Sundays. I had done a little cleaning in the freezer and found four last croissants, which I had put out to rise for a quick breakfast. Church, then Sunday circles. Callahan had a birthday meeting with the bishop, and Gray and the older boys went back for a trek fireside at 6:00. I got in some cardio during the day and did a weight workout while they were gone ... they were expecting homemade oreos, and I disappointed them. Landon ended up making them. Gray and I watched "Take Shelter" and ate popcorn. Yummy!

0225 (Saturday) Pow Wow again, but it's the last week. Callahan had an 11:00 game, so I had to pick him up from his scouting thing. Luckily it worked out perfectly, the boys had just stepped outside as I pulled up. The basketball game was against the #1 team, and once again they beat us pretty bad. They are a very good team, and their coach said even HE hadn't seen them shoot like that before. They've been playing together since 3rd grade. After the game, Callahan and I went to Gene Fullmer. Gray had taken Keaton there for the FunShot competition. Keaton did fine, in the upper half (70 something). Braxton was in the top three. Then it was the older boys turn. Mason took it again (as he has for the past few years) but Callahan tied for second. Regionals are next week, but between church ball and a tournament game, I'm not sure if we'll be able to fit it in. Callahan then had me drop him off at a friend's to watch their church ball game and just hang out. He is SUCH a social kid. We had a pretty quiet evening at home, the boys watching the NBA dunk contest and such. Finally picked up Callahan around 8:30. Gray and I watched "Moneyball" and ate yummy popcorn.

0224 (Friday) French Toast Friday ... got the boys off to school. Colton was home from kindergarten for a bit, then he was invited out to go to the SafeKidsFair with Randon's family. Kiana stopped by, dropping of an invite to a birthday party for Mara for next Saturday, and she was willing to take some of my old magazines I was getting rid of off my hands. I do so prefer to give something away to someone who might use it than to just throw things in the garbage. High school carpool in the afternoon ... Callahan called and went to a friend's house after. Gray got home early (5:00ish) and we still owed the kids a trip to Red Robin (postponed from Tuesday, Callahan's birthday) so we went and grabbed Cal from his friend's house and headed out. We hit a lot of traffic on the way, but beat the restaurant rush.

0223 (Thursday) Tired this morning, Grayson had gotten up to go running and I didn't even hear him leave (usually I'm a very light sleeper and am aware of everything). After the kids left I went to Walmart, just picking up a few things for us, and BBQ fixings for Gray's work. Got in some cardio, but feeling the weight workout from yesterday, which always slows me down a little. Afternoon carpools, brought a friend home with Callahan, but just for a couple hours as he had practice at 5:00. Gray and Keaton went to do a derby.

0222 (Wednesday) Got the kids off to school and ran to Kohls. Had a 20% off and $10 off coupon that was expiring. Clearance was an additional 25% off too. Not that we NEEDED anything, but I found a nice jacket and some shirts for Landon. Had all three carpools in the afternoon. Got my weight workout in. Callahan left early for scouts, they were going up to the capitol, and Maga met up with them. Gray, Landon and Keaton had scouts too. Cooper watched the Jazz game, which was lost in a buzzer beater. Grayson was wiped out and hit the sack early, I stayed up and paid bills and got the garbages out ... just in time for a storm to roll in. It was pretty windy, luckily I had thrown away a bunch of magazines and that weighted down the recycling. I've tied the small basketball hoop to the raingutter, so it actually didn't fall over either (I was a little afraid it might pull the raingutter off the house). Cooper was already asleep, I wonder if it would have affected him badly.

0221 (Tuesday) Happy birthday Callahan! I had picked up a TF-1000 basketball for him, that was his main gift. Gave him some gum and candy too. Went in to Cooper's class for my weekly volunteering; corrected some papers. It is gratifying to see that Cooper is at the top of his class academically and seems to be doing so much better socially too. Brought home kindergarten carpool. Colton and I went to Macey's ... he was pretty happy to get popcorn chicken, an ice cream cone and a balloon. Didn't have high school carpool as Landon was staying after for an activity and then for basketball games. Picked up Callahan, who was then invited over to a friends, so I ended up dropping him off at Stockton's then heading over to the elementary for that pickup.  I made some homemade oreos, and we had some cookies&cream ice cream cake. I took Callahan (and Keaton) to the Nike store to see if they had some socks Callahan wanted, but they didn't. They I had to run pick up Landon from the basketball game at Herriman.

0220 (Monday) Presidents Day. The kids were out of school, but Landon still had to get up early to do flags. Gray worked a half day. I was prepping to make pancakes, but the kids talked me into taking them to Virg's, which we had done last year. We actually breakfast for six for $20 (I did have a coupon). We didn't have much on deck during the day. Colton got invited to go to the park with Randon, pulling sleds behind the Razor. I bundled him up in snowpants, boots, the whole deal. He looked cute and said it was "the best day of his entire life" ... even better than Disneyland. Callahan was invited out to Brendan's (ending up at Stockton's). I was really craving Mountain Mikes, so I talked everyone into going out for pizza for dinner.

0219 (Sunday) Stake Conference today ... so, more time for Sunday Circles. In the afternoon we headed up to Pam's. A brought a cake and we sang to him for his upcoming birthday. Gray took a few of us out too look at a couple of his houses he's building. They are nice. Middle Earth is such an ordeal though, I can't even comprehend what moving would be like, plus other issues ...

0218 (Saturday) Gray, Callahan and Keaton were off for pow wow in the morning. I headed out, dropping a big load at DI, then hitting Blockbuster, the bread store, Big5, Reams and Dunford. Gray hit Dunford too, we had double dozen donuts day! Keaton had his Tae Kwon Do graduation, but he didn't get home from scouts in time. Gray and I went out with my folks to Texas Roadhouse, then they came over for some games and visiting. They also took home a bunch of stuff (some for them, some for Chris). Callahan had gone with friends and I finally called around 9:00 and went and picked him up. Gray and I watched a DVD and ate popcorn.

0217 (Friday) Late start for Callahan, which usually equates into a late start for me too. Did get some french toast made for the elementary kids (Cal got up too late to get any). Dropped him to school, and Colton was home soon after. He and I went to Sam'sClub, found some TGIF chips the boys love (small bags) so I picked up a couple boxes. Picked up Landon, then Callahan ... but Callahan didn't want to come home, he wanted to go to the Copper Hills basketball games with some friends. I went ahead and dropped him off at the high school with a little cash and my cell phone. Keaton had a birthday party at FunN Motion at 5:00, so I dropped him off there, picked him up from the kids house at 8:00, picked up Callahan around 9:00, taking a few friends home along the way.

0216 (Thursday) Did some blog and video, more middle earth. Didn't get in as much cardio as usual. Colton went to play at Randon's again. Carpools, then an ortho appointment for Callahan. I dropped him on the way to pick up Columbia carpool, dropped them off and got back to the ortho office just as he finished up. He had a church ball game at 6:00, we all went to watch ... Landon ended up coaching! They were winning, so we left early to drop Callahan off at practice at Copper Hills, then went to West Jordan for the Jazz Player appearance. Cooper was so excited. It was Devon Harris. It went fine, but last year it seemed the kids participated a bit more (it was most of the same activities, so I'm trying to remember what they did different). Got a call from Callahan that there was NOT practice after all as the gyms were in use. He ended up going home with Steven and I picked him up there after.

0215 (Wednesday) Didn't have a lot on deck today. Colton ended up having a playdate after school. I got in some exercise and middle earth movement...but it actually looks the afternoon I started getting calls and emails from the school. Apparently the police got an anonymous tip that some one was going to "shoot up" either Herriman or Riverton high school. Both school were locked down while an investigation took place. The kids got out over 30 minutes late, which made me late for getting Callahan too. So interesting afternoon. Picked up the Columbia carpool. The older boys had scouts. I did a quick store run to pick up sundae stuff for Gray's group. He took the new little helicopter and said it was a hit.

0214 (Tuesday) V-Day. Landon's registration was due. I wish we'd had a little more time to look over things and figure some stuff out :( not feeling super good about it. Also had some party planning stuff. Cooper's teacher had finally contacted me yesterday. Got the boys off to school then I went there at 9:30 for Cooper's class. I was the only parent helper, so we just divided into two groups. I little large but it worked ok. Did Bingo, Don't Eat Pete and Musical Hearts. Glad just to have it over at this point. I had a bunch of other games and such, but I guess we'll just pack those away for another year. More Middle Earth and then carpools. Callahan had a couple friends come over after school. I had three remaining passes to Fun N Motion, which SO SAD is going out of business. I guess I'm really not that surprised. I wish it would have lasted through the summer though.  I dropped the boys off there, then took my remaining four next door to Fantastic Sams. The boys have been needing their haircut and I just figured this time I'd save Gray the trouble.  It was the first salon cut for the younger three. They all look very handsome and the little ones liked it. Went back around 7:30 to pick up Cal, Stock and Steven. Dropped the two home. There was a bad accident there at 90th and 40th. Landon made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies that he's taking to friends at school tomorrow. For v-day, Gray brought home chocolates. I had picked up a small rc helicopter and "Ghost Town" DVD for him.

0213 (Monday) D-Day ... made the run to DI to drop off the stuff.  I had added to the load too. Valentines Day is tomorrow and I don't know what the plan is for the parties at school, so that's stressful. The teachers finally contacted me and I guess we have it figured out. I'll be the only parent helper at Cooper's, Keaton's class won't have any (it's later, when I have carpools, so ...). Landon was asking for a family night dinner, we ended up going out to Mountain Mikes. It had been a while. We drove separately then Callahan and I went on to his game at West Jordan. They won easily. Next game will be just trying NOT to get killed. We had to detour on the way home, there was another pedestrian/train accident (fatality) at the same crossing. It shuts everything down for a few hours, but it's ironic that both times I happened to be driving home that route right after. Maga was at the house, she'd come out to drop of some Valentine gifts (AngryBird Blankets) for the boys.

0212 (Sunday) Sssssssunday...D-Day. I think that was the last of the Christmas croissants for breakfast. Gloomy day, rain turned to snow. Spent several hours in middle earth. Very sad to pack my books away. Had a load of stuff for DI, even took a trip out to drop them off, but no drop-offs on Sunday. I should have known. Have to go out again tomorrow :( Got in a bit of cardio. Watched a DVD and ate much popcorn.

0211 (Saturday) No basketball today, but Gray and Callahan were up and off early for pow-wow. Keaton ended up going too a little later. Landon was good and got right to his jobs (bathroom and dishwasher) and then asked me to go get donuts, so I did. Gray took the boys to a coin store in the afternoon. Coin collection has become an interest of late. Then Gray and I went to Red Robin for a date, we didn't get out all last month. We played a little ping pong ... then the battle of MiddleEarth began :(  It's completely overwhelming. TOM too.

0210 (Friday) Late start for Callahan ... he had ended up sleeping out on the couch last night. Harder to sleep in when he's in the middle of everything. Made French Toast for breakfast. After dropping Callahan off I went back up to Harmon's and rectified my coupon credit and filled up with gas. Stopped at a dollar store on the way home too. It's a little hard to run errands, having to be back for early out kindergarten. Colton has enjoyed having Bradley around a little more (he's off-track, usually in full-day kindergarten). Carpools x2. Callahan and Landon had games in the evening. I went and watched and videoed. Landon's team lost, but Landon had a pretty good game.

0209 (Thursday) Not feeling very motivated today, for eating, exercise or anything :( Did spend some time on the blog and organizing a bit. A little laundry. Carpools x2. Landon had a chuch ball game at 6:00, Callahan went to watch. I came back and picked him up a little later to get him to his basketball practice at 7:00. Pickup at 9:00, shower and to bed.

0208 (Wednesday) After the boys got off to school I made a store run. Picked up a bunch of fruit snacks for $1 (or so I thought, I didn't get all my coupon credits, so I'll have to make a trip back :(  I hate that!). Then I had to spend some time in the food room putting everything away. I picked up kindergarten carpool today as Randon was home sick. Carpools x3 in the afternoon. A bit of drizzle going on. Cooper had actually seen that the forecast called for rain and had a small meltdown in the morning, but it was more like snow. I made sure I was at the school early so he didn't have to wait in it. Scouts started a bit earlier, at 6:30. The older group dressed up for an etiquette dinner, and Keaton went swimming.

0207 (Tuesday) Feeling my weight workout from yesterday. Not enough that it's really getting in the way of anything, but I can tell I workout out. Quads are sore. I was really going to try and up the exercise and eat better ... but I'm just STARVING and I get the sugar shakes ... must have some sugar! I can sure eat, didn't end up doing well at all today, although I think I should have expended as much as I took in. Got some stuff done around the house, then went to the school for my Tuesday volunteering in Cooper's class. Put up a bulletin board in the hallway, corrected some papers and sharpened some pencils. Brought home kindergarten carpool and had Randon over for a playdate. Carpools x3. Cooper had scouts and went willingly. Didn't have a whole lot on deck for the evening. I used up the leftover roll dough to make scones.

0206 (Monday) Back to the routine. Ironically, Cooper slept in later today than he has any of the off-track days. All the little boys were up and ready in plenty of time though. I got in cardio and weights and did some cleanup/laundry. Did a little blog catch-up as well. All three carpools in the afternoon. As we didn't do our usual Sunday Circles yesterday, I made them today for dinner. Gray stopped at Costco (replenishing our Otis supply) and got some milk and eggs, saving me a trip to the store.

0205 (Sunday) I wish I could have slept in ... I was still so tired at 8:00, but I got up and got some rolls rising and the chicken marinating. I had made the roll dough last night, and set some cinnamon rolls rising. I wasn't sure if being left out all night would be too long (they would rise and fall) but they didn't really seem to rise much at all. I wasn't sure if I had a bad batch, but the rolls I made in the morning sure rose big! I didn't quite make it before church started, so Gray and the boys went without me and I went late. After church, we didn't do our usual Sunday Circles, but went straight for steak and Superbowl BBQ.  It was so yummy. Gray has spoiled me some for steakhouses, because Gray really makes it to perfection. Then Gray and I took our now standard Sunday afternoon nap. Then, although we aren't really Superbowl fans, we did turn the game on, although Gray and I ended up watching a DVD and pigging out on popcorn ... Back on track tomorrow, hopefully in more ways than just school ( ... eating, exercise, etc.)

0204 (Saturday) Games started early. 8:00 for Landon ... I was there with video camera ready, but the kids didn't get the win or many highlights. Callahan's game was after at 9:00, and it was close, but they got the win (with Callahan staying to finish, missing the first part of his Junior Jazz game ... but he did make the difference there at the end). We headed straight to his next game, where of course the team was killing as usual. I did get a team picture after. Then it was home to get everyone off for the 12:00 hour. Gray took Colton and Cooper to Columbia for games, and Landon went too for his ref shift. Maga and Rex came to watch, so they got to see all three boys in action. I took Keaton to his championship game. They had been undefeated in the season,  but suffered a big defeat here. The kids just were NOT on. Keaton had a rough game (they were fouling him hard, he hit the ground time after time). He had a hard time emotionally, but I did managed to get the kids to smile for a team picture after (although we were missing a couple of kids). I had burned the four games I had made videos of to DVD and handed them out. Callahan's game was at 2:00, Maga and Rex came after Cooper's game finished up (so they saw four Blackham Boys in action). The other team was pretty big and good! Callahan hadn't been to the game when we played them in the season. It was a bad first quarter, it was 23-5 ... ouch. 2nd quarter it was 28-7, so although we only got one basket, we also held them to just 5 points. In the last two quarters the boys actually managed to score more than the other team, but not enough to combat the initial deficit, but I think they felt ok about the final three quarters. We rushed from that game to the high school for the CopperHills game, AGAIN it had already started (it wasn't 3:00 yet!!!). Callahan had forgotten his jersey, but I had called Dad and he ran it over and got it there quickly. Unfortunately, this game seemed to be going the same as the last one (the other team with a big lead) and our boys weren't able to really get it close. Klint's team played after and Callahan stayed to watch (then went home with friends for the evening). I stopped at Columbia to pick up Landon. While there, I had him log me into the school internet (I had done this in the morning at the church too) ... he has figured out passwords to WiFi, so I thought I'd have him hook me up. *Ü*   Home again, I was tired after standing for hours today. Gray and I had talked about going out (we haven't had a "date" in a while) but Gray wasn't hungry (having taken the little ones to Wendys after their games) and I wasn't really in the mood to go to a movie ... and I wanted to get some steak for a Superbowl BBQ tomorrow. So Gray (and Keaton ... Keaton was bored) headed to SamsClub. I jumped in the shower after Gray said he'd pick up Callahan. I was happy to get washed and in comfy jammies. No exercise today.

0203 (Friday) Last day to sleep in (with Callahan's late start and the kids off track). After dropping Callahan, I came home and the kids and I headed out for our final off-track trip to Jump with the DF Fam. Carpools and kids in the afternoon. Church ball in the evening, Callahan had games at 6:00 and 7:00, with Landon at 8:00. Keaton had practice at 6:00, Callahan at 8:00. I couldn't head over to the church until Gray got home (to tend the little boys). Landon went over after I got back from dropping Keaton off, and I headed over a little after 7:00 to see Callahan's second game (they won the first but lost the second). But he had to leave a little early to get to practice, and I had to miss the 3rd quarter of Landon's game (which he said he did the best in) to pick Callahan back up. Callahan had also had a birthday thing he could have gone to (more basketball) ... too bad it all ended up happening on the same night.

0202 (Thursday) After I dropped Callahan off at school, I went to Walmart to pick up some groceries. Around 11:30 we headed out to Fun N Motion, meeting the DF Fam there. Keaton complained that my coupons were just for the 2-hour pass, not unlimited - but then he only did laser tag one time and was done after two hours. Colton and Cooper didn't use their 2nd laser tag either, but we passed them on to the DF's who used them up. Carpools in the afternoon, then I made chicken pillows for dinner. Callahan had basketball practice at 6:00 today. Keaton went too. I should have checked out volleyball, but I didn't know if the boys needed to be picked up at 8:00 or 9:00 (Callahan said he called and said 8:00, but he must have misdialed because I didn't get the message (they called again at 8:30). I got in some cardio today, watching "Real Steel" which I really liked!

0201 (Wednesday) It's February. I had left a couple bills to the last minute, glad I remembered to pay them today. I have to watch myself at the end of THIS month, even with it being leap year, just 29 days. Had a doctor appointment for Cooper in the morning. Just a follow-up on his anxiety ... the 15min visit after a 45 minute wait, I was hoping it might be a little less $$, but no, still $120. Staying on the medication, check back in three months. Cooper and I did a quick stop at Blockbuster, as there is one there by the doctor's office, picked up RealSteel and Drive. We'll see how had it is to get them returned to that location. Then it was off to Jump again. The DF's met us there, and as Jaxon had come over right before we left, we invited him along. We stayed until it was time for me to pick up Landon. I dropped the kids home then went to the high school, then the middle school for Callahan. The older boys had scouts in the evening (TripleD, their favorite!). Cooper watched a bit of an NBA game, but then went to bed around 7:30. The Jazz game didn't even start until 8:30. The bigger boys did stay up and watch it, but the Jazz lost. I haven't been as good with my exercising lately, still usually getting an hour in, but it had been a lot more. We'll see if I can get motivated again when the kids go back to school and there's more of a routine. It's the eating though ... I know.

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