Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creative Cars

The SmurfBoard Pinewood Derby Car

That's MY derby "car". Of course I didn't really make it myself, but the idea (and the smurf) was ALL mine. I loved how it turned out. He may not be the fastest car, but I do think he's one of the cutest!  Hubby always ends up making multiple cars every almost year. One of his other really cute creations was a car for one of the little boys for a family derby ... a Spongebob Boat. 

Spongebob Pinewood Derby Car .... errr, boat

One derby we went to actually REQUIRED the boys to make "non-car" cars. Apparently they switch off every other year. One year it's actually cars, the next year, the entries have to be anything BUT a "car". They had so many cute entries. I was so glad this was a derby I went to with camera in hand.

To see bigger images and even more creative cars, check out my online album. All the ones pictured here are cars that have actually participated in races we've run. Of course, on the Internet you'll find even MORE wonderfully creative ideas, I compiled a second album of clever cars I just had to keep on file (see them here). 

When I would accompany my husband on his derby runs, and I'd snap photos of ALL the cars competing in the races. We'd show all the pictures in a slideshow at each derby. I haven't really added to it in a while (life got busy and I stopped going to the races). In the past two years, I've only gotten the cars from our own personal pack. But as I have photographed so many cars, I thought I'd share them too (album here). See how they compare to the ones YOU might be racing against.

I wonder if we'll be making any creative cars this year ... 
I do have a couple in mind *Ü*

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  1. Wow, those are all so cute and creative! They look so professional though -- I can't imagine the boys making them themselves!


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