Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blackham Bunnies and Other Easter Activities

Easter fell in March this year ... it seemed awfully early! We celebrated on Saturday with the Westra side of the family, Sunday with the Blackham side ... and a little Easter prep all week long at home.

As always around Easter ... I made meringue nests. 
Cooper, Callahan and I LOVE them.  

The Westra gathering was quite small this year. Shane's family in California, Wendy's family in St. George, Chris and company were helping with a move ... so it was just us, Scott's family and D&D and their girls. Ani and Layla were our only "finders" for eggs this year! As usual, our family brought the eggs, but we didn't prep as many, knowing they wouldn't be needed, so it wasn't as big a job as usual.

Our Easter at home was pretty low key this year too. Admittedly, some years it's been more like Christmas. No overabundance this year. The boys got some candy and Nike socks. Keaton got a backpack (which he'd been needing for a while), a new soccer goal for Cooper, some compression shirts for Colton. Even the kitties had a bucket.

We went over to Maga's for an Easter brunch. An egg toss ensued. It was quite a bit of fun (to watch!) Instead of a traditional egg hunt for candy, Maga had prepped a pinata.  Here's a little clip of Colton having a go at it.

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Of course I brought at the bunny ears and we took pictures at both family gatherings. I even sent a set to Elder Blackham, but the package got help up and didn't make it to him before Easter. I sent him some favorite candies ... the "FavorReds" jelly beans, Reeses Eggs, and peanut butter M&Ms (I only found ONE package this year, so I didn't get any for myself ... I did indulge in lots of Reeses Eggs though). The Whoppers Robin Eggs are another favorite for me. I sent Landon some Cadbury mini eggs, and bought some for Callahan and Keaton. Those are ONE treat that doesn't tempt me. 

What are YOUR favorite Easter treats?
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